The Cabin Ch. 01


"So if I do what you ask, you promise you will not give me to them?" Lucia asked, looking for reassurance.

"Never!" Angelo proclaimed. "As long as you are mine, I would never let them touch you."

"Thank you." Lucia said, in sincere gratitude. While she certainly did not revel in what she was doing for the old man... wait. Was that the truth? Was she secretly enjoying playing young goddess for Angelo? The moisture Lucia felt building between her legs would say maybe, but it was so wrong!

Lost in thought, Lucia did not see Angelo's hands reach forward until she felt his rough, callused fingers grasp her full breasts, one in each hand. She gasped aloud as he began to use his strong, thick fingers to knead her soft tits, squeezing them and hefting them him his grasp. Lucia bit her lip to stifle a moan. She was enjoying some part of this! In confusion, she forgot herself for a moment, and let a small sigh escape her lips. Angelo's eyes went from her chest to her face in a flash, locking with her own.

"Ah bella, now we are seeing the real you! The untamed sexual animal! Do not be ashamed. Enjoy it!" he urged, pinching her hard nipples sharply between his thumbs and forefingers. Lucia moaned involuntarily, and pushed her chest forward, subconsciously willing him to keep going, and roughly play with her breasts.

Lucia bit her lip again, this time because she was overwhelmed with the sensations of his hard play on her tits. Angelo's rigid hands were extremely powerful from a lifetime of labor, and she reveled in the feeling of a real man squeezing her tits, so unlike the way that Steven tenderly caressed them. Pinching her nipples, squeezing the whole tit, and even lightly slapping them, Angelo made Lucia moan aloud though his ministrations.

While still playing with her tits, Angelo gave Lucia instructions on what she was to do next. Without even consciously deciding to obey, Lucia found herself turning around. It was only as Angelo stopped rubbing her breasts that she became fully self aware, as she faced away from him and bent over, presenting her pussy to him at face level.

"Oh bella Lucia, I can smell your sex already!" Angelo said joyously. "You are truly a perfect woman, to be so aroused by a wrinkled old man like me." he added with a wink.

Bent over as she was, Lucia became embarrassed to realize she could smell her pussy's arousal as well. Her embarrassment was short-lived, and she bit her lip yet again, hard this time, as Angelo's strong hands began to slowly knead her ass cheeks. Much like he did with her tits, the old man worked deep into her flesh with his fingers, almost giving a deep tissue massage to her ass. Lucia's legs trembled with pleasure and she grabbed onto her ankles as she struggled to stay upright. Looking between her own legs, she watched Angelo's fascinated expression as he played with her. Lucia opened her legs a little wider, and he took the hint, sliding one hand down between her legs, where he gently grazed her short-trimmed pubic hair before cupping his hand over her entire slit.

"I can feel the heat from your pussy." Angelo announced. "You are as hot inside as you are on the outside, bella. And as wet as a rainforest!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Lucia let out a long low moan as he began to put pressure on her pelvis from below, pressing on to her pussy hard, without actually penetrating it. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed, drawing blood as she bit her bottom lip yet again.

Gone mad with pleasure, Lucia wasn't even aware that Angelo had stood up until she heard him unzip. Looking between her knees, she saw Angelo's pants drop to the floor, his belt hitting the hard wood with a jingle. Thinking quickly, before he moved on to the next step, Lucia turned around in a flash, and threw herself to her knees on the floor on front of the old man, trying to make it appear as if her legs had given out at last.

In a deep husky voice, she blurted out, "I want to taste your cock!" before grasping at Angelo's briefs like a tigress.

"Yes bella! Show me how well you know how to use the male member. Use those thick succulent lips and pleasure me!" Angelo urged.

Wasting no time, Lucia pulled his briefs down to the floor to join his pants, and examined his dick with interest. Like the rest of him, Angelo's dick was dark toned, with what looked like a permanent tan. Even his dick looks weathered, Lucia thought as she reached up to gently stroke it. He was about three quarters hard, his cock thick and heavy looking, but still soft to the touch. His loose foreskin slid back easily as she began to softly stroke the base, revealing a large purple head beneath its folds. She lightly tickled his balls with her free hand, feeling them pulse up and down as she stroked. His balls were larger than average, but hung very low in their sack, gravity haven taken its toll over the years. All told, his cock matched him perfectly, and if its better years were behind it, it still looked powerful, exuding a masculine odor that was distinctive, but not unpleasant.

"Put it in your mouth my bella puttana Italiana." Angelo commanded. "Succhiare il cazzo, bella Lucia."

Lucia ignored him, and continued to slowly explore his cock. It began to grow harder now, becoming a rigid shaft in her hand. Lucia licked her lips and watched it grow to it's full impressive seven inches. Although not the longest cock she had ever held, it was certainly close to the thickest, seeming almost comically wide by comparison to its length. Despite being fully hard, his foreskin remained loose, something Lucia had never seen before. As she stared, she saw the flaring slit on his head begin to ooze precum, the clear liquid flowing to drip in a long line, slowly towards the floor.

Stretching out her long tongue, Lucia leaned in and caught the droplet before it hit the ground. Angelo groaned as he watched her savour her first taste of his cock juice. She licked her lips, and make a satisfied smacking sound, exaggerating her enjoyment of it for his pleasure. Lucia raised her face higher, so that it was directly underneath Angelo's cock as she continued to stroke it. As the next bead of precum formed, she remained where she was, looking up into his eyes as this drop leaked out, and dangled from the tip of his cock before coming to rest in a line from her top lip to the bridge of her nose. She massaged his balls wit her free hand, juggling them back and forth in her palm, never breaking eye contact. Angelo moaned again as a third heavy stream of precum surged from his cock to splatter onto Lucia's face. He shook with the pressure he already felt building in his balls, causing the line to waver and splash in drops all over her cheeks and forehead.

Unable to stand the strain of her teasing any further, Angelo fell backwards onto the couch, slouching down so that his balls dangled just at the edge near Lucia's face. Lucia leaned in closer, never ceasing her slow, steady stroking of his cock. She pointed it straight up in the air, and watched breathlessly as his precum began to cascade down the length of his cock, globs of it escaping his foreskin on every downstroke. She was amazing at the sheer volume of it, and the fact that it nearly matched the amount produced by her once-lover Jim Bean. It flowed like a faucet, lubricating her stroking hand, and giving off the pungent aroma of male sex. Unable to restrain herself any longer, Lucia leaned in to plant an unbelievably sloppy kiss on the head of his cock, smearing his fluid all over her lips in the process.

"Ohhhh yes bella. That's it. Kiss my fat Italian cazzo. Rub my seed all over your face."

This time Lucia followed orders to the letter, and leaving her mouth open with her bottom lip stuck out, she began to baste her face in his sticky precum. Lucia slathered her face in it, rubbing the leaking head of his cock all over her forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, lips, neck, and even chest. It dripped and ran in places, and stuck like glue in others. She began to slap his heavy and oozing cock off of her big round breasts as she stroked him, unleashing still more precum. Angelo was practically comatose now, his eyes open only in tiny slits that watched her whenever his eyes weren't rolling back into his head with ecstacy.

At long last, Lucia slowly lowered her lips again to the head of his cock. Pulling back his foreskin all the way with her hand, Lucia exposed the shining head of his cock and opened her mouth wide, moving downwards to encompass it in her warm wet mouth. Angelo shuddered and for once was at a loss for words. Lucia held her lips loosely around his cock, and sluiced her mouth up and down his shaft. She could feel her hand begin to prune as she stroked his soggy cock in time with her bobbing mouth, feeling his foreskin slide back and forth with her tongue.

Taking advantage of his extra skin, Lucia ran her tongue in circles inside of it as she sucked, slathering the head of his cock underneath. At this, Angelo's eyes shot open, and he let out a manly wail of pleasure and surprise. He began to murmur under his breath, though Lucia caught only bits and pieces of what he said. She kept at her work, swallowing down his precum by the mouthful, actually struggling for the first time ever with a blowjob that felt too wet. She hadn't thought that a possible adjective for a blowjob, but as Angelo's cock continued to pump out copious quantities of the liquid, she found herself swallowing over and over to keep her mouth free enough to suck. Already a sodden puddle had formed under his balls as they practically ran with precum and saliva from Lucia's cavernous mouth.

"Oh yes. Oh bella puttana Lucia. Oh YES!" With a final exclamation, Angelo suddenly surged upwards with his big fat cock, grabbing the back of Lucia's head in both impossibly strong hands, and holding it place while he thrust upwards into her mouth.

Lucia coughed and gagged simultaneously, struggling to cope with the sudden change of pace and depth. The immense girth of his cock staggered her as he pummeled her face choking her without mercy. Finally, after less than a minute of his onslaught, his hands eased off, and he resumed petting her head lovingly, whispering dirty endearments at her in English and Italian. Lucia pulled herself off of his cock, gasping for air, saliva pouring over her bottom lip and running down her neck and chest.

Thinking quickly, and wanting to avoid being strangled to death by his huge cock, Lucia decided to use the saliva and precum covering everything around her to her advantage. Moving in closer to his lap, Lucia hefted her tits, one in each hand, and squeezed them together around his upright cock. Holding them firmly together, Lucia began to slide her chest up and down on his dick, fucking him with her tits. She moaned as he reached up to pinch her nipples while she titty fucked him, her sopping-wet breasts gliding effortlessly up and down his length. Angelo began to grunt as he watched, his breathing coming in ragged gasps, wheezing from his chest. He scrabbled with his hands for the back of her head, wanting to impale her on his cock once again, but lacking the fine motor skills required to do so as he found himself teetering on the brink of sexual insanity.

"I want you to fill my mouth with your cum." Lucia announced lustily. "I want you to gimmie your load, pump it onto my tongue, let me taste your manly seed."

"Yes bella." he replied. "Yes, eat it all. Eat it all. Eat all my cum."

Letting go of her breasts, Lucia slid seamlessly back down to fuck his cock with her mouth, pushing herself to the limits of her endurance, taking him as deep as she could handle before coming up for air. Her nostrils flared as she picked up the pace, her chest heaving with the strain. She stroked his cock with one hand, rubbing his balls with the other, putting gentle pressure on their sensitive underside. She felt his balls tighten, and his cock pulse. His breathing came in ragged gasps, and his hands clenched and unclenched in her hair. His legs began to straighten and squirm as if trying to escape his body, and Lucia prepared herself for the inevitable flood of cum.

No amount of mental preparation could truly have gotten Lucia ready for the surge of cum that followed. Angelo's load went from zero to sixty in one second flat; one moment Lucia was pressing his cock head against her throat opening, gagging on its girth; the next she was coughing up and entire mouthful of cum that seemed to have exited his cock like a cannon shot, all at once. Cum spewed out the edges of her mouth all over Angelo's stomach as he grunted and heaved, thrusting himself wildly towards her throat. Two much smaller shots of semen followed, both of which Lucia was able to handle and swallow down in quick succession. Her stomach gurgled in protest at the amount of cum and precum she was swallowing, but Lucia kept her mouth glued to Angelo's cock, milking out the last drops.

Slowly, the old man's breathing began to return to normal, as Lucia continued to suckle at his now softening cock. His eyes began to open and again, and he ran his fingers through her hair gently, caressing her scalp. Locking eyes with her while her lips remained wrapped around her cock he made a heartfelt confession.

"Bella Lucia, that... was incredible. I have not cum in a woman's mouth, or from a woman's mouth since I was teenager. You make me feel like a young man again, and if I was one, I would be fucking you again this instant."

Lucia briefly took her mouth of his soft, yet still thick cock to answer briefly. "Your cock is amazing and it is a shame that you haven't been treated properly in so long. No man of mine would ever have to wait so long."

"Oh bella puttana, I believe you." Angelo answered in earnest. "I think if you were mine you would send me to an early grave... but what an exit!" he added with a feeble grin and a wink.

To be continued...

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