tagErotic CouplingsThe Cabin Ch. 01

The Cabin Ch. 01


She had told him, her Uncle had a cabin up in the mountains, and that she could get it for the weekend. So they had planned this get away for a month and now they were on their way.

The SUV was loaded with groceries, alcohol, and sleeping bags. Everything else should be there. The cabin was on a lake, no neighbours for miles, no phones, just the solitude.

It was to be just the two of them getting to know each other even more.

They had met on line, she was 47, and he was 53. She had gone through a messy divorce, and he had been there for her, on line, and she loved the fact he was honest, and really liked her for who she was, not changing her, accepting what others saw as faults or quirks, he saw as personality and uniqueness. She even told him, she had a slight impediment, yet he shrugged it off, not even bother to ask what it was. He told her the only important thing, understanding each other, accepting each other.

He travelled to see her in Oregon, and once he met her, he quit his job back home, and got a place, and they started to see each other. Taking it slow, not wanting to rush her, and to meet her son. He wanted to make sure she knew he was not interested in just having a causal relationship, but she was special.

She was slim; almost a boyish figure, smallish breasts, definitely smaller than he had been used to, and her hips were almost non-existent. But she had this sexy quality that was so hard to define. She loved to wear a bikini, and at 47, not many women did. He was average build, maybe 10 lbs. over weight, a small belly, but not much to speak off, small butt and salt and pepper hair.

He looked over at her as they drove, loving the few freckles she had, the lines around her eyes, it all just seemed surreal, that this gorgeous person, had a jerk of a husband that did not see the beauty of the person. She was becoming more comfortable with him, and the talked turned to sex. He cautiously told her, his fantasies were complicated, because sometimes he was dominant, sometimes he was submissive. He did not have one theme he could say he was fixated upon. He was open to almost anything. He realized that when he said that she squirmed a little and looked hesitantly uncomfortable. He asked her if something was wrong, and she looked at him, and said, please do not think I am strange, but since you are being honest, I will too. My marriage had not been good for many years, sexually I was never attracted to my ex, and over time, I had always found myself thinking about my son. She looked at me pleadingly, and she continued. I have never done anything with him, he does not know, and for years I tried to stop it, but the harder I tried, the more I wanted him. I told her, that I was not put off, in fact I have read about many women having that fantasy. She looked relieved and I asked her to tell me about it as we drove.

She said it started when her son was about 12 years old, he slept with her a few nights, and she loved the feeling of him beside her. She said he was handsome even at that age, and all the girls in the neighbourhood would call him up on the phone. He was a shy boy and never wanted a lot to do with them, lacking self-confidence. She thought that is where some of the fantasies started, her trying to help him overcome his fears with girls. She would dream of initiating him, showing him how good sex felt, starting with oral sex, both giving and receiving, and working their way up to having outright sex in her bed, teaching him where the clitoris was, how to stimulate, and about birth control. She said this fantasy never left, it remained with her to this day, and her son was now 25and still shy.

I was shocked, but not at her story, but rather how it affected me, I was excited and could feel my self-growing as I listened to her relate the fantasy to me. I decided to go for broke, and talk more about it, hopefully alleviating any fears she had about me judging her, but also because I was getting fucking horny listening to her.

I asked her if she ever managed to see her son naked; and she said not since he was very young, but no not since puberty, although she had wanted to and thought about, but she felt disgusted and perverted, and would admonish herself every time she thought of it

I told her I thought it was hot, and that we should have been together back then, we could have arranged to have him walk in, when she was giving head, and act embarrassed,, yet setting him up so she could teach him. She loved the idea, and soon we were talking about her fucking him. As we got more explicit, she leaned over and took my cock out while I drove, stroking it, making the head very wet and then leaned over and took me in her warm mouth. Now she was fulfilling another fantasy of mine, and I had not even told her about this one. She was sucking away, and I reached down with one free hand to feel her small tits. She did not need a bra, and so I had easy access to her pet nipples, which like her tits were small, but hard like bullets. I loved the rubbery feeling as I rolled them between my thumb and finger as they grew even harder. She took her head away and asked me to try and lift my ass, and she undid my pants and managed to lower them below my thighs with some effort. Still managing to keep the vehicle on the road, she resumed sucking my cock, using her tongue around the tip, pushing it into the hole at the tip. As she did this, she used one hand to cradle my sac, gently massaging them. I again resumed pinching her nipples, just enough to get a low groan yet not enough to hurt her

Damn, I wish I could reach her pussy, but I also knew we wanted to make it there alive.

It did not take much more, and I told her I was going to cum, and expected her to pull away, but she continued sucking my cock feverishly, and as I began to erupt into her mouth, she pumped my cock, trying to get every drop and she swallowed it all, continuing to lap and lick it even as t began to shrink. This woman was incredible, and all I could think of was thanking her asshole of a husband for leaving her.

Finally she rose up, gave me a kiss letting me taste some of my own cum, then laid her head on my shoulder, both of us too relaxed to talk I could not wait to get to the cabin and return the favour.

It was an hour before we got there, and when I parked, she smiled as I had to get out of the vehicle to pull my pants back up. Outside, we hugged as we surveyed the property; the cabin was on a hill, with a trail down to the lake. We could see a floating platform, a dock and a row boat. The cabin was an A-frame, with a loft, a fireplace.

We unloaded the vehicle, and put the groceries away, and then I took the luggage up to the loft, checking out the washroom, and the view from the king-size bed. The place was perfect. When Jen came up the stairs, I reached for her, pulled her close and kissed her, long and slow, gently savouring her. I gently laid her back onto the bed, and knelt at her feet. I slid her jeans off of her, and rolled down her panties. She tried to push me away, saying she had not showered, but I said either had I in the car, and besides, I wanted to taste the real her, and it was not that long since we left that morning.

I wanted to dive right in, but decided to take my time, to kiss her thighs, letting my hands go up on to her stomach, slowly working up to her breast, pinching them as I let my tongue work it way between her lips. Tasting her, damn, I love pussy, and not one that had been douched with strawberries or anything, but the natural taste of a horny woman.

She had hair down there, soft silky, not a bush, but not shaven. The odour drove me wild; I know why they say that the hair provides lubrication bit also the scent that for ages drove men wild. It was as if, I could not get enough of her. I started to lap at her inner lips as the outer ones plumped up and fell open, letting my tongue snake as far up into her slit as it would go. He was thinking he could literally eat her pussy for hrs. He equated eating cunt, like kissing, the ultimate oral sex. He thought if one could be a great kisser, then he should be able to eat a woman to ecstasy. But maybe that was just his ego talking. Anyways, he started to lap her more intently, his nose rubbing her clit, as he sucked on her wet cunt. No longer caring whether it was her wetness or his saliva, although I am sure it was a mixture. Ash was tonguing her, her hips started to rise, to meet his tongue. Her breathing became raspier and she soon started to toss and turn, all the while holding his head in her hands, as if she was riding his face. He slid one finger into her cunt, running it along the top wall of her pubic area, until he found the spongy little nub, and as he flicked at her clit with his tongue, he stroked her g-spot. Her hips now started to buck, and he was having trouble keeping his head in between her thighs, so he kept the finger rubbing her inside, and he knelt up, and applied pressure on her pubic bone with his other hand. The extra pressure set her off, her eyes rolled and she began her first orgasm, unlike any other one before, this was intense, in fact so intense she began to pee, or so she thought. She was shooting a clearish liquid a foot into the air, although she did not realize it being lost in her delirious cumming. When he noticed her starting to squirt, he tried to catch as much of it in his mouth, splattering it on his face, his nose, and eyes. He had always wanted to have a woman ejaculate on him, and now it was happening. He was in heaven. She came again and again, each time subsiding a little more, her clit becoming more and more sensitive, until she had to tell him to stop. She squeezed her thighs shut, forcing him to with draw his finger from her spasming cunt.

With her body still shaking, she tried to rise, wanting to return the favour, but he politely declined, telling her, she deserved that, and he was content just pleasing her.

They laid in ach others arms, listening to the other breathe, both feeling contented, safe.

They looked into each other's eyes, and the kiss just happened, naturally, not forced. With that, he got up off the bed, reached for her hand, and helped her dress, not one word spoken. They headed down the stairs, and smiling, began the task of preparing supper together.

They shared a bottle of wine, talking about the ride up, she was still nervous about he felt, her story of incest. He re-assured her, that everyone has dark fantasies and in reality, there are a lot darker than hers. He was good at making her feel comfortable and normal.

As they were doing the dishes, there was a knock on the back door, and when he answered it, he was met with a force that rendered him unconscious. When he began to come to, his head felt like he had a migraine, and his eyes focused, he looked up and could see Jen tied to a chair, and when he went to move he found that he was bound, both his arms and legs.

Jen had tape over her mouth and though she tried to speak, everything was muffled; she had tears streaming down her cheeks.

All of a sudden he felt someone grab his arms tied behind his back, and lift him and sit him in a chair opposite Jen. As he looked around, there was a mass of a man, dark beard, about 6'5" probably 240 lbs. The man laughed and talked to Jen, you new boyfriend doesn't look like much help now, does he? Jen struggled, and the man leaned over and slapped her face. Sit still or there will be more where that came from, he warned her.

He reached over and pulled the tape from his mouth. Well what have we got here, the guy asked, so you like fucking my ex-wife? Before he could explain, the guy backhanded him across the face, bloodying his lip. He then grabbed him by the hair, and said, do you know the bitch left me? Do you? Well let me tell you, she was a kinky bitch, and I used to have to slap her around a bit, hell that was all that would turn her on. She loves rough sex, even watching it. He then turned to her, and said, don't you hon?

Jen looked terrified, tears still welled up in her eyes.

He looked back at his male captive and asked him, did she tell you about her son, the slut? Hell did she tell you her other kinks? Well if she didn't you are in for a treat.

Her ex took a knife out and held it to his throat, told him if you do as I say, I will not have to use this on either one of you, but if you so much dare as to try something I will slit you both. Do I make myself understood?

They both nodded, not like they had a choice. Now I am Frank, in case she never told you, and you might be? Gary, he muttered. Well Gary, I think we are about to have some fun here, what do you say? Gary did not answer, and that made frank laugh.

Frank walked over to his ex-wife, untied her, and told her to strip or else. Slowly she took off her clothes, her ex commenting on her little tits and skinny ass. She felt small, very small, the more he talked, and Gary could tell that is how he controlled her, verbally abusing her. He told her to kneel in front of Gary and take his cock out. She knew what was coming; he was going to make her suck it as he watched. He liked humiliating her, talking to her as she performed for him. Frank took his cock out while watching Jen do as she was told. His cock was only about 6" long but thick, a lot thicker than Gary's, and it had a purple head on it, larger than the shaft. In some ways Gary was jealous, having always wanting to be circumcised.

Without waiting to be told, Jen lowered her head and began sucking Gary's cock, trying to take as much into her mouth, hoping in a way to get it over with, maybe Frank would leave.

Frank had no intention of leaving of course; in fact he was going to make this a night to remember. He was going to show his ex whom the boss was once and for all.

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