tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Cabin Ch. 02

The Cabin Ch. 02


Lucia grinned shyly up at Angelo as she licked his cock clean of the residue of his fluids. With a fatherly pat on her cheek, he guided her up out of his lap, and began to redress himself. He took one last lustfully satisfied look at Lucia's naked body as she re-wrapped herself in her blanket, and smiled contentedly as he recalled the earth-shattering orgasm she has just brought him to.

"And now that we have had our pleasure, bella, I must attend to business." Angelo announced with a wry grin of disappointment. "I wish that I could spend eternity with you and your luxurious body, but alas, work beckons."

Lucia stood in the centre of the room, unsure of what she should do, or where she should go. She wondered if in his mentally addled state, he would leave her alone, giving her the chance to escape. Despite her enjoyment of sucking him off, she was under no false impressions about the likely end this night, and had no intention of going willingly into an early grave. To her disappointment, Angelo went to the door and beckoned, calling for Giovanni.

When his lackey arrived, Lucia overheard Angelo giving him quiet instructions. "Gio, lock her up in the bathroom... separate from the boy... be gentle." The last part she caught had a severe finality in his voice.

Gio nodded and strode towards Lucia confidently. "Get into the bathroom." he said, his voice a low rumble.

Lucia meekly led the way, holding her blanket tightly around her body. She shivered in the slightly chill air, and hoped that she would find a way to escape the bathroom once she was left alone. When she entered the bathroom, she paused at the sink and leaned over, cupping her hands under the water flow to take a drink. She rinsed her mouth, trying to remove at least some of the acrid and salty aftertaste of Angelo's cum from her mouth. Gio looked on with a mocking grin.

"I'll bet the old man's cum is pretty potent." he mused. "The old guy probably hasn't cum since 1985! HA!" he guffawed at his own joke.

Lucia sincerely doubted that was true, but his cum had been very potent; something she had noticed in a few older men she had sucked over the years; as if their cum became more concentrated over time. She spat one last mouthful of water into the sink, and then moved to sit on the toilet, perching on top of the seat.

"That's a good girl, now hold still." Gio commanded, producing several zip ties.

With a surprising speed and dexterity, Gio fashioned two sets of shackles, one for her ankles and the other for her wrists, and zipped them into place. So much for escape, Lucia thought to herself.

"Fuck, Ang doesn't have bad taste though." Gio said as he manhandled her body in to position to be tied.

Lucia quickly realized where this line of thinking was headed, and shot Gio a dagger-like stare. "And if you know what's good for you, you'll keep your hands to yourself. I'm Angelo's property." Lucia announced, hoping to nip his ill intentions in the bud.

"Is that so?" Gio demanded. "Oh, well then, I guess I better be careful huh?" With a mocking laugh, Gio suddenly reached out and pulled down the front of her blanket where it covered her chest. "Nice tits hunny." He said with a grin.

"Hands. Off!" Lucia exclaimed, near tears.

"Listen bitch, you're going to shut your fucking mouth, or I'll stick my fist in it and claim you were trying to escape. Angelo is busy with work, and you're going to do what I fucking tell you." Gio emphasized his statement with a sharp slap across her face, not hard enough to leave more than a pink cheek, but enough to mentally alert her to his violent temper.

He began to knead Lucia's large breasts with his hands, as tears rolled down her cheeks in reaction to his slap. She found herself growing hot in the face, dismayed and ashamed at the way she was forced to let him treat her.

"That's better." Gio said, standing up in front of her. "Now lets see what Angelo was so weak-kneed about when he came to the door."

Without further elaboration, Gio unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock out. Lucia held in a smirk as she saw his slightly less than average size, knowing that angering him at this point wouldn't be wise. He must have caught a glimmer of the thought on her face though, for he suddenly grabbed a handful of her hair at the back of her head, and used it as leverage to pull her head towards his musky member.

Lucia gagged slightly at his scent as his hard cock pressed into her face on her left cheek. He had the distinctive odour of testicles that had been sitting in a car and driving all day. Lucia resisted slightly as he tried to guide himself into her mouth, and in response Gio reached down to cup her chin with his other hand.

"Open your fucking mouth slut." Gio ordered.

Sensing his violence near the surface again, Lucia complied, and found it filled instantly with his short cock. With a pent up aggression that surprised her, Gio immediately began to fuck her face, with gusto. Though he wasn't long enough to gag her, Lucia found it hard to breathe as Gio buried himself to the hilt, her nose plugged by his stomach, and mouth filled with his cock. She opened her mouth and gasped for air as he pummelled her, and the sounds of wet, sloppy, mouth fucking filled the room as a result.

"Yeah... take it you fucking bitch. Eat my cock. Big enough to choke your slut throat, eh bitch?" Gio asked rhetorically.

Lucia was uncomfortable, but it was far from being the most brutal face-fucking of her life, so she took it all in stride, knowing he wouldn't last long. She knew his type, all anger and swearing, but without the staying power of your truly dominant sexual male. Gio's lack of self confidence was to blame for his behaviour, rather than an honest fetish for control and dominance. Proving her right, he stopped taunting as his breathing became more ragged and desperate.

"I'm gonna paint your face, whore." Gio managed to gasp between breaths.

Knowing that to protest would be useless, Lucia merely sat still while Gio pulled his cock out of her mouth, still holding her head in place with a grip on her chin. He tilted her face upwards and stroked his cock with his other hand, groaning with finality. At the last second, Lucia closed her eyes as she felt several jets of cum begin to spurt onto her face in distinct strands. The first rope landed from her forehead to her chin by way of her left eye, the next splattered into her hair and forehead. Four more bursts liberally basted her face, landing to cover her nose and right eye as well. She felt the viscous liquid begin to run down her cheeks and onto her shoulders and breasts as Gio gasps and rubbed the head of his cock onto her lips.

"Taste it." He commanded.

Lucia snaked out her tongue to taste his cock. She was surprised to find that it was much thinner than Angelo's and actually quite sweet. She licked her lips.

"Good slut. Clean it all up." Gio ordered, as he began to use his fingers to scoop the cum on her face towards her mouth.

Lucia gagged slightly as she swallowed several more mouthfuls, as the cooling consistency of the semen became less palatable. She sat still while Giovanni used a towel to wipe the rest of her face clear, intent more on covering up the evidence of his transgression more than out of sympathy, she didn't doubt.

"Thanks." he muttered as he zipped up and left the bathroom, closing the door behind him, and leaving Lucia alone in the dark.

To be continued...

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