The Cabo Connection


"Don't take your eyes off mine," he instructed me in a low voice.

I obediently kept my gaze fixed on his, my small hands gripping his muscular thighs, hanging onto him. I loved seeing the look of lust in his eyes while he used my mouth, moving back and forth past my wet lips. I could feel his delicious pre-cum mixing with my saliva running down my chin, as I gasped and panted around each well-timed thrust. I was unabashed and uninhibited. It was a moment to submit to my dirtiest fantasies without thinking about anything beyond those delicious hours, frozen in time, in that hotel room in Cabo.

"That's it, you're doing well. I think you like my dick in your mouth, don't you?" he said, not pausing, as he continued to fuck my face with rhythmic thrusts.

"Uh hmmm," I struggled to signal my pleasure, unable to emit more than a gurgled sound as I sucked that delicious shaft as it penetrated further into the depths of my mouth.

Finally he slid it out of my mouth, emitting a wet pop as the head slipped past my hungry lips. I gasped as I tried to catch my breath, my lips and chin still wet from my efforts. But before I could gather my bearings his hands were on my shoulders pushing me back until I was against the ceramic tiled floor. It felt cold against my naked body, but everything inside me felt hot and electric as I gazed up at his hard naked body standing over me.

My hand moved instinctively to my slippery wet pussy lips, as I played with my clit, breathing hard, and excited for more. "I want to taste you," I gasped. "I want to make you cum."

He lowered himself over my face, and my head slightly rose up off the ground in anticipation, my lips parted, my tongue sliding out to suck his balls into my mouth as he straddled my face. I rolled them on my tongue, massaging them with my lips, while my hands slid up over his muscular ass, pulling him forward. As he inched upward, my tongue released his balls and began to slide, wet and eager towards his asshole. My tongue circled his tight hole before I began to the length of it with long strokes, hearing him groan with appreciation. It felt so dirty to be laying there on the floor of another man's hotel room, and even more debased to know my unsuspecting boyfriend was somewhere else on the resort, oblivious to the knowledge that his girlfriend's tongue was about to find it's way into a stranger's ass.

The very idea of it made me writhe beneath him, my juices flowing as he reached forward to slide his fingers into my wet folds and rub my clit. My tongue pushed against the tight ring of his asshole, probing past it and then wiggling to get even deeper inside. I stiffened my tongue so that I could fuck his asshole with it, thrusting in and out; moaning as he expertly stimulated my clit with one hand while stroking his cock with the other.

My hands gripped the muscular cheeks of his ass, keeping them apart as I continue to lick and tongue fuck him, encouraging him to grind against my face, loving how dirty it all made me feel.

"Mmm, you love licking ass, don't you."

I moaned my agreement in response, not taking my tongue off him for a second.

"Does your boyfriend know what a little slut you are? Do you tongue-fuck him like this too?" He continued grinding against my mouth, groaning as I worked my tongue deeply inside his asshole. His finger continued to rub my clit and I felt my juices slippery against his fingers as that familiar throbbing began inside me.

"I don't lick his ass," I gasped finally. "I only want to lick yours. I want you to come all over me, so I can lick up every last drop, and taste every part of you."

He groaned and continued stroking his cock, while I slid my tongue in and out of his delicious little hole, feeling my own orgasm building while I moved against his fingers, until I was moaning. I felt the hot spasms radiate from my clit as it took me over the edge and I came hard, my juices soaking his fingers. It made me grip his ass cheeks hard, as I dove my tongue into him feeling his muscles contracting as he neared orgasm. I released him as he moved back just slightly as I tilted my face up, my lips opened wide to catch the spattering of cum that erupted from his cock in several long creamy jets. It covered my tongue, and my lips, and my cheeks. He quickly slid his cum covered cock into my mouth and I sucked it greedily, swallowing his warm seed. I sucked and licked him clean and then smiled up at him as he used his fingers to transfer the cum that had spattered onto my cheeks and neck up into my mouth.

"Is that what you be my dirty little cum slut? To break all the rules?" He mused, while I sucked his fingers dry, my eyes never leaving his.

"Yes" I admitted with a mischievous grin. "Right now I only want to live by your rules."

"You're following them nicely. Did you come hard?"

"Mmm... yes." I could feel my pussy slick with juices, and I was still flushed from my orgasm.

"Good. Because I can't wait to taste you."

He stood, pulling me up off the floor with him, his hands clasping the round cheeks of my ass as he half dragged me to the bed, throwing me down onto it, while I panted, breathless and still ready for more. He seized my legs and pulled them up and apart. Being as flexible as I was from years of dance training, they fell back easily against my breasts and spread wide apart. I watched him with wide eyes, and smothered a moan as he bent forward until his tongue found the wet folds of my pussy now slippery and slick with juices. He sucked my clit before his tongue dove deeply inside me, and then moved up again to flick my clit back and forth while I writhed and moaned, until I was bucking my hips up against his mouth.

"Fuck yess...." I cried.

"Mmm, you like that, don't you my little slut," he murmured, before diving his tongue back into me.

He ran his tongue up and down my juicy slit, increasing the length of his strokes. His hands gripped my ass from below, lifting me slightly off the bed so that his tongue could slide down to my ass, pressing against my little puckered hole, and making me moan with pleasure. My hands gripped both my ankles as they were up high over my head, giving him full access to everything he wanted. He entirely controlled my lower half, lifting it up off the bed, bent in half as I was, and drawing me against his mouth while he licked my ass and thrust his tongue into it eagerly, while my hands clutched the sheets for balance. I could feel my pussy convulsing as he alternated sucking my clit before sliding down to sample my pussy and my ass with an unexpected rhythm that had me gasping. Each sensation drove me closer and closer to a full-bodied orgasm that had me thrusting desperately against his mouth and thrashing against the sheets. He fingers dug into my ass cheeks, holding me tightly as his tongue filled me again, feeling each spasm as I came hard for him.

The heat from my orgasm had not dissipated. My pussy was still throbbing and sensitive, and my eyes were half-closed still revelling in the after throws. Before I could gather my senses, he slid up over my body, and I felt the sudden hard thrust of his cock filling my pussy to the hilt. I moaned with pleasure at the sudden assault, as my slick cunt gripped his cock tightly as he pounded my hole, making the bedsprings creak beneath us. He hooked my legs up high, over his shoulders, deepening his entry until I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. The room was filled with the sounds of our sex, loud and wet, combined with our moans and gasping as he fucked me harder than I'd ever been fucked before. My hands slid down over his muscled back to claw at his ass, pulling him into me, while I pushed up to meet every thrust. The tempo increased until we were both wet with sweat, and the headboard was slamming against the wall.

"Fuck me", I cried in dazed ecstasy. "Fucking use me up and make me scream."

"Oh yeah. You want more?" He taunted, as he aggressively pounded me harder.


Suddenly, he pulled out and rolled me over roughly.

"Get on your knees," he demanded.

Panting, I scrambled to rise up on my knees, bracing myself on shaky legs. My hands clutched the sheets, as I presented my ass to him, arching my back and looking over my shoulder teasingly. "Is that you want?"

He smiled, and raked his hands roughly over my ass before giving it a nice hard slap, leaving a glowing red print in its wake. The heat from the sting was delicious as I felt him spread my cheeks apart, using the wet juices from my freshly fucked pussy to smear over my asshole.

"How long has it been since someone has fucked this little ass?" he asked.

"Too long" I moaned. "And it's all yours now?"

I felt the smooth head of his cock slide back and forth over my asshole, teasing it while I boldly pushed back against it, my hands gripping the sheets, preparing myself with anticipation for his delicious assault. He pressed forward, and I felt myself stretch to accept the large knob of his cock. I moaned and arched downward until my face was against the mattress. My hand slid between my legs to play with my clit as I pushed back against him, relaxing the muscular ring of my asshole to accept more of him inside me. Slowly he slid his entire shaft deep inside my ass, until I could feel his balls pressing against me. The depth of his penetration filled me up so completely and turned the initial ache of his entry into a heady pleasure that filled me with a warm heat and a desire for more. He slid back, before plunging forward again, each thrust causing me to moan as I pushed back against him. I urged him on, begging him to fuck my ass, feeling depraved and raw with my need to be owned by him completely.

His hands squeezed my ass cheeks, raking them as he continued to fuck me fast and hard.

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh god, yes," I moaned, as I clawed at the bed, my breasts jiggling with every delicious thrust.

"You like being my little cum slut don't you?"

"Yes!" I cried, lost in the moment, as I spewed forth a litany of dirty profanities begging him to fuck my ass as hard as he could, eliciting a moan from him as he grabbed the long length of my hair and pulled it, yanking my head back as he renewed the intensity of his assault. He continued pounding my ass as the bed shook beneath us, the headboard slamming viciously against the wall. We continued on and on until I was flushed and wet with sweat, feeling split apart by each thrust of his cock, ever hard and eager to fuck my ass with an energy that seemed relentless. My pussy throbbed in response, my hair being pulled back in ecstasy until his hands were on both my shoulders, against my neck pulling me back against him with every violent thrust. The wet sounds of our sex filled the room, as I was coming hard. I moaned as I felt the fast electric pulsations radiate from my cunt, causing my little asshole to contract around his cock as though milking it. He pushed forward, penetrating me as deeply as he could before I felt his cock throbbing inside me, filling me with long streams of hot thick cum. His hands ran up and down my body, slick with sweat as he slowed his thrusts until he finally slid out of my ass.

Still gasping, I rolled over, sliding down as I looked up at him with half-lidded, lusty eyes, and put my lips around his cock, still slippery and wet with cum, and licked him slowly. I slid his shaft deeply into my mouth, tasting the remains of our heated sex play. He smiled at me, running his hands through the messy tangles of my blonde hair, watching me clean every last drop of cum from him. Finally, once I was satisfied, I collapsed back against the bed sheets, my whole body exhausted, feeling dirty and beautifully fucked. He lay down beside me, and for a few moments there was silence, as we caught our breath, listening to the soft whir of the ceiling fan. The haze of our afternoon slowly began to clear as each breath brought me slowly back to the truth of where I was.

"Oh my god," I sighed finally. "I'm such a slut! I can't believe I did that."

He let out a low laugh. "It's your vacation from reality."

"I feel like I've been taking too many vacations from reality." I muttered under my breath, suddenly thinking of Damon and the fact that I had lost our little bet. He would love hearing all the sordid details, I thought to myself. But then what did that mean? Was I really about to admit to what I had just done and then be on the hook to book myself on a flight to Damon's home city? And then I would end up cheating on Scott yet again, and continuing my spiral into sexual slutdom! Scott. The thought of him suddenly flew through my mind and in a panic; I finally looked towards the sliding glass doors leading onto the beach and noticed that dusk had fallen already. How long had I been in that room? I turned to the clock on the bedside table and realized it was 7pm. I let out a little gasp.

"I have to go! I didn't realize it was so late. My boyfriend thinks I'm at the spa!"

"That was one hell of a spa appointment," he teased.

I smirked as I quickly got to my feet and started to put my clothes back on and try to brush through the tangle of my hair. I needed a shower, but I couldn't waste any more time before getting back to the room. Hastily I surveyed myself in the mirror and then turned to this man I barely knew, although no longer a stranger to me, as he walked me to the door.

"I had a great time." I admitted. "It was... the perfect escape."

"And now you think you're ready to return to the real world?" he questioned.

I smiled. "Yes, I do. And after all, what happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo."

He laughed, his green eyes sparking mischievously, as he raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure about that?"

I grinned, "of course!"

I left a quick kiss on his lips, and then slipped out the door, quickly hurrying through the warm balmy evening to my own part of the hotel. I felt like such a dirty girl, and yet somehow I felt more alive than I had been in a long time. The blood was pumping fast through my veins again. My senses seemed more alert, more self-aware. Clearly I looked like a visual mess. I'd never been fucked so hard in my life, and my skin was still flushed and my hair in disarray. I felt his cum just starting to drip from my ass as I opened the door to my own hotel room. It was dark, and I crept inside. Scott was still sleeping. Not believing my good luck, I snuck into the bathroom and threw on the lights, grateful for the hot shower that would wash away my sins. Nobody would ever have to know.

Indeed, Scott had no idea what hour I had returned to our hotel room that evening. The next day we were back on our flight home, leaving the memories of Cabo playing over and over in my mind. A dirty adventure with a mysterious stranger had been just what I needed. I smiled to myself, realizing that I had never even known his name! Part of me had been somewhat disappointed that I hadn't seen him at all the next day around the resort, but I resigned myself to the reality that it had been a moment in time. It was something to put into the vault and never to be spoken of again.

As I sat in front of the computer the following evening, sipping my vodka soda, I questioned what to tell Damon. Part of me wanted to brag about all the dirty details, and the other part of me realized I would be setting something in motion by conceding defeat. There had been some guilt around what I had done. But it had been vacation... a separation from my real life. And wasn't real life more important than indulging yet another fantasy?

The chat screen suddenly popped up in front of me, and my heart skipped a beat.

Damon: Welcome back. So, what's the verdict?

I paused for a long time... so much so, that he ended up typing again.

Damon: Uh oh. Is that the silence of guilt that I'm hearing?

Clearly I had to make my move. I took a deep breath, typed my message, and hit send.

Ashleigh: I didn't do anything.

His response was instantaneous.

Damon: Liar.

I typed back fast, before I could change my mind.

Ashleigh: I'm not lying, I swear! I thought about it... but in the end I chickened out.

Damon: Are you sure?

Ashleigh: Yes, I'm sure...

Damon: Well... then congratulations. I guess you won the bet!

I started to feel a pang of guilt as the memories of my sordid afternoon skipped through my mind again.

Ashleigh: You don't have to send the pic if you don't want to... it's no big deal.

Damon: No, no... a bet's a bet. You would have fulfilled your end of the bargain if you'd won, right?

Ashleigh: Of course I would have!

Damon: Well, then so will I. Hang on a sec... I'm sending it right now.

The email popped up in my inbox a few minutes later and I stared at it, feeling ambivalent about getting any kind of reward after all my deceptions.

The chat-box flashed again with another urging message.

Damon: Open it.

With a sigh of trepidation, I opened the attachment, and the picture popped up as I blinked back disbelievingly at the screen. The dark hair, green eyes, and mischievous smile staring back at me were all too suddenly familiar and I leaned back in my computer chair, my heart hammering. I read the email in wide-eyed shock. "Cabo was fun, wasn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Let me know your flight details. I'll meet you at the airport."

I shook my head, my lips curling up into a dirty little smile.

His text flew up on the screen a moment later.

Damon: Surprise!

*** The End ***

Authors Note: Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely intentional. Thanks to DamonX for inspiring me, and for giving me permission to publish this piece.

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