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The Cage


The cage is ready, in the corner of the room, away from the door. Inside has been placed a thin wool blanket and my "seat." This seat is simply a square piece of wood, above a small spool, on which have been placed a rather large rubber dildo to the front and a smaller, thinner anal plug to the rear. I see it, and know some of what is to come as I am prepared.

Freshly showered, shaved and nude, except for the corset I wear which pushes my breasts upward, I watch My Lover prepare. I have placed my long hair in a clip, so it won't get in the way. I stand, wait and watch him intently at his work, occasionally looking up at me to smile. Some of his smiles are joyful, like a boy with a prize, and some are solemn, and some have a tinge of mischief that makes me wonder what he is up to.

I submit to him, as I always do. My obedience to him is a proof of my love and adoration for him. Waiting, I shift my weight from one foot to another, and even though he doesn't look up, I know he was aware of that small movement. He might mention it to me, he might not.

Finished, he holds up his handiwork reverently, laid on both outspread palms. I see two delicate, slender chains, with alligator clips on both ends. He lets me gaze at them and wonder, then slowly lays them on the bed. Coming over to me, he gives me a kiss that makes my knees weak and starts a longing tingle, beginning with my nether regions. He strokes a finger there, and is pleased that it comes out glistening. I want to touch him, hold him, but my arms are clasped in my hands behind me, at his request. My chest rises, and I lean towards him for more kisses, but he pulls away, leaving me wanting more. I remain where I am, as I have been commanded. A low moan is swallowed at the base of my throat, which he hears, but chooses not to acknowledge.

Picking up one of the chains, he looks at me with a glint, then comes over to me and holds it up to my lips. I kiss it as though it were his lips I was kissing. I wonder where he will place it on me, and my nipples tighten at the thought that it will be on one of them.

He gently fondles one, then the next breast, as my breathing becomes quick and more shallow. At times, I have to remind myself to breathe. I moisten my lips with my tongue, hoping that he'll kiss me again. I subtly lean towards him, hoping I am not being too blatant, but hoping that subconsciously, he'll want to kiss me, too. He looks steadily into my eyes, looks at my inviting lips, and a slight smirk is seen at his mouth, as he acknowledges my desire, and chooses not to comply. He adores the power he has over me. He loves making me want him, more and more desperately, and waiting for his whim for fulfillment. Truth is, I love it, too. Few men know how to stoke the fires of a woman's passion. My Lover does, and could teach courses on it. More men should know this.

Holding my right breast, he opens a clip, and slowly brings it to my breasts. The anticipation builds, but doesn't prepare me for the clip's bite. I gasp and freeze, as my whole attention is directed to the pain in my nipple. He watches my reaction intently, waiting for the moment when I adjust, and then slowly puts the chain over my back, letting the other alligator clamp dangle there.

He stands back and looks at me, and I look at him with high life in my eyes, bearing the pain of the clip for him, letting him know with this action just how much I love him. Satisfied, he walks to the bed and picks up the next chain.

After he places the next clip on my left breast, and watches my reaction, he dangles this chain, too, behind me. Gently touching my arm, he indicates I can now bring my arms down to my side. I want to touch my nipples and relieve them, but I know better than to attempt that. The tightness of the clamps seems to increase the longer they are on, intensifying the pain, and I think I can't take it, but I do. He walks behind me and lets me feel him rubbing along my backside. I want him so desperately, I silently thrust my body even into that slight contact, hoping he'll take me, hoping I might get some relief from this need, but that hope proves to be vain as he moves away and takes the chains in his hands.

Once again stroking me below, his fingers part my pussy lips from my vagina, helping the flower to bloom and spread. Moisture begins to seep down my leg, and he takes a finger to gently trace it. A trembling begins deep within me, that I try to contain, but find myself unable to. He pinches one of my swollen outer lips with a finger, tightening the pressure, and I take it. His finger clamp moves from that spot near the rear, and inches towards my front, near my clit, and quickly pinches hard, so I gasp out loud. I quickly murmur "I'm sorry, Master," and he tells me that it's okay in his soft, sensual voice. The chain attached to my right breast tautens, and I feel the clamp on the other end being placed where his fingers were only moments before.

The clamp is tighter, however. From around me, his hand reaches under my breast to lift it, as the sweat beneath it has made it stick to my body like glue. My body is now feeling an overload of sensation. The clamps on my breasts, one on my nether lips, my heart pounding, and his hand leaving my breast so it feels the cool air. The chain reaches, but it is taut, so there is a tug on both my right breast and my outer right pussy lip. Looking down, I can see how the clamp pulls at my nipple, extending it from my breast, and I feel the air under my breast, which is now higher than my left breast. Without moving to judge his handiwork, he goes through the same motions on my left, and I mentally brace myself, but it does no good. As it happens, it is still an assault on my senses, and my breathing has become quick and shallow.

Now all four clamps are attached, and he slowly stands up to move around to the front of me. His fingers gently trace along the soft skin of my breasts, contrasting exquisite gentleness with a pain I can't ignore. His eyes gaze deeply into mine, silently asking me the question if this is too much, seeing the pain-filled love in my eyes that is there only for him, only for him. I want to lean towards him, but the binding is such that the smallest movement would translate through the clips to my nipples and nether lips, so I remain still to adjust. He tells me "arms bound," and I again place my arms behind me, clasping above my elbows with both hands. This further lifts my breasts, as he continues running his fingers along the soft skin. My trembling has increased, but I remain as I am, letting him do with this body that belongs to him as he wills. I again lick my lips, but this time it's for moisture, rather than for a kiss.

My upper teeth bite my lower lip, but I don't feel it through the pain of the clamps. Leaning towards me as though he will kiss me, he stops just short, and hovers there. Involuntarily, I lean towards him to complete the contact, taking a sharp deep breath at the increased pressure on my body under the clamps. My kisses are filled with sweet need and supplication, silently thanking him for his mastery over my body.

He quietly says, "Knees," and I get down on my knees, face to his crotch, which he keeps just out of reach. I sniff deeply, wanting his arousal, knowing it is the perfect mate for my need. I look up at him, with pleading in my eyes, and lick my lips suggestively, and, with a small smile on his face, he slowly shakes his head no. He notes how much I want it, and again moves away.

Picking up a collar, he comes over me to place it around my neck. This one is over an inch in width, so once it is on, I'll have little mobility with my neck. I can barely lower my head enough to see more than my nipples with their clamps and chains pulling my breasts up. The collar placed, he moves again to the bed, and brings back a cock gag. He holds it at hip height, and indicates that I should suck it as though it were him, which I do. The taste is different, and I am adjusting, as he slowly enters it fully into my mouth, then quickly buckles it shut behind me. I think to myself, "no kisses while this is on.," and wonder what he'll do next. My tongue is compressed at the bottom of my mouth, and the gag reaches almost to my throat, but it is a comfortable fit, and welcome. I notice there is a hole in the tip of the penis, through which I can still get air.

The last item is a scarf which he'll use as a blindfold. He holds it in front of me, then slowly uses it to caress my body, light as a feather. The air it brings is cool to my body, but I look at him longingly, knowing he'll be removing even that pleasure from me, soon.

He walks behind me, and places the scarf on my eyes. I open my eyelids beneath it, and notice that I can see light through the scarf, but there will be no vision, since he doubled the scarf to decrease visibility.

"Fours," he says. I move my hands from behind my back and place them on the ground in front of me, so I'm now on all fours. "Back in," he says. The cage door is open, and I back in slowly, trying to enter the door without banging into it. My feet are the feelers, here, and I slowly enter. When my pussy is near the dildo, he instructs, "reach for the top of the cage," and I am again on my knees, with my head lower due to the cage's ceiling, and grab the top of the cage with both hands, holding on. "Lower yourself," he commands, and I begin to sit, feeling with my butt and pussy where the dildos are. I find the pussy dildo, first, and situate myself to impale myself on it, and as I slowly lower, I then feel the anal plug, and adjust to fit that inside me, as well.

The pussy dildo goes in easily, as I am so soaked with the juices of my arousal. But the anal plug presents more resistance, and it's intrusion wakes me up to a new violation. "Down," My Lover states, and I realize I am going too slow. I force myself lower, so that both plugs are fully inside, and wait, holding the cage's ceiling, with my head lowered, smelling my own arousal, the feeling of both plugs welcome, yet alien. I make some small adjustments to adjust comfortably, and the anal plug enters more deeply, filling me more completely. I spread my knees to present the view to him. "Good," he says approvingly. I smile behind my gag.

"Elbows," he says. I move my hands behind me, and put my elbows up near the cage's ceiling, which further intensifies the pressure on my nipples. He takes some leather straps, and threads them through the cage ceiling, and into the crook of my arms, strapping my elbows to the ceiling. He then does the same with my wrists. He leaves my knees and ankles alone, probably because my weight holds the cage to the floor, and it would be too much trouble to lift the cage to bind me, there.

"Comfortable?" he asks, and I nod my head. Corseted, clamped, gagged, collared, blindfolded, plugged and bound, I am in my element. He hasn't closed the cage door, yet, and I wonder if he has some new surprise in store.

He does. He lowers himself to my level, then kisses my cheeks, the sides of my breasts, my raised upper arms, my belly and my thighs. I hear, "I love you," and I tilt my head to the side, trying to let him know I love him, too.

Air displaces in front of me, and I feel him move away. The cage door is closed, and with a click, locked. That click indicates finality to me, and I suddenly wonder how long he'll keep me in here. I make further minor adjustments, straining my eyes to see the light beyond the blindfold, when he says, "I'm leaving now. I'll check on you periodically, and collect you in a little while." I nod in acknowledgement. I moan my bondage to him, and he responds with, "Sweet little slave." He stands there for a few minutes, watching me, as I don't hear him moving around, and I subtly move. I raise my chest to relieve the pressure on my nipples, I raise my head to keep the collar from cutting into my neck, and I slightly shift my arms to make the straps more comfortable. Without my volition, my bottom begins to move on the plugs, gently rocking.

As he walks out of the room, turning off the light to plunge me into total darkness, and softly shuts the bedroom door, I hear him say, "Good."

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