The Cam Girl


'This is a very historically memorable place.' Mackenzie told him, for the third time that day, as they passed a square with a monument in the centre for the third time.

'What is the back story to this one?' Jarno asked, looking forward to see what the explanation would be this time.

'Well, uh, this was where the Battle of Little Budapest took place.'

'The Battle of Little Budapest?'

'Yes, you see,' She started, apparently satisfied with the back story she was about to present. 'in 1745 the Hungarians and Slovaks were upset with each other and decided to settle their differences by battling in the New World, thus avoiding the destruction of their home soil.'

'A particularly impressive feat when you consider that neither country existed in 1745...'

'Hey, don't destroy my story with all this talk of facts and making sense!'

'I'm sorry, you're right. So, who won that great Battle of Little Budapest?'

'It was a long and destructive battle.' Mackenzie pressed on. 'But eventually the American natives got upset at these European powers squabbling on their land, and so they were the actual winners because they got in when the other two were tired.'

Their casual stroll ended up taking them towards a quiet park on the city centre where they found a great spot to lie down on the grass, right next to the shore of a small pond. Jarno loved these sorts of moods, just lying down with only the sound of the water in his ears.

The sound of water and the sound of Mackenzie's voice, of course. They were next to each other, both with an arm under their heads as they looked at the surprisingly blue sky.

'Okay, now that I've done my job as tour guide, it's your turn.' She said, after they enjoyed their surroundings for a bit.

'My turn for what?'

'To share.'

'Share what, exactly?'

'Stuff from your end of the world.'

Jarno smiled, still looking at the blue sky.

'What do you want to know?' He asked.

'Let's do this by parts, then. First up, why do you care so much about soccer?'

'It's a really entertaining sport...'

'Yes, with its 0-0 results...' Mackenzie remarked.

'I've seen 0-0 draws that were way more entertaining than your Super Bowl finals.'


'It's not our fault you guys have the attention span of an excited dog unless there's a point scored every five seconds... And there's also the World Cup.' Jarno turned to his side, looking at her.

Focusing on the conversation would prove much more difficult now, he was sure. Mackenzie was dressed casually, with faded jeans and a very loose fitting a grey top. Her purple hair cascaded behind her head, as she lay face up with her eyes closed, letting the sunlight bathe her skin.

'Oh yeah, that thing we pretend to care about every four years but never win... Anyway, what about that dance thing you guys have once a year, full of weirdoes?'

'The dance thi- Ah, the Eurovision!' Jarno laughed. 'Basically each European country selects a song to play and we vote on them afterwards... There are usually some "wacky" songs there.' He conceded.

'I've seen the videos.' Mackenzie said, turning to face him. Her eyes seemed more alluring than ever. '"Wacky" doesn't even begin to describe them...'

'It's part of the charm of it. The best part of any Eurovision event is the really weird songs. Sometimes they even do well. My first time watching it was when Finland won, and it was beyond epic.'

'What happened?'

'I was 11 or 12, and a group of grown-ass men dressed like demons sang "Hard Rock Hallelujah"... Do I need to say more?'

'Oh yes, that does sound good!' She laughed, pulling a few strands of her hair back with her hand.

'And then we get to the voting process, and everyone gets a little mad, because Armenia votes for Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan votes for Georgia, and Georgia votes for Russia, and Russia votes for Estonia, and Estonia votes for Latvia, and Latvia votes for Lithuania...' Jarno said, watching Mackenzie's amused smile become bigger with each passing country.

'So why do you watch it?'

'Because we watch all this, proclaim that the Eurovision isn't what it used to be, but then a new edition comes and everyone believes this is the year for us to win it, and we restart the whole process again every time.' He explained with a mock serious tone.

Mackenzie giggled, and once the sweet sound reached his ears, Jarno couldn't stop himself from leaning in and gently pressing his lips to hers. Just like before, he felt the softness of her lips more than any other feeling. Unlike before, though, Mackenzie didn't rush it, merely following his lead and melting into him.

The kiss developed, as they now used their tongues. It was still very subdued, though, more caring than needful, their movements smooth. Jarno felt the sweet taste of Mackenzie on his tongue, and felt as if he would be hard pressed to find anything that was better flavoured.

Nevertheless, he had to come back up for a proper breath of fresh air, nearly forgetting to breathe in his excitement. Mackenzie appeared to have the same issue, gasping for breath as well, once the kiss ended.

They stared at each other, and Jarno felt warmth wash all over him as Mackenzie flashed him her beautiful smile. Just as quickly as it came it disappeared, replaced by a frown.

'What's wrong?' Jarno asked, concerned.

'Nothing's wrong, I just...' Mackenzie replied, sighing. 'I'm not sure this is what you want.'

Jarno studied her face, silently asking her to elaborate.

'You're the deep and meaningful kind of guy.' She finally told him.

'What's that supposed to mean?' He questioned her, more intrigued than offended, truth be told.

'That despite how hard you're trying to be impulsive and carefree, you're not quite as convincing as you think.'

'I thought I was making a good impression.'

'You are. But I won't. You think that deep down I'm going to be just as deep and meaningful as you, and in the end you will be disappointed.'

'What if I've actually seen through that? What if I know that's not you but still want you all the same?' He questioned, turning the tables on her.

'So, following that logic, you want me because I'm a slut?' Mackenzie asked, raising an eyebrow. She did it in such a way he couldn't tell if she was upset.

'You're not a slut.'

'I'm not romantic and I'm certainly not a virgin. Aren't you wondering how many people I've been with?'

'Five, seventeen, fifty-five... I don't care. I just think you're weird and pretty hot.' Jarno said, truthfully.

That took her aback, her eyes widening.

'Good answer. If I didn't know you were all deep and meaningful, I would have thought you were just trying to get in my pants!' She laughed.

Jarno smiled. He was getting addicted to her laugh, he realised. It seemed to be the expression that made her face be at its most gorgeous.

'Are you free tomorrow night?' Mackenzie asked, after her laughter subsided.

'I am. What do you have in mind?'

'Dinner, at my place. You bring some take-out. And... we'll both tell each other about our jobs.'

Surprised by her decision, Jarno considered it for a moment. It clearly meant a lot to Mackenzie for him to know about what she did before things went further, just like it had meant a lot for her to check if he knew she didn't share his more romantic nature. And he would be lying if he said he wasn't curious. I'll have to tell her about mine. But I think I trust her enough to tell...


'Deal.' Mackenzie repeated, looking relieved at his acceptance. She started getting up. 'Now, come on, get up. There's another marker of the battle of the Hungarians and Slovenians over that way.'

'Slovaks.' He replied, getting up and following her.


'The Battle of Little Budapest, according to you a few minutes ago, involved the Slovaks, not the Slovenians.'

Walking by his side, she looked at him amused.

'A guy that actually listens to my incoherent gibberish... I'm kind of impressed. I don't even pay attention to what I say, never mind someone else.'


Knocking on Mackenzie's door, Jarno waited nervously. There was the sound of someone making their way towards the door. As it opened, he saw that it wasn't Mackenzie.

The two girls matched in height, but that was where comparisons ended. Whilst Mackenzie had a big bosom and a curvy body, this girl was thin as a stick, with quite small breasts. Her top didn't cover her stomach, where Jarno could see the outline of a six pack and a piercing on her bellybutton. Blonde hair just about failed to reach her shoulders.

She was very hot, yet Jarno felt there was a much bigger allure to Mackenzie.

'Why, hello there...' The blonde girl greeted him, leaning against the door with a sultry gaze.

Now, even though he knew Mackenzie had a much bigger allure, Jarno wasn't completely immune to her.

'Uh... hi. I'm looking for Mackenzie.'

'That would be me.' She lied, with a mischievous grin.

'He's met me before, doofus!' Came Mackenzie's voice from somewhere inside the house.

'Well, you can't blame a girl for trying!' She called back. 'So, ridiculously hot, European and bringing food. Now, I see why you're in such a hurry to get me out of the house.'

'Hailey...' Mackenzie warned her, appearing behind her.

'Don't worry your pretty head about it, I get it, I'm going.'

She did start to leave, shooting Jarno a sideways smirk, before giving him a playful slap on his butt. 'You kids play nice, now...' Hailey called as she started to descend the stairs.

Turning back towards the woman he was actually visiting, Jarno commented.

'She's subtle.'

The last word barely got out when he saw what Mackenzie was wearing.

'Yeah, subtle would be the word. What?'

'You look beautiful.'

Her blush was the only response. She was wearing a white and blue patterned strapless dress, which gave him a great amount of cleavage to view, and ended just a few inches above her knees. Her lower left leg had a tattoo which showed a few mock-slashes, as if done by claws, making it seem like blue fish scales were underneath Mackenzie's skin.

Also, she was barefoot, which made him think of some sort of lake fairy.

'Come on in.' She whispered to him.

It was a cosy apartment. The entrance led to the living room. It had a nice sitting area next to a tall window, with two comfy couches pointed at a TV set. The kitchen was to the left and on the far left he could see the doors to two bedrooms.

Mackenzie had prepared the area around the couch for their dinner, as they both sat down facing each other, the lower part of her dress rising and exposing a larger "slash" tattoo where the mermaid-like scales were even larger on the top of her right thigh. She opened the contents of the bag Jarno had brought on the coffee table.

'Chinese?' The purple haired girl commented, surprised. 'I was kind of expecting you to bring pizza...'

'Racist.' Jarno replied, in a tone of mock indignation, making her laugh.

They chatted freely. Apparently, Hailey was Mackenzie's roommate for about six years. They were best friends, who'd been lucky to find someone trustworthy to share an apartment with.

As their food quickly disappeared and the wine was slushed down, Mackenzie started to get visibly nervous. Jarno understood completely, as he felt the same way as well.

'Well, I guess we can't post-pone it now...' She whispered.

He took hold of her hand gently, caressing it.

'Hey, I've had the pleasure of listening to the weird things you can come up with the last two days. I really like you, and I doubt there's anything that can change my mind.' She looked genuinely moved. 'Besides, I have an idea of how to make this easier.'


Reaching into the back pocket of his trousers, he got a notepad and a small pen. Mackenzie eyed him curiously as he wrote something down on one of the pages, before ripping it from the note block and bending it on itself. Then he handed the block and the pen to her, much to her confusion.

With the folded paper between his fingers, he put them at her eye level.

'I wrote my job in this piece of paper.' Jarno told her, watching understanding reach her eyes. 'Do the same in your piece of paper, fold it, and then we'll switch papers at the same time.'

Without looking away from him, she did as he asked, putting the items he'd given her on the coffee table when it was done. They were now only holding their respective papers. Jarno handed her his. She took it, but hesitated before handing hers. Gently, he took her hand in his and smiled reassuringly. He felt her fingers open up and her paper being deposited in his.

'In 3...' He said.

'2...' Mackenzie replied.

'1.' They said together, and unfolded their respective secrets.

Jarno read what had been written in Mackenzie's loose handwriting. He wasn't quite sure what he was looking at, though.

Mackenzie laughed.

'Seriously?' She asked him. 'Racing driver?'

'Yeah...' He muttered apologetically.

'Why didn't you want to say? What's so bad about that?'

'During the past few years I've become sort of known, and uh... There are few things as bad as people constantly kissing your ass. Trying to impress you. Trying to become your friend, just so that they can say they're your friend.' He sighed. 'I liked you with your weird sense of humour and how little you cared about impressing me.'

She had her mouth slightly parted, surprised by his confession. There was nervousness too.

'Now it's my turn, I guess.' She said, running a hand through her purple hair.

'I'm going to be honest, I don't actually know what this means...'


'What do you mean with being a "Cam Girl"?'

Swallowing hard, Mackenzie looked down for a moment, before gathering up the courage to continue.

'As a "Cam Girl", I go online and I strip naked for an audience. They pay tips and I give them "rewards" like sucking on dildo, using a specific butt plug or cumming.'

Jarno digested it for a moment.

'Do you like doing it?'


'What do you like about doing it?'

'I... like the idea of exposing myself to someone I don't know. That this stranger is getting pleasure from seeing me. That I can tease and seduce him without this person ever managing to actually have me. It's empowering, in a way. I'm doing exactly what I want with my body and I'm exploring my sexuality in a way that a lot of prudes would hate.'

'Is this why your parents kicked you out?' Jarno asked her, connecting the dots.

'Yeah... I was doing it for a few months when my mom spied on my computer when I wasn't home and found some of my cam girl stuff. We had a fight and she had these demands of what her daughter should behave like and I told her to take a hike.' Mackenzie said, the note of sadness at the memory plain to hear. 'I had a friend who was renting a place back here and I took a chance. Like I told you, it wasn't easy at first, but I managed.'

In the wake of their mutual discovery of the other's secret, they were silent for a little while, processing it.

'So,' Mackenzie spoke first. 'what are you thinking?'

Jarno observed her attentively. Her brow was furrowed, as she waited to find out his reaction. It was completely obvious to him that the girl in front of him was apprehensive about his reaction and he could understand why. Most guys would have reacted angrily or even have been disgusted at her. In fact, it was likely that Mackenzie had faced some of those types of guys, since he recalled her saying she preferred to get it out of the way quickly as a general rule.

Since he prided himself of not being like most other guys, Jarno knew he didn't feel like that. But he genuinely didn't know what to make of it. He'd never been with a woman quite so easy-going about her sexuality, and he wasn't sure if it was good or bad that that excited him somewhat.

'I'm thinking this is something that's become an issue in your relationships.'

'Yeah...' She agreed, looking concerned with where the conversation was going.

That's when it hit him. The thought of this incredible girl being kicked out of her own house, with enough difficulties to grant her the need to depend on the kindness of a diner owner, just because of being judged for exploring her sexuality in the way she wanted, made him feel sad for her.

And for once he knew exactly what to do next. Grabbing her face with both hands, Jarno kissed Mackenzie.

She let out a surprised whimper and took a few seconds before she responded. Pulling back, Jarno kept his hands stroking her cheeks until she reopened her eyes.

'Ever since I saw you on that subway station, I've wanted to kiss you.' He whispered, never breaking eye contact with her beautiful blue gaze. 'And everything you've said and done since has only made me want to be around you even more. This secret doesn't change that.'

There was a quick succession of images on Mackenzie's face. Surprise turned into delight, and just as quickly turned into the feral determination. Before he had time to process these changes, she pounced on him, smashing her lips against his and clawing at his hair with her fingers.

Her tongue made its way inside his mouth, and Jarno was quick to react, letting his body go into autopilot, as he pressed the beautiful girl to his body using his arms on her lower back. Mackenzie had her knees on the couch whilst he was sitting, which meant she was standing higher than him, her hair cascading down to cover their faces.

The small hands that were in his hair switched to unbutton his shirt with haste. As soon as his torso was exposed, Mackenzie made a point of flattening her hand against his muscled abdomen. Jarno felt her moan against his mouth. Then he was pushed back onto the couch armrest.

'Hey!' He complained, fearing he'd fallen off for a moment.

Mackenzie just grinned mischievously. Never looking away from him, she removed his shoes and socks, before pulling on his pants. Then, in one swift movement, she uncovered his penis by pulling his briefs down. They both gasped, due to the sheer excitement they were feeling.

Jarno could see the young woman lick her lips hungrily whilst looking at his stiff member, before going on all fours in front of it. The view of her heart shaped butt covered by her dress, as well as the ample cleavage and her piercing gaze, coupled with Mackenzie's hot breath over his cock nearly made Jarno come there and then.

It didn't improve when, with sensual slowness, Mackenzie stuck out her tongue and ran it from the base of his cock up to the tip. Jarno tensed up completely during the travel of her tongue, before moaning audibly when she finished with a flick. All the while, she was smiling up at him.

'You're incredible...' He sighed, looking at her in wonder.

'Not so bad yourself, mister.' She replied.

About to ask her to see her naked, Jarno cried out instead as Mackenzie opened wide and took the head of his penis inside her mouth, sucking hard before letting it pop out again. Grabbing hold of the base of it, she went down on it again, bobbing a few times before going back up again.

'Yummy...' The beautiful girl told him, before rubbing his stiff cock against her cheek with a sigh.

The sight of Mackenzie rubbing her own face with his sticky penis, whilst leaving a few quick kisses on it, was inflaming him to an extent he couldn't believe to be possible. He'd wanted to have her to himself for quite some time, he realized, and now she was very willingly giving him the blowjob of his life with a look of sweet innocence on her face.

Her lips wrapped around his shaft again and Mackenzie caressed Jarno's hard flesh with her wet tongue, never looking away from him. It was getting really intense and his eyes started to wander towards her glorious backside which moved up and down with her movements on his dick.

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