tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Camera and the Saloon

The Camera and the Saloon


"...it's been a hell of a week so a some of us are having a few Friday night drinks to unwind after work. I'll be home later, ok honey?"

"Sure, babe. I'll see you when you get home. Love you, Georgia."

"I love you too, Colin."

It was after 6:00 PM when Colin got off the bus and made it through the front door of his house. Cold rain was just starting to fall and he was glad to make it inside - not that there was anything in particular special about home, but at least it was the weekend and it was warm and...safe. Another week over, but somehow even less exciting than the week before. He went through the usual routine of taking off his shoes and leaving them on in the special place at the foot of the stairs, hung his jacket on the rack and went to the fridge to find some leftovers and a beer. A relaxing night in waiting for his wife to come home.


After his second beer, he went upstairs to lie down and relax, to read a book in bed. On the floor next to the bed he saw his wife's panties, lying where she'd thrown them off that morning before getting into the shower. Funny, they shared the bathroom without too many sparks now: her naked and soaping up, him shaving and combing his hair. It wasn't that long ago that she'd only have to unbutton her shirt and he'd be upright, ready to rip the rest of her clothes off and bend her over, or she'd be cheeky and slide down between his legs while he brushed his teeth and give him a warm wet blowjob before breakfast.

Now it was all routine.

Except...except for a few months ago, when he'd bought a decent digital camera, and she'd put on her black G-string and thigh-high stockings with the little frills on top, her tight blue work skirt and white shirt but left the top two buttons undone, and he took one picture, and they laughed.

Then he'd reached out and pulled her top open a little more, so her black bra showed, and he took another picture.

"Stop it, Colin - really, I haven't even done my hair. What if someone sees these?"

But she was smiling, and not a happy smile. A nasty, naughty little smile, with her eyes looking up from under her hair and lashes.

"Squat down with your knees apart, Georgia", he'd said.

And she did, and he took another picture. Click.

"Right, pull your skirt up so we can see the tops of your thighs...that's it...good."


Take your top off...click...ok, on the bed...click...lie back, legs apart...click...good girl.

They'd taken a dozen pictures by the time he got around to her best assets. She had small firm tits and - though her thick nipples were always erect - it was when she bent over and...god, he was getting hard thinking about it. The arse that everyone pretended to ignore but took a look when they thought he wasn't watching.

"We should put them online," Colin said.

She didn't even pretend to argue - just waited anxiously as the pictures uploaded one by one onto the amateur wives and girlfriends picture site, stood there in her g-string, Colin getting harder and harder and then...

The first comments started being left by guys looking for someone else's wife to jerk off over.

...that's the most amazing arse I've seen...what a great cunt, would love to sink deep...what an inviting rear, dedicating my first wank to you...OH MY GOD YOU SEXY BITCH WOULD LOVE TO FUCK YOU AND BLOW ON YOUR CHEEKS...

"Georgia, all these guys are wanking over you..."

"Shut the fuck up, you bastard."

That shocked him...but then she'd stood in front of him and pulled her wet panties to the side, straddled him as he sat on the chair so she could watch as comment after comment was left for her, and slid her soaking cunt onto his rock hard cock.

"God, Georgia, you're so wet!", he'd said.

"I told you to fucking shut up, you prick. I...hate...you," she'd growled and rocked back and forth, up and down on his cock, fucked him so hard while she watched guys comment and tell her what a dirty little bitch she looked like, that when he came he blew load after load inside her until his balls ached. They fell off the chair and slept on the floor, covered in their own cum and juice. And they never spoke about it again.

That was ages ago. Life had returned to normal.

He turned on the computer and logged into the amateur wife picture site. Nine hundred comments. Nine hundred satisfied men, teenagers, old farts, guys pretending to finish reports while they wanked to Georgia. And as Colin looked at the pictures, got to the one with her butt cheeks right in the camera, g-string around her ankles, he got his hard dick out and unloaded, too.


11:00 PM

"Hi, honey, just ringing to see what time you'll be home...I'm feeling horny, babe..."

"Soon," giggle, "I'll be home soon and I promise I'll give you a proper little...mmm...ok, I'll be home soon, ok, Colin?"

The phone went quiet.

Colin had a strange feeling in his gut. Georgia had sounded...strange. He had a fair idea which bar they'd be at, it wouldn't take long to get there in the car.


It was still raining as Colin drove through the city. The streets were empty, not many people braved the weather for partying in this town. He parked a block away from The Saloon, a tacky western themed bar up a little street where most of Georgia's workmates would go to have a drink.

He scurried through the rain toward the bar. The external lights were off, there was no sign out front. Closed. He could see that a light was shining from a window near the rear of the building. He ran up and stood there, in the rain, looking through the window into the closed bar - and didn't know what to think.

He could see a single pool table in the room, with a light shining overhead. Colin could make out four men - he recognised one as Matt, Georgia's boss, and the new kid at her work, barely old enough to drink. The two other guys he didn't recognise.

They'd formed a straight line along the pool table. Georgia faced them, her shirt was open, her tits out over the top of her bra. Even from here he could see those thick dark nipples. She pointed at the kid and beckoned him. Her boss clapped him on the back and the other two started cheering as he sucked on her tits.

She had that smile, that nasty, naughty little smile, and she slid her hands down and pulled up her skirt. She had no panties on.

Colin felt angry. He wanted to burst in and stop what was happening - but he didn't. Instead, his cock was standing to attention and his balls ached. He was fixed in the spot, watching his wife being ogled and having her tits sucked.

He could see the other three undo their zippers and flop out their erect dicks. Matt pulled the younger lad aside. Colin couldn't hear what was being said, but he saw Georgia turn around and bend herself over the pool table as Matt positioned himself behind her. She put one hand on her butt and with the other she reached out and beckoned to the other lad again - she was close enough to one end of the table that, when he came closer, she grabbed the front of his jeans and unzipped him.

Colin watched as Matt took his old, grey-pubed cock and finally slammed into his wife. She pulled the lad closer and jerked him off, touching the tip of his young cock with her tongue as her dirty old boss fucked her over the pool table. The other two had already taken up position, one behind the kid and one behind Matt, waiting for their turn.

Matt wasn't gentle. He withdrew completely and slammed his dick back into her cunt, hard and long strokes. The kid she was blowing lasted all of thirty seconds before stream after stream of his hot cum landed over her face and hair - then he was pulled aside and the next guy had his turn.

Matt finally came, with one last push that shifted the pool table, he grabbed her wide hips and held her, he was obviously blowing deep and even from out in the rain, Colin could hear him shouting:

"Yeah, yeah you fucking little bitch, I've been waiting for this for a long time!"

Guy number two finally unloaded on Gerogia's face as Matt slid his cock out of her.

The last guy took position behind her - his dick was long, but not very thick. He wasted no time and didn't care about fucking in someone else's seconds. He was even rougher than Matt, grabbing her cum covered hair and pulling her head so hard it made her back arch. He didn't release, held her in that position as he fucked her hard and fast, like a dirty animal.

Colin watched as he withdrew his cock and rested it in her butt crack, shooting his load up her back and covering her brown rose bud.

It was over, and Colin had never been harder.

He started walking back to his car, dazed, confused. He knew he should be angry, but...he was looking forward to his share of the dirty little slut when she got home. He smiled.

He rang her from the car.

"Hi, Honey - will you be home soon?"

"Yes, Colin, I'm just leaving now - and I'm going to give you the ride of your life!"

"I bet you are, baby, I bet you are."

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