tagGay MaleThe Camping Trip

The Camping Trip


We had finally arrived at our camp, it was probably about 9 o'clock, but we weren't really too tired so we decided to make up the sleeping bags and maybe read for awhile before going to sleep. Rob had set the tent up and put out the sleeping bags fully open, one on top of the other to form a large bed rather than two individual sleeping bags. I thought it was a bit odd, but didn't really think much more about it as I undressed and got into bed.

I pulled out a Penthouse from my duffel as I lay there and began thumbing through it and looking at the pictures. One showed a beautiful, long haired brunette with a huge, smooth, luscious, softly rounded heart-shaped bottom, which she faced back towards the camera. It was so curvaceous and plump looking, it really made me horny looking at it.

Both Rob and I were married, but neither he nor I had a satisfactory sexual experience at home, both our wives had lost interest in sex. Whereas they thought sex once every two or three months was enough, being normal men, we were both much more horny than that! Our speed was probably two or three times a week.

As I was looking at the picture, I suddenly glanced over at Rob, and my mouth fell open in amazement! He had gained about twenty pounds since we had gone camping the previous year, and I now had my first good look at him without all his clothes! He was standing naked near the other end of the tent, and he was bent fully forward moving some stuff around in his bag at the tent wall. He was turned fully away from me and I was amazed to see a heart-shaped, gently curved, plump ass that looked exactly like the girl in the Penhouse! His waist was very narrow and his smooth, creamy skinned hips flared gently out from each side of his waist in a graceful outward curve like an inverted pear, and the skin was white and soft as a baby's. His legs were long and smooth, pinched together as he bent forward, and they tapered gracefully down to his curvaceous calves. He looked very feminine, and it was very erotic to watch as he moved around,unaware of my perverted stare.

As he turned a bit to the side, I got my next erotic charge! He had luscious tits, too, not huge, but pert girl's tits, just about right to cup in your hand, like two halves of an orange, each perching out in front with a large, brown nipple cone at the end. The nipples were standing out like pencil erasers from the tip of each breast. I gasped slightly but he didn't notice.

I felt my cock twitch uncontrollably under the sleeping bag. I wasn't at all gay, but I sure was getting horny watching my feminine looking friend move about unpacking his gear. I was fully aware that in many Spanish and European cultures, there was no stigma whatsoever attached to males having sex with each other, in fact it was very common, and was a way they coped with the weak sex drive of most women.

For the first time in my life, I wondered how it would feel to have sex with my best friend. I was about to find out!

Finally, Rob found a pair of shorts and headed for bed. I had already laid my magazine aside and acted as if I had dozed off as he climbed into bed. He turned his back to me and turned off the lantern.

I caught a slight smell, almost like perfume, as it wafted across to my nose. I was really turned on by now, I was eagerly wanting to feel those sweet little round tits and feel the soft skin of his wonderful, smooth, round ass.

After waiting several minutes with him laying very still in bed, very slowly and quietly, my heart beating wildly, I slid my shaking hand across the sheets over to his smoothly curved bottom, until my fingers gently bumped his soft skin. Not getting any reaction, and figuring he was asleep, I gently began to caress his lusciously smooth, rounded asscheek. I felt the sweet curving softness of his behind as I slowly and gently ran my hand up the long, smooth curve of his hip up to his narrow waist. I was picturing that beautiful girl in the Penthouse, as my hand followed his softly rounded curves, moving back down towards his cute ass once more. My cock was twitching and throbbing now, totally out of control.

Suddenly it hit me.. where were the shorts he had on when he first came to bed! I jerked back, then after regaining some composure, I felt down his leg. His legs were very smooth too, and soft. Finally, my hand found the shorts - clear down at his knees!

Then, suddenly Rob chuckled and said,

" I wondered how long it would take you to notice that!"

I laughed nervously then as I caught another waft of perfume and realized he had been up to something all along. He had a similar idea to mine, an idea to appease our mutual lust for more sex. He was just as horny as I was! he told me how he had done the strip tease act on purpose, and how he had even put on a couple of drops of his wife's perfume. Then he gently took my hand and brought it up to brush his tits. I cupped a lusciously firm, cone of smooth, round flesh, the nipple poked hungrily into my fingers as Rob moaned and I began to gently rub the tip of his nipple with the fingers of my right hand. He groaned in lust as he reached back and grasped my ass, urging me to come up against his body. As I pressed against him, I felt my aching, bloated cockhead poke into the mysterious crevice between his smooth, round asscheeks. Rob gasped and began moaning as I kept rubbing his nipples and rocked against his wonderful ass. We rocked together,gently back and forth, both of us so turned on it was unbelievable. The feeling was exactly like it would be with a woman. As we worked our bodies together, the feelings mounted, we were both moaning constantly with erotic desire, and eager for more, much more.

Finally Rob touched my hand and we stopped.

Without a word, we both moved up so he was on all fours and I was behind him, between his legs.

In a shaky, husky voice, Rob said,

"Hold on a second, I have some vaseline."

He secured a tube from where it had been concealed under the sleeping bag, smeared some on his finger and reaching behind, smeared a dab into his plump, round ass. He passed me the tube.

My cock was already aching and hard in anticipation. I took the vaseline and lubed my cdck and his hole once more and then presented the tip of my cock gently to his eager, now slippery entrance.

Slowly, carefully, I pushed against the softly yielding, slippery, moist opening.

Rob said, "Just go very slowly, it will go in fine if you do it gradually."

I guided my cock against his soft back entry and pushed gently. I felt his sweet lusciously slick opening slowly part a little... and the head of my cock began to slowly slip inside! Mmmmmm!! I felt Rob relaxing his butt to allow my cockhead to slide in more; is was slowly, inexorably, yielding to the constant gentle probing. I was afraid of hurting him but he urged me on.

Suddenly, pushing gently, I slipped past the muscle ring and with a delicious, sucking plop, my cockhead went past the muscle and into his slick, hot hole! Rob quivered and moaned in pleasure. After some careful slow movements in and out, my cock entered an inch or two, and gradually each back-and-forth motion readjusted my throbbing shaft further and further inside his moist, slippery-smooth opening until it was finally all the way in, and my shaking pelvis rested against his soft ass on both sides!

It was pure heaven! Here I was enjoying my best friend's creamy soft, smooth, plump ass and loving every single minute of it!! MMMMM! His luscious, soft clutching asshole was incredibly hot and tight!

I slowly began to move in and out, pumping his warm round bottom, each time squirming into his slick, hot, hole up to the hilt, at the same time feeling his quivering push as his soft bottom backed against me until we were fully locked together, then pausing for a moment, his deep moans and jerking, uncontrolled squirming signalling his lust at the ecstasy of feeling my cock buried deep in his scrumptious ass.

Rob gradually began to meet my surging thrusts each time with uncontrolled backward heaves of his luscious hips. We were both moaning and grunting and making lots of noise now. I removed both my hands from his tits and put them on his smooth, round soft hips, and began to thrust in and out with wild abandon.

He moaned loudly in pleasure and moved eagerly back to meet my every thrust, out tempo was in perfect time and the delicious ecstasy of fucking his wonderful, soft, curved ass was overpowering! We continued with our wild pounding motion, in and out, squirming, pumping faster and faster, Rob moaning with each lunge, and his round, soft hips quivering and shaking beneath my hands as his ass pushed back fully against me for the deepest most intimate penetration possible! He met my every thrust, moving his round, smooth hips back again and again, squirming to completely engulf my cock pumping into his hot hole! At last, we were both nearing climax! OOOoooh!!! It felt so good!

Suddenly, the loss of control came. Quivering and grunting, and then in a long moan, I came in a gigantic orgasm, and gasping and jerking, shot my squirting hot load of cum into Rob's warm ass, my cock throbbing and pumping huge pulsing spurts of cum into his wonderful creamy hole for what seemed an eternity.

Rob, moaning and heaving out of control, came at almost the same time, cumming all over his hand and the sleeping bag. He collapsed forward onto the bag and I followed on top of him, wanting my cock inside his sweet, slippery hole for as long as possible. I lay there on top of him for a few minutes before my cock finally plopped out, with an ooze of cum from his engorged, slippery hole. I rolled onto my back, in pure ecstasy. We both agreed this was a wonderful turning point in our lives. We no longer had to depend on only our wives for sex!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/02/18

IF U R a bi cirious guy this story is a MUST READ! Five star stuff.

Herein below are excerpts from anon 05/28/16 because he said it all!

This story made me very horny. Every atom of my body got aroused,more...

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by Anonymous06/12/18

i flush this down the toilet daily ?????????????????????

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by bottom4blk04/15/18

I AM Rob in the story

I am exactly Rob in the story, except I gained 35 lbs after my thyroid failed, and the description is correct except I also have some belly too.
My bottom and hips widened out like a woman's, my rearmore...

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