The Camping Trip Ch. 01


"Oh God, just a little higher baby," Jackie purred, and Brian seemed to oblige. He began licking higher up on Jackie's pussy slathering all over her wet lips with his tongue as he drove his finger in and out of her. "OOOOOHHHH," she exclaimed suddenly, "right there. Yeah, just like that."

Brian was now rapidly flicking at her with the tip of his tongue, working the flat tip of his tongue over a single spot on her crotch. He began to finger her hard and deep, as his tongue was relentless in it's gentle lashing on her pussy.

"Oh shit, just like that babe, just like that," Jackie began to babble softly, her hips grinding against his tongue as he finger fucked her. She leaned forward and began to buck her hips back against his fat finger. "Oh shit, fuck me babe, fuck me just like..." her voice trailed off for a second as he suckled on her pussy noisily, "....fuck babe, going to.... CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!!!" She positively squealed as she came, bucking back against his hand as he fingered her and shoving herself against his face as he lapped rapidly at her sensitive spot. Her arms trembled slightly before she leaned back against the rock, gasping for air. Brian slid his finger out from between her legs and stood up next to her.

"You think they heard us?" she asked quietly.

"I don't think so, you ready to go back?" he asked.

"Just give me one second to clean up," Jackie responded.

Megan positively shoved me as she brushed past, moving as quickly as she could to get out of the woods without making noise. Luckily it was early summer and there was very little leaf clutter on the ground as I hurried after her. As soon as we cleared the forest we sprinted back to our blanket and awkwardly dove back under the covers. We laughed and attempted to steady our breathing as we heard Jackie and Brian emerging from the forest behind us less than a minute after our return.

This time, I had barely noticed my solid hard-on until we got back to the blanket. Barely noticed anyway until there was a visible tent in our covering and I had to roll onto my side to hide myself as Jackie and Brian walked up and settled down on their blankets. Unfortunately, I had rolled too quickly towards Megan and I found the tip of my erection resting on Megan's arm. I barely had time to curse my sweat pants for not hiding my bulging cock before Jackie started talking.

"I hope you guys didn't do anything naughty while we were gone," Jackie teased as she settled into Brian's arms under her blanket.

"Robert wouldn't be too happy about you stealing his girl," Brian continued. They laughed loudly before quieting down and resuming their hushed conversation.

Thankfully, Megan rolled onto her side to face me again, and her arm slipped out from beneath my hard-on. "That was hot," Megan whispered very softly.

"You're crazy," I responded, "crazy and a perv too."

"You seemed to like it," Megan whispered with a smile, unexpectedly reaching out under the blankets and grabbing my hard shaft. "It still hasn't gone down."

"Don't do that, it's sensitive and I can't help it," I replied in a heated whisper. She released my cock.

"All I'm saying is that I can see AND feel that you enjoyed watching that just as much as I did," she whispered back.

"Hey," Jackie shouted, "You guys want to go skinny dipping?"

My eyes shot wide open. "No," I responded.

"Well Brian and I think it would be fun, unless of course you guys are chicken," Jackie teased.

"Why don't you want to go?" Megan asked in a whisper.

"I'm hard as a rock and they're bound to notice," I whispered back. Between the earlier encounter and having just seen Brian eating out Jackie, there was no way my current erection was going to go away.

I felt Megan's hand brush against my thigh under the blanket. "What are you..." I began with a whisper.

"SHHHH," she warned quietly, "I'll take care of it."

Her small hand slid across my crotch, lightly brushing over the bulge in the front of my pants before slipping over the elastic waistband of my sweat pants. Megan's hand slid quickly down my lower stomach, past my boxers, and met up instantly with the hard shaft of my cock.

"Wow, it's so hard," Megan whispered, her brown eyes locked on mine in the semi-darkness.

Her fingers gripped lightly around shaft and began to slide up and down the length of my pole. Her soft hands felt delicious on my hot, throbbing hard-on, but there was a little too much friction for her hand job, and it became a bit uncomfortable.

"Wait," I demanded with a whisper, and she instantly stopped her movements. Her eyes searched mine for an answer, but things were spinning rapidly out of control for me and it took me a second to clear my mind for a response.

"So what, chickens," Jackie loudly demanded, "you ready for a dip?"

"Still no!" I replied loudly, wondering how I was going to get out of this mess.

"You guys too ashamed?" Brian called out mockingly, "We promise to close our eyes." Jackie and Brian laughed hysterically at his suggestion.

I was still desperately trying to think of a way out of this mess while Megan's hand gripped my erection. Jackie spoke again, "We'll make you guys a deal," she began. "We'll keep our heads under the blanket while you two take turns running into the water. We promise we won't peek."

Megan released her grip on my dick and slipped her hand out from inside my sweatpants. I began formulating some sort of adequate response in my mind when I felt Megan fumbling around again under the blanket.

"What are you doing?" I whispered in question yet again.

"No peeking," Megan yelled, ducking her head under the blanket, "put the blanket over your head." Jackie and Brian giggled, and Megan popped back out from under the blanket, took a quick look over her shoulder, and then leapt out from beneath the covers. I caught a quick glimpse in the moonlight of a naked breast, and then a fleeting view of Megan's backside just seconds before she dove into the water.

"That's more like it!" Brian yelled from under his blanket. "Alright Kevin, your turn."

I didn't know what to do, but my mind went blank and the next thing I knew I was naked and feeling the cool air on my bare skin as I made a mad dash towards the water. I dove so quickly, my erect cock bobbing awkwardly in front of me, that I almost landed on top of Megan as she resurfaced. With a terrible splash, I was in the cold water and feeling the electricity of adrenaline and the shock of the cold water pumping through my body.

I surfaced, wiped the water from my eyes, and turned back towards the shore. Jackie was just beginning to peek out from under her blanket.

"They're in the water," Jackie said.

With that, Brian and Jackie sprang to their feet. It took me a second to realize that both were fully clothed, and another second to realize what was going on as Brian ran over to our blanket and gathered up our clothes while Jackie pulled their blanket up into her arms. "Suckers!" she yelled as she and Bran took off into the woods with our belongings.

"Those bastards!" Megan yelled, turning around to face me. "What the hell are we going to do now?"

"This is just great," I groused, incredibly irritated. I was cold, still had a raging hard on, and now my clothes were stolen.

"We can just walk back, no one's going to see us," Megan responded trying to calm me down.

"Not like this I can't" looking down into the dark water at my protruding erection. "Just give me some time before we get out of the water."

I attempted to swim off a bit, heading for deeper water to get my circulation going and hopefully calm my excited body. Megan caught me by the ankle and dragged me rather forcefully back towards her.

"Wait a sec," she said, "follow me."

Megan swam off parallel to the shoreline, and after just a couple of minutes we had swum around a rock outcropping that hid us from view from our previous spot on the shore. Megan stopped and stood up in the chest deep water, her slippery breasts floating with her nipples just below the surface. The swim was already working, and I could feel the fire in my loins slowly dissipating, even if my erection was still at full mast.

That changed as Megan stepped towards me, her breasts pressing into my chest as I came to a stop in front of her. She wrapped a hand around my neck and drew me into her, and I felt my hard cock pressed against her slippery leg below the surface. Our wet skin slid against each other as she began to wrap two legs around me.

"Be gentle," she said softly, "and don't you dare tell anyone about this."

I was still so confused as I felt her small, soft hand reach between my legs and firmly grasp my thick dick. She lifted herself onto me, bringing the tip of my sensitive cock up to the area between her legs. I felt her run the fat head of my hard shaft against her soft pussy lips below the water as I instinctively reached out and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"What are you doing?" I asked again, knowing full well what she had planned but not understanding the 'why' this time.

"You'll be better in just a second, and this is partially my fault anyway," Megan said, staring longingly into my eyes once again.

She positioned the bulbous head of my dick at the entrance to her warm tunnel and settled over me. Unsure of how to proceed, I remained still and was content to feel the tip of my cock nestled in her soft pussy folds. Then she settled her weight and pushed down on me, and I felt my cock head pop through her tight opening, as if it were being sucked into her. As she slid down one inch or so, my hardness was enveloped by the most wonderfully warm velvety softness that I have ever felt. Her pussy was so tight, like a wet, fleshy vice gripping my pole. It was almost painfully stimulating to feel my fat cock slide its way deeper into her warm pussy. I was suddenly and unexpectedly a man.

Megan wrapped her arms around my neck and began riding me very slowly in the water with her soft young body. She looked deeply into my eyes once again, moonlight glistening off of the water on her skin, as she slid up and down my hard pole. It took a few strokes, but eventually she bottomed out on my lap, my thick cock buried deep within her, and I reveled in the feeling of her warm, tight pussy enveloping my manhood.

"You like?" she asked with an impish smile. All I could do was groan in response, drowning in the wonderful feelings of the first fuck of my life.

Megan began riding my cock in earnest, squeezing me with her smooth hips as she lifted herself up and down on my hard shaft. My thick dick slid in and out of her tight pussy again and again as I let her ride me and did nothing more than hold on. It was a struggle just to stay balanced in the water with the intense fires of arousal that were washing over me.

"All right, Kevin, we have to make this quick and get back," she said in short pants. "You're sooo thick, it feels so nice inside me."

I needed no further encouragement, and I began to thrust back against her. I was burying my cock hard and deep in her velvety pussy, and my response had an immediate effect on her. She moaned, a high pitched moan of arousal, and began to work herself back up and down my hard dick.

"That's it, fuck me," she panted, grinding herself against me.

I was so horny after everything that had happened so far, and this was my first time. I knew I wasn't going to last long in the tight grip of her tender young pussy. Even the sight of her firm breasts and her hard nipples bouncing in and out of the water as she rode me were driving me crazy. "I'm going to cum," I tried to warn her.

"That's okay sweetie, I'm on the pill. Cum for me," she moaned, staring deeply into me in the semi-darkness with her own beautiful brown eyes. "Cum inside me sweetie."

That was more than I could take. I felt the hot cum churning dangerously in my balls as her slippery cunt slid up and down my thick cock. I felt the familiar tingle of orgasm, but it was building far beyond anything I had ever felt before.

"Oh my God!" I yelled, my eyes went wide with shock as I felt the tremendous orgasm beginning to crash over me. "I can't stop..." I attempted.

"Don't stop Kevin, cum for me," Megan encouraged, placing a soft, wet hand on my cheek.

I exploded. My cock swelled to a size I had never felt before, squeezed deep into the confines of Megan's tight pussy, and then it erupted spurting hot cum inside her. My whole world lit up, my brain overloaded with so much wonderful stimulation that the whole lake seemed to glow white and I think my mind blinked out for a second. When I came back down, still crashing through the best orgasm I had ever felt, my cock was still shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into Megan's warm pussy.

"Ohhhhhh God," she cooed, "You're bursting inside me. Your cock got so big, I could feel it grow and explode." Those words were music to my ears as I kept pumping my load deep inside her. I suddenly realized Megan had stopped moving on me as the pure tingling pleasure of my orgasm began to finally subside.

"I'm sorry," I said softly.

Megan lifted herself very slowly off of me, allowing my shrinking cock to slip from within her. "What do you have to be sorry for?" she asked with a smile.

"I came so quickly, and you didn't get to cum," I responded, feeling a bit guilty.

"Ohhh, I knew you were a sweet one," Megan responded, again placing her hand softly on my cheek. She leaned forward and planted a gentle but firm kiss on my lips. It was one of the most memorable kisses of my life as I realized that was the first time we had ever even kissed and we had just had sex.

"It's not a problem," she continued, "I just felt bad for you. It was partially my fault after all, you were walking around with that hard-on for half the day." She flashed me a bright and genuine smile, and I gave her a big hug in response.

"I love you," I said, and then froze. I had never even said that to Jenny, my ex-girlfriend. Megan seemed to freeze too, unsure of what had just happened. I was trying to figure out what had caused me to say that, with Megan still held tightly in my arms.

"I love you too," she responded very softly, then abruptly broke our embrace and began to swim off back towards our blankets on the shore. "Come on," she called after me, "they're going to wonder what we've been doing."

When we reached the shore, we both simply strolled out of the water and wrapped ourselves with our blankets. Megan gave me one quick backwards glance as I walked out, laughing at me as she wrapped her dripping naked body in the blanket. We dashed back through the woods barefoot, and arrived at the glowing window of the cabin.

We attempted to casually stroll in the front door, as if we had just come from a short walk through the woods. Unfortunately, we were met with an uproar of cackling laughter.

"Look Rob," Brian shouted while jabbing a now awake Rob, "your girlfriend and Kevin went and got naked together."

"Oh, we'll get you guys back," Megan said coolly, and then walked off towards the girl's room with her nose in the air. I was very relieved to see that Rob was joining in the laughter.

"Bastards," I grumbled, gathering up my clothes off the floor and walking into the bathroom. I was incredibly relieved that no one seemed to suspect anything had happened between me and Megan as I slid the bathroom door shut behind me. Then, with the door closed, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.


When we finally turned in that night, we ended up all sleeping in the living room. Brian and Jackie shared a huge pile of blankets off on one side, I slept under a pair of heavy blankets in the middle of the room, and Robert and Megan slept next to each other in a pair of sleeping bags on the other side of the room. Robert's snoring sounded like a chainsaw fighting with a lawn mower, but somehow I managed to rapidly drift off to sleep.

I was dreaming contentedly that Megan and I were rabbits living in a hole and raising a happy little rabbit family when I was jarred awake by someone holding my hand and shaking my arm gently. I opened my eyes to the dark room, and for a second I couldn't see anything in the blackness of the night. Robert was still snoring away like a jackhammer, and the outline of Megan's devilishly smiling face materialized in front of me.

"Whatd'ya want," I mumbled groggily through my half opened eyes.

"Brian and Jackie snuck out," Megan whispered.

"So what?" I asked irritatedly.

"Shhh! Keep your voice down," Megan hissed, grabbing me by the hand and trying to pull me to my feet. "Let's go see what they're up to."

"I'm tired!" I grumbled in a loud whisper, "Why aren't you taking Rob?"

Megan stopped yanking on my arm for a second. "I don't want to take Robert," she said simply. It was obvious, even in the darkness of the room, that she had a hurt look on her face. I suddenly felt very guilty for what I had just suggested.

"Alright," I whispered, stumbling to my feet and wiping the sleep from my eyes, "let's go."

As we quietly crept out of the front door of the cabin, I turned around to make sure that Robert was indeed still sleeping (though it probably would have been impossible to fake the earth shaking snoring noises he was making).

About two steps out the door I peered into the dark woods around us and realized there was probably no way we were going to find Brian and Jackie. They could have gone just about anywhere, and short of an experienced tracker guiding us there was no way we were going to find them in the dark.

"Maybe they went to the lake," Megan suggested, heading off on the short path towards the water. When we got to the lake there was no sign of them, and we decided to head back. On the return trip, Megan took a different route back that led us through the woods. There was no space in the branches for the moonlight to leak through in this area, so it was difficult to avoid walking into a tree trunk let alone spot anyone else in the woods.

Megan was leading the way and I was about a step behind when I thought I heard a noise off to my right. I paused to listen, though Megan obviously hadn't heard anything and continued to trudge on. Before I knew what had happened, Megan had disappeared into the blackness in front of me. In a sudden panic, I tried to run after her but quickly realized that I didn't even know where I was going, let alone where Megan had gone.

I stopped for a moment, trying to get my bearings and listen for Megan, when something small and soft plowed into me from the side. The next thing I knew I was tumbling on the ground, intertwined with whatever had just hit me, and I ended up rolling onto my back. When I finally settled, I realized there was a big pair of breasts pressed into my chest and someone was laying on top of me.

"Thank GOD!" the female voice said. "I thought I was never going to find you babe, walking into the woods at night to fuck was a stupid idea. But we seemed to have landed in the perfect position..." whoever it was kissed me strongly and deeply on the lips, snaking their tongue into my mouth briefly before I pushed her away.

"Uh, Jackie... it's me," I said lamely.

Jackie just about leapt off my chest, "Holy shit! Kevin, what are you doing out here?!!" came the startled reply.

I began to get to my feet, realizing suddenly that I had no good reason to be out in the woods. "So you came out here to fuck, huh," I said with a laugh, trying to change the subject.

It worked. "I thought you were Brian, I mean, I was just kidding around about that, I mean... um... we were just walking and it was a joke... and..."

Jackie was saved by a squeal, as someone off in the distance a bit yelled, "Get your filthy hands off of me!"

"Megan?" came the confused reply through the trees.

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