tagGroup SexThe Camping Trip Pt. 01

The Camping Trip Pt. 01



First off, I admit that I am a total dog.

I had planned a camping trip in the new RV that I share with my father. We went halfsies on it since neither of us uses it more than about a month a year we share the vehicle. It's not a huge bus size RV but bigger than van size. Really it's perfect for one or two people to take a long trip. I have it now and had planned a camping trip to an amusement park in central Pennsylvania for a week with my girlfriend. Unfortunately/fortunately we had a falling out a week before the trip. Personally, I think she didn't want to "rough it" in a hundred thousand dollar RV. Screw her.

So, I had the reservation and already paid for the camp site. The RV is stocked and ready to go. I had vacation time scheduled from work. What's a boy to do?

I decided to go it alone and nail as much ass as I could. I put a good deal of thought into this. For example, people around central PA are generally a simple folk, they drink Bud and Bud lite, not Heineken (my beer of choice) so I stocked up with a case of each (plus my Heineken). I put a six pack of each in the refrigerator to cool down and the rest in the rear storage compartment. I keep liquor in a locked cabinet, I prefer Canadian whiskey on the rocks plus but I put in a bottle of Jack Daniels just in case with some rum and vodka as well. I also stocked up on some chips, Doritos, pretzels, popcorn and other snacks I generally don't eat to have on hand. Of course I heavily stocked up on condoms. Made sure I had extra sheets and towels stored away and already had laundry soap in case I needed to do some wash.

This RV is great for two people. The couch in back folds down to a double bed with the touch of a button. Full kitchen (stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink), full bath (shower, toilet, sink), TV, DVD, satellite radio, CB, lots of storage, everything.

Anyway, I had a box of business cards left from a job I used to work at. I checked the phone number and they never assigned my extension to another person yet. You get some generic message like "You have entered an invalid extension number" or something so no issues there. I bought a throw away cell phone and put 150 minutes on it. I figured that I would use that and then dump it. I wrote the cell number on the back of a few of the business cards.

So I pack up everything and head out to the campsite Sunday afternoon. On the way (2.5 hour drive) I am thinking of what I am going to say to these women and who specifically I am going to approach. First off, I prefer larger women. Just a personal preference of mine. Next, I would try to hit on unattached ladies. Obviously I want to avoid boyfriend, girlfriend or husband drama so I would have to look for the signs. I decided a quick strike would be best. Usually these women are in groups, either a few women together or a mom and her kids (which I don't mind). I would try to nicely separate the woman of my attraction apart from her group and speak to her softly alone to avoid embarrassment. I thought about what I would say and decided on "I saw you and I am very attracted to you. If you are available and would like to go out some time here is my card. My cell number is on the back. Please give me a call sometime. Oh, and I promise not to bother you again." and then I would walk away to give them time to think about it. I figured a few would toss the card right away but some will keep the card and start thinking about it.

I know, I am a horrible human being. Planning as many one hit strikes on unsuspecting women as I can and there is ample opportunity for things to blow up on me but after the ex girlfriend saga I just wanted to get laid as much as possible with as many different people as possible. So sue me.

I arrived at the site, checked in at the desk, parked at my spot and started setting up. First thing I did was to connect the electric so I had air conditioning. Then I opened the awning built into the side of the RV and set up chairs and a small table outside. I was looking around at my neighbors. I wanted to avoid drama and hit on anyone close by. Then I leveled the RV and installed the jacks to prevent the unit from wobbling while walking around inside (and other more adult physical activities). I made sure there was nothing incriminating sitting around out in the open inside the vehicle. The bed was in the couch position with the table set up (I can break down and store the table in less than a minute). I didn't think it would look good if I had the bed all set up and ready to go. The couch even had throw pillows on it.

Everything was ready. I celebrated with a beer outside while the AC worked its magic inside.

I took my first trip into the park wandering around in sunglasses to hide my eyes to check out the available action. I have been to the park several times before and had an idea of the people that frequent the park. Fortunately, people that come here are a well fed group. Lots of big women around but most of them are with men. I spotted a few possibilities and discretely followed them around. I made a mental note to myself to bring a camera with me. Fake shooting a few photos is a good way to be able to do some surveillance in this environment. Next I ordered a plate of fries and sat at a table eating as I people watched. I considered handing out a few cards then and there but thought it better to start fresh tomorrow. I had almost a week of play time scheduled and saw no point in rushing it. I felt like a special ops operative doing reconnaissance work.

So as it's getting late I head back to the camp site and started a fire. I made some dinner and enjoyed a few more beers. I decided to use the camp shower facilities both to save the RV fresh water and to do a little more recon work. When I get back to the site the neighbors and all drinking up a storm and getting a little rowdy. Once nice thing about this place is they don't tolerate that stuff. Eventually security comes by and quiets them down. I go inside and enjoy a glass of whiskey and watch a DVD before going to sleep.


The next morning I make some coffee and slowly woke up. I get online and check the state of the world and read some emails. I head back to the camp showers and get dressed for my days adventure. After straightening up the RV and putting the bed stuff away but easily accessible I close up the RV and head to the park. After two minutes I head back to the RV, I forgot my camera. It's a small, flat point and shoot but it will do the job for faking photos.

I head out again, business cards in my pocket, camera in hand, sun glasses on and I start to prowl. After careful stalking I approach several women and give them my spiel. Some look pleasantly surprised, some uncomfortable, some stunned, and a couple looked pissed off. Well, didn't expect calls from the pissed off ones. I wander around the park with my cell phone on my belt in a holster (yes, I am nerdy in that way) and the drop phone in my pocket. I made sure both were charging over night. I had the drop phone on vibrate and about two hours after I gave out the first card I'm surprised by it starting to shake.

I grabbed it and looked at the display. Caller ID was blocked. OK, no big deal. I answered it with "Hello?"

"Hi, David?"


"Hi, you gave me your card about an hour ago. Are you still in the park?"


"Can you meet me by the big Ferris wheel in like five minutes?"


"OK, see you then. Bye." Click.

All right, the game is afoot. I walked to the Ferris wheel and then a thought dawned on me. How am I going to recognize this woman? Shit! OK, think quick. First, turn off the drop phone. Next, I grabbed my cell and pretended to be on a call. I walked up to the big Ferris wheel and paced back and forth looking at the ground acting distracted and agitated with the fake conversation on the phone. After a minute I noticed a woman patiently standing nearby watching me. I nodded to her and she smiled. I ended my "call" and walked over to her saying "Sorry about that, a week off from work and the place looses their mind without me."

She said, "No problem, I know how that goes. Walk with me."

I walked next to this woman and started listening.

"Listen David, I appreciate you giving me your number and all but I live in western Pennsylvania. You must live in New Jersey so there is really no point is use pretending to try and date. But, I really need to get laid. Would you be interested in a quick bang?"


I walked along and pretend to contemplate this turn of events. I stopped and looked at her. She turned to look at me.

I said, "Sure. With the understanding that this is only a one shot deal. We hop into bed and walk away. If we see each other again in the park or anywhere else we are just two ships passing in the night. Agreed?"

"Perfect. That's just what I wanted too."

"Great, when did you want to do this?"

"Right the fuck now of course."

"Oh, OK. I am a little stunned at your impulsiveness but I like it. Your place or mine?"

She laughed, "Your place. You have a tent?"

"Nope, RV and the air is running and the beer is cold."

She perked up. "Nice! Lead on."

"Could I at least know your name? Or something to call you?"

She chuckled, "You are not getting my real name, sorry. Call me Tiffany. No, wait. Britney! Yeah."

Now I chuckled, "OK Britney. Follow me."

We walked together to the camp site. I opened up the RV and let her inside. She looked around and took a seat in the back.

Britney said, "You mentioned a beer?"

"Of course, Bud, Bud lite or Heineken?"

"Bud please."

"A glass?"

"No, bottle is fine."

I pulled out two beers and opened them. I handed Britney hers and sat down across the table.

Britney was looking around, "Nice place you got here. You are here alone?"

"Yeah, my *ex* girlfriend broke up with me a week before we were going to take this trip."

Britney downed half the beer in one drink. "Can you close the drapes please. I don't want to shake my tits for everyone to see."

I laughed and got up to pull down the shades on all the windows. When I got back to the rear of the vehicle Britney was downing the last of the beer. I closed the shades except for the one behind Britney. I excused myself and leaned over her to pull down the last one. I felt her hand run up the leg of my shorts and feel my package which surprised me.

"Nice!" said Britney.

I smiled and went back to my seat.

"Before you sit, could I get another?"

Britney was waving her empty bottle at me. I'd barely had a sip and she downed one already. I got a fresh one and opened it for her.

"Thanks. Now some ground rules. Of course, condoms for everything. I don't suck dick. Never liked it, never any good at it. No way you are gonna cum in my mouth, face or hair. Got it?" Britney added.

"OK." I said.

Britney continued, "Now I know it's hypocritical but I expect you to do a good amount of pussy licking. That really gets me wet. Also, no anal. I don't like it at all so don't even ask. No kissing, we aren't going to be that intimate. Now, if I get real worked up I might lick your cock a bit but just don't expect it. Agreed?"

"Alright." I played along. Not as much as I had hoped for but this was easier than I expected.

"Oh, I really like doggie so plan on doing a lot of it. Hope you're not a quick shooter. I hate that."

"Usually not. Plus if I am not getting any oral that should help."

Britney smiled, "Good boy. Let's get this show on the road. You want to make up the bed?"

"Sure." I replied.

Britney stood up and moved out of the way with her beer. She moved towards the front of the RV looking it over while chugging her beer. "Don't put on sheets or anything, just a comforter or something to protect the seats is fine."

She put her beer on the counter by the sink and started undressing by the driver area. I was half watching her as I broke the table down, dropped the bed, got out the comforter and pillows and threw them on the bed. I kept the condoms in a compartment over the forward passenger seat (note to self, find a place closer to the bed). I walked forward and stepped around her to reach the condoms. I took the box out and started to the back. She was down to her bra and panties (not sexy wear, more day to day practical clothing but this wasn't a planned encounter). I was in the right place and time so I took the initiative and gently unhooked her bra for her.

"Thanks." was all Britney said.

I walked to the back by the prepared bed and started getting undressed. I sat down to remove my shoes and socks and Britney was standing there nude finishing off the second beer. (Note to self, possible beer run in the near future) She walked towards me leaving the empty on the counter top.

"Mind if I help myself? You're kinda busy."

"Go ahead." I answered.

She opened the fridge and took out another beer. She expertly twisted off the top and tossed the cap into the sink. OK, I thought, low class. The garbage can was right next to the sink cabinet. Oh well, I'll get it later.

Britney threw back another half beer in the time it took me to pull off my shirt and drop my pants and underwear. She put the beer on the counter and lay down on the bed with her head in the far corner. She propped herself up on a pillow, lifted her knees and spread her legs. I took a few seconds to check out the view. I guessed she was late 30's, probably just over 250lbs, big soft, floppy breasts and a full ass but it was kind of flat in back. She was rubbing the lips of her pussy a bit with one hand and a nipple with the other. She was looking me over too.

Britney said, "Let's get going. I got to get back to my kids. I left them at the pool."

"WHAT!" I said, "You left your kids unattended at the pool?!?!"

Britney laughed. "Relax, the two older ones are watching the little ones. They all swim like fish. They have cell phones to call me if there is a problem. Now, don't you have some pussy licking to get to?"

I shrugged it off and moved onto the bed. I crawled between her legs and got in close. I assumed she doesn't go much for personal grooming because her bush was fairly overgrown. She definitely could not be wearing a bikini. I moved in and began to explore with my tongue. She was fairly sweaty but had a nice smelling and tasting pussy. I started to get into it and was working the clit. She was very vocal, making comments like "that's it, that's the spot", "yeah, more up and down like that" and "OK, I'm ready, insert a finger in me" which I did. I worked a single digit inside her. She was pretty wet and slid in easily. After a minute I worked a second finger inside which seemed to send her into overdrive. She grabbed my head and held it on one spot as her first orgasm hit. Her lower half was working against my hand and I kept licking away like mad. Soon after that a second and third orgasm came down. She was bucking against my hand pretty well and still holding my head rock steady. I went for the gusto and pushed in a third finger which caused a minor explosion. She released my head and thrashed around from side to side until the orgasm subsided.

She lay there panting for a good minute. She looked down at me saying, "Hand me my beer."

I stood up and got her drink. She didn't move other than to reach for the drink and take a good mouthful. I stood there flaccid watching her recover. She polished off the beer and looked at the empty. "All we need is some good bourbon to go with this to make this day perfect."

OK, she drank half my cold Bud's already, I spent half an hour eating her out and I haven't even had an erection yet. No way I am pulling out the Jack for her. I want some satisfaction. I reached over and took the empty and put it on the counter. I crawled onto the bed on my knees and get within arm's reach of her. "Want to give me some motivation please?"

She looked down at my dick. "You're not even hard yet?"

I reached over and started playing with one of her boobs. "No, I was too busy working on you think about myself."

Britney reached over with the nearest hand and started half heartedly working it. Soon as I got hard she released me and got on her knees. "Come on David, I need a good ride."

I put on a condom and entered her from behind. As I banged into her ass she was making growling sounds. I found myself giving her my all and I could not figure out why. The encounter was not what I had hoped for but it wasn't horrible. I continued to slam into her and she reached underneath and played with her clit. She began to cum in rapid succession growling harder with each one. After about fifteen minutes she collapsed onto her belly and I fell out of her. I still hadn't cum yet, normally I am used to getting some foreplay but two minutes of poor stroking barely got me up. She laid there panting then rolled onto her back. "Be a dear and hand me another beer."

Not even a please. I opened another one and handed it over to her. Her classlessness was making my dick shrink. I leaned against the sink and took a drink of my beer.

Britney sat more upright in order to drink her beer. She looked over at my still covered deflating dick. "Well, I give you credit, you're not quick on the trigger. Sorry you didn't cum."

I asked hopefully, "You up for another round?"

She laughed at me, "Oh no. I better get back to my kids." Britney half crawled, half slid off the bed and stood up. She slid the comforter onto the floor and didn't even bother picking it up. She moved past me with her beer in one hand and opened the bathroom door. She sat on the bowl with the door open and urinated while drinking the beer. I stepped to the back of the van to pick up the comforter off the floor. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running. She was running the shower with the door open, a big RV no-no. I quickly stepped to the door and looked in. She had the hand shower nozzle pointed into her snatch and was rinsing it out. I closed the door and shook my head. When she came out of the bathroom she put the empty bottle on the counter and took another beer without asking. She went to the front and started getting dressed. There was no conversation. I cleaned up the bed putting away the pillows and comforter. I took off the condom and dropped it into the trash. I looked at the rubber lying in the trash and thought 'Well, it should have protected me from STD's but it didn't catch a load of my cum'.

I look forward at Britney who was dressed and slipping on her flip flops. She tipped up the last of the beer she just opened and left the empty on the driver's center console. I pulled on my underwear as she opened the refrigerator and took another beer. "Taking one for the road. See ya."

She opened the side door and stepped out not even bothering to close the door behind her. I walked over and closed the door.

OK, lessons learned here. I took my beer and sat down on the bed. First, too many rules are not good. Be more careful who you bring back to the RV. Don't let them walk all over you.

I stewed over the encounter and let to go. It was a learning experience. Aside from drinking a ton of beer at least she didn't steal anything. I guess all In all it could have been worse.

I went into the bathroom and had another unpleasant surprise. This woman is a real pig. There was a used wash cloth in the toilet. I'm fortunate she didn't flush it and foul up my tanks. My towel was on the floor soaking wet. There was water from the shower everywhere. And the shower head was hanging down, she didn't even bother hanging it back on its hook. I used the towel to clean up the water and put it on the counter to hang up. The wash cloth went right into the dirty clothes bag. I washed up with a clean towel, got dressed and reassembled the couch and table. I opened the curtains all around. I figured women would be concerned walking into a totally buttoned up RV. I checked the tank levels not knowing how much water she used but they were all in good shape. I went outside and opened the outside storage compartment. I grabbed another sixer of beer for the fridge and the clothes line. I ran the line between a couple of nearby trees and hung the towel to dry. I put the beer in the fridge to cool down and gathered up all the empties. I got the trash together and bottles to be recycled (campers always recycle) and walked it to the proper bins.

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