tagLoving WivesThe Campout Ch. 02

The Campout Ch. 02


Day 2 Traci's day

I was the first up in the morning and stepped outside to put the coffee on and start breakfast. The mountain air was cool on my naked body but at the same time it was exhilarating. My skin was taut, my nipples erect and my pussy was wet with thoughts if the evening and anticipation of the day to come.

The smell off coffee brewing brought Traci out next. She had a sheet wrapped around her, but when she saw I was naked, she let it drop and kicked it back inside the tent. She came to me and we embraced. I could feel her hard nipples pressed against mine. She kissed me and cupped my breast. "Thank you." She whispered. "Thank you for last night. He hasn't looked at me that way since we were first dating." She admitted. "And thank you for not taking me there with the two of them. I could see the desire in your eyes and I was powerless to stop you. I would have let the three of you have your way with me, but thanks for keeping our secret between us."

I wanted her but I knew the boys would soon be rising, eager to get on the mountain and enjoy their day's hunt. Sure enough, the smell of bacon and eggs delivered us 2 naked (and hard) men. They teased us how this is the way they should always be served breakfast, and I let each of them finger me as I leaned in to "serve" them. Traci got a similar treatment and almost spilled the coffee as she refilled their mugs. As I was taking the plates away, Ray pushed me to his lap and rubbed his erect cock in my face. I took it in my mouth, bobbed up and down a couple times and stopped. I heard Traci gasp as my husband pushed his cock in her on the picnic table. Looking Ray in the eye, with just the tip of his cock between my lips I asked: "Isn't it time for you guys to get on with your hunt?" Traci worked her way out from under Bill. I could tell that none of us would have minded the guys staying in camp that day. "We'd love for you to stay, but I really don't want to listen all winter long how we girls ruined your hunt. I think you boys should gather your gear and get started." I gave Ray a few more sucks and reminded him: "There will be plenty of this when you two get back tonight."

Almost reluctantly, they dressed, grabbed their bows and packs and started out of camp. We walked with them (still naked) as far as the hot spring where we stopped to bid them good luck. "What time will you guys be back tonight?" I asked.

They looked at each other and Bill replied. "Some time between 4 and 6 I suppose, why do you ask?"

"Why don't you plan on coming down that trail there promptly at 5." I suggested.

"Why so exact?" Ray asked.

"Because, maybe, just maybe, there will be some 'wild game' for the two of you to 'chase' if you get here at the right time." Traci said with a devilish grin on her face.

I cupped my breast with one hand and my pussy with the other. "And if you get here too soon, it may not be out yet, and if you're too late, maybe another group of hunters might be passing through and beat you to your quarry!" I teased.

The boys stood there, their mouths agape. I had never seen the two of them speechless like that. "Do we have a schedule?" I asked.

"Five o'clock it is" Bill stammered.

Traci and I sat down in the hot water and I cradled her in my arms. "Then be along you two and we'll expect you coming down that path precisely at 5. No earlier and no later, but for now, we girls need to bathe and freshen up for our 'strong hunters and gatherers' when they return..." The boys shrugged their shoulders, crossed the stream and began their climb up the path and over the ridge.

We enjoyed the hot water (and each other) for an hour or so and returned to the camp to clean up breakfast and finalize our plan.

This was to be Traci's day. Her fantasy, to be taken like an animal included an outfit consisting of a skimpy tan bikini that blended almost completely with her natural skin tone. To that she added a pair of cat-ears and brown and gold body paint. I painted her tiger stripes so they came together in her chest and curved down her belly as if to direct all attention to her pussy.

We made some signs out of cardboard and markers and crossed the creek. Just up the path on the opposite shore was an open meadow with soft grass and sand just beneath a bluff. Standing there, I could almost see the camp site. We laid a blanket on the ground and set off to put the finishing touches on the plan and returned to our camp.

At about half past four, she left for her "den." I walked over to a spot just above the spring where I had a commanding view of her den and the path the boys would be coming down.

Like clockwork, I spotted them (I had taken a pair of binoculars with me) as they crested the ridge. About half-way down, they stopped and read the first sign. WARNING, DANGEROUS ANIMALS ABOUT it read. They appeared to make a joke and continued to the next one. FEROCIOUS CATS ABOUT... MANEATERS ON THE LOOSE and they increased their pace. The last sign read: CAUTION, WILD PUSSY with an arrow pointing to Traci's den. Able to pick up on a hint, they turned in the direction the arrow pointed.

I looked to her and spotted her crouched behind a tree. The boys saw the blanket and walked almost past her when she leapt out and nearly tackled Bill. He saw her at the last instant, dropped his bow and caught her as she leaped. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck and her legs his waist. She kissed him deeply and jumped down, clawing at him as a tiger might attack. Ray stared, dumbfounded. She pushed Bill down on his back, undid his pants, pulled his cock out and devoured it, sucking him to his full hardness. She then turned her lust on Ray, pushing him to the ground and grinding her pussy in his face as she freed his cock. After getting Ray's cock all the way up, she jumped and ran off into behind the tree.

It was almost comical watching the boys try to give chase with their pants still around their ankles, but they eventually shed their clothing and closed in on her. She allowed them close enough that they were able to remove her bikini top without actually catching her. She nimbly eluded them and led them on a slow run across the meadow. Her breasts bounced as she pranced away. She was beautiful. They followed her and eventually wound up on the blanket where they "captured" her. She feigned resistance, clawing at their chests, but her actions only served to help them finish removing the rest of her outfit.

I wished I was closer, close enough to hear them, but from my vantage point I could only watch... and play with myself. I wanted this for her, to satisfy her need to be desired, to be lusted after, and it certainly appeared that her need was being met. At the same time, watching her, watching them was getting me terribly excited. This was pure lust, animal desire and raw sex, which I could completely observe without any of their knowledge.

Ray had wrestled her to the ground and pinned her arms. He was between her thighs as she "struggled." He said something and Bill held her arms, kneeling by her head. Ray reached between his legs and paused. Traci froze for an instant as he prepared to penetrate her. Then at once, he plunged. Time froze for an instant, she naked on the ground, her husband within her and mine holding her; then she began to writhe. Ray settled into a rhythm and Traci soon matched him. Bill released her arms but she continued to hold them above her head as she bucked to meet Ray's every thrust. Bill grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples, and as he did so, his cock dangled over her face.

She grabbed my husband's cock and pulled him to her mouth. With her head turned to the side, he was able to slide it in and out of her mouth in time with Ray's strokes. Maybe it was watching his wife suck Bill's cock, or just the raw sexual atmosphere, but Ray tensed and came inside her. Bill continued thrusting in and out of her mouth and came shortly thereafter. The three of them stayed like that; Ray still within her while she suckled Bill's softening cock. I knew it was time for me to head back to the camp and serve dinner.

The three of them came into camp still naked, covered with dirt and sweat. Traci was radiant and the boys had ear-to-ear grins.

"Looks like our strong hunters have found game today." I teased. "I hope chasing and capturing your prey hasn't worn you out."

I served them naked, letting them feel me up as I presented them their dinner. Next I grabbed a couple of cold beers and rubbed them between my breasts and across my nipples. "I hope these are cold enough for you boys." I pulled Bill's hand to my nipple. "Can you tell if your beer is cold enough by that?" I offered the other to Ray and they both agreed that the beers were properly chilled.

Traci finished eating first, and I served the boys second helpings. I took her hand, standing her up in front of them.

"You really should have cleaned your game before transporting it back to camp. I suppose I shall have to do it now."

I put the wash basin on the burner and while the water was warming I took my hairbrush and began brushing her hair. I took long slow stokes, trying to put on as seductive a display as possible. The boys stopped eating and stared.

"This one has such a nice soft coat, I'm glad that you didn't ruin it in the chase."

I continued brushing her. She let out a low moan and leaned back into me closing her eyes. I whispered in her ear "I want you, right now..." She smiled.

I reached over and tested the water, it was just right. I dipped a sponge and from behind, wrung the water on her chest. It ran between her breasts, down her belly to her pussy. Another sponge, this time more slowly and across her breasts. Bill dropped his plate, Ray spilled his beer. I poured some soap on the sponge and began lathering her, circling her breasts, and working my way to her crotch.

"She must have put up such a struggle. I would have thought a couple of strong men like you two could have subdued one so small without getting her covered with dirt!"

I turned her, facing me with her backside toward them. I ran the soapy sponge up and down her back and then knelt in front of her. I reached around and washed her bottom, almost kneading it and then ran my hands down the back of her legs and up the front. As I rose, I let my fingers slide across her pussy. Her knees buckled and I caught her in my arms.

"I'm afraid you boys may have worn this one out." I teased.

She regained her composure and I began to rinse. The boys still hadn't moved. When I finished I took their plates and replenished their beers. Traci remained standing, still dripping from her bath. I grabbed a towel and an after-bath splash.

"Do you boys think you'll be ready to sample the fruits of your hunt?" I asked. "I think once I get her dry" I raised the towel "And once I get her properly seasoned" I raised the lotion "Perhaps you two may be ready for some 'desert' or something along that line."

I thought they were going to drop their beers again.

Slowly and softly I dried her, caressing every inch of her with the towel. She melted back into me and I whispered. "They want you, look at their expressions..." She purred. I poured a handful of the splash and massaged it in. It was all I could do to not follow my hands with my lips as I gently worked it onto her body. We were both breathless as I finished.

"I think she's ready." I announced. "Do you think she's been properly cleaned and seasoned?" I gestured for the boys to get up. "Take a look guys, but only look because you two need to get cleaned up yourselves before you can partake of your bounty!"

They moved closer, their jaws open as they inspected. Their desire was evident by their hard cocks and short breaths. Her long dark hair cascading to the top of her breasts was the perfect compliment to her tan skin and hard brown nipples, accentuated by the scent of jasmine from the bath splash. I don't know who wanted her more, me or them, but I knew I would have to wait.

"Why don't you two clean up and join us in the tent. By the time you're cleaned, I'll have her finished and ready for you."

Traci and I went into the tent. We had previously arranged the sleeping bags into a very large and soft bed. The only one not used was to be my bed for the night. We lit some candles arranged the pillows and sat down. I kissed her deeply. "This is it." I said. "Tonight is the night you've been waiting for." She lay across my lap and I cradled her to my breast as the boys came in. They stared as they entered.

"Here she is; she's ready for you. Take her."

They stood over us like children in a candy shop, neither one knowing where to start.

"Taste her." I directed and Bill knelt between her legs and began licking her.

"Feel how soft and supple she is." Ray caressed her breasts and kissed her.

Ray tried to get me to suck him. I grabbed his cock, kissed the head and looked up at him smiling. "Not tonight. This is her night." I guided him to her mouth. "I just know that you want to suck this don't you?" She took him in her mouth. I kissed her cheek slid out and away from them.

In no time Traci was lost in her lust. Her moans were muffled by Ray's cock but I could tell that my husband was giving her one of his best performances. Coming up for air, he slid two fingers in her pussy, finding her g-spot and working her clit with his thumb. Ray's cock popped out of her mouth as her body was wracked with orgasm. Bill kept her at her peak for several minutes.

I was jealous, knowing what he was capable of and how good it felt; at the same time understanding that my pleasure that evening would come from knowing and watching her. I found myself rubbing my pussy watching her and didn't notice Ray's cock dangling in my face.

"I have to fuck you." He said, rubbing his hardness on my lips.

I wanted to, but managed the strength to turn him away.

"No, please... not tonight. Tonight is for Traci. Look at her, see how sexy she is. I know you want her, you want her badly." I took his cock in my hand. "Tonight, this evening, she is the object of your desire. Take this" I said, squeezing him, "and take her as you have in your wildest fantasies, tonight she is yours, any way you want."

Bill was watching us and listening. I got the feeling that he understood as he rolled her over, onto her knees and positioned his cock at the entrance to her vagina. Ray lifted her chin and pushed his cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and took him as Bill plunged his cock into her pussy. Ray reached down and grabbed her breasts as Bill started stroking in and out. She pushed back to meet his every thrust and Ray's cock nearly popped out, only to disappear on her return stroke. Ray looked over, noticed my intent stare and moved her hair over her shoulder so I could take it all in. It was like watching an adult film only better; not only did I know all of the characters, I had been intimate with each of them enough times to understand their lust.

Traci started to moan and gripped Ray by the buttocks in a feeble attempt to hold on as she came. Her efforts were in vain as she crashed to the floor, Ray's cock popping loose while Bill continued pounding away. Ray sat there, stroking his cock watching his wife thrash in orgasm. Her knees gave out as she peaked and collapsed on her belly.

The boys wasted no time turning her over and Bill picked up where he left off. I don't think Traci even noticed she had been moved. Ray dragged his cock across her lips as Bill's thrusting took on a frantic pace. I knew he wouldn't last long like that, her wet pussy contracting around his dick and watching her husband paint her face with his cock, and I was right. Bill tensed, pulled his cock out and shot ropes of come across her belly. She had gotten her wish, lusted after by two men, and they treated her not like a friend and wife, but as a purely sexual being.

Bill reentered her pussy and stroked lazily as his cock softened. Traci's orgasm began to subside and she was able to focus on the hard cock in her face. She sucked it slowly, holding the shaft with one hand as she rubbed Bill's come into her chest. She brought a finger full of his seed to her mouth and looked up at Ray. "Does that turn you on? Watching him come all over me?" she asked as she licked her finger clean. "Do you like to see me lick another man's come off my finger?"

I thought Ray was going to burst, but she squeezed his cock hard and held him back. "Fuck me honey! Come on and fuck me while my pussy is still wet from him."

Bill backed out and Ray took his place. She gasped as his cock entered her and he began pounding away. She reached for Bill's cock and brought it to her mouth, suckling it. It wasn't fully erect but at the same time, not flaccid. She looked up at Ray. "I can taste his come and my pussy!" she exclaimed.

Ray continued. "Yeah, fuck her mouth" he cried as Bill pumped his semi-erect cock in and out. Bill held her face to his crotch and Ray shot a stream of come across her belly.

They both kept sliding in and out of her as I crept alongside. She was glistening with sweat, her chest heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath. I was overcome and knelt down and licked Ray's come off her chest and tummy. I wanted to lick her pussy but managed to restrain myself. Still within her, each of the guys kissed me as I got up and left the tent to cool off.

Outside, I sat and plunged two fingers into my pussy and continued until I came. I'm not sure how long I stayed there playing with myself When I finished I grabbed a couple of cold beers and reentered the tent.

Traci was lying between the boys taking turns sucking their semi-erect cocks. "I thought you guys could use something cold and wet." I offered and handed them each a beer. "Should I take her out and clean her up for round two?" They both sat back and stared. I took Traci by the hand, helping her to her feet and steered her outside, leaving the boys to ponder what had just happened and what my lay in store.

We went down to the spring and I bathed her in silence. Her soft moans were music to me as I gently caressed her and covered her with soft, slow kisses. This time I wasn't fucking her, I was making love to her and she melted into my arms. I held her for what seemed an eternity and then gestured back towards the camp. She hesitated and then placed her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"Thank you." She said. "I needed that."

"I know." I replied

"No, not just the boys in the tent, what just happened... I needed THAT."

"I know." I repeated. "I know. I needed it too."

We got back to the tent and could hear the boys snoring before we even entered. Their beers were still upright, but I could see that they had hardly touched them. I put the beers outside, covered them with blankets, set up a place for Traci and me to sleep and went back outside. She was sitting by the fire with her arms around her knees staring intently. I slipped in behind her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders.

"I love you." She whispered and settled back in my arms.

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