tagLesbian SexThe Candy Cane

The Candy Cane


Katerina was your typical arctic elf-- well-shaped, polite, hard working-- except for one distinguishing quality. She had long, silky black hair. All the other elves were blonde, including her boss, Sharon. Sharon was a bit taller than Kat, as she was known by her friends, easily thirty years older, and muscular. Not in a masculine way but enough so that Kat knew physical resistance to her would be pointless.

Kat had begun working in Santa's workshop a month ago when she turned eighteen. Sharon had had her eye on her ever since. Her piercing stares and hair-stroking made Kat uncomfortable but a good elf never starts trouble.

Today was particularly awkward for Kat. Every time Sharon came by to check up on her, she would slowly stroke a large candy cane. Sharon carried the candy cane around with her all day. Any time she saw Kat, she would start running her fingers up and down the length of the candy cane.

Finally, night came and everyone left for their rooms in the dorms. The male and female elves lived in separate dorms. Kat's room was small but had a comfortable bed and its own bathroom. She finished her shower, put on a towel and lay across her bed exhausted. She wondered why her boss had been acting so strangely. That's when the door to her room opened.

"Ah, there you are," Sharon said with a smile. She was carrying a large purse.

"What are you doing here?" Kat sat up with a start.

"I see you've already cleaned up and removed those pesky clothes. Good," Sharon locked the door and placed her purse on the nightstand beside the bed.

"What are you talking about?"

"Shall we get started?" Sharon pulled out the large candy cane from her purse.

"What are you...?"

Sharon snatched the towel from the young beauty, exposing her erect nipples to the cool air. She moved closer with the candy cane.

"Get that away from me!" Kat yelled, trying desperately to recover herself.

"Now, now," said Sharon. She went back to her purse and pulled out a ball gag and red fuzzy handcuffs. "I was hoping you would behave but I see you're going to need a little persuasion first."

Sharon grabbed a fistful of Kat's hair and shoved her face-first onto the bed. Kat had been right. Physically, she was no match for the older woman. She squirmed but Sharon put her left knee into the small of the teenager's back. Before Kat knew it, she was sufficiently gagged and handcuffed to the railing that ran along the foot of her bed.

"There," Sharon sighed. "Now where was I? Ah, yes..."

Her eyes came upon the candy cane she'd put down beside the purse. She picked it up and ran the tip of her middle finger down the length of its thick shaft. Kat's eyes were wide with terror. She tried to scream but could only whimper into the ball gag.

"Shhh..." said Sharon, lying down beside Kat's legs. She slowly slid the tip of the candy cane up the young woman's quivering thigh, then up and down her exposed lips. "Are you a virgin?"

No answer. Kat just stared at the large, red and white striped cane sliding up and down her lips.

"Answer me!" Sharon slapped the girl hard on her left breast, leaving a red mark. Kat's nipple stung. She quickly shook her head yes. Sharon smiled and slowly pushed the tip of the candy cane between the younger woman's labia. She paused for a moment at the girl's virgin entrance. A sticky liquid was already beginning to drip out.

"Dirty girl," Sharon laughed. "Looks like you're already starting to enjoy this."

Kat frantically shook her head, "No."

"Sweetie, the drips don't lie," and with that, Sharon shoved the candy cane tip into Kat's pussy. The older woman forced the shaft in deeper as the young woman squirmed and writhed. Kat's pussy assaulted, stretching, forced to accommodate the over-sized holiday treat.

"That's it, baby. Take it all," Sharon cooed. When the candy cane was in deep enough for her satisfaction, she slowly twisted it around so that the hook end was resting on Kat's clitoris.

"You know, I made this candy cane especially for you," Sharon said. "Ever since the first day you started working here, I knew I had to have you. So I began working on this cane. I finished it last night. That's why I've been showing it to you all day. And now for the best part.."

Sharon pushed a button, cleverly disguised on the hook of the candy cane. It began to vibrate from the tip, deep inside the young woman's pussy, to the hook end resting on her clitoral bud. Kat moaned as the pressure built up inside her. A steady stream of juices was flowing from her violated pussy.

"I know you like it," Sharon smiled. "But this isn't about you."

The older woman got up from the bed and went back to her purse. Kat couldn't see what she pulled out. It was getting harder for her to focus as what must be an orgasm was continuing to build up inside her. When Kat looked over at her boss again, she was now naked except for a red harness to which was attached a long, thick dildo.

The dildo was surprisingly realistic, from the shape of the head to the veins on the shaft. The odd thing about the artificial cock was the red and white stripes spiraling around it, matching the candy cane that was relentlessly pulsing inside of the teen.

Sharon's breasts were larger and fuller than Kat's. Her body had the toned, athletic build you'd expect on a woman who trekked across the polar wastelands daily. Sharon knelt down on the bed and positioned herself between Kat's legs. She pulled the young woman's hips up so that Kat's soft ass was sticking up in the air. The young woman mumbled into her ball gag to protest but two hard slaps on each cheek silenced her.

Sharon ran her hand along Kat's vibrating pussy and used the juices to lubricate her strap-on. She spread the girl's ass cheeks as far as she could with both hands and carefully rested the head of the fake cock on the teen's tight asshole. Sharon carefully spit directly into it. Kat couldn't believe she now knew what it felt like to have her female boss spit inside her ass. But she knew her humiliation was far from complete.

"Now this is going to hurt a lot at first," Sharon warned. "But the more you fight it, the worse it will be. If you're a smart girl, you'll just relax and take it."

The older woman arched her hips back, then plunged the strap-on deep into the teen's virgin asshole all the way to the hilt. The candy cane vibrator was still assaulting Kat's pussy and clit. Sharon placed a hand on the bed on either side of the teen elf for better leverage. She rested her full weight on the girl's ass. The teen's pucker stretched uncomfortably to accommodate the full length and girth of the unwelcome intruder.

The first thrust sent a wave of blinding pain through Kat's body, unleashing her first orgasm. She blacked out in ecstasy for a few seconds as her body shuddered uncontrollably beneath her boss. Tears welled up in the teenager's eyes as girl cum dripped down her thighs. Sharon took that as her cue to begin pounding the cock in and out of the girl's asshole.

"That's right! Take it, bitch! Take it!"

All Kat could do was drool and moan into the ball gag. Double-stuffed and handcuffed, the teen elf felt oddly fulfilled. She tried to push her butt back to take more. This sent Sharon over the edge. The older woman started fucking the girl harder, slapping her ass furiously. Sweat began dripping off of her swaying breasts onto the teenager's slender back.

"Yeah, bitch! That's it. Fuck my cock you filthy slut!"

Sharon grabbed a fistful of Kat's long, black hair, pulling her head back. Her thighs smacked hard against the teen's as she ferociously fucked the girl's ass. All Kat could do was attempt to mumble, "More."

The strap-on cock slid easily in and out of the teenager's ass now, lubricated by their sweat and her cum. The relentless two-pronged assault on Kat's pussy and ass forced her to cum again and again. Each orgasm stronger than the last until Kat passed out from orgasmic exhaustion.

When she awoke, she realized it was over-- or so she thought. The ball gag and handcuffs were gone. Kat's ass felt strangely empty. The candy cane was still inside her pussy but it was no longer vibrating.

"Good. I thought you'd never wake up," Sharon said. She was sitting on the bed with her back against the headboard. She was no longer wearing the strap-on and was now completely naked. "Now come here and show your boss some appreciation."

The older woman grabbed the girl by the hair and shoved her face between her thighs. The teenager smelled the musky aroma that only an older woman's pussy could produce.

"Wait!" Kat protested, trying to back up. But her boss's grip on her hair was strong. Sharon slapped her lightly across the face.

"What did you say to me?"

"I...I said, wait," the teen stammered. This time the slap was not so light. "I...I'm sorry."

Kat held her left cheek. Sharon slapped the right one. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am?" Kat offered. This time the slap brought tears to her eyes. She thought hard, afraid to be wrong again. "I'm sorry, mistress?"

"That's better," Sharon smiled. She caressed Kat's left cheek, then, hand on hair, shoved the teen elf's face into her wet bush. "Now eat my kitty, Kat."

Kat's nose was pressed against the older woman's clitoris. Sharon's pubic hair tickled the young woman's cheeks. Kat's mouth was between her boss's labia. The older woman's juices were already seeping into the teenager's mouth. Sweet, with a hint of bitterness.

"Eat!" Sharon demanded.

Kat had never been nose deep in pussy before. She had never even considered being with another woman. She was clueless about what to do, but failure was not an option. She closed her eyes and slowly moved her head up and down. Her nose rubbed Sharon's clit. Kat opened her mouth and began licking her boss's cunt in long, broad strokes.

Sharon sighed. She leaned forward and twisted the hook of the candy cane around so that it rested against Kat's butthole, then turned it on. Kat suddenly realized how incredibly sore her butthole was. The vibrations in her pussy added pleasure to the pain. That, coupled with the knowledge that she was entirely helpless to stop any of this, helped Kat to quickly re-attain her cum high.

Kat began licking with wild abandon, inserting her tongue to swallow more of her boss's bittersweet pussy juice. She started using her fingers to rub Sharon's clit and insert them to explore her inner walls.

"Mmmmm...that's right, you filthy, little bitch. Eat my cunt! Eat it all, baby!"

"Mmm...yes, mistress."

"Finger me, you cum-whore! Eat it! Eat it!"

Sharon kept yanking Kat's hair and grinding her pussy hard on the young elf's face. Kat gasped for air but only swallowed the old lady's cum. The vibrator in the teen's pussy and ass and the complete lack of control brought her to another shuddering orgasm.

Her hot breath moaned into the older woman's vagina. Sharon's thighs suddenly clamped tight to either side of Kat's head as she unleashed a thick, musky load of girl-cum all over the teen's face. Kat swallowed as much as she could but ended up gagging from the scent.

When Sharon's orgasm subsided, she pushed the teen aside and stood up. She turned off the vibrator and removed it unceremoniously from Kat's quivering vagina. After Sharon put her toys back in her purse and put on her clothes, she turned to look at the naked teen lying on the bed.

"Don't be late for work tomorrow, and don't be afraid to come in early," Sharon smiled. She unlocked the door and closed it behind her.

Kat lay stunned for a minute, then got up on wobbly legs and locked the door. She lay back down on the bed. One hand began gently tugging and massaging her left nipple while the other stroked her sopping wet vagina. She quietly reflected on how quickly her life had changed.

She would need another shower. The room smelled of sweat, sex, and wet cunt. Kat closed her eyes and let her feelings overwhelm her. Just as her boss did a few minutes ago. Feelings of confusion, shame, and a very deep satisfaction.

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