tagInterracial LoveThe Candy Chronicles Ch. 04

The Candy Chronicles Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Gang Bang with Brad and Friends

Friday Night - October 6th, 1995

Fort Lewis, Washington

Author's Note: This chapter is told by Brad Davison.

On Friday night me and a bunch of the brothers who were NCOs like me from the headquarters staff decided to meet at the NCO Club on base for a little farewell send-off for one of the S3 sergeants who was PCSing to Germany. We were all drinking pretty heavily and having a good time, and I was enjoying myself too, but there was a distinct lack of available pussy to be had in the club.

By ten o'clock, our party was winding down and there were only four guys left besides me. Christopher Hill, Trevor Brown, and Paul Banks were all married and didn't get many chances to get out like this, so they weren't in any hurry to leave. Vince Williams and I were both going through a divorce, and neither of us were getting as much pussy as we thought we would be getting, so we were just enjoying the night out with our pals and hoping we might somehow get lucky.

It's a good thing we stayed, because around 10:30pm, we spotted two fine looking Korean bitches come strutting into the club. As the two got closer to our table, I realized one of them was Candy McCray and the other was her friend Suzi.

I immediately went over and said hello, and gave Candy a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her husband Pete and I played on the same softball team together until he shipped out for Saudi Arabia at the beginning of September. He and I had also developed a sort of mutually beneficial relationship, and we had even discussed the possibility of doing a threesome with his wife. He apparently had these fantasies about watching her have sex with a black guy, and I would have been more than happy to oblige, but he was never able to get past the discussion phase with her.

Of course, I had my own fantasies about her. She had come to a lot of our games and road trip tournaments, so I knew her well and had often lusted after her hot body.

She and Suzi were definitely looking really fine on this night too. Candy was wearing this sexy form fitting black mini-skirt and a thin white tube top beneath an open black blouse that was tied just below her breasts. Suzi was wearing a very short denim mini-skirt and a low-cut halter, and while she wasn't as good looking as Candy, she was still pretty hot.

Apparently, Candy had been bored and Suzi had convinced her to come out to the club for a quick drink. Being the gentleman that I am, I offered to buy them a drink and invited them to join me and my pals. Candy seemed a bit hesitant, but Suzi immediately accepted my invitation, so I walked them over and introduced them to the fellas, who were all smiles and quick to rustle up a couple more chairs.

I know the guys were already a little drunk, and from the looks on their faces, I knew despite the fact that I introduced her as the wife of my friend and former teammate, they were all thinking about getting some of that Korean pussy. Then, I could hardly blame them, because I was doing the same thing!

We started taking turns buying the ladies shots of tequila in hopes of loosening them up a bit. Candy was a little reluctant at first to doing shots, but Suzi helped us convince her.

It wasn't long before they were both getting pretty hammered and the atmosphere started getting rowdy in a hurry. Suzi was slamming down the shots like they were water, and she got pretty loose in hurry and was acting really wild, moving around sitting in our laps and rubbing our crotches. She was definitely playing with fire and going to be easy pickings for at least one of us. I was even feeling her up a little my damn self, but I tried to be cool about it because I really had my sites on Candy, and I didn't want her to see me getting overly aggressive or coming on too strong with her friend.

Candy had a much harder time downing the tequila and was having to chase it with a sip of beer. It was clearly kicking her ass a little too, but she was much more laid back than Suzi. Still, she was obviously having fun and slowly starting to open up the drunker she got. We were all pleased when her blouse came off, and we were able to get a better view of them big titties of hers. I had never seen her looking so hot with them nipples standing out beneath the thin material of her tube top. I know we were all eyeing her titties and wanting to pull that tube top down and check to see if them things were real, which was something I had been wanting to do for a long time.

I was also tempted to slip my hand underneath that short skirt of hers. She was showing a whole lot of leg, and as she sat down, he skirt seemed to inch up even higher. I finally couldn't help myself and I casually started letting my hand slide along the inside of her smooth pantyhose covered thigh as I chatted with her. This wasn't exactly how a guy should be touching a friend's wife, but then maybe I wasn't that great a friend, and besides she didn't seem to mine. In fact, she hardly even seemed to notice, so why not do a little exploring? It certainly wouldn't have been the first time my roaming hands got me in trouble.

Not long after her third shot, I was even able to coax her into slow dancing with me. As we started dancing, she tried to keep me at a distance, but I was not in the mood to be a gentleman, and I pulled her against my body. The aroma of her perfume seemed to entice me all the more, and I let my hands casually slide over her firm ass. It was obvious she had on thong panties, which really got my juices flowing. The only thing better than thong panties was no panties at all!

She was a bit timid at first, but I slowly worked her until I had them titties pressed against me. Those hard nipples felt like buttons poking into my ribs, and damn, they definitely felt real to me!

Since I definitely had her attention now, I decided to get a little more aggressive, and I eased my thigh between her legs, pushing it against her pussy as I ground my crotch into her. She tried to pull away at first, but my hands tightly gripped her firm buttocks, holding her in place so I could make sure she felt my dick getting hard.

This certainly wouldn't be the first time she had felt my dick pressed against her. She had given me an erection when I slow danced with her one time when a group of us from the softball team were out at this club in Tacoma. I remember the shocked look on her face when she realized the affect she was having on me with her subtle teasing. I had definitely been turned on, and from the look I had seen in her eyes, I was pretty damn sure she was too. I guess I've always suspected she would have even let me fuck her that night had I been able to find a way to get her alone, but with Pete there, that was impossible. Now, he was thousands of miles away, and now I was anxious to find out if my suspicions were true.

She certainly seemed to be trying to resist my not too subtle advances and was fighting me a little and probably on the verge of demanding I stop and let her go. Maybe it was because she felt my dick getting hard, but when she hesitated, I was convinced me she was getting excited too, and I was safe to proceed.

I didn't rush it though. We were barely even moving, but our bodies were growing hotter and my dick getting harder by the second as we were pressed tightly together. I knew she had to feel my dick now, because it had definitely coming to life and was straining against my slacks, practically at full attention.

"Can you feel it?" I asked as I leaned down and kissed her ear, causing her to gasp and squirm against me. She seemed to try to pull away again, but I tightened my grip on her buttocks and pulled her even harder against my thigh as I ground my dick against her.

I could feel her breathing gradually quicken, and I knew her resistance was weakening, so I kissed her ear again. This time she didn't pull away, and I let my tongue trace the outline of her ear as I casually blew my hot breath on her ear and neck. She immediately squirmed against me, and I felt her nails dig into my back.

As a second slow song started, I realized she wasn't fighting to get away from me anymore, so I relaxed and let one of my left hand slip from her ass and move slowly up her side until I was cupping the underside of her left breast. Then, as I slowly pressed my dick against her I began to caress her breast. Damn, it definitely felt 100% real!

She must have been getting even more aroused, because she twisted against my dick and bucked against my thigh. I immediately gripped her butt, forcing my thigh further between her legs until she was practically riding it.

Now, her breathing had seriously quickened, so I kissed my way along her shoulder and neck and then nuzzled against her cheek. I wanted to kiss her, and I thought she was ready, but when I let my lips move to hers, she immediately turned away. I was disappointed, but undeterred and knew it was time to turn up the heat even more.

I started by letting my thumb slide over her left nipple, causing her to gasp and press harder against me. "You know you want me to fuck you," I whispered as I leaned down and kissed her ear and neck while grinding my dick into her.

She didn't say anything, but I felt her nails dig into my back, and I knew I was making progress, and she wasn't opposed to the idea of letting me fuck her.

Emboldened, I decided to try to kiss her again, but taking it a little slower this time, letting my lips linger against hers as I nuzzled against her nose. She didn't turn away, so I let the tip of my tongue slowly trace the outline of her sweet lips. Then, I moved back to kissing her ear and neck as I pulled her against my thigh, practically lifting her off the floor. She twisted her butt and humped forward against me, and I knew she was very turned on now.

This time when I moved my lips back to hers, I quickly pressed my tongue between her lips, letting it linger there teasingly for several long seconds until I felt her tongue touch mine. Then I planted a very long and deep kiss on her, and I could feel the heat growing inside of her as we kissed. She was practically sucking my tongue down her throat, and there was suddenly no doubt in my mind I was going to get some of that pussy tonight!

She seemed to be on fire as we continued our heated kiss with her nails raking my back as she humped against my thigh, grinding her body against me. I couldn't believe how quick this little bitch had gotten turned on! It was almost like I had flipped on a switch!

I started openly squeezing her titties, and I guess I was caught up in the moment that I pulled the left side of her tube top down so I could cup her exposed breast. She didn't even appear to notice what I had done or she just didn't care, so I didn't stop there. I let my other hand slip beneath the back of her miniskirt, lifting it as I cupped her ass. I knew I was exposing her, but I just didn't care. Maybe I even wanted other guys to see the power I had over her and that she would even let me show her off like this in public.

Fortunately for her, the song ended before I could do anymore damage. As I released her, she appeared to be in a daze and unaware that her tube top was pulled down. I was busy trying to shift my erection so that it wasn't sticking out like a tent pole, and she surprisingly let her tube top stay down as we started off the dance floor. She was definitely drawing a lot of stares, and I finally reached over and pull her tube top back up for her.

"Thanks," she whispered in my ear as she gave me a hug. She didn't even seem to realize I was the one who had intentionally pulled it down in the first place.

"Hey, why don't we slip outside and get some fresh air," I suggested as I nuzzled against her ear.

She nodded. "Okay, but no sex…just talking," she said glancing around as if afraid of who might have seen her.

We swung by our table on the way out, and I knew from the grins on the other guys' faces they had seen me working her out on the dance floor. I figured I might get some shit from Suzi, but I didn't see her around.

I told Trevor we were going to get some fresh air, and he winked at me and wished me luck.

She held my hand as we moved to the exit, and once outside, I slipped my arm around her waist and guided her through the parking lot over to my car.

I suggested we get in my car, but she shook her head. Still she didn't object when I pulled her into my arms.

"You're going to give me some of this pussy, aren't you?" I asked as I let one of my hands slip beneath the front of her skirt. Her pantyhose were soaked!

She gave me a drunken grin. "You know I can't do that," she said shaking her head but making no effort to push my hand away from her pussy.

"Why not?" I asked as I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Cause I'm married," she said smiling as she leaned against me.

I shrugged. "So?" I said and then leaned down and planted a deep kiss on her as I rubbed her pussy.

In no time at all we were going at it again just like we had been on the dance floor. I pulled down the front of her tube top and was caressing her breasts with one hand while I was trying to pull her pantyhose down with the other. She even started rubbing my dick through the front of my pants, and it was so hard I thought it was going burst. God, I wanted to fuck her so frigging bad!

She seemed to sense my urgency, and she suddenly slid my zipper down and then reached into my pants and pulled my dick out. Then, the next thing I know she had slipped to her knees in front of me and was letting the head of my dick slip between those beautiful lips. I couldn't believe she was going down on me right there in the parking lot, and I immediately looked around to see if anyone saw what was going on. I could see some guys standing near the entrance of the club, but they wouldn't be able to see what she was doing from where they were at.

My attention quickly turned back to my dick, as it had almost completely disappeared inside of her hot mouth. This little lady definitely knew what she was doing, and I grabbed a handful of her hair and started slowly thrusting into her mouth.

"Oh god!" I said as I realized I was about to shoot my load. I would normally warn a lady that I was about to cum, but this one came on so quickly all I good do is groaned and grip her hair as my dick erupted into her mouth.

She seemed to be taken by surprise and seemed to almost gag as my sperm flooded her mouth, but I didn't relax my grip. I wanted to shoot every last drop into her mouth just like I did her husband's.

She was able to swallow most of my load, but some oozed from her mouth, dripping down her chin and onto her titties. She was quite a sight as she finally stood up with my jizz glistening on her chin and her tits.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

She smiled at me. "That's our secret, okay?" she said as she quickly pulled her tube top back up over her breasts.

I nodded. "Our secret," I said as I tucked my dick back into my pants.

We quickly made our way back into the club, and the guys were all grinning and giving us suspicious looks. With my jizz on the front of her tube top, it probably wasn't hard for them to figure out what we had been doing.

After we sat back down, Trevor tells us Suzi left with some big brother and told him if she didn't make it back before closing time, we should take Candy home. Candy seemed a bit perplexed that her friend would leave her like that, and she was a bit subdued for while. It did seem a little weird that Suzi would leave Candy alone as drunk as she was in a club like this sitting with five horny black guys. Who knows, maybe she even did it intentionally.

Anyway, the blow job had been great, but I figured there was still a pretty good chance I could get some of that pussy. I was trying to think of some way to get Candy heated back up again, when the DJ started playing this really upbeat song. It took some coaxing, but me, Vince, and Trevor managed to convince her to get back out on the dance floor with us. She was soon getting into the music and seemed to forget all about Suzi.

She even started doing some nasty dancing between Vince and Trevor, which made me suddenly realize maybe we all had a shot at getting some of her pussy. I wasn't even thinking there was a possibility of her giving the others some too until I saw Vince and Trevor sandwich her between them. She was really getting into it and they were letting their hands do some exploring cupping her breasts and grabbing some of that ass. Trevor even managed to get a quick kiss from her, and it appeared he got some tongue. Maybe it was because she was so drunk, but I was suddenly thinking that Mrs. Candy McCray was not so innocent after all.

When we got back to the table, she came over and sat in my lap. She was slurring her words, and obviously very drunk, but we were still able to talk her into doing one more shot with us when the club announced last call. I was thinking this one last shot would have her doing about anything we wanted.

As she sat in my lap, I started getting a little more aggressive with her, cupping her breasts with one hand while letting the other hand slide up the inside of her pantyhose clad thigh until the tips of my fingers were brushing against the damp spot between her legs. As wet as her pantyhose was, there was no doubt in my mind that she was primed for fucking.

I know she noticed my hand was beneath the front of her skirt, but she didn't object, so I started rubbing her pussy and pushing her skirt up even higher. This got her attention, and she bucked against my fingers as she grabbed my wrist. I thought she was going to push my hand away, but she let me continue rubbing her pussy for another long moment before she crawled off my lap and stumbled off to the bathroom.

Me and the fellas exchanged grins and then kind of came together, and I told him about the fantastic blow job she had given me in the parking lot. I know they all wanted to get some of her pussy too, so I agreed to try to talk her into coming back to my place with us. I suspected as drunk as she was, we definitely had a shot at it.

The lights came on and the club was closing by the time she got back. She was stumbling pretty good, so I slipped my arm around her waist. "Suzi's not back yet, so you might as well just come with us," I said as we started making our way to the exit.

"You going to take me home?" she asked with a drunken grin.

I leaned over and kissed her ear. "I thought maybe you could come back to my place and have a few drinks with us," I whispered.

She smiled but didn't say anything, so I led her outside and through the parking lot back over to my car. The guys were all following close behind with hopeful grins on their faces.

"You sure you don't see Suzi anywhere?" she asked as we reached my car.

"Nah, I really don't think she's coming back for you," I said as I let my hand slide over her ass, cupping her firm buttocks.

She turned around and slowly pressed her ass back against my crotch as we leaned back against the car while she appeared to look around the parking lot for Suzi.

I leaned down and kissed her ear. "Come on let's go back to my place," I said as I let my hands slide over her flat stomach as I pulled her back against my crotch. I wanted her to feel my growing erection, and I'm sure she could feel it, because she reached back and grabbed it as she slowly turned around and looked up into my eyes.

"You getting hard again?" she asked smiling.

I nodded and leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Cause you turn me on so much, and I want to fuck you so bad."

She chuckled. "I told you I can't do that."

I smiled and nodded. "Well then just come back to my place and have a couple drinks with us, and then I'll take you home."

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