tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Candy Kat Peep Show

The Candy Kat Peep Show

bySean Renaud©

"Man this has been a long fucking day." Jack muttered as he stumbled into the Candy Cat. It was the local skin shack a trashy dive where they rented adult video and even had a back room with live dildo shows. A trashed dive in an otherwise upscale neighborhood. He walked past a pair of attractive twenty something girls with long tails and ears for hats and bellied up to the bar. It only took a moment for the tender, a bald middle aged black man to approach him and take his order, a double scotch on the rocks.

It had been a long day and Jack hadn't stumbled into this place by accident. He'd lived within about five miles of it for the last ten years of his life and he'd only been there once when he was nineteen with a friend. Other than that he'd always avoided it but his friends were starting to tell him stories about a girl here that he would absolutely love. Either that or he'd hat her for all time but either way this was something that he didn't want to miss so he'd came in.

"So my friends tell me there is a new girl here, goes by the name of Hazel." Jack asked as he slid the glass back to the tender for a refill. The tender nodded and told him she was working in booth two that night and whatever his friends told him; they were true and then some. This was the girl from your favorite porn and your best wet dream rolled in one unbelievably hot chick. She was even engaged, or married; either the little slut had a ring with a rock the size of a small grape! Jack downed the second drink and then slid the glass back. The tender must have noticed something on Jack's face because he poured the double and slid it back telling him the last one was on the house and he could take it with him. "Thanks." Jack replied slapping a twenty down on the bar and walking to the back to the booth.

Jack had never been in a place like that before but it was exactly what he'd been expecting. A simple booth more like a bathroom stall in reverse. There was a little seat that hung from the back of the door, lotion and tissue paper all facing the back of the booth which looked almost like an arcade machine with a steel curtain instead of a screen. It wasn't exactly like an arcade machine of course, he never wondered who had played Street Fighter before him, and touching the console never made him feel dirty before. There was also the fact that the arcades he remembered were twenty five. . .ok fifty cents and he got keep playing until he lost, instead one dollar equals five minutes whether or not he'd gotten what he'd paid for or not.

Jack pulled his wallet out from his pants and pulled out a dollar bill feeding it to the machine and the steel curtain started to rise revealing the woman hidden beneath. It started at her purple plastic platform heels sliding back and forth. Her toenails were painted white with lavender and purple heart shaped stickers randomly scattered over them. Inch after inch of slender, toned leg was revealed starting with her calves and ending with her thighs which lead to a delicious bubble butt.

The perfect half moons that made up her rump were half covered by a pleated black skirt. It really just drew attention to the fact that she was nude and it somehow made her more bared. It was the same way that a girl is more nude in a pair of socks than she is completely nude. The girl twisted her hips enticingly leaning over far enough to reveal her swollen labia glistening with her wetness. "You like that don'tcha big boy?" She cooed spreading her lips open to reveal the pinkness within. Jack whimpered something that made the girl inside giggle and continue to twist.

The curtain rose higher where her deliciously wide hips narrowed to a slender waist with a tribal tattoo spreading across it. She twisted again so he could see her smooth shaven cunt and above that the tiny dent of her naval twisting hypnotically as the curtain revealed more of her body. A black half tank top was stretched thin warping the word 'Pornstar' into purple blur. Her nipples were pushing through the fabric. "You like these better maybe?" The woman teased squeezing her breasts together and leaning over shaking them back and forth. Jack's eye cut for a moment to her left hand where a silvery, it was actually white gold, band with a two carrot princess cut blue diamond. "I think you like my tits." She lifted the top up just enough to show off her rosy pink nipples shaking them tauntingly before lowering her shirt.

Finally her face was revealed. A pair of full succulent lips painted a bright ruby red and pursed for a kiss, or perhaps something a little more decadent. Her tongue slithering out and whetting her lips certain made it seem like she had something a little more tawdry than a simple kiss in mind. Her bright blue eyes were completely surrounded in dark blue eye shadow and her blond hair was laced with sparkles.

"What do you want from me big boy?" She purred pressing her tits against the glass separating them. "You wanna watch me play with myself? I'll do whatever you want." The blond promised sinking to a squat and spreading her legs indecently wide. "Just tell me."

"Finger yourself mis-" He faltered slightly not sure what to call the woman behind the glass.

"You can call me whatever you want. My name is Hazel Rockwell because I rock very well." She emphasized her words by churning her hips. Jack felt his cock harden in his pants straining slightly. "Lots of men want to call me what I am."

"What are you?" Jack asked one hand reaching down to undo the button on his pants. She answered him and told him the truth. She was a whore. His pants tightened enough that he had to unzip them to relieve the pressure. She was a slut. His cock lurched sliding free of his boxers on his own. She was a bitch. His cock pulsed slightly and he reached for the lotion lubing up his cock. "Finger fuck yourself you bitch.

"Yes sir." She two fingers all the way into her cunt and started pumping away. Jack told her to add a third and she obeyed, stretching her tight pink twat around her fingers. "It feels so good, yeah it does. I just wish it was your cock punishing my pussy. Would you fuck me sir?" She bit down on her lip and twisted her lips. "Would shove your big fat cock in my tiny little fuck hole and use me like the hungry fuck slut I am?"

Jack had his hand wrapped around his cock stroking slowly. He didn't want to cum too soon; he wanted to enjoy the beautiful woman on the other side of the window. "Get a dildo you whore." She obeyed reaching behind her and pulling a rubber phallus from a small box behind her. It was probably eight or nine inches long and amazingly detailed. She made sure he got a good look at the fake cock, and all of its sculpted veins before she pushed it into her twat and started pumping. "No, I didn't tell you should put in your twat you stupid cunt. I want it in your ass. A worthless shit whore like you should get fucked I the ass."

The woman's eyes widened and she pulled the dildo out of her cunt and got down on her hands and knees turning away from the one way mirror so he had a close up of her puckered brown backdoor before she started pushing it into her ass. "Is this what you wanted daddy? Did you want to watch this big hard dildo tear your little girl in two? That's what it feels like, it's like it's gonna split my tight little hole open." She pushed and pushed sinking it almost half way into her ass before the curtain started to free her. "Did you cum Daddy? Am I finished?"

"Shit!" Jack gasped one hand covered in lotion pumping over his cock. He was so close to his orgasm that he was already twitching. She couldn't stop then, she couldn't leave him like that right at the edge. His free hand started fumbling to get his wallet out of his pants which had worked their way down to his ankles by then making it difficult to get at the wallet and then the bills inside then but just as the curtain left only her painted toes visible he managed to get another dollar in.

"That still you daddy? It's almost all the way in now. Is that how you'd fuck me, fuck me in my ass? Huh?" She pushed the plastic dong all the way into her, the rubber balls resting against her cunt when she started pulling it out.

"It's still me you little slut, fuck your asshole nice and for daddy." He sneered.

"Oh Daddy it's so big, and it feels so good in my ass. I'm gonna cum Daddy, your big fat fucking cock is gonna make me cum!" She lowered her hips so she was grinding her clit against the floor while the dildo was plunged into her ass over and over again. "It hurts so good dadd-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" She shrieked twitching her hips several times. Almost a minute later she stopped moving and looked over her shoulder. "Did you cum for me daddy? Did you blow a nice hot load? I hope you did, I hope you leave it all over the floor so I can come lick it up after you're gone. I love the taste of cum!"

"Not yet baby. Not yet. Lick it clean, if you're really the kind of slut you're claiming to be you'd lick that dildo clean for daddy." He didn't expect she'd do it. There was something in the smile that curled her lips that told him he was about to be surprised. Turned around to face him and started licking the dildo the base to tip. "Mmmm Daddy. My ass tastes so good on your dick. So good!" She closed her eyes and licked it from end to end until it glistened with her saliva. "Please can I have more?" She pushed it into her ass again all the way and just for show gave it a good twist before pulling it out. "Oh god!" Jack shouted and blew his load, the first blast hit against console, the second and third hitting down on the floor with the final few drops dribbling out onto his dick. "Was that enough Daddy? I thought I heard you cum for me, did you come for me?" She asked still licking the dildo again. He breathed that it was then reached for the box of Kleenex pulling out a few and wiping himself clean. "Good, you don't mind if I fuck my pussy do you? I really wanna cum again." He didn't answer but she took that as permission to go ahead so she fucked her cunt with the dildo until the window closed leaving him alone in the booth. Jack waited a minute then got dressed and walked out and back to the bar. "You're right she is everything I was told. Can I get a Liquid Cocaine?" The tender nodded. That one was on the house too. It's not every day that you find out your wife is working for a peepshow.

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