tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Captain's Nymph Ch. 01

The Captain's Nymph Ch. 01


The moon was not yet at its peak when Anna reached the pond at the forest's edge. Her little coastal town was long asleep, leaving her to quietly visit her hideaway. Sitting on a large rock next to the pond, she deftly twisted a crown of little white baby's breath flowers, dipping her toes into the cool, calm water. Anna breathed in deeply the smell of the encroaching forest, not satisfied from a day of assisting in the flower shop, dragging pots and packing dirt. The cool summer air soothed her tired muscles. She might as well have been one of the dock workers or a mule, the way Mr. Gotfard treated her.

Mr. Gotfard was the worst kind of employer. Never satisfied, a drunk aging man with leering eyes, he was not a person Anna liked, but she loved her flowers. It was all she had. There was no one else in town to hire a poor, orphan woman such as herself. Placing the crown of flowers on her head and closing her eyes, she felt relieved from the stench of fish and human refuse that burned her nose in town.

Anna heard a rustle of leaves behind her, but assuming it was just a tiny night creature scurrying about its own business, she thought nothing of it. It wasn't until the tiny brown hairs on the back of her neck started to rise that she thought it might be something more.

"I did not know fairies now haunt the edge of Port Wilby."

Anna jumped up and whipped around at the sound of this deep, gravelly voice, like silk rubbing against jagged rocks. Her ankle twisted as she turned, making her fall back into the shallow pond. The voice laughed heartily at the sight before it, a beautiful fair-skinned and dark-haired nymph wearing nothing but a thin white dress, soaked and sitting before him.

She looked up with wide eyes past her crown, the waves of her ocean home reflected in them. The voice finally stepped out into the soft moonlight, revealing a tall, shadowed man. Anna could just make out his strong jaw, dark hair, and wild, piercing green eyes. He took another step forward and bent down. A wall of sleek muscle rested in front of Anna. She felt energy thrum through her body, a mix of foreboding and excitement coursing through her.

"Captain Beckett, my fair nymph." He nodded his head in greeting, showing the strong muscles of his neck. He stood up and held out a hand.

"I don't need your help," muttered Anna as she fumbled up, falling forward into that wall of muscle that was there to stand her straight. He laughed a confident predator's laugh.

"A rude nymph."

Anna blushed and lowered her head, looking up at the stranger through her thick lashes.

"'Scuse me, sir. I was just surprised. Anna." Anna threw her head back as she said her name, sticking out a hand.

Beckett pushed down Anna's hand and took a step forward, forcing Anna to walk back into the pond. "A little fairy like you is quite the prize, Anna."

"I am not some prize." Anger flared up her cheeks. She did not like the sudden change in course their conversation had taken.

"You are forgetting yourself, Anna. You are in the presence of a captain."

"You're no captain I know. Excuse me now, sir, but I must be going."

Anna started to walk, trying to skirt around the tall man before her, but Beckett grabbed one of her wrists and pulled her back.

"I'm Captain Beckett of The Voyager. Perhaps you know of her?" A dangerous look filled Beckett's eyes as he gazed down at the delicate beauty trembling before him. She stared hard back at him, trying to maintain her air of annoyance despite how her limbs vibrated in fear.

"So then you're a pirate. A thief and a murderer. I will not associate myself with the likes of you. Goodnight."

Anna wrenched her wrist from his grasp, throwing herself back toward the safety of her town. "No so fast."

His lithe body crashed into hers, pushing Anna up against a tree. He could feel her small, rounded breasts heaving against his chest, and nipples rubbing his loose shirt.

"I can't let you go back to town now. You see, my men are just about to start our raid, and we can't have you ruining that."

"What? Why raid such a small, desolate place. We have nothing for you." Anna's throat caught, thinking of how she also had so little.

"Oh come, Anna. You know there are a few wealthy men here, taking everything from you dock workers and peasants."

"And what of the people? Will you not attack them as well, killing innocent men trying to protect the little they own?"

"My men ignore those who do not bother them. Our aim is only to ruin the rich. But that does not concern you, little Anna."

Caught up in her passionate speech, Anna hadn't noticed the captain's lower body press closer to hers, leaving him room to pull his chest away and let his hands caress the firm skin of her stomach.

"Stop! For all you know I could be the daughter of one of those rich men."

"Your skin is smooth. Your face beautiful and young, but the muscles I feel tightening beneath me tell me you are a working girl." Beckett let Anna feel the hardness growing in his trousers before he continued. "Tell me, Anna. How old are you? Do you have a family?"

Anna blushed and turned away, pushing against the dominating man and crying out in frustration, only serving to wriggle her body more against his hot flesh. He grabbed her face and turned it toward him, rubbing his thumb along her plump lips.

In a dangerous growl, Becket said, "I'm not playing games. Tell me."

Anna felt tears prick her eyes, and deciding it would not harm her to answer, replied. "I have no family. I haven't since I was but a child. I lost count of my years once Mother died, but can guess I'm nine and ten, or twenty summers old. I help in the flower shop. Not that many buy flowers in this town."

"Very good, Anna."

Beckett released Anna from the tight grip of his body and stepped back, admiring the beauty he had already begun to control.

"You pig! Staring at me like meat." Anna suddenly kicked Beckett in the shin, making him growl and shove her back against the tree. In this moment, the screams began as the pirates descended upon the village. Anna twisted again. Beckett let her face her village, holding her against his chest as she watched the dark figures of running men and women. Torches floated dangerously. Swords gleamed in the red light. Children called out for their hysterical mothers while the coarse voice of men laughed after them.

Anna let out a sob while Beckett smiled. She did nothing to stop him as a hand reached up and grabbed the soft flesh of her breast through her damp dress. He put a dominating kiss on the tender skin of her neck and grabbed the mound of her sex as they both watched the pillaging. Anna gasped in surprise and tensed her muscles, but did not move. She realised how pointless it was at that moment. Would he hurt her? She did not know yet. Perhaps he was just having some fun before leaving.

"My men will shortly be done. We will join them on the ship. I find you enchanting Anna. I sense that you hate how I touch you but I feel you growing wet." He flicked a finger across her sensitive flesh, untouched until their encounter.

"I won't," Anna spat out.

"You don't have a choice." And with that, Beckett threw Anna over his shoulder and headed toward his ship. Finally, Anna fought back all she could, realising she waited too long to start. She kicked and screamed as hard as she could, but all Beckett did was a give a sharp slap to her pert bottom as he casually walked up the plank.

Anna did not stop until the hard shoulder jabbing into her stomach disappeared and she was unceremoniously thrown onto the wooden deck of The Voyager. The same harsh laughter that echoed up to her during the pillaging rang in Anna's ears now. Beckett tightly bound her wrists behind her before walking off. She was left to watch man after man throw bits of silverware, fine dresses, metal-works, and food only ever seen in the few manors of the port onto the other side of the deck.


The cries of the townsfolk were less now. Anna was numb with shock. She was only jolted back when the screams of two individuals got louder. Two other women were hauled on board by a pair of burly pirates, dirty as all the others besides the clean-cut captain. They were dumped next to the rest of the stolen goods. Anna looked at them with pleading eyes, begging they share their misfortune, but the two creatures did not look up. They huddled together quietly.

It was only then that Anna realised she was not like the other loot. As men passed, they grabbed the hair and fine nightgowns of the two women. No one dared touch Anna. Finally, one girl looked up. It was Sarah Moore, and next to her was Margery Wilson. Sarah wrinkled her nose at Anna and looked away.

"I want to speak to the captain of this ship," Sarah called, ignoring the men jeering around her. "Get him, you oafs. My father shan't stand for this."

"You're not in a position for making demands, missus." One raggedy old sailor said, grabbing the throat of the young merchant's daughter.

"Don't talk to me, you old bag. Margery, your father shan't stand it either." Margery lowered her head further. "I'll scream. I'll scream and scream until you rotten thieves bring us back."

"I could never stand wealthy whores," a thin, sinewy pirate said. He ripped the neckline off Sarah's nightgown as she started to scream and gagged her. Sarah went silent. The whole crew of men stared hungrily at the young woman, her breasts now gaping out of her ruined gown.

"Starting the show early, Stevenson?" A pair of heavy leather boots appeared next to Anna. She looked up to see the captain towering over his crew.

"Pardon, Cap'n. She started to scream."

"You are excused. If she chooses to be shrill again, feel free to offer her a whipping." Sarah protested through her gag while Margery began to sob. Anna remained quiet. The ship began to groan and pitch as they now headed out to sea.

"Well done, men. You all know what goes next. The night crew gets their pickings first this time, and you others will get your share after we're back in open waters. The rum shall run tonight!"

A large whoop went out as the men clutched their already full cudgels.

"As for our warmer loot," the captain gave a smirk toward the other two captives, "remember that they are ladies and must be treated as such. Warm them up before they become your gaping whores." He gave a wink and the men whooped again.

"You can't!" Anna called. "Poor Margery, she couldn't possibly handle these brutes, Beckett."

The captain turned on his heel, stalking toward Anna. He had looked dangerous before, strong and wild, but now he looked deadly. Becket pulled Anna up by her throat.

"I will not be addressed in such casual terms in front of my crew, little nymph. It is Captain or sir. I shall not stand for such insolence." His voice was dangerously low and quiet.

The crew jeered as Anna gasped for breath. Beckett threw her to the floor in the centre of the deck. "So what were you saying, little nymph?"

Anna refused to answer, staring hard at the floor.

"I wouldn't be so rude." Becket nudged her with a leather boot.

"Margery. She's lived a sheltered life of nothing but kindness. I doubt she's ever felt a tear grace her cheek. She shan't live long with this brutishness." Beckett gave Anna a warning look. "Sir."

"Good, my little nymph. You are learning something." He turned from Anna and back to his performance for the crew. "Alright, lads. Be softer with the quiet one. That shrill little creature seems to have enough bite for them both. And this fine wench," Becket pulled Anna up and pushed her long wavy hair to the side, "is mine and mine alone. You may look but not touch. Enjoy the night, lads." The crew descended upon their booty with the captain's final words.

The few that couldn't get into mass of ripping cloth and hot flesh stood back and watched as the captain dragged his prize over to an old crate.

"I will forgive you for your disobedience earlier. You did not yet grasp your current and future circumstance. But for your outbreak on the ship, you will be punished."

Before Anna could speak, Beckett pushed her across his lap, sitting on the crate.

"You will count and thank me for each."

"I w—"

Smack! Anna was not prepared for the hard slap that hit her bottom, covered only by the thin damp material of her nightdress.


"One. Thank you."

Smack, smack!

"What are you forgetting?"

"Sir! Thank you, sir."

Tears stung Anna's eyes as he slapped her again. "Two, thank you sir!"

The rain of hard smacks continued. Becket would occasionally stop and rub her bottom. He could see it glow red beneath the almost transparent material of her dress as he massaged the sore globes.

"Twenty. Thank you, sir! Oh!" Anna's voice caught as a sob escaped her. She maintained her composure throughout, but finally the humiliation and pain was too much. The captain pulled her up and sat her down in his lap, looking out at the deck before them.

Anna had not noticed the crowd of men gather before the captain's show, rubbing the bulges in their breaches. She avoided the lusty gazes, instead focusing on the other crowd that circled her fellow captives who were being force-fed the throbbing meat of the rowdy pirates. Having never seen these brutish tools before, Anna could not imagine them to also protrude from the kind clients at the old flower shop.

"You did well, little nymph. I think it's time we leave my men to their own fun."

Becket stood up with his captive in his arms and carried her to his quarters. She was too sore to protest.

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