tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Captain's Nymph Ch. 02

The Captain's Nymph Ch. 02


Beckett was kind in gently laying Anna down on the soft silk covers of his bed.

"I was to be married," Anna blurted out as the captain looked down at his tired, sore prisoner.

"A woman with no money or standing? That is unlikely."

"But 'tis true. I was to be lucky. The second son of the Rogers family told me so, Gregory. He came almost every day to buy flowers."

"Rogers?" Beckett gave Anna a sharp look.

"Yes. They are the richest family in the port. He was not the oldest, but he was handsome. He even gave me a ring." Anna looked away from Beckett, thinking of her future. "I suppose someone will find it eventually." Anna could not bring herself to look up, but asked, "What will you do to me? Will my fate match Sarah and Margery's?"

"No, little nymph. You are lucky. You caught my attention, and I do not like to share. You are mine now, and once you accept that, you will enjoy this life."

"I shan't!" Anna shot up from the bed and hit Beckett's chest. There was nowhere to run. Her choices were to throw herself overboard and die, or to accept what this twisted man offered. Well, she wouldn't accept too easily. She beat him again and again, only serving to bruise her fists.

Beckett finally grew tired of her outburst and grabbed her wrists, pulling her to his chest. Slowly, he lowered them both to the bed and let her cry.

It was not long before Anna calmed and her breathing slowed. Beckett wiped away the remains of the tears off her cheeks, her innocent eyes half-closed from exhaustion. He could not help the lust he began to feel growing between his legs as he stared at the wet-eyed beauty before him, seductive but completely unaware of her firm curves and perfect breasts, her enchanting face.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, capturing her little mouth. A tall and strong man, he knew he dominated her in every way. He became more passionate, crushing himself against her while trying not to squeeze the air out of her.

Anna was in a daze, a dreamy half-awake state making her love the way the shadow of his beard rubbed against her face and his arms wrapped around her. She forced herself to try and turn away, to refocus her thoughts, but he would not let her.

"I shall make you beg for me to take you. Once you know what pleasure is, you shall plead with me to fuck you again and again."

Beckett sat up and swiftly ripped her thin dress in two, fully revealing to him her creamy breasts and silky mound. Anna rolled away.

"No. I don't want this. What about my Gregory?"

"Never mention Gregory again." Beckett grabbed Anna's breasts violently and squeezed them. She was not expecting such a ferocious reaction. "You will thank me for ten thousand spankings if you ever utter that name again. You are mine now, yes?"

Anna cried out in shame and pain as he pinched her nipples, waiting for a response. She pushed her face into the covers beneath her and let the waves of her hair shade her face.

"Yes," she said in resignation as he violently fondled her breasts.

"Yes, what?"

"Captain Beckett." Anna turned and stared up at him, willing him to be gentler though she noticed her nipples stayed hard and upright even as he let go. Beckett knew he forgot his strength sometimes. He wanted to ravish her, pummel her with his cock, but he also wanted to caress her. His two sides warred for control.

"You have much to learn, but, "Beckett pulled away for a moment, considering the little nymph beneath him, "I think I shall start with pleasure."

"No! 'Tis shameful."

"There is nothing shameful about it."

Beckett lowered himself back down on Anna, kissing her once on the lips before travelling lower, making her gasp. When Anna tried weakly to push him off, he swiftly tied both her arms to the posts of his bed, using restraints already there, and kept going. At the soft curls at the apex of her thighs, Beckett stopped. Anna was relieved, but he was not finished. Beckett kissed the pink petal lips of her sex and then lightly blew across them. She gasped and strained her neck to look at what he was about to do next.

Becket lowered his face in between her thighs. Anna arched her back in response.

"You are already waiting for me, Anna," he gruffly said. Beckett dipped a finger down and swiped some of the glistening moisture off her sex, bringing his hand up to her mouth and rubbing it along her open lips. She involuntarily darted out her tongue and tasted her own salty sweetness.

Beckett finally buried his face against her sex, flicking his tongue across her clit and up and down her slit. Anna pushed her hips up in protest with a gasp, only bringing him closer. He used one hand to push her hips down, and brought the other to join his tongue. He rubbed the edges of her virgin hole, wanting to save it for his cock. Anna moaned another no, but did not try to push him off again. Still delirious, she could not help but enjoy the pleasure his tongue lavished upon her as she pulled at her bonds.

Anna could feel a pressure building up inside of her. Never before had this need felt in between her thighs been so intense. She gasped, squirming underneath Beckett who ignored her pointless protests. He knew she was seconds away from climax, and grabbed her sensitive nib between his teeth, pulling on it.

This was too much for Anna, sending her over the edge. A burst of warmth shot up her and her sex spasmed in response. Waves of pleasure rolled through her as she gasped and writhed under Beckett. He lapped at the juices that freely flowed down her creamy thighs.

But before Anna could calm her breath again, Beckett was pulling off his shirt and undoing the ties of his trousers, fully revealing all the hard muscles that worked underneath his loose shirt. His own need was too much to wait until she was ready as he quickly stripped.

But calming himself, Beckett slowly lay on top of her, pulling the restraints off her arms. He tenderly pushed away the dark strands of her hair that lay across her face.

"This will hurt, but not for long."

Panic set in Anna's eyes. She looked down to see a huge cock pointing at her moist pussy. Of all the ones she had seen that day it was truly the most impressive. Anna began anew her protests, squirming away from him, but the animalistic urges in Beckett were too strong. He crushed his lips drenched in Anna's own sweet juices against hers, and positioning the tip of cock at her throbbing sex, plunged in one swift motion, tearing away her virginity.

Anna screamed in pain. She was stretched far beyond what she thought was possible. Beckett kissed her, keeping still through her pain and waiting until she grew more accustomed to his size. But then he could not help himself. Beckett pulled back and slammed back into Anna. It felt as if she was being sliced in two.

Again and again, Beckett buried himself inside of her. And as the pleasure grew inside him and he could feel he was almost there, Anna came again in a mix of pleasure and pain. His cock filled and stretched her beyond what she ever thought was possible and he slammed into her, fully burying himself within her with each thrust. It threw her over the edge. As her sex tightened around him, milking his cock, Anna arched her back and let out a cry of absolute pleasure and upset, momentarily giving in. Beckett gave a few more powerful, deep pumps, then also came, shooting his thick seed into her.

Letting their breath catch up to them, Becket lay on top of Anna, still buried deep within her folds. He finally rolled off of her and pulled her against his chest, falling asleep with Anna, now fully his, in his arms.

Anna's eyes were wet as she let him hold her. Her sex was throbbing with pain but also ebbing pleasure. She had only been kissed a few secret times before when Gregory found her closing the shop. She hated what Beckett just did to her. Raping her, taking her only true possession and claiming her body as his, but she also knew she liked it. And with the final thought of Beckett laying above her again, his cock thrust deeply inside of her, Anna closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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