tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Captain's Prize

The Captain's Prize

byAzreal Fallen Angel©

Laurlie was not at her best this morning. Her unit of wardancers had celebrated thier victory lastnight and she again tried to drink Lanois under the table and lost. She had her short sword and dagger belted on, her long brown skirt and blue blouse as well, she was staggering to the river to clear her head. When she got to the river she knelt down and scooped some up to splash on her face and to drink, then she look into the water, she smiled at what she saw. She looked about 23 in human years, her red hair was long, she had fine features that fit her elven heratige. She stood and stretched she was only about 5ft, maybe a little over, she had a thin lithle body, well muscled from her time in the service but not overly so.

She grinned looking down noticing her blouse had come open, she tied it up again, knowing her smooth, firm breasts often made older women jealouse when she went into a human's town.

She walked along the edge of the river till she found a spot that she could sit and take her boots off, then she looked about as something didn't seem right but it wasn't quite coming to her in the foggieness of her hangover. She raised her skirt a bit to step into the water and looked up quickly suddenly realizing what was wrong, there were no birds today, but there was a low whistling, she grabbed her shortsword as she looked about. Laurlie saw something move just to the side of her and turned her head just as a set of bola's wrapped around her ankles, and put her off balance. She cursed as she fell back into the water the shortsword slipping from her fingers, she watched the treeline waiting for one of the wardancer scouts to come out and laugh at her.

One of the scouts did emerge but he wasn't laughing, he was holding his side, his hand stained crimson and blood on the edge of his lips, he reached for Laurlie and collapsed on the bank. Laurlie blinked stunned, the hangover burning off quickly, she started to search for that sword now, she heard somone else coming to the river, and her legs were still tangled. She wrapped her fingers around the hilt of her sword just as a shadow fell over her, she turned and raised her sword as best as she could.

The man standing over her was tall about 6ft, he wore a steel breast plate blue breeches and a dark red shirt. Chain armor hung from under the breastplate, covering his stomach and upper arms, a blue cape was fastned to the breast plate, silver and gold clasps on his shoulders giving him an air of authority. He looked from the fallen elf to her, his saber in one hand, a bearded axe in the other, both were bloodied. He moved towards her and looked down at her, the grey of his eyes matched that of her sword blade.

They were both distracted by a shout down the river from another man. "Captain the camp has been destroyed we have survivors what do we do with them?"

The Captain thought a moment before calling back to the man Laurlie couldn't see the other man because of the rock she had sat on to take her boots off and it covered her. "Take them to the city , slaves are needed and I will split the pay with the men."

The Captain looked back to Laurlie and quickly slapped her sword to the side, the speed and her hands going numb from the cold water made her drop the sword. He put his axe in it's belt holder and reached down to grab her by the front of her blouse, and laid her onto the beach, then he went back to pick up her sword and admired it as he washed the blood from his weapons.

Laurlie watched the man turn her back and took her dagger from her belt and quickly set to cutting the straps of the bola's, the thick and now wet leather was not easy but it did cut. She cut it loose and was just backing up and trying to get to her feet as the man turned to face her, she turned to run and felt something strike her in the legs and fell again. She looked to see the man had tossed the axe at her legs so that the handle had tripped her, he was quickly upon her back and pulled her hands behind her and tied them with some thick leather straps, tucking her dagger into his belt.

She turned herself over and glared at him as he picked up the remains of his bola's and shook his head. "I had just got that set, looks like I am going to take the price out of your skin."

"Try it you human and I will cut your hands off."

He just chuckled and sat on her legs, using a piece of leather from the bola's to tie her legs together before standing and grabbing the front of her blouse and setting her over his shoulder. She squirmed and yelled insults all the way back thru the woods to the camp, she looked around stunned at the camp. It was ruined, she must have just missed the rush of the attack, he handed her to a scruffy looking man and mounted his horse then he motioned and the man handed her back, she was layed over the front of the saddle and the Captain turned the horse and took Laurlie away from the camp.

Laurlie kept quiet on the ride, trying to memorize where they were going, as well as work the bindings loose that held her wrists and ankles. Soon she heard the sounds of men shouting salutes and the sounds of a camp, the Captain had taken her back to his camp. They reigned in and she was again handed off to another man who grinned at her.

"Ah the raid whent well I see?"

"That it did Davis," The captain said taking Laurlie back over his shoulder and carrying her into the pavillion tent of his.

He dumped Laurlie on the pile of furs set in the center and she looked about, it was a large tent, he had many things she did not recognize right away. He sat on the edge of a cot in the corner and watched her as he took his boots off then his armor, his shirt went next showing a tanned body crossed in scars from countless campains.

"What's your name Girl?"

"None of your buisness Pig."

He stood and shook his head moving to a rack on the wall and took down a ridding crop and moved to her quickly switching it down over her shoulders. She cringed but didn't cry out.

"Your name?"

"Laurlie, you Human Scum."

He chuckled and nudged her over on her stomach with his boot and brought the crop down on the back of her thighs very firmly, making her eyes tear up.. "Well Laurlie, your now named Slut, and you will answer to me as Master understood?"

"Never will I call a human Master."

He grinned and moved to the cot, picking up her sword he brought with him, then used his boot to turn her over on her back. He smiled as he slid it under the hem of her blouse and slowly moved it up slicing the material away, letting her firm breasts fall free of the material. He softly pressed the flat of the blade over the her nipples and chuckled as the popped up hard.

"Well for not being a slut your body shows that you want to be one."

"Leave me alone Human."

Laurlie was quickly become agitated that her body betrayed her and she couldn't move. The Captain took his ridding crop and started to give her firm breasts light quick slaps, leaving small red marks but making them bounce around on her chest as she twitched to avoid the stinging slaps. He stopped and chuckles as she started to breath heavier from both the moving around and that she found herself enjoying this a bit.

"Well you ready to be my slut yet?"


Laurlie's voice was loosing some of it's conviction, he took the sword again this time slidding it into the waistband of her skirt and raised it quickly slicing it free, then hooked his boot in it and pulled it away. He smiled looking down over her at the soft red curls covering her and she quickly blushed never being exposed to a man in this manner, there had been a few fumblings with drunks after battles but this was nothing like those times. He grinned and using the tip the of the sword he slid it between her thighs and slowly turned the blade, not wanting to be cut she pulled her feet up a bit and spread to avoid the blade. He chuckled and drove the blade into the ground and she groaned realizing he just make her spread herself to him..

"My Slut spreads easy, she didn't even have to be told."

Laurlie just turned her head away, she gasped abit as he slid the ridding crop down her thighs and then up and pressed the leather tip against her folds. He chuckled when he pulled the crop away and it was damp.

"I would say you are enjoying this as well, maybe now I should take you and make you may slave for sure."

"No don't touch me, Please?"

"You have no say, you ruined my bola's I was just going to have you as a house slave but now I need to get something of value."

Laurlie looked away from him as he walked to a cabinet and started to pick over items inside. He comes back and kneels above her head, a small mallet and stakes from the pavillion in his hands and he starts to place one 4 feet away from her head.

"What are you going to do?"

"I am going to make you my slut, and you will start calling me Master or it will be worse."

"I am held by a Human that is going to use me how can it be worse?"

"I could call in all the men that haven't seen a woman in months to use you."

He chuckles as he goes about fixing 2 more stakes about 5 feet apart and 2 feet from her feet, next he sets about getting some rope. He removes the sword then he kneels next to her and rolls her over, he straddles her back and unties her hands, pulling them over her head and tieing them together, then to the stake in the ground and pulls to be sure it is set firmly. He turns her back over as she struggles , he straddles her hips and smiles at her, pinching her nipples, then works his way down to release her legs. He ties the rope around one ankle. loops it around the stakes then moves between her legs, leaveing one leg free for the moment but in his hand. He smiles looking up at her and pulls the rope in his other hand, the stakes set so that as he pulls it pulls her tied leg down and to the side, stretching her body taunt on the furs, he pulls her other leg to the side and tight so she is stretched tight across the furs, gasping a bit.

"There how is my little Slut feeling?"

"I Will NOT call you Master."

He grins and slaps the inside of her thigh firmly and she jumps but can't move to avoid it. He grins and begins to rub the insides of her thighs and lays down on the furs between her legs, he knee against the rope between the stakes so with a little tug he pulls her legs a bit. He begins to softly bit and kiss the insides of her thighs, slowly moving up. Laurlie tenses and her breathing gets faster as his fingers begin to tease over the outer folds over her mound, his lips and tongue the insides of her thighs. He smiles and pulls his hand away and then presses his mouth over her wet opening and slides his tongue deep into her tight slit, he begins to move his tongue around sucking her softly as his hands move up to hold her hips, one sliding up further to take a breast in his hand. Laurlie moans and bucks under his touch and the feel of his mouth, crying out softly in a mix of frustration of the feelings, and anger at herself. He keeps sucking and slides a finger in side her deep and moves it about slowly but keeps sucking her clit till he feels her tense and jerk, panting as a climax sweeps over her small body. He chuckles and gets onto his hands and knees over her and kisses up her stomach to suck her nipples.

"So are you my slut?"


Laurlie is speaking between panting, the Captain grins and leans down and softly bites one of her nipples and she lets out a long soft moan. He grins and moves up to kissing and biting her neck and throat, his hand sliding down to release his belt and breaches so that he can free his hardness, he lets it rub over her red curls and feels her tense.

"No Please not that."

"You are mine to do with, I am your master, let me hear you say that and I will go easy on you."

"Master Please don't."

He smiles and kisses her lips softly.

"Good slut, now I will be easy on you."

He softly kisses her lips and gently presses himself against her wet slit, her elven body made smaller than that of a humans, so the process made a bit harder, but slowly he slides in, her body shaking a bit as the small opening stretches around him. He pauses a moment as her lips tremble and her close tightly, he softly kisses her neck and shoulders as he slowly slides the rest of the way in, her smal body tensing and her mouth opening as she takes in deep breaths of air. He smiles and softly places his mouth over hers and slides his tongue into her mouth, softly moving it over hers, and then hers starts to respond moving back agianst his. He stays still a moment just holding her muscles get used to his size then he begins to move back and forth, pushing himself in and out of her, her small body trembling and a soft squeal coming from her lips with each thrust. He softly kissed along the slopes of her breasts flicking his tongue over the nipples as he drove in and out of her moving harder and faster, her squeal becoming a long steady moan as the pain goes away and the pleasure builds. He leans back and pulls the stakes loose and lifts her legs up and places her knees on his shoulders and leans forward kissing her hard as he thrusts in harder, the new position letting him bury himself fully, the first thrust making her now loose body shudder as her knees are held to her chest. Her hands still tied Laurlie gasps and moans as she is filled more than she ever has been. The Captain starts breathing harder, holding her shoulder in one hand so she don't move as he slams into her, the other teasing a nipple and he leans down and softly bites her bottom lip, then he pushes deep into her and stays still filling her as he feels her climax and her muscles squeeze him tight milking him.

He lets go of her legs so they can set to either side of him, he then reaches up to undo her hands, she carefully reaches down to touch around her now sore slit from the stretch as he pulls himself out of her. He stands and gets a flask of water and sits with her smiling.

"You are my slut now Understand?"

She takes a drink of water and rests a hand on his leg.

"Yes Master."

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