tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Captives Ch. 02

The Captives Ch. 02


I was floating above a scene of myself, a much younger version of me. I was on my bed, in my room, in my father's house. It was dark, no fire, and no light except a single candle in the corner. I did not need light to see for I remembered this night like it was yesterday. I was kneeling in the center of the bed I had slept in all my life, head bowed, eyes downcast. I was completely nude except for my chain belt that girded my hips, which proclaimed my virginity to any in my land.

This was the night of my mating. I was waiting as my betrothed completed our arrangements. I was not needed there. Some traditions of my people grated upon me as our women were expected to be submissive in all things. I had difficulty with this. Everyone said my new mate would have a vixen upon his hands. I would not know. I had never met him.

The door quietly opened and I watched myself fight the instinct to lift my head to look upon my mate for the first time. He was swathed in white linen from head to toe. He walked to the bed and proceeded to loosen the ties holding back the bed hangings until they had all fallen closed but one. I felt cocooned in darkness. I could see nothing. I could hear him disrobing and then felt the bed dip as he climbed upon it to join me.

I felt his hand upon my chin as he raised my head. In the darkness, all I could see was his form, an outline of shape. This is all I would ever see of him. As the tradition of our land is men remain covered for none to see, not even their mate, once they are of age. Since we had never met as children, I had no idea at all. As usual, I once again silently cursed another of our traditions as my curiosity ate at me.

I felt his lips upon mine, gently caressing, such light butterfly pressure startling me. My lips parted and his tongue took advantage and sought entrance. I had never experienced anything like it before, a sizzle torn through my body, straight from my lips to my loins. What was happening to me? How could his lips upon mine do this to me? I did not question but used my tongue to taste his mouth. He tasted familiar, but how could that be?

"Mmmmm," I couldn't help myself. Tradition dictated that I maintain my silence. My new mate had every right to punish me for speaking. "You taste like my favorite treat."

"And what is that?" he asked, uttering his first words to me.

"Chocolate and red spring berries," I replied. "In the season, I can not get enough of them. I love the taste, the smell, everything about them. Why do you taste of them?"

"I enjoy them also. I have been eating some earlier today."

"Let me taste once more." I sighed as his lips again sought mine out. Mine parted instantly. He groaned as his arms came around me and crushed me to him. His hands roamed my naked body, feeling my shape. I forgot the requirement of submissiveness and returned the favor, feeling his arms, stroking his back, and investigating his chest.

His lips left mine and began trailing down my neck, sucking gently as he made a path to my breasts. They were larger than most girls I knew but pert and saucy. He held them reverently in his hands. He bent to them licking around one, then the other. Both tightened involuntarily. My chest thrust toward him. He took one into his mouth and sucked hard. A moan escaped me. I felt my pussy getting wet. I didn't understand what was happening to me.

"Lie back," my mate instructed me. I did as ordered, proving I could be submissive in something.

His lips trailed down my belly, stopping to delve into my belly button before moving on downward. He stopped when he reached my most private place. He gently parted my legs and kissed my inner thighs. I tried to close my legs once again, but he would not allow it. Then he kissed my nether lips, parted them with his tongue and entered me. I was lost.

My head flung from side to side, I writhed as sensations I did not understand overtook me. I could feel a pressure building inside. I felt like I would burst. He continued licking and sucking upon my pussy. I grew wetter and wetter. My body began to convulse as I was overtaken by sensation. I screamed out. Before the feelings had faded, my mate came over me, kissing me once again.

"Now we will be joined," he said, "never to be parted.

I felt him probing at my entrance. The desire to be filled by him was instinctive. I arched my hips up to him and he entered me with one swift thrust. I felt some pain, but it faded quickly as the wetness and sensation from earlier were still with me. He kissed me deeply as he began moving within me. The pressure was building once more, a need to feel release.

"Now mate," he ordered. "Come for me now!"

At his words to me I felt waves of pleasure overwhelm me. With a final surge into me, my new mate groaned and attained his release into me. I could feel his warmth fill me. I held him tightly, wanting his seed to stay within me, wanting new life to grow.

After a time he rolled off of me, parting us. He sat up briefly and fumbled at the clasp to my chain. He removed it.

"You will no longer be needing your virgin's chain. Save it. Keep it for our daughter when the time comes." With those words he lay down behind me and pulled me close against him. "Sleep well, my sweet," he said. I felt his hands caress me. It felt so very real.

It was real. I drifted into reality from out of my dream. I felt a body behind me, felt large hands caressing me, and small ones also. I was snuggled with the Overlord at my back. His hands were roaming my back, caressing, running over my hips, and causing my legs to involuntarily part granting him access to my pussy. My daughter was facing me, running her small hands over my breasts causing them to rise. She glanced at me as if asking permission then leaned in and gently took one nipple in her mouth and sucked.

I groaned at the combined torture they were creating. My chest arched out toward my daughter, my ass arched back pressing into the Overlord. My legs spread wide giving his hands access to my pussy. He stoked my pussy, my clit begging for more. His fingers slipped easily inside me. My neck arched and his lips descended sucking hard where my vein pulsed. I thought I would cum right then but he had other ideas.

I was rolled onto my back and he came over me, his cock standing, probing at my entrance. It was so reminiscent of my dream I was startled. Then he plunged inside me. I arched to meet his thrust, glorying in the fullness. I grabbed at his ass trying to force him to plunge deeper and harder. I was close to fulfillment.

"Now," he groaned. "Come for me now!" he ordered.

I came. Hard. He began pulsing into me. I reveled in him. He was my captor. I didn't care. He rolled off me and lay next to me. Gently petting my aroused body. I drifted on the feelings that pulsed through me. I could feel my daughter's hands stroking my forehead. I glanced to her. Her eyes were wide but she was grinning at me...and at him.

"Stay here," the Overlord ordered in my own language. "I will return shortly sweet one." He got up from the bed and strode toward the door. My daughter and I cuddled together once more and we both fell asleep.

We awoke what seemed like hours later. I sensed a presence in the room with us. It did not feel like the overwhelming intensity of the Overlord however. I glanced around into the shadows in the dimness of the room until I could make out a form.

"Who is there?" I asked, aware that most here would not understand my words.

"Just I," said a quiet voice. A girl who appeared of an age with my daughter emerged from the shadow. She had long blonde hair worn loose and blue eyes. She was thin, but not to the point of being frail with small pert breasts which pushed against the tight sheath dress she wore. She appeared meek yet I sensed an underlying toughness about her. I felt a tingle run through me, a feeling that I had learned to never ignore.

"I take her," the girl continued hesitantly in my own language, heavily accented. She pointed at my daughter who was sitting beside me upon the bed. "You come."

My daughter looked at me, unsure as what to do, put up a fight to stay by me or just comply. The feelings coursing through me grew stronger. They did not provoke me to worry or protect, in fact, as with the Overlord, I felt sure, like this was right somehow. I nodded to my daughter that she should go with the girl.

She kissed my cheek and got up from the bed approaching the girl hesitantly. The girl held up a sheath dress, which appeared similar to the one she was wearing. "You put on," she said. My daughter complied, removing her belt then refastening it over the dress. As the two girls, of a height and appearing of an age with each other, looked at me, a sense of rightness swept through me. I could not explain it, we were captives; we did not belong. My daughter smiled at me as the girl took her hand and they left.

Now, alone in the room, I quickly grew bored. As I was not cuffed this time, I was free to explore at will. I immediately began opening drawers of the chests that stood against the walls of the room. I found nothing but men's clothing, confirming that this room was that of the Overlord. I removed one shirt and pulled it on to cover my nakedness and also to keep me warm, as the fire had died long ago.

I found nothing of interest in any of the other chests or cabinets until I came to the one small cabinet standing next to the bed. It had a lock, but that didn't stop me. I had long ago learned to deal with locks, another one of my talents that had been frowned upon. I quickly dealt the lock a deathblow and had the door open. I was confused by what lay before me. I did not know what these things were.

There were many balls made of a milky colored glass. Also oddly shaped implements I had no idea what they were. Glass of this craftsmanship and shape must have come at quite a price. One interestingly shaped glass oddity caught my eye. I lifted it from its wrapping at lifted trying to determine what it was. When the light caught it and I realized what the shape represented I almost dropped it.

It was formed into the shape of a man's cock! What would something like this be doing here in a man's bedchamber? What would one use this for? I carried it with me to the bed and climbed upon it still gazing in wonder at the glass phallus. It was smooth, and cool to the touch. I rubbed my hand over it feeling the contours. I rubbed it against my cheek and across my lips.

Feeling very wrong but adventurous as usual, I licked the tip and swirled my tongue around it like it was real. Then I inserted it in my mouth and sucked upon it. What else could one do with something such as this?

Knowing I was extremely wicked but beyond caring I leaned back upon the multitude of pillows. I spread my legs and rubbed the wet glass cock against my clit. It felt so good. My hips unwillingly lifted to rub harder against it. My pussy was getting wet.

As I continued rubbing it against me it slipped just a bit right into my wet hole. It felt wonderful, hard and solid. I pushed it in further then pulled it out. I began pumping it to a rhythm as if it was a real man's cock pleasuring me. With my other hand I rubbed my clit.

Pressure was building. I was going to cum. Panting hard as the waves passed

over me, I felt my juices soak my hand. Once the waves had passed I removed the implement from my pussy, considering it. It was coated in my juices. Ever curious I brought it once again to my lips and sucked upon it. I tasted myself. Wistful longing passed through my mind. Something such as this would have been very useful in the past 18 years since the death of my mate.

A sound startled me out of my reverie and I jumped guiltily quickly hiding the phallus in the folds of the borrowed shirt I still wore. The Overlord approached the bed. He was naked and appeared wet. Had he recently bathed? How had he entered the room without my knowledge? Well, I had been distracted. Then another thought. Had he been watching me?

"Hello," I said tentatively.

He grinned at me. "Hello my sweet."

I blushed under his domineering gaze. "I'm sorry I borrowed some clothing."

"You seem to have borrowed more than just clothing. Where did you learn to pick locks?" he asked sitting upon the edge of the bed next to me.

"In my home things were well kept. Women were not allowed access to certain things," I answered haughtily. "If I wanted to discover I had to find a way in." I felt like I was daring him to criticize me.

"Sweet vixen, you have no need to defend yourself to me. I applaud your skills and adventurous nature."

"You do?" I was startled. "Wait. Why did you capture us? Why bring us here? Where is my daughter? Why are you being so kind to us? Whom does this thing belong to?" I threw the questions at him and waved the phallus at him.

"Curious sweet vixen," he sighed, taking the implement from me. "I will answer your questions in time. First though, your daughter is with mine. They are becoming acquainted. I believe they are bathing and your daughter will be shown our home."


"This thing," he said, rolling the phallus in his hand, "belonged to my Mistress. It, along with the other items in the locked cabinet, were hers for her personal satisfaction."

"Your Mistress?" I asked feeling oddly bereft at the thought of him having a mistress.

My face must have reflected my emotion for he quickly added, "The term Mistress means something different here than in your land. In your land, mistress is concubine, a toy for a man's pleasure. Here, Mistress is a female ruler. My Mistress owned me when I came here. I gave her the daughter she desired. I pleasured her, pleased her. I was raised from slave, proved myself in battle. She made me into the Overlord, to rule at her side until her daughter came of age."

"Where is she?"

"She died. Five years ago. She was a Sorceress. She ruled here through manipulation, trickery, and fear. One of her spells went wrong and she perished."

"You miss her," I stated hearing the tone of his voice. "Did you love her?"

"I do not miss her and I did not love her," he stated emphatically. "I did believe that there was good in her. I tried subtly for years to encourage her toward goodness, to change for her children, but the evil grew. When I discovered what her final act was I had difficulty believing..."

"What did she do?"

He looked deeply into my eyes. "That is another tale my sweet. For another time."

"I wish you would not call me that."


"My sweet."

"Why do you dislike it? You are so sweet to the taste."

I blushed. "It is not appropriate," I did not lie, but did not offer the whole truth, as I did not want to divulge the memories of my mate that those two small words were conjuring.

"You have no choice my sweet. You are captive here. I will call you as I wish and that seems right."

"Why did you take us?"

"I have watched you. I have wanted you. I took you. Your daughter was with you at the time so I took her also."

"So you just take what you want, is that it? Are you evil like your Mistress?"

He looked stricken at my words. His hand curled into a fist around the phallus. "Do not compare me to her. There are reasons that I took you that you need not know. You will be treated well here. No one will hurt you in any way or they will know my anger."

"Do the people here fear you?"

"Do you?" he retorted.

I looked deep into his eyes and for some reason wanted badly to lie to him. I had learned long ago as a child that I did not have the ability to lie. My face always gave me away. I did not try to lie now.

"I do not fear you although I should," I answered truthfully.

"Why do you not fear me?"

"I do not know," I replied. "I have feelings. Since I was a small child I've sensed things, felt when things would happen or if something was good or bad inherently. My mother told me to trust these feelings as not many in my family are gifted with them. I probably should not be telling you of this, as many might believe I am a witch. I am full of questions and wish to know more of why I am here and what is to become of us, but I do not feel threatened here."

"Good for fear is not what I wish you to feel," he said as he threaded his fingers through my braids anchoring them. He pulled me roughly to him as his lips descended to mine. I was instantly lost in sensation as his lips ground into mine forcing my mouth open to his invading tongue. If I ever questioned that he was warrior, conqueror, that question vanished in an instant.

I was pushed back to the mattress. He ripped the shirt from my body then his body covering me, the weight not unpleasant, confining but comforting. I was on fire from his kissing as his lips left mine and began scorching a path along my jaw to my neck. My head arched back as he began sucking at my pulse. I would be bruised for all to see but I did not care. I began nibbling at his earlobe, just hard enough to make him take notice.

He stopped briefly and raised his head. "Take care sweet vixen," he ordered gently. "Revenge is my forte."

With those words he lowered his head to my breast where his teeth grasped my nipple biting gently as his other hand pinched at its twin. It was pleasure and pain rolled into one sensation. He sucked fiercely at my erect nipple. My back arched toward him as if forcing him to take more. Letting him understand my desire without saying the words.

"Fill me now!" I ordered him, unable to stop the words from leaving my lips. I wanted nothing more in that moment than him inside me.

"Oh my vixen," he answered raising his head, "you do not order me. Shall I punish you?"

I blanched at his words, some of my desire fleeing. He rose up off of me. "Roll over sweet, up on your hands and knees." He ordered me. I obeyed instantly.

I yelped as I felt a sting upon my ass as his hand smacked me. It hurt, but then he caressed the spot and desire was once again washing over me. The sting of the next slap on my other cheek made me yelp again. Now his hands were kneading both cheeks, pulling them apart, baring me to him.

I could feel his hot breath upon me as his lips kissed my ass cheeks. I heard him murmur words in a language I did not understand as he began to lick closer and closer to my puckered lips. This should not feel right but I could do nothing to stop the sensations he was arousing in me. When his tongue circled me just there I groaned and pressed my forehead to the mattress unknowingly opening me wider to him. As his tongue poked inside me I pressed back into him hoping for more.

"Mmmmm, my sweet," he whispered gently. "Enough of that for now, you are not ready for more yet. Shall I fill your emptiness now?"

"Yes, please!"

And with those words, he placed his hand upon my neck holding me down to the bed as his cock pierced my pussy in one sudden vicious thrust, seating him in me to the hilt. I cried out as it stretched me and reached places inside that had not been explored for so very long. He held still a moment and then began thrusting into me deep, hard, fast. I was sizzling, molten. I needed to cum.


At his order, I came at the same time as did he. He pumped his cum into me and I screamed out my passion. I don't believe I had ever experienced that strong of an orgasm before. As the waves began easing, the Overlord pulled out of me and I rolled over. He knelt over me between my legs and lowered his mouth to my pussy. His tongue working magic to bring me to orgasm quickly once again as he lapped at our juices that oozed from me.

I was completely worn out as he finished. He pulled me into his arms crushing me to him. The last thing I was aware of as I drifted into sleep were his whispered words.

"My sweet vixen, you are MINE!"

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