tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Capture: His Story

The Capture: His Story


I've watched her for months, walking around town. She lives down a side street not far from the main drag in the historic district, in an old Victorian house. No roommates, just herself in the top floor apartment; the other two flats are currently vacant. She works at an office in the small downtown of our small upstate city: she walks home every night wearing a short skirt, heels, a nice jacket or blouse. She's really pretty: maybe 5-5, and very small, no more than 100 pounds tops, if that. Slim, though she has big breasts for her size, and long blond hair almost down to her ass. She doesn't seem to have a lot of friends—at least no one ever comes to her place. I've watched long enough to know that. I don't even know her name, but it doesn't matter.

Because she's going to be my slave. She doesn't know it, but tonight's the night.

It was easy enough to grab her as she came home late that moonless night. Her house is screened by lots of shrubbery and hedges, and I just wait for her in the dark, hidden by a big lilac bush. When she's on the porch looking for her keys, I come up silently from behind. She doesn't have a chance: I'm 6-4 and 220 pounds, well muscled, and I take her by surprise. She struggles, but I'm way too strong for her. The chloroform-soaked rag puts her out in seconds, and she sags unconscious in my arms. Worked like a dream.

I get her keys and carry her up the porch-roofed outside staircase to her flat, where I put her down on the bed and then study her for a while. Yes, this is going to be perfect. Since there's no one else in the house, I'll keep her here, in familiar surroundings, for a day or two, until she's broken in and her resistance is gone, then I'll move her by night to my place way up in the hills, where there will be no escape and no one will ever even know she's there. It's a long weekend, so I have tonight and the next four days to work on her, maybe as long as a week before anyone realizes she's missing and thinks to come here to check up. By then, of course, we'll be long gone. But first things first.

I strip her naked, admiring and caressing as I inspect her. Those amazing tits, full and firm, with areoles as pale as the surrounding skin and plump red nipples standing up as I pinch them, but that's not the end of it: she's got no belly at all, just smooth concave softness from hipbone to hipbone, long slender legs, thighs slim but pillowy, a gorgeous firm rounded ass. Blonde downstairs, too. I have such plans for that body...

I have a small backpack with me, with several things I knew I'd need tonight. I reach into it and remove a leather mask, and fit it snugly over her face and lace it tight, so that she can't remove it. Now she's blindfolded and gagged all in one, there are only openings for her nose, so she can breathe, and even that can be closed, if I want to make her feel like she's suffocating. The mask has earpieces too, which I carefully slide into place, so now she can't even hear me—she's completely barred from the use of her senses, except to feel what I'll be doing to her.

Then I slip her arms and legs into leather bondage sleeves and lace them up, her legs close together, her arms pinned behind her back. When she is completely helpless, I sit back and just look at my prize, drinking a beer, waiting for the delightful moment when she wakes up and find herself naked and bound, completely in the power of a stranger.

She's really beautiful, more than I had hoped or dreamed. Slim tanned thighs, those luscious breasts, skin like satin, curvy hips and nice heart-shaped ass. And when I'm finished with what I have planned for her—piercings, a brand, training, a collar—she'll be more beautiful still. As a woman ought to be for the man who is her master.

It doesn't take long for her to come round: I had given her only a mild dose of the drug to inhale. In about half an hour she moans and begins to move. Tries to, anyway; she freezes as she realizes she's nude, hooded and fastened so she can't move or see or hear or speak. I enjoy watching her test her bindings over and over again, whimpering behind the gag, trying to figure out what's happened to her.

After a while, I go over to the bed and get my riding crop out of the backpack, and touch her breasts with it, gently. She goes very still, then whimpers louder in terror. I trace the line of her body from her throat down to her crotch, then ram the tip of the whip between her closed thighs, right against her furry blond pussy.

She tries to roll away from the touch, panicking, but the ropes I've tied her to the bed with keep her held firmly in place. She tries again and again, but at last she lies there unmoving. She's now right where I want her. And I'm going to use her mercilessly. She'll thank me for it later. They always do.

Pleased, I put my hand on her breasts, and she whimpers in protest, struggling to speak. It must be so strange for her, bound, helpless, her senses blocked so that she can neither see, hear nor speak, she doesn't know where the next touch is coming from. But by now she knows very well what's going to happen to her, though she has no idea of her ultimate fate. I let my hand travel over her belly down to her thighs, and she shivers at the touch. Beautifully responsive, even against her will, and I smile. Oh yeah, this one's a natural.

I work my hand between her legs; the leather leg sleeves hold her thighs apart just enough to give me, and my cock, comfortable access to her. I fondle her pussy folds, then put my finger on her clit and slide the clit hood back and forth, flicking her little pink pearl, pressing on it. Her hips begin to rise involuntarily at the touch, and I smile again. This is going to be so good...

I slide my finger into her slit, just barely inside the opening, and she arches, trying to scream a protest. She knows what's coming, but she doesn't know when, and she can't do a thing about it. I keep my finger and thumb where they are, and slip another finger into her ass, until my hand is gripping her like a bowling ball, my fingers moving in her. With my other hand I take the riding crop and slash her a good one across her breasts. She jumps in pain and surprise, but my fingers in her and the ropes on her keep her where she is.

I want to take her dry, for my maximum pleasure, so I pull my fingers out of her before she starts to juice herself, and leave her untouched for a couple of minutes, just so she can wonder and fear. But only a minute or two, I'm incredibly aroused and all I want to do is shove my dick in her. I carefully position myself above her and put my hard, throbbing cock just at the entrance to her inviting, wide open little cunt.

Then, with no preliminaries, I plunge straight into her. And am astonished to find out she's a virgin! I grin and force her open; like spiking a piece of paper, my huge cock goes right through her hymen and plows her virgin twat. I don't want this to be gentle, and it isn't. She needs to be shown that men are her masters, that her body belongs to them to be used however they like. And that that's what she was born for.

As I rip away her virginity, she jerks violently, her screams muffled by the gag, trying to escape, but there is no escape, and I ram myself in until my dick is buried in her up to my balls. Her legs are so closely bound together that she can't fully spread her thighs, and the tightness and closeness are a special thrill for me, making her little honeypot grip me even harder than usual as I stuff her.

This is everything I thought it would be: she doesn't even know who's fucking her, and the fact that she is, correction, was, a virgin makes it even better—I can train her to suit my own wishes and needs. But first I have to show her what she was built to do.

I begin to thrust, pulling out and pushing back into her, over and over; she has a great cunt, tight and hot and able to take my whole considerable length and even more considerable width. She's still dry, so the pulling and friction around her entrance as I slowly stretch her out with my dick is only adding to my excitement. I feel the walls of her no longer virgin cunt tight around my cock as I slam into her, harder and faster.

As she starts to helplessly get wet, my cock slides more freely in and out of her, feeling all the little ridges and softnesses inside her luscious hole. I lean forward to put my weight on her and sink my teeth into her neck where it joins her shoulder, feeling her breasts pillow out for me, her soft belly against my rock-hard muscles, my hands under her ass, lifting her to my thrusts, my dick as deep inside her as I can get it. I want her to feel as helpless under me as possible; when women reach that place of total surrender, that's when they are most free.

I can only imagine what she must be thinking and feeling: this was certainly not the way she'd pictured her first time with a man, defenseless, bound, her body betraying her with its response as she's taken by force and used hard. It's the best way, though; and later, when I put her to other men's use, as I plan to, she'll be able to enjoy the ride as much as they will. Works every time.

She can't move very much, and she doesn't really know what's happening or what to do, since she's never done this before, but she instinctively begins to lift her hips to me as I drill her, offering herself to me like a bitch in heat. I feel myself starting to come, my balls tightening to spurt my load into her pristine hole, and I can feel her cunt walls closing around my dick as she helplessly starts to come herself. With a hoarse bellow I explode into her, and she screams behind the gag as her unstoppable orgasm rips through her.

Wow! Pretty good for a virgin fuck; she's hot and responsive, a delicious little piece of fuckmeat, and she'll make a fantastic slave once her inner slut is fully aroused. I can't wait to see her with two or three men using her at once. But all in good time.

I collapse on top of her; she is sobbing, half in useless shame, half in helpless ecstasy. Her cunt walls are still contracting involuntarily on my cock, and before I know it I'm hardening up again right there inside her. I start fucking her again, slowly this time, in and out in long leisurely strokes, owning every inch of her cunt, and amazingly, she pushes herself up to meet my thrusts, moaning softly, her breath coming in quick eager pants.

A fast learner! At least her body is...she has an incredible twat, virgin though it was. It can go either way with virgins: either they haven't got a clue and just lie there, or they somehow automatically know exactly what to do, what that thing down there between their legs is made for and how to use it. Well, hers won't be wasted any more, that's for sure. She's been deflowered good and proper.

It doesn't take us long to both get off again; unbelievably, she comes twice this time, and even harder than before. She's one great piece of ass, all right; with that smokin' hot bod under those prim little clothes, I knew she would be, and once she's trained she will be perfection. I come then, hard and rough, and while I'm still in her, my full weight on her, I remove the earplugs. One sense at a time: I leave her gagged and blindfolded.

But I want her to hear me now, and I whisper in her ear, my tongue flicking at her earhole, pushing inside, my lips moving around her ear, biting her lobe, taking her whole pretty little ear into my mouth, and she goes very still as she hears my voice for the first time.

"I know you liked that, slut. How does it feel to be completely helpless for a man to use as he pleases? I know it was your first time: yeah, I took your cherry the hard way. And then you responded like a hot little whore, one taste of cock in you and you couldn't help yourself. This is just the beginning, though."

I give my hips a sharp short jerk forward, and she moans as she's impaled even further on my dick, which is unbelievably hard again. I can't get enough of her: I reach down and press her swollen clit with my fingers, her pussy lips splayed out around my shaft, manipulating her clit against my cock in her.

"You're going to be my slave, little slut. I own you now. I'm going to train you to serve me and obey me. You'll be collared and branded. You'll be my property, a possession, obeying my every wish. Nobody will ever know what happened to you: you'll be taken from here and brought to my home, where you will be my slave for as long as I want you to be. You'll be caged and trained like an animal, and then you'll be offered to other men, and you'll serve them as you'll serve me. I can do anything I want to you: use you, whip you, chain you, pierce your body, even breed you like a prize bitch. I own every inch of you now. If you're less than pleasing, you'll be punished. If I get tired of you, I'll sell you. Do you understand?"

She hesitates, then nods twice, with a sharp indrawn breath and shiver.

"Good." I'm still hard, but I pull out of her dripping cunt, flip her onto her belly and remove the leg sleeve. I tie one ankle to each lower bedpost—her arms are still sleeved behind her back—and run my hands over her pretty little butt. She knows what I'm going to do to her, and she moans in protest and tries to twist away from me. But I'm kneeling on the back of her thighs to keep her pinned under me, and I lube up her back door with some of our own juices, still dripping out of her swollen pussy.

Once I get her to my place, I'll take the hair off that mound of hers; I don't mind the bush...and it's nice to know that the carpet matches the curtains...but once she's a slave all hair below the neck is gone. I like the look and feel of a smooth bare pussy, I can get closer and deeper, and when it's hairless the steel I plan on putting in her will show off better.

I take the riding crop to her ass and back, whipping her hard and at unexpected intervals, so she never knows when or where the next one is going to hit. I place the strokes so that they make a nice red pattern all over her white skin; I whip her because I enjoy it, but it's also to remind her she's my slave now and I can do whatever I please with her.

Then I spread her butt cheeks wide and put my dick at her little rosebud asshole, and begin to push in. She's an ass virgin too, I can tell at once. Inch by inch, taking my time, I work my cock into her; she's so tight I almost lose it going in, but finally I just ram it up her ass, right up to my balls, and she screams.

I laugh, and run my hands over her creamy back, the welts from the whipping I gave her standing up to my touch, and begin to expertly fuck her ass. I reach my right hand around, shoving it under her, and start to work on her clit with my thumb, my first two fingers pushed up her soaking cunt; my other hand grabs the top edge of the arm sleeve, pulling her back onto my cock as I fuck her. Slow and steadily; and after a while she begins to relax into my motion, which makes it less painful for her. Not that I particularly care about that at the moment.

"You enjoy getting fucked like this, slut? You've got one talented little pussy, but how do you like taking my cock up your pretty ass? We're just getting started..."

I start to pound her ass harder and faster, and my hand in her pussy goes into her deeper. She moans as she starts to come in spite of herself, and then I start to come, and we explode together. God, she is one hot piece of tail...I sure know how to pick 'em. But getting to pick two cherries in one night is just icing on the cake.

I stay inside her for a while, locked together like two dogs fucking. Then I slowly pull my cock out of her ass and my hand out of her pussy and lean back kneeling, wiping myself off, planning on a little rest. But the sight of her lying there so invitingly gets me hard again, and I ream her cunt from behind, shooting my load deep into her.

She's tired now, but that makes it all the better for me; I love fucking women when they're all soft and limp and unresisting like that, they're not even thinking anymore, and you can do whatever you want to them. I shove a pillow under her belly to raise her butt higher, and I plow her ass a second time. I'm insatiable, I knew she'd be good but not THIS good.

Finally she's lying limp under me, and I'm pretty limp by now myself. I pull out of her ravished ass, cuddling her, talking to her as I unlace her from the arm sleeves and unfasten her ankles from the bedpost. She doesn't even try to struggle or hit me, all the fight has gone out of her, she's beaten and she knows it. But I handcuff her and shackle her ankles anyway, and then roll her onto her back as I remove the gag part of the mask. There's one more thing I need to do to make this lovely piece of fuckmeat completely mine.

I straddle her face and touch her lips with my dick. She opens her mouth obediently and with a sigh, knowing what I want her to do, and I slip my dick in, resting it on her tongue. "Come on, slut, suck me, get me hard. I'm not finished with you yet tonight."

She begins to gently suck my cock, running her tongue over my shaft, the tip of her tongue delicately probing the opening at the top, careful not to let me feel teeth. I can tell she's never done even as much as this before, but for a brand-new unvirgin she's pretty darn good.

I respond to her lips and tongue as she sucks me and nibbles at my shaft and balls, my dick filling up, extending deeper into her mouth. She gags a little at my size and thickness, then relaxes, and my hard member slips down her throat. I reach down to grab her nipples and pinch them hard, holding on, then I start fucking her face, with long slow forceful strokes until I come in spurts, letting go down her throat and holding her head pressed tight against my balls and belly.

She swallows all my cum, and I keep my cock in her mouth until she gets me hard again. I pull out of her mouth and quickly move down to stuff her pussy again. I'm getting tired myself, but I figure I've got one more load to shoot before I collapse or can't work up any more cum, and I want to shoot it into her tight little twat before calling it a night.

She's still slick from our previous fucks, and I slide right into her, pulling aside her pussy lips and fingering her clit, enjoying her tightness. Her outer lips are red and swollen from where I pounded her earlier, and her inner lips are swollen too—I was pushin' that cushion as hard it could be pushed, for sure.

But she responds to me eagerly, working under me, slamming her hips up to meet every stroke I put into her, arching her back, holding herself tight against me when we come, screaming in pleasure now, not protest. Absolutely delicious, and a natural-born slut. All women are, if you use them right.

I pull out of her battered pussy, then I lean down to kiss her, for the first time, tenderly, on her closed lips. She is barely conscious by now, but she whispers, "Please... Please, no more...master."

I smile with surprise and pleasure at her use of the title, which I had not yet demanded of her. I kiss her between her breasts. "Sleep, my beautiful slave. I've enjoyed you tonight, but we have a lot of work to begin in the morning." I hold her gently and close, caressing her body until she falls asleep exhausted in my arms.

Then I remove the mask, and replace it with a blindfold securely locked behind her head, like a bridle, over her lovely hair; I don't want her to know what I look like for a while yet, it's part of the slave training I'm going to be giving her starting the next day. I leave the handcuffs on her and chain her ankle shackles to the bed, so she can't escape while I sleep. I consider gagging her again, but decide against it; even if she wakes up and screams, the neighboring houses are so far away that no one will hear her, and this house is solid stone, so well built that no one would hear her outside this room anyway.

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