tagMind ControlThe Captured Princess Ch. 03

The Captured Princess Ch. 03



"Please let me suck you, my Prince."


"Please let me suck you, my Prince!"

Wait... was that me, speaking?


"Please let me – oh skies, no!"

I was on my back, bound, blindfolded, naked... there was a soft, varying humming in my ears. Drugged... this time I knew I'd really been drugged, the soft fog of confusion could be nothing else.

There was a pinprick... injection. I shivered in fear.

"You'll recite as instructed." It was the Prince's voice.


And then the shocks slammed through me, and I screamed.


Helplessly, my lips formed the words. "Please let me suck you, my Prince."


I fought it, and couldn't. "Please let m-me suck you, m-my Prince."

"Good girl. I'll reward you."

His hands moved on me. Massaging my breasts.

"You love having your breasts touched. Rubbed. Licked. Sucked. Pinched. It's so sexual. Hands feel so good, you love to be touched. You love to be fingered. You love to be spanked. You're so turned on by this massage, Alani. Do you feel how hard your nipples are? Gentle pinches, over and over... intense feelings are flooding your body. Hot, sexual, submissive... you love being beautiful because it makes me watch to touch you and you want this, more and more, each time. Hands, tongues, cocks. Repeat that."

"H-h-hands... t-tongues.. c-c-cocks..."

Everything he said was true. I hated him but he was still right. Why was he right? Why was he always right?

"Hands... t-tongues... cocks..."

The gentle twists and pulls on my nipples were the most sensual thing I'd ever known. More, please more! It makes me want to suck your cock!

"Hands... tongues... cocks..."

Cocks were wonderful. He'd told me that a thousand times and he was right. Hard, forceful, insistent, plunging in over and over; in was the best thing in the worlds. I'd do anything for in. And touching them was... there's a spot, the frenulum. It was made for a tongue tip or the ball of my thumb. I wanted to hold his glans between my lips and grind my tongue into his frenulum. Precum was like honey, ok skies, I wanted his precum...

"Hands... tongues... cocks... Please, I want to suck you, my Prince."

How? How was this possible? I hated him. I hated his large, powerful hands, his merciless long fingers, the muscle in his chest, the long, powerful legs. I hated his dark, compelling eyes, the thickness of his immense, hard cock... I needed to lick that cock, to run my tongue along the glans, and then underneath... who had taught me these words? I remembered masturbating, frantically, to a screen showing an immense cock, all the parts labeled... I hadn't been allowed to come until I could recite all the parts and how the male felt when they were rubbed, licked, sucked and lightly stroked.

"I'm going to touch your clit now... do not come, Alani."

"Of course not, my Prince- oh... oh... that's so good..."

His fingers were strong, but not as skilled as Seri's. She used her tongue and lips and fingertips all at once and it was irresistible, she'd brought me to orgasm very quickly and over and over while I'd lay, bound, with my head in the Prince's lap. Had that only been this morning? The Price was wonderful, letting me have all these sexual experiences, why did I hate him? I would fix that. Oh, my clit, such pleasure and need...

"Please, I want to suck you, my Prince."

It was wrong to be selfish. I wanted to be a generous and giving person. He was giving me pleasure and I wanted to give it back. I licked my lips, slowly and sensually. Such soft lips. Arousal made me soft, slow, languid. Feminine. I loved this. I was becoming addicted to sexuality. He'd told me that and it was so true.

"Not yet, Alani. But you may kiss it."

He turned my head, shifted... I kissed, over and over, helplessly. My tongue found the frenulum, and danced. Licking the shaft was mostly for show. Sucking the glans, or pushing it against the back of the throat, that was what Princes needed.... He growled, softly. I'd learned about that growl, it meant he was happy, pleased. His finger slid inside me, just a little, and moved... why hadn't I been more like my sister? Earthly pleasures were sooo goooood...

Deep down... there was fear and horror. Bite him, something silly and ill-informed whispered from those depths. Of course not! His cock was wonderful, exciting, powerful, I could kiss it all day, and someday soon, he'd promised, he'd be savage with it, and I couldn't even imagine that but when he'd said it Enjine had moaned like an animal, and Enjine knew so much... He was going to make me clever, like Enjine. He was powerful and wise and compelling and handsome, so handsome, and ruthless and demanding and firm, why did I hate him? Hate is wrong. He was a man and I'd been taught as a child that men were to be respected and obeyed, and oh, oh, now I knew why...

I wanted to come. The drugs softened my self-control so I had to be careful. His thumb was over my clit and fingers were inside me, not deeply, striking over and over at spots that drove my body wild, he knew so much about me already. I tightened, slowly, helplessly; helpless was such a sexy word. I did not want choices. I wanted to be compelled. Compelled was such a sexy word. Please, Prince Arj, compel me to serve you-

"Don't come, Alani. I'd punish you."

I'd seen him punish Celana. A leather strap, across her ass, breasts and flower. He'd been angry. Afterwards she'd been bruised. I'd never let that happen to me. He'd be ruthless...

I needed to come! I licked him faster, maybe if I distracted him he wouldn't notice if I came and held very still, could I do that? No, I'd writhe... it was so sexy when I gave in and just came, compelled and helpless...

His hand moved faster, on my breast and inside me. "Don't come, Alani. You can come again when you are fully mine, when all of you is in obedience."

Oh skies, he knew. He knew about the distant, ill-advised voice deep within me, the one that spoke only hatred and cruelty. I wasn't like that! I'd been raised to be obedient and good! I'll be so good... Oh, I needed to come... I needed... ached... burning... sweating, shaking... gasping... he wanted obedience... I'd find the voice within me, the ill-advised voice of hatred, and I'll kill it and then I could please the Prince, please him and please him and please him like the good girl I was, the good obedient sexy slutty princess I had finally been allowed to be...


The Prince and Enjine curled up together, looking at displays of data.

"She's fighting it," the Prince said, flatly. "Here, and here." His finger stabbed into the data, which swirled around his finger to bring itself into clearer focus.

"It's hard to blame her," Enjine said. "Twenty three years of being taught she's to be honored and cherished as a Raja's daughter and a descendant of a deity. She's been here, what, an octave? Patience, my Prince."

"Does she trust you?"

"After Lord Tir, she's not going to trust anyone. Of course not. Isn't that what you wanted?"

"Yes. I need her isolated and without support. She needs to live in a world where she's the one that's wrong, she has no one to turn to, and everyone else is happy. No female lasts long in that environment."

"Why so ruthless, my Prince? Why so cruel with her? Don't you risk damage?"

His eyes darkened as he stared into the data. "She's fighting it. Women generally don't."

"Oh, my Prince, of course she is. Women, in general... we need security. We need to be taken care of, especially on a world such as this. Dragons and barbarians and haracrabs, half the world is a nightmare for even a man to travel, and the other half is ruled by men of iron with hearts and fists of stone. It is a dangerous world to be female on. So we turn to strong men who can keep us safe, and who can do that better than a Prince? You are every woman's secret dream, even if many of us will never confess it. Every woman, that is, except the likes of her. She was already secure, and that's the world she wants to go back to. That, for her, was more secure."

"That world is gone. The Kilmjada rebellion is in full array, but it cannot get far. And she doesn't even know it exists. I am the safest and best place she can be right now. She must see that."

"Oh, my Prince. All this knowledge of women, and sometimes you still miss the basics. The best place she can be? Snuggled against a foreign noble who fought his way to her side and made off with her under your very nose. They flee by moonlight, on horse, hovership and train to some distant kingdom where he will woo her as she dreams of, and in the meantime he has taken no more than a kiss, which he apologized for afterwards, even though he burns for another."

"Enjine, you are truly a romance novel, misfiled under erotica. There is no such noblemen. I'm sure it's a lovely fantasy, but if she hopes in that..."

"Well, she doesn't hope in that. Lord Tir would have cured it if she did. But deep down she thinks she deserves that. Every woman wants to deserve it, and as a princess she knows she has a right to heroic rescues by gallant men."

He chuckled. "Where is that right written?"

"In her DNA. Where not even you can rewrite it, my Prince."

"Hm. You're rather pleased by her pride and resistance, aren't you, sweet Enjine."

Enjine blushed. "I am rather transparent, just as she said. Oh my Prince... I know you will win. You have weapons she still does not even dream of. But, yes. All women crumble under your gaze, and open your legs for you. All except the likes of her, and that's why you wanted her. Finally, a challenge for you. You may find the rest of us boring after her..."

His hand closed over Enjine's breast, and she simpered, softly. He smiled.

"No true woman ever bores me, and least of all you, my slave. You are much, much more complex that I can imagine; I know my limits as a male."

"You have no limits as a male," she whispered. "Which is why I worship you. You have absolute power over women, simply because you decided that it has to be that way. There is not a single doubt inside you, only utter certainty, and that is what no woman can resist... Do you feel my nipple, hard against you palm? Do you feel me trembling? That is what you do to me, to us. Yes, I know about the drugs and hypnosis, but oh, my Prince, you had me without them." She lowered her head, brushing her hair across his wrist. "Hurt me, my Prince."

His hand came up without hesitation and slapped her across the face, leaning a red stain over her blush. She sobbed and buried her face against his bare chest. "Anything for you," she whimpered. "Anything. And make her like me. Crumble her and I am even more your slave."

"I think you want her for yourself, my sweet."

"She is beautiful. Do not fault me for wanting to force pleasures on her. You taught me to feel the pleasures I inflict on other women. You conditioned me to believe I have a bond with them and feel what they feel, and no matter how I know it false, I believe it and feel it. I am addicted to the sexual ecstasy of other women. And she is luscious."

He stroked her hair, smiling. "She is. I only take the best toys for myself. But now, my thrall, I have Princely duties that do not involve the pleasures of the phallus, of which you know little."

"Oh. Going drinking with the boys?"

"Ha. Only afterwards. Electosword practice, a cooling bath alone, court matters, war council. And you wonder why come evening I need to devour a woman whole? Pick someone for me."

"I pick myself."

"No, you don't. You're needed with Alani this evening. Play your part well. And no self-pleasuring."

"I burn, my Lord."

"Then I better not catch you sniffing around Tir or Kaler."

"My Prince!"

"Oh, stop. Every woman wants Kaler. And I'm told 'Tir's cock is everything a woman dreams of', was that the phrase?"

Enjine blushed pink. "My Prince hears my very thoughts. And all my conversations, it seems."

"Yes, to both." He snapped his fingers at the data display, and it vanished. "Be good, Enjine."

He got up and left. As he walked, Enjine's eyes trailed after him, and after a moment, she smiled, slowly.

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