tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Captured Princess Ch. 04

The Captured Princess Ch. 04


Enjine had learned to knock when she visited. That was more than any of the (male) guards who had been assigned to me ever did. I found I was thankful for this small courtesy, and that depressed me.

She slid into the chair across from me at the table, and gave me a winning smile. I gave her back my politest one. She was wearing the same color and style of silks as I, and while we would never pass as twins – with her brighter hair and 20 centimeters of extra height – it did make us look eerily similar. The guard, just recently assigned to me, was openly staring.

"Cute guard," she said to me, leaning back so the thin silk stretched taut over her breasts. "Can you send him away?"

"She cannot," the guard replied.

"He's here to make sure I don't masturbate," I said.

"Oh, that's such mornan-shit," she said. "This room is cameras everywhere... Hmm. You can't masturbate... but no one said I couldn't."

"Slaves are allowed to masturbate?"

"I am. What I'm not allowed to do is have an orgasm. So I usually avoid masturbating. But he is a very cute guard..."

The guard was already tenting his breeches.

"Enjine... don't," I said. "I cannot deal with... it. Any of it."

She looked at me, contemplatively. "You were hypnotized this morning."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Sweetheart, we use that line on men, and then we get annoyed when they fall for it. Never use it on a woman."

"Skies, Enjine! Look at me. I've started shaking just thinking about it! I remember eating, feeling dizzy... I remember hands on me, and words being spoken, but not what the words were, and waking up in my bed in flames of need and a guard explaining that I couldn't touch myself! I remember nothing else! What happened to me? What did I do?"

"Probably you did very little. I've watched the procedures a few times. You were probably mostly passive, drugged into complacency."

"You don't understand! I don't remember! Things happened and I do not remember!"

"You've never been drunk, I guess? I know, baby. It's creepy, and if you knew what happened you wouldn't be less upset. But this is your world now. You are property, and all I can tell you is, in the end you'll accept your status."

"Happy little mindless druggie slut slave me!"

"That's... kind of catchy, actually. Alright, I'm sorry, I know you're upset and I remember being frightened when it first happened to me."

"First happened? How often does he do this?"

"Whenever he wants. My last session was a few months ago. And I know you don't want to hear this, but... I like it. I've been conditioned to find hypnosis highly erotic. I love the loss of control, the sense that in the deepest possible way, his will controls mine. Alright, I'm already horny, let's change the topic."

"Change the- you just don't understand. I'm scared. Before this morning it was my will versus the Prince's. I could fight if I wanted to. I could at least pretend that I had choices. Hypnosis? How does that even work? I thought people had to be willing. I thought it could be resisted. How do I know what's in my head now?"

"I know, baby. I know it's terrifying. But it's out of your control. And you have some very old beliefs on hypnosis. There are drugs that make you completely compliant. There's auditory stimuli, aversion therapy, I don't know what else. You can't win. You wouldn't win even without the hypnosis; he's just that strong. I'm sorry. He's ruthless."

"What you're describing isn't even legal."

"Alani. Stop. There's commoner law but it doesn't apply to the royal family. Other than a few things in the founding documents, royals do exactly as they please. You don't have any rights. He is a Prince. You are a slave. I'm sorry but it's true. You can't go to anyone and claim you've been wrongly treated because there is no right and wrong when it comes to a Prince. Throw yourself on the Raja's mercy if you like; he'll just have you executed as a warning to other slaves."

"So be it. I have no wish to live," I said, bitterly.

"Now really," said the guard, suddenly. "It seems to me this isn't all as tragic as you make it out. So you were royalty somewhere once, miss slave? That's your problem, right there. Any other woman here in your place might be happy enough. She'd recognize she had food, water, and walls of stone and men between her and the haracrabs. She'd work out that her job is pleasing men, but it's not a hard job and women want to do it anyway, and here you'll be taught as to how it's done right. And-"

"Begging free's pardon," Enjine said suddenly. "Pleasing men is not so hard. Unless that man is the Prince and can have you executed for letting a tooth nick his dick."

The guard stared at Enjine, and she quickly closed he mouth and looked down. He continued.

"I hear he can be harsh. But most women want firm rules, maybe need them." He turned to me, frowning. "And it's funny to me to hear one royal complain when another royal does what all royals do. Where you're from, girl, the royals don't act so different, I hear. Not when it comes to their playmates."

Angry, I opened my mouth, but then shut it. My older brothers had had women in thrall. Some of those women had occasionally sported whip marks, and maybe not always because they'd broken a dish. My sister had used her position to sleep with anything that caught her fancy, and one of her lovers had turned up dead at the bottom of an old well after they'd had some disagreement. "Not the same," I said. "Hypnosis and trickery... we did not do such things."

"And hypnosis is worse than a whip, of course," he said. "Listen to me carefully, girl. Royalty stays royal by imposing their will on others. That can be done many ways. Whips for slaves, armies for nations, propaganda and taxes for the free... and hypnosis for you. It's all the same, there's nothing special about your treatment. I conjure that you weren't of age in your land, so maybe there's a lot you didn't understand about how Powers behave. But even you'll understand what a slave is. The Wheel turned and now you are one. Maybe it will turn again and maybe not, but in the meantime, learn to be what you are."

"Odd," I said coldly. "When a woman speaks of the Wheel, or Fate, it is usually to bring peace, or joy, or even solace. When a man does, it's always to bind people to a man's will. All men are alike. Who teaches you all to be like that?"

"No one tells us how to be men. We just are."

"That's true enough," Enjine said. "Women study, talk, we learn from other women, we pass down lessons and wisdom and knowledge. We teach women we love and learn from those that hate us, but we are all about learning the right way to do everything. But no man ever learned anything from anyone."

"We're born knowing what we need to know," he said. "It saves a lot of time."

"Your theory does explain things," I told him, more sourly than bitterly.

I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that Enjine's hands had become restless. She was playing with her hair, absentmindedly curling it against her neck. That caused the side of her hand to nestle in her cleavage, pressing her full breasts outward, straining them against the thin white silk. She smiled at the guard. "I do not mean to argue with a free. But please speak more gently? It is very difficult to be a female slave in these lands. Men make it hard; it would not be so bad if men were not so cruelly, mercilessly demanding. It makes us shake. Women want to please; something in us is born already halfway to slavehood, and to be one fully is something we learn more easily than we admit. We only feel peace when we please a man. Must you hammer at us?"

She extended a leg, accidentally brushing it against one of mine. "Have pity on Alani. I hear what you say about royal authority and what a man knows and all the rest, but it still terrifies us to live under a man's will, to be dragged by his hands to the places within ourselves that we don't understand. Men have such power, and we cannot ignore what that does inside us. You... don't know your own strength." And she lowered her eyes, and quickly licked her lips.

If I had been taking notes, I could not have written fast enough to record all the lessons I'd just been taught. The guard's pants were tented so tight that his throbbing member was fully outlined against the cloth. And a part of me turned wicked, and I turned to Enjine, giving the guard the benefit of a profile view of my breasts, through the tight translucent silk. My leg shifted to press back against Enjine's leg, my calf lightly stroking against hers. "Maybe that is my problem, dear Enjine. I know I must please the Prince, and in the end I know I will. But his cruelty, the forcefulness of his methods, they terrify me. I'm only a woman, whatever station I was born to." I held out my arm. "Please take my wrist. Feel how I shake."

She stroked my perfectly steady wrists, over and over. "Oh, poor girl! Be as strong as you can. Men will be cruel, but in time – I know this is frightening to hear – you come to... to desire that cruelty. We grow accustomed to it, and then... then we need it, we need the feeling of full, powerful, unblinking focus on us. I would tell you of some of the things the Prince has taught me to crave, but," she tilted her head towards the guard, "perhaps another time."

"I don't think I could bear to hear it. I am terrified of what he already makes me feel," I simpered, but Enjine's eyes flashed, and I read the message written there: don't overdo it.

"...but, seeing how calm you are in his presence convinces me that someday I will adapt. But I will need your help. I know nothing of men."

"I will teach you. In fact, I stopped by to bring you out to meet the other girls this evening; but I didn't know you were under guard, and I don't think we can take him into the harem. The Prince's rules are firm and he would not come out alive. Though," she licked her lips, "he might die happy."

I giggled at this. I tried to make it sound sincere, and to my ear I failed somewhat, but no man would ever notice.

"The harem... my future home," I said, less sadly than I felt. "Wait, does each Prince have his own? I don't even know how many brothers Prince Arj has."

Enjine leaned back, then threw her hair forward, over her breasts, and let it slowly trickle to the sides as she spoke. The guard's eyes were dark, and ravished her, and occasionally me.

"There are five Princes and one princess. The Rani, sorry, 'queen' to you, wanted a daughter and kept trying until she got one. But there is something wrong with the princess and you will never see her, she is kept cloistered away. Prince Arj was second to be born, and will be Raja someday without doubt. Arj's harem is by far the largest. Twenty women! Prince Raka, the eldest, doesn't have one, he considers them unseemly for a future Raja. It's whispered he's a virgin... and it's whispered falsely, because he got hold of Siri one night, and you should have heard her moans. I feel sure she wasn't the first... Raka and Arj do not get along very well.

"And, let's see, Prince Kusha, the youngest, has taken a vow and only opens virgins. I find that impossibly wrong and impossibly hot and I just try not to think about it. The others have modest harems, six women or so. And because they have less hope of becoming Raja, they are... freer to find any other woman that pleases them. I don't know why they bother with their harems at all, probably mostly for show. Though Sahar's Alarmel is so hot I turn green every time I see her. And they say she needed no hypnosis, no training... I watched her with Prince Sahar one night. He doesn't tie her up, he just commands her and she obeys, no matter how he makes her burn; he toyed with her for hours, and when at last he took her, his hand in her long hair... gods and demons, her screams of pleasure made the usually oh-so-controlled Sahar into an animal. He thrust on her like a bull, brutally, and she came over, and over, and over... he came inside her and then had her lick him clean, and kiss his feet. I can... I have a strong sense of empathy, I can feel what other women feel, I knew exactly what she was experiencing. Oh, Alani, I know you are frightened. But submission has its pleasures. Men make us both shake, but for different reasons."

I looked sideways, out of the corner of my eye. The guard's hands were restless at his sides, and his erection was huge. Why Enjine was toying with him this way I didn't know, but even while appearing to forget he was in the room, she had his unbroken and lustful attention. I decided to continue playing along with her game.

"Did he – I burn in shame even to ask this. Did he suck and bite her nipples?" I brushed one of mine, lightly. "I- Tir touched mine in public during that, that trick he played. I've never felt anything like that. Even now as much as I hate him, that moment comes back to me. I know it is shameful."

"It's not shameful. Our bodies need to be touched. When a nipple is caressed, things happen in us... And yes, he sucked them and bit them, making her hold still and stay silent... there's a tiny sound that happens in the back of our throats at such times. The little gasps of air as we fight to remain silent... she made them, over and over. Little sounds of need... Alani, you need to learn that this is not a shameful thing, it is simply what it is to be a woman. I'm going to touch you and make you understand this better."

"The, uh, guard..."

She acted like she'd forgotten he was there. Maybe she really had; her body was very aroused from her description of the slave girl.

"Oh... him. He can do nothing. We are not his property. He can close his eyes if he likes."

She stood up and swayed over to me, and stood behind my chair. "Turn your pretty head so your cheek is against my breast. That puts your mouth near my nipple... but don't do anything with it. I am not supposed to indulge in certain pleasures this evening, and your mouth is one of them. Just... look at it. Oh, Alani, did you just lick your lips? You want to tease me? There is wickedness in you after all... now, feel my hands on your bare belly. Warm and comforting, and yes, a little wrong because you are new to being touched by girls. But put that aside, it's easy to get used to. Now... I'm going to bring them up over the silks on your breasts... like that. Skin through silk is so sensual. My fingertips along the base of your breast, my palms brushing your nipples... the contrast between bare and silk is fascinating, isn't it? My hands on the skin of your belly is one sensation, my hands through the silk is another. Deep within you there's a desire to feel what this is like without the silk in the way. Opposed to that desire, is the rule about not exposing your breasts, so your desires are in tension... that feeds the eroticism. Men know this. Men know that when I want and I must not fight in a woman's mind, she becomes distracted and easier to trick... your nipples are getting very hard, Alani. Do you feel that warmth starting to spread, and the sensation of relaxation? Or maybe a different word... the sensation of trust. So now... I will give you a new conflict. Trust and Worry. I take your nipples between my fingertips, like this, and I squeeze gently... oh, yes. That could hurt, do you trust me not to hurt you? You want to trust, but I have sharp fingernails... now I pull gently, and oh, you arch so prettily. That flat stomach of yours is tensing, isn't it. It's practicing for the orgasm...."

I burned. It was the hypnosis, I knew. Something in me had changed and now I responded to this. I went scarlet with shame, but oh, the fire she was starting. And that a man was watching, made it...

"Are you starting to wish the silk was gone? I will go back to caressing all that full, warm softness around the nipple... oh, you feel greedy now, greedy for what my fingers were doing. Imagine poor Alarmel, commanded to be a statue, with large hands tormenting he- Alani, you must not rub your legs together. That's too close to breaking your rules. Focus on your nipples... Now I will unhook the silk over them, and, mmmhmm, yes, I will bring it up and along your mouth, and rehook it... it's not an effective gag, of course, but it symbolizes one. Your power of speech, taken away, when there are things you burn to say. For women, speech is powerful, needful, and not to have it... weakens... us... Your breasts are so beautiful. Feel my hands on them now, petting and stroking... that is what you wanted, isn't it. And now, my thumbs and forefingers..."

I could not stifle the quiet moan.

"Hush now, baby. Do you like having them squeezed, over and over, like this? Please, Alani, don't make me tie your legs to the chair legs. You've been taught to hold them together but right now that just adds to the temptation to rub, so you must hold them apart.. a little more... yes. The wash of white silk on parted legs is irresistible to the eye and hand. So now, another conflict. You wished to be touched... right... there. I know you do. But not by a girl. Oh, if only the guard's tongue were available... but he mustn't do that. So what I will do is this... my hand, stroking the inside of your thigh. A very powerful conflict. It's too intimate, I should not touch there, and you want to close your legs to stop me, but then you'll rub them together... yes, now you start to shiver. Stroke after stroke, right up to the sweet vee of... hold still, Alani. I will tie your legs if I must. I would tie them wide open. You'd be exposed and helpless. Are you thinking about the cameras? The men watching? What their hands are starting to do? You're shaking now. I'm going to remove the silks over your legs as well... oh, that makes you blush. Because now people can see your honey start to trickle. And because you know what happens next. Oh, Alani, no! Now I must tie your legs apart, I warned you..."

I moaned uncontrollably as the silk was hooked around my knees, keeping them apart. And then her hand slid between them, and curled...

"Bitches!" snarled the guard.

At that, Enjine immediately stood up, and reached for the hooks in her own silks. One by one they fell open, and the silk slid down her body, caressing her and pooling at her feet.

And then she walked up to the guard, swaying, hair swinging back and forth. When she was within a foot of him, she wrapped her hands in her hair and looked up into his eyes. Her hips moved in a slow, coaxing oval. Her legs twined. He didn't know where to look first.

"I belong to Prince Arj," she said, in a voice like dark honey, flowing from a hive on a hot summer's day. "So you may not touch me. You are a guard, so you may not leave. I am certain you may not masturbate on duty. In truth, for a free man it's surprising how little you can do. And as a slave, there are things I can't do as well. But..."

She formed her thumb and forefinger into a circle, and slowly licked around the inside of it. "I can touch you. And as long as you keep your eyes fixed on Alani... pretty, aroused, innocent, fascinated Alani... you are still doing your duty. Make sure she does not touch herself. Make very sure. Do you think you can fill this circle? I think you'll have no problem...

She knelt, threw her hair aside, and in moments had the guard's cock exposed. "No thrusting. That would be too much like fucking on duty. So let me do all the movement, I don't think you'll be disappointed... Look, Alani. Look at how hard he is. I think he likes you, and I'm sure he likes this...

She stroked slowly along his shaft, and he was panting quickly, then frantically. She stopped and licked her hand again, moaning, and then returned it to him, focusing on the head.

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