tagGroup SexThe Car Accident Ch. 03

The Car Accident Ch. 03


As Carolyn lustily and happily sucked my balls, I moved from a slightly uncomfortable squatting position to a much more comfortable sitting position.

My legs were spread wide and outstretched on either side of the lovely girl, my cock now snapping against my stomach in intense arousal.

This delicious hottie looked me in the eye while she sucked my balls.

I met her gaze and said, "You suck balls like an angel," I whispered. Mmmm, she mumbled, letting her tongue dance sweetly on my swaying orbs. "They're tasty," she said huskily.

She smiled with balls in her mouth and winked at me. Then, taking her mouth off me for a second, continuing to look me straight in the eye, took a few flat-tongued licked on my balls and cock, like she was working on an ice cream cone.

Then, still looking me directly in the eyes, she lowered her head and gave me a couple of quick licks along my perineum, teasing me. "You're such a good girl," I whispered.

When her tongue wandered a little further south, my legs raised a bit," Yes, you're a bad little girl," I said, intensely but in a faint whisper.

My anticipation hung heavy in the air. Was she going to lick my ass? Praise all that is holy....

Then she returned to my nuts and gave them a couple of playful licks. She knew what had just crossed my mind and smiled.

"You are a dirty dirty man," she said with a grin. "You'll need to earn what you want me to do."

"Anything, angel, anything at all."

"First, give me that beautiful cock of yours. I want it in my mouth, now." Though she was the one who was tied up, I was taking orders from her, gladly.

I obliged, returning to my knees and sliding my hard cock into her tight, lovely mouth. I began fucking that sexy mouth and couldn't take my eyes off of her profile.

I knew there was a lot of fucking to do before cumming, but I imagined, right then, what it would look and feel like to watch her with my cock in her mouth while I came.

The twitching of my hardness in her tight wet mouth, the sound of her swallowing hot sticky cum as I held her head in my hands and moved her head against my shaft.

The look in her eyes while she felt each powerful jet of cum shooting out of me and hitting the back of her throat. Damn, I was about to cum. Better change this up so I last longer...

I got up and moved behind her.

In a move that was designed to satisfy my own lusty hunger and also to show her I was willing to "earn" the privilege of having her service me completely, I knelt behind her and, after taking a moment to gaze at the lovely site before me, I dove into her ass with open mouth.

Probing her with my tongue and slobbering all over her, I was leaving her tight cheeks shiny with saliva.

I reached up with one hand and felt her beautiful, nearly hairless young pussy - it was dripping and hot. Her scent was intoxicating. This pretty girl was dripping with arousal.

She wanted my big hard cock in her and that made me throb. I thought about how snug I'd feel in her cunt, how incredible it would feel to fuck her and feel her fuck me back.

I found her clitoris and rubbed it gently, smearing her sweet juices over it and mixing my saliva with it.

She was moaning in pleasure as my tongue probed and prodded deeper into her. She was moving back rhythmically, in essence fucking my tongue.

My cock was crying to enter her pussy but I wasn't finished tasting her yet nor enjoying the close up view of her backside. I began to work a finger into her dripping pussy.

She cried out a little and encouraged me. I worked another finger, and then another while I continued to lick her behind.

I could feel her anal ring tense and flex and grip my tongue as I rubbed her cunt.

Each time she moaned a beautiful lusty song of pleasure, and whispered dirty pretty encouragement -

"Ooh, sweet jesus, you are so bad, I love it, you are so hot, you stud, fuck me with your tongue, I'll do the same later, oooh ..

"I'll suck your hot manly ass just like that, sit on my face you fucking beautiful sexy man, oh, fuck me with your tongue, that's so good... "

I definitely looked forward to that delightful activity.

My slobbery drool was dripping from her and mingling with her sweet fountain of girlish lubricant.

The heavenly scent of sweet young pussy filled the room, and it was intoxicating.

I frantically pushed her forward, said, "Arch your back you sweet little piece of ass!" which she did, and pulling my fingers out of her pussy and leaving her puckered, flexing saliva-drenched ass I sucked her pussy desperately, as if my life depended on it. I was so crazed to taste her.

I placed a hand on each ass cheek and pulled them apart roughly, and worked the index finger of my right hand into her wet and relaxed ass, working it in and out as I sucked on her beautiful pussy.

She was moaning loudly and begging me to fuck her.

My cock felt like it was 10 feet long as I grabbed hold of the hard shaft and steered it toward her heavenly dripping sweet little pussy, and my balls felt heavy and deliciously ready to deliver a giant load of my thick sperm.

"Oh baby, please put that big beautiful cock in me and fuck me like the pretty little hottie you want me to be, please fuck me you unbelievable stud, I need your big cock inside me or I'll die, please please fuck me you beautiful man...

"Your sweet pretty girl ever so wants that big cock in her, please Mr, please please put it in my hot little hole, PLEASE!?

"Make me cum with that big cock, ok baby, stuff that huge thing into my tight hole, please, can you feel how wet I am, thinking about it, oh wow you are such a big stud...."

Finally, when her dirty talk was too much, I obliged her. I moved in behind her and entered her doggy style.

Even though her pussy was oh so tight and heavenly, there was no difficulty entering her: she was so wet and aroused I slid in with just the right, delicious amount of friction.

Her moans lowered and lengthened. She was feeling every inch of me. "Oh, you are so fucking huge, what a stud you are, fuck me you big beautiful man. I'm your girl, your innocent little plaything, baby, do me anyway you want. Oh, that's so good."

I go crazy from talk like this. I really do.

She reached back underneath and found my hanging, swaying balls. "Oh your balls are so big and beautiful, I loved when you put them in my mouth. They are so tasty and big, I bet I'd love looking at you in your jeans - I could see your big cock, and those beautiful nuts ..."

I went crazy. I got up off my knees and into a squat and started ramming her from behind.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, "oh yah, baby, pull my hair, make your pretty girl fuck you," and kissed her mouth for a while, fucking her roughly and grunting, driving my cock into her perfect place.

Her fingers squeezed my balls.

"God you are so long, I love feeling you slide in and out of me, fuck my cunt you wild stud, stuff me with your manhood and pump me full of your sweet cum, please, I'll do anything if you let me eat your cum.

"Please do it, you big fucking master, please cum your big load in my hot little mouth so I can taste you, such a beautiful stud, my sex teacher, am I your good girl, am I being good?"

Her voice took on the sound of a much younger lass, cooing, "Am I a naughty girl? Am I a bad girl? Please teach me how to be good..."

I was ramming into her in every more intense and urgent thrusts. She was meeting my every thrust with her own back-arching flex.

I took my finger out of her behind and clutched her haunches with both hands and drove deeper with each thrust. I was hitting her cervix and she was loving it. Every time I'd hit bottom she'd scream out "yes!"

I was ready to continue this general avenue of activity indefinitely. But Carolyn and I both heard a door open and saw a tall, hot girl with dark hair come in the room.

She was wearing a bright shiny blue bikini, a TINY bikini that clung to her in all of the right places.

Carolyn looked up and over at the door and breathlessly said, "Oh hi Wendy. You're just in time. This big stud can't have just one girl."

"Mmm, ok, well, we'll have to do something about that, won't we," she said as she moved in behind me.

Suddenly I felt a sensuous kiss on my bare shoulder, and another set of fingers on my balls, and knew that things were going to get even better.

As Wendy began to lick my ears from behind me, and I could feel her fingers entwine with Carolyn's down on my sac, I returned to the fast pace fucking I'd been giving Carolyn.

I still didn't know were I was or why I had suddenly became the luckiest man alive, but for now I wasn't asking any questions.

As Wendy's sexy kisses traveled down my bare back, and her thumb teasingly rubbed my anus while cradling my nuts, I simply closed my eyes and smiled. This was the best start of any day I could remember.

Wendy's sweet kisses traveled down my back as her hand shared my ball-sack with Carolyn. As she gave my nuts a little squeeze, her mouth arrived at the very point at my back where my ass-cheeks start.

Her hot little tongue flicked at that point sweetly. Carolyn's hand moved from my balls and as I continued to drive my rock hard shaft into her tight wet pussy, she began to rub her clit slowly.

I kneeled forward a little and began kissing her left ear and nibbling it while I humped her rhythmically, relentlessly.

Meanwhile, Wendy, the mischievous minx, had turned over, lying on her back, and had scooted under us between my legs. I had to part my knees at first, and then decided to get back up in the squatting position.

Now Wendy's stunning face was just below where Carolyn and I were coupled. Wendy was clutching my balls and tickling my ass. I could feel her breath on my balls, hot and breezy.

Looking down between Carolyn's sweet saliva-streaked ass and my own now impossibly hard and throbbing cock, I could see Wendy's deliciously sexy face just as she extended her tongue and began licking Carolyn's throbbing red button.

Carolyn moaned in frantic lust as she realized what Wendy was doing.

Wendy left Carolyn's clit for a moment to give my balls a sweet loving suck and then returned to my bound angel's little bud. We continued this general pattern for about four minutes, hearing as Carolyn's moans and little orgasms continued to heighten.

After one of her particularly intense orgasm, Carolyn seemed to come out of her ecstasy long enough to say, "Hey, Wendy, this big boy would probably LOVE having you lick his backside. He sure likes sucking on mine!"

I probably blushed at that point. Carolyn was right, but I was a bit shy about it...

"Ooh, what a great idea. He does have a sweet looking ass," Wendy replied, scooting down and, parting my cheeks with her thumbs, licking my hole hungrily.

O my god. What a feeling.

I groaned intensely and started fucking Carolyn's stretched cunt with renewed passion, reveling in the dirty enthusiasm Wendy displayed in making love to my ass, which was now dripping with her saliva and twitching as my cock throbbed inside of Carolyn.

When Wendy's tongue was back there, I could feel her perky nose nestled in my balls - the pointy end of her nose rubbed just behind my balls quite pleasantly (I think this was intentional).

Then she'd move forward and lick my big nuts lustily. She'd finger my backside while licking my balls and then, returning to lick my ass, would use her hands to squeeze and cradle my balls.

The combination of Carolyn's perfect beautiful pussy wrapped snugly around my crazed twitching cock, and this naughty little hottie servicing my balls and ass, was simply too much.

One moment longer and I would be filling Carolyn's pussy with everything I was carrying in my loins, every last thick and hot drop of seed I'd been acquiring over this sustained fuck. I'd known for years that the longer I fucked, the more I'd cum.

Which is a lovely thought, don't get me wrong, but I wanted to keep going!

I quickly backed out of her, leaving that ever-so-perfect pussy - which gave a looking slooshing sound followed by a "pop" as my cock left it, as well as leaving Wendy's gloriously naughty tongue that seemed to plan on spending the entire day probing my posterior.

Her tongue eagerly licked my balls as they passed by and continued to lick along my shaft as I back further off.

She took the tip of my cock into her beautiful mouth as I knelt to partake, once again, in the worship of Carolyn's ass. It was so beautiful, a pretty little ring, hairless and pink. I wondered momentarily why I went at her hole with such gusto but was shy about my own.

But then I gave it a few quick licks and saw it flex and twitch enticingly. Carolyn cooed in response. Then I dove in deeply and pushed my tongue into her as far as it would go, groaning and moaning as I did.

Wendy's methods with my cock were no less skillful than her talents elsewhere, so again the sense that I was running out of self control prompted an idea.

First, I looked at Carolyn's bonds. They were simply tied, not locked. So I determined to release her and give her the chance to move around and use her arms and legs.

I reached down and released her arms first. She went to a kneeling position immediately, arching her back and thrusting her delicious ass toward me, shaking it sexily.

I untied her ankles and she got on one knee and stood up and stretched with a long sigh.

Wendy was still happily sucking on my cock and it was feeling like I should either stop her now or explode shortly.

Like I had imagined with Carolyn, I got an image in my head of Wendy with my twitching cock in her mouth and the sensation of thick hot jets of sticky cum firing out the end of my cock and into her hot little mouth.

Those kinds of thoughts come dangerously close to bringing about the event, especially as her naughty hands seemed intent on giving my undercarriage a thorough physical exam with much finger probing and prodding.

These girls were oral angels. They had mastered the art of pleasuring a man. How did this happen?

So rather than shoot my heavy cum load into Wendy's very deserving, lovely mouth, I got up and kissing Wendy on the lips for the first time, took her hand and pulled her up to a standing position.

There we were, the three of us, standing in the middle of the bedroom, looking at each other. Wendy and Carolyn smiled and came up next to me - Carolyn on my right, Wendy on my left.

Each of them reached for my cock and started stroking it while kissing my ears and face and whispering sexy things into my years.

I don't know about anybody else, but for me, the thought of making out with two pretty young girls while they both have a hand wrapped around my erection - well let's just say that is heaven for me.

But the moment had come, so to speak, for me to start asking questions. Really, I could have enjoyed all of this sensuous amazing behavior for another 100 years but my curiosity was going beyond the carnal.

Sure I was curious about how the girls would look while they both sucked me and made out with each other, but I really needed some answers.

Like what fucking day it was! Where was my car? Why are you all treating me so perfectly?

"Girls, please, uh, stop," I moaned.

"Stop?" Carolyn cooed. "You don't really want us to stop. Please don't make us stop jacking you off, baby."

She repositioned her hand just so her thumb could toy with the mushroom head while Wendy's hand gave me another of her signature squeezes to the balls.

I felt one of their fingers nudging between my cheeks again. Lordy.

"Oh, stud, don't make us stop," sighed Wendy. "We really MUST please you, it's our duty and privilege."

Huh? Woa. Maybe some answers were coming before I asked any questions. Duty? Privilege?

They laid me down on the floor, on my back, and went to work on me. I would have time to ask questions later, I guess...

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