The Car Girl


Ever since the night of my breakdown I had wondered if Marco I met in the convenience shop would come looking in my preferred Trans friendly bar one night, he certainly seemed interested enough when we met all be it briefly but so many questions ran through my mind.

Did he even realise I am Transgender?

Would he freak out if he found out I have a sizeable cock myself?

Or would he just enjoy my soft made up lips around his manhood.

All questions I really thought I wouldn't ever get an answer to if I am honest but he knew where to come find me if he wanted to sample this very effeminate Trans girl.

Anyway I digress..

It had been a long week of nothing but meetings and idiocy by my employers, not that I dress at work but do have an important role in the firm I work for so get to deal with senior managers daily and their silly ideas meaning I couldn't wait for Friday to finish my week.

As soon as the clock hit 4pm that was me out of the door with my vanilla chores completed it was time to let my girly side out again and tonight I had plans.

Getting home and stripping off immediately while warming my shower up I stood looking in the mirror at my somewhat inadequate male self, all 5 feet 9 tall with no exceptional features what so ever bar my larger than average penis and a cute bum which I tried to keep nicely firm.

Picking up my man shave to remove excess body hair I started but always hate the noise it makes so decided on a hot shower, a tube of hair remover cream and my razor plus bubbles were the best option.

Unusually I had not shaved in 10 days or so and I was certainly getting stubbly legs at least but with the hot water and moisturising bubbles running over my soft skin it didn't take long for my perfect 32 inch long legs to look more fem again and beautifully smooth.

Stepping from my shower and into a towelling robe I had hoped that some of my orders had turned up and right on call my elderly neighbour knocked the front door at just gone 5pm with a handful of parcels, thanking him and trying desperately not to get into conversation I made my excuses and immediately closed and double locked the door.

Not sure why I do this but I still do, a girl has to have her security I guess and without a hunk to protect me it was the best choice.

Running back into my bedroom I frantically tore open the 4 packages hoping the dress I had ordered for my night out tonight was in one of them.

Opening the first was my lingerie a new pair of deep purple lace panties, bra and suspender belt.

Tearing into the second and pulling out a new pair of mole skin jeans I had wanted for ages.

Third was some techy geeky stuff I had wanted for a while as yes I am a bit of a geek on the quiet.

Fourth and last parcel was bright pink and very light and knowing I didn't have any else on order I was hoping and praying the dress looked as good as it did online, pulling apart the wrapping to reveal it and picking it up allowing it to unfold itself and fall into place it looked great but maybe shorter than I had expected.

I spent ages fiddling with my corsetry and making sure my makeup was perfect in every way as I was off out with a few friends some of whom are transgender and some guy mates for an evening of drinks and fun in town.

Finally finishing up some 2 hours later and just curling the last of my very long natural eye lashes I slid into my dress of choice for the night and realised it was indeed shorter than expected, normally I don't go anywhere without my stockings so having to pull them up and secure them high to my brand new purple laced lingerie I hoped to pull it off.

Sending a quick mirror picture to a friend who was coming along I got a text back just commenting "Pins out again then ;)"

Problem now was I was horny and not having any fun in a week or two my sex drive was rampant and the feel of my new clingy mini dress and lingerie was making me hard, trying to contain myself and my thick 8 inches was a challenge at the best of times but tonight I looked hot and knew I would be getting some fun, I just didn't know who with.

The thought crossed my mind of releasing myself and bringing myself off in front of the mirror enjoying my pent up cum, unfortunately as I considered it my phone went off and it was my pre booked taxi to take me to town, asking the driver for to wait for 2 minutes I straightened myself out and tucked away my still semi hard cock while sliding into a pair of 5 inch stiletto heels and chucking on my favourite short black leather biker jacket.

Grabbing my purse and chucking in some lipstick and powder then my money and keys I was finally out of the door and hoping my taxi was still waiting for me outside.

Making my way down the metal steps from my flat and walking as fast I could in 5 inch heels I could see the taxi sat just across the road from the driveway of the block I live in, waving the driver saw me and waved back sliding the door open for me to get in.

Asking where I was off to I gave him the bar name and then buried myself in my Facebook to avoid conversation if I am honest, to say the drivers driving was a bit crazy was an understatement and I was glad to see one of my friends Ben or big ben as we nicknamed him outside the bar when I arrived to help me.

Ben is a beast of a man at well over six feet tall and muscular all over, believe me I know this to be true but he is a very sweet approachable gentleman who always looks after me when we are out and also his Trans girlfriend.

Taking his heavily tattooed arm and leading me into our "Warm up" bar I felt instantly at ease, not just because Ben was there but because several of my best friends were out with me.

Buying my first drink a very large Jack Daniels and ginger ale and sliding onto a bar stool watching the others and engaging in conversation I already had my eye on the guys in the bar as much as I love girls too tonight I wanted some cock.

Sitting at the end of the bar with one of my very best girlfriends we were already getting attention and a guy or two tried but they were just pretty boys and I prefer real men who know what they want and how to get it to.

Deciding it was time to move on I faced a 15 minute walk to the bar and club where we tend to hang out and are always welcomed, the bouncer on the door always pays me compliments but I know he is straight so we play a game of words only and the odd peck on the cheek when I leave.

Tottering up to the bar and chatting to the staff who again always welcome me and know my drinks so often I don't even ask, feels like celebrity status but without the money.

Enjoying the music and the atmosphere it was a busy night and to be honest I can get nervous on the busier nights but as we took our seats which I always ring to reserve I got stopped on route around the bar.

Almost shunning the advance of a very attractive younger guy I stopped to say hello and laying on the compliments he asked if I remembered him from the shop, hesitating as I wasn't sure but as soon as he said Marco I knew.

The guy who likes car girls huh.

Laughing he replied yeah especially ones as pretty as you.

Asking who he was with he pointed to his loutish mates who I did remember from the shop and he got the well it's good to see you answer.

Taking my arm for a second he asked me to wait and offered to buy me a drink, looking over at my table of friends I saw I was being watched especially by my mate Ben.

Telling him he could put me one behind the bar as we had already ordered drinks for our group he agreed and obviously noticed I was playing hard to get, purely because of the company he kept.

Finally making it to my table and pulling off my jacket Ben said to me he is watching you.

Looking back and smiling I wasn't sure what would happen next.

As his yobbish mates caught up with him you could hear them from our table egging him on to bang me as they put it and one comment of I bet she likes it up the shitter, how observant I thought.

Soon enough I was well on my way to getting tipsy with friends and found ourselves teasing the boys on the small busy dancefloor in the club when one of my girlfriends commented that guy is back.

Looking over my shoulder as discreetly as possible I saw him but didn't see his friends so locked onto him and called him over, putting his arm around me and getting close his torso was so hard and as I shouted to him over the music where's your mates he said they had left but he had wanted to stay.

Dancing with me for a bit he kept eye contact on me the whole time and asked who the big lad was, telling him it's my mate Ben he smiled and said he thought it was my boyfriend or something.

Calling Ben over and introducing him to Marco they shook hands very politely and Ben gave his warning of hurt her and you better leave town fast, it's nice to have a protective guy around me but I knew Ben wasn't kidding.

Slightly put off Marco asked if he was for real and I told him oh yes indeed, Ben is one of my very best mates and looks after me when we all go out and he has been watching you all night and your loutish mates.

Putting his arm around me and pulling me up against him again Marco got very close and told me I won't hurt you but I would love to kiss you, breaking away a little and looking him over making my decision and without hesitation he kissed me full on the lips gently and slowly.

Pulling away he commented I taste as amazing as I look, thanking him I decided to show off my best asset and turning on him with his arms around me I gently and briefly rubbed my bum against his groin and discovered not only was he a man but he was struggling to contain himself.

Feeling what felt like a big cock rubbing against my bum was turning me on immensely but again he had no idea I am a Tgirl and as he kissed at my neck I wanted him to fuck me there and then but that was unrealistic.

Looking over at Ben then back to Marco I decided he had to know my secret and as Ben and his partner came closer I turned around on Marco as he pulled me up against him I told him.

Marco "Yes gorgeous"

I have something to tell you and I am just going to say it straight out.

Looking confused Marco nodded slightly.

Getting close enough so the whole club didn't hear I told him I am transgender and actually have a penis.

With Ben close by and watching Marco looked me over and as I expected him to leave he stammered but you are so beautiful.

Thanking him I looked over at Ben and looked back to see if Marco had run away back to his mates yet.

Seeing him still stood there kind of shocked me as he was obviously not sure what to do, he was so obviously attracted to me but then I have a cock and some guys just can't handle that.

Seeing the struggle Ben stepped over and put his big arms around me, looking at Marco he said this girl is perfection honestly and she is also honest as the day is long mate.

Watching Marco take in his words he stepped forward as Ben released me and put his arm around me and leant in kissing me in front of Ben, taking my hand Marco led me back to the table I had booked for me and friends where is was quieter.

Sitting chatting he told me he had never been with a guy or a Tgirl but couldn't resist how good I look as a girl, putting his arm around me as we chatted he told me he was convinced I was and am a girl from the first time he saw me in the convenience store buying wine.

Enjoying the compliments and the body contact I had to have a small feel so as he got comfortable with me I slid down his flies discreetly and took a hand full of a nice thick bald cock, slowly massaging him to see how big he was I was delighted as it grew in my hand.

Marco was obviously enjoying it to as he kissed me deep this time with his tongue exploring my own, pulling my hand away and trying to fasten his flies he asked where mine was.

Confused I asked mine what?

Replying Marco said quietly in my ear, your cock.

Telling him it was safely tucked away he laughed and told me he couldn't believe I was a Tgirl at all so taking his hand and sitting just right I eased his fingers past my stocking tops and as he rubbed gently between my thighs he pulled away.

Looking him in the eye I said believe me now.

Nodding in response he told me he was shocked but was interested in me.

Just in time as things started to get late, I was getting sleepy and conversation was running thin Ben and my friends all returned to the table with one of my girlfriends commenting how comfortable someone looked as she sat looking at Marco.

Smiling I whispered to him she is Transgender as well and is Bens girlfriend then it clicked why Ben is so protective of me.

Looking over at Ben and extending a closed fist they bumped knuckles and just sat nodding.

As Ben got up to go to the bar Marco joined him and I can only guess at the conversation as us girls got to chatting, comments were passed on how good looking Marco is and whether he has got a big cock came up of course as that is not all that is important to a Tgirl but for me I love a well hung man inside me nice and deep.

As Ben and Marco re-joined the table all 4 of the girls including me were sat together chatting and with one final drink we decided to end it and all head home.

Making my way to the door and giving my friend the obligatory kiss on the cheek as I left he called a taxi up to the door for me but as I was not sure what my next move was I offered it to two very drunk girls instead.

As my friends all went off Ben was obviously happy I was safe otherwise he wouldn't have left me behind and as Marco put his strong arms around me he asked if I would spend the night with him.

Agreeing I would like to I asked to go to his as I didn't really want to take a guy I had only just met back to my flat and let them know where I live, especially having a professional life as a guy a lot of the time to.

Agreeing we could go to his place we got into the next taxi and as we passed through town I realised I had no idea where Marco lived until the taxi pulled up outside of one of the town's most expensive hotels.

Looking at Marco confused he got out the taxi, paid the driver then offered me his hand and as I stepped out I couldn't figure out if he was staying here or paying for the hotel just to spend the night with me or what was happening.

As we walked in and the sensation of the deep carpets almost brushing against my feet as my slight platforms disappeared in to the deep pile of the carpet the concierge said "Evening Sir" and Marco acknowledged her before leading me on.

Still confused as ever I pulled him back and asked what he was doing.

Explaining he was the assistant hotel manager and lived on site it became clear but as we approached the booking in desk he asked me to wait for him as he disappeared into some kind of back office I could only presume.

Walking back out seconds later with a pass card in his hand he gave me the card and said your room for the night, correcting him with our room for the night he looked at me, kissed me politely and led me to the lifts.

Telling me in the lift how beautiful I looked he explained he had given me a special room to myself so if things didn't go to plan he could leave me in luxury.

I could only guess he meant if he didn't like me once we got intimate together.

Leading me from the lift down a long corridor of doors we got to my room number 120 and as I swiped the card to open the door the room went on forever, stepping inside and looking around I looked back at Marco and he said to me it was one of the suites members of parliament use when they visit town and it's also used for a bridal suite.

Peeling off my leather jacket and putting it over the back of a chair I could not believe this place, opening the doors onto the balcony that overlooks the sea I spent a moment enjoying the cool night air.

Standing leaning on a balcony railing in the most exclusive hotel in town and then I felt Marco put his arms around me from behind, turning my head slightly as Marco kissed me properly turning me around as our lips and tongues met enjoying his hot breath mixing with my own.

Breaking away from me he took my hand leading me back inside, I knew I could eat him alive if I had wanted to but for a guy who had never been with a Tgirl before I had to play nice.

Watching the room with the large bed off to one side and a bar with two sofas to the other and another smaller room off of it which I presumed was the bathroom I told Marco to prepare us some drinks and I would freshen up for him.

Sliding into the bathroom and fixing my makeup so I looked perfect I slid out of my dress tucking it into my handbag and considered putting on a bath robe from the two hung by the door but decided he wanted to see my body so that is what he would get.

Slipping from the bathroom in my lingerie and stilettos Marco had poured two glasses of wine and sat on the sofa, approaching him slowly he went to stand and I insisted he stay sat down.

Sitting alongside him and tucking my legs up he commented on how feminine I still looked even though I only have little boobs I make up well from my own body and practice, leaning in briefly to kiss me with a glass of wine in hand I knew I had enough to drink so gently placed it on the table.

Telling Marco he could now stand he did as I asked, telling him I would be very gentle with him he asked if I was going to fuck him.

Laughing I said no not unless you want me to.

Saying he didn't really fancy that just yet it was noted for me as I often get very hard when having sex.

Asking him to peel off his shirt he did as asked and showed off his muscular torso and defined six pack with a tattoo running from his left shoulder down to his left bicep he was in amazing shape

Next I asked him to remove his shoes, socks and trousers which he did while looking at me the whole time.

Teasing him a little with compliments I stood and almost matched our height as he is over six feet tall and all man with short stylish hair and deep brown eyes but clean shaven all over .

Commenting on how hot his body is he thanked me telling me he works out every day and has done some modelling work too which didn't surprise me.

Placing my hands palm down on his chest with my long finger nails slightly clawing at his amazing physique and looking him in the eye I asked do you want me.

Nodding he said yeah I think I do.

Running my hands down to the waistband of his boxer shorts and slipping my long nails just inside I let him kiss me gently as I slid his boxers down, lowering myself as we broke our kiss to my knees in front of him.

Looking up at him with my deep grey eyes and starting to massage his penis slowly before pulling back at the foreskin of his semi hard cock, parting my lips just enough to taste him and looking up at him the whole time I could see and feel he was enjoying the contact of my wet warm mouth slowly engulfing his manhood.

Moaning slightly he asked me to suck him and without hesitation I let his bulbous bell end slip past my lips as I teased his head with my tongues sliding deeper onto his thick shaft licking and teasing as I went but the whole time looking him in the eye.

Feeling him throb a little I certainly didn't want him to cum just yet so standing in front of him and slowly massaging his hard cock he kissed me tasting the warmth from his cock on my tongue.

Pulling away all he could say was wow girl that was good.

Telling him I have so much more to give yet he led me to the oversized bed asking me to lay facing away from him, spooning up behind me I felt his still rock solid cock rubbing against my bum and I think we both knew I wanted him to fuck me.

Allowing me to roll onto my back Marco laid by my side and asked what he could do to pleasure me so as we broke another long kiss I asked him to slide off my panties and rim me.

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