tagBDSMThe Car Ride

The Car Ride


My dearest,

Think of my car and the sunroof. Dream of a warm summer night when the air is so thick, you can smell honeysuckle on the slightest breeze. Hear the crickets outside, their chirring bringing the night alive. Laugh with me as we struggle to move each other’s clothing out of the way. Smile at me when you see my eyes light up as i gaze upon you. No, don’t duck your eyes. Let me see the green in them grow darker as your blood stirs. Caress my lips with yours, and wrap your arms around my neck as the kiss deepens. Snap open your eyes as i harden beneath you. Imagine skin touching skin. Sense the cool and dry contact between us at first, and then, as passion rises, feel the surfaces cling and become sticky.

Surround; with that warm, wet, and velvet embrace; me slowly for the first time tonight. Gasp as you settle fully onto my lap. Blush at our slick skin gliding back and forth easily as we move together. Notice the heat building up in the car rapidly and the windows starting to fog. Struggle with me to maintain control, the sounds of our measured breathing competing with the sounds of the night. Wallow in the scent of sex, hot and raw, as it overcomes the light waft of honeysuckle. Clutch my fingers with yours as you peak the first time. Muffle your reaction; kiss me as hard as you can and scream your orgasm into my mouth. Clamp down first on my hips with your inner thighs, just above your knees. Move higher, now, to my ribs. Pull me ever deeper in desperation while you ride out the first wave.

Then, unexpectedly, your repositioning brings that velvet covered head to a perfect angle, and the bell rakes across your cervix. Your eyes fly wide open once more, and those strong thighs clamp down so hard, you take my breath away as you scream. Now immerse yourself in that feeling of rawness, having taken and now being taken by your own actions ... bent in reverse against the wheel. My hands clamp on your wrists, arcing your back like an archer’s bow, pinning your hands to my knees. The beauty of your breasts in the faint moonlight instantly attracts me, and awakens the animal. The touch of barely wet lips upon the nipples so hardened startles you, until the tongue tip flickering out to them floods your sex once more. I have you now, helpless, topped from the bottom as it were, and you're reveling in it.

Can you feel my incisors fix upon one nipple? The trepidation you'll feel wondering how far i'll really go? Your nerves thrumming as my jaws close to pin the tender flesh securely? i can almost imagine your rapid intake of breath when my lower jaw moves right and then left the first time. How rolling that pink bud between those hard edges will make your hips thrust up as you attempt to jerk away before you realize you're trapped. i wonder if the movements will frighten or enslave you as i take more of your areola and breast into my mouth in rapid short bursts, teeth clamping down on each gain of flesh? i wonder if that will make you explode once more? If not, i'll grind my pubic bone directly against your swollen pearl until you do. i'll let that animal loose just enough to whet his appetite no matter what the cost to you in fear and pain. But when you explode this time, i'll be gentle and ease you down. Let your heart recover from the experience and the blush fade from your skin.

For me to finish, however, i'll take you outside the car. Can you picture your naked skin, face down over the hood, and feel the cold metal on your flesh? Will you wince at the ground beneath your bare feet as i force you against the car by my thrust? How loud will you gasp as my pelvis rams into your hips over and over again? Will you blush when that pumping velvet iron forces the honey out of you to run down the insides of your thighs?

Now imagine the point of no return. The leash on the animal released, if not snapped by his sheer fury to take you. One hand in your hair pulls hard to arc your back sharply, forcing you onto your tiptoes like a ballerina. The other will press on the small of your back to curve that arch to the point of agony. Bow to the flood of my seed pumping into your body. Submit as my fangs snap into your shoulder. And drop into sub-space as the most primal roar you've ever heard explodes right next to your ear.

Do you understand now?

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