tagGroup SexThe Car Show...

The Car Show...


Part one.........

The lecture had been mind numbing an hour and a half lecture Friday morning after partying most of the pervious night was totally ridiculous. The first sip of the Caffe' Mocha at Starbucks made all of the turbulence of the morning lecture seem manageable. If only I could get these fragmented notes organized, things would be acceptable.

Half way through the process I hear "Hi I'm Matt, I just moved into your apartment complex."

Looking up from the mass of jumbled notes to see a guy I had never seen and did not know, I responded, "I do not own an apartment complex and couldn't care less where you moved into."

"I didn't mean that you owned it just that you lived there."

"How do you know I live there?"

"I have seen you come and go a few times, you have seen me, but you obviously did not notice."

"Sorry I do not have time for this right now, goodbye."

I heard him mutter "bitch" as he left my personal space he had invaded. I completed my organization of the notes, drank the coffee then left for my next class not giving him a second thought.

My bff asked, "How much did they say they would pay you?"

"I told you a hundred dollars for five hours," I said.

"All you have to do is pass out data sheets, and wear the uniform they are going to give you?"

"Yes, that is right."

Rolling her eyes, she asked, "So what does the uniform look like?"

"I only saw a picture of it, a red cropped t shirt with their logo on the front, and black boy shorts with their logo on the butt, I have to pick it up tomorrow."

"Oh I understand now you are getting paid to show your butt to guys while they look at cars."

"Duh it is a classic car show, you're just mad cause you didn't answer the ad in time to beat the other girl to it."

I could not wait to get home to try on the uniform, and read the instruction/release form they had provided. I slipped the uniform on, then went into the bathroom to check out the logo on my behind. It looked so fab on my lil butt. The instructions on how to wear the uniform understated at best, stated the uniform must be worn with black heels, no jewelry except ear/belly rings. I called them to tell them the uniform fit, and I would be at the instructional meeting they had scheduled for me and the other girl. I looked forward to meeting her. I began to think the instructional meeting scheduled two days before the show was solely because they were too cheap to hire models, instead hired poor students.

I was running a lil late which gave me only about three minutes to meet Julie before the meeting started. All I knew so far was she was beautiful and close to my size. The meeting was highly informal the woman that hired us went over the legal stuff, and had us sign contract employment paper work. Then the owner of the dealership let us know he hired us because of our effervescent personalities. He went on telling us to be ourselves while passing out the data sheets. They asked us to be here dressed and ready to go to work Saturday afternoon at one. Walking out talking to Julie made me feel at ease with taking the job. We discussed the bullshit he said about our personalities, we both agreed he hired us because he knew we needed the money and would show our butts. We wondered around the dealership talking getting to know each other, we had a tremendous amount in common, including our love for Patron'. I usually did not connect this fast with other girls, but Julie was different we clicked very fast. We ended up making arrangements for her to come over to my apartment for a lil Pizza and Patron' later that night.

Julie arrived just a lil after seven; the full bottle of Patron' was popped open right after she arrived. The conversation never lagged it seemed as we are best friends that had just found each other. The full bottle of Patron' became a half bottle quickly, even before we ordered pizza.

I asked, "What do you like on your pizza?"

Julie blurted, "Pepperoni and Jalapeños."

"That sounds yummy for the tummy."

After ordering the pizza, I asked, "What do you plan on wearing under the uniform?"

"I haven't decided, I was going to ask you the same thing."

"I am going to wear nothing but heels, hoop ear rings, my belly ring, and the uniform,"

Julie said, "That sounds like what I was thinking," then laughing said, "showing nips will be good for tips."

"Try yours on; I wanna see how you look in it," Julie blurted.

Julie followed me into the kitchen to get both of us a small glass of Patron'; then we both went to the bedroom. Julie watched as I slipped from my UT t shirt, bra, shorts, and panties. I did a lil pirouette after I had the uniform on as she said, "I looked fantastic." The door bell rang while I was modeling the uniform; we both went to open the door for the pizza man.

Julie said, "He never took his eyes off you; you totally mesmerized him."

I laughed then went to the bedroom to take the uniform off I did not want to spill anything on it. I slipped on my UT t shirt and panties. After we had eaten the pizza, the conversation became a lot more personal asking each other questions about sexual adventures and listening to some of the bold things we have done. My phone began to play 'Check On It', as I picked the phone up I told Julie it was Ronnie a sizzling hot guy I had dated before he moved to Houston. After a couple minutes, I put him on speaker so, I could involve Julie in the conversation. He began getting naughty asking if he could come to have fun between us, then saying that he could be here in only three hours. Ronnie wanted to know if we were going to go down on each other. We were dying laughing at him, he became our entertainment. When he realized he was not getting to join, he asked us to at least let him listen while we kissed. I saw a look of mischievousness slip across Julie's face and a smile that seem to say lets do it. I laid the phone between us as our lips met; her soft lips and tongue tasted of pizza and patron' we had been sharing.

"We just kissed did you hear?" I blurted into the phone.

"No, I didn't, be louder, maybe she should spank you, I could hear that." Ronnie spurted out.

Julie was dying laughing when she asked, "Why should I spank her, she has not been a naughty girl?" Then after about 3 seconds she added "Yet!"

"She is always naughty smack her butt now!" Ronnie demanded!

Julie smacked my butt, then asked, "Did you hear that?"

"Yes, do it again harder, no wait no wait no wait, tell me what Ya'll are wearing!" He said as his voice was getting louder.

I said, "I have on my UT t shirt and burnt orange panties, Julie is wearing yellow t shirt and cutoffs." Then teasingly added, "I am not sure about panties, but I can tell she is not wearing a bra."

Julie added, "I have on yellow cheeky panties."

Another demand came bellowing from the phone, "Julie take your cutoffs off right now!" Then he added, "Vikki spank her ass three times for being overdressed!"

I watched as Julie slipped her cutoffs down her thighs to the floor; then my hand slapped her ass three times as instructed. The mood and tone in the room had changed from mischievousness to anticipation of where we were willing to take this experience. Knowing Ronnie would take us as far as we would be willing to go, and farther if possible. Julie shocked me with what she asked Ronnie next, "Ok master she has spanked me three times what do you desire now?"

Ronnie's voice peaked while saying, "Sit indian style knee to knee."

Julie asked, "Before we do that Ronnie baby sexy boy what do you have on?"

He laughed and retorted, "Nothing but my smiley face boxers that Vikki bought me."

I laughed and blurted out, "Julie those are so sexy, they show the outline of his ah ah lil thingie perfectly."

Julie teasingly half laughing asked Ronnie, "How little is your lil thingie?"

"My COCK is not little!" He shouted over the phone!

We could not get our breath we were giggling so much, I finally whispered in her ear, "Ronnie was being truthful, that he has a beautiful big cock."

Julie said, "Ok master we are Indian style knee to knee."

Ronnie voice became low and sexual as he said, "Vikki take Julie's t shirt off and describe her boobies to me."

Looking into Julie's eyes, told volumes about how she was willing to play this little game to its fullest. I leaned toward Julie as she helped me slip her t shirt off. I described her breast as being beautifully tan with gorgeous pinkish nipples, and her body shape and size is much like mine.

Ronnie blurted, "Send me a picture!"

Julie quickly said, "Not yet maybe someday."

"Ah man I want a picture," Ronnie disappointedly said then added "Ok Julie take Vikki's t shirt off of her and describe her boobies to me."

Julie mentioned to Ronnie, "You have seen them or so; I am told."

"Yes, I have many times, I will know if you are lying when you describe them," he retorted.

Julie slipped my t shirt off me, and told Ronnie my breast are beautifully shaped, tanned with hot, sexy light brown standing at attention nipples.

"Ok I want both of you to take your panties off right now, then describe each other to me!" He demanded.

As we removed our panties, Julie asked, "Ronnie are your boxers off yet?"

"Hell yes they are," he said.

I asked, "Ronnie are you stroking your hot cock?"

"Yes, now describe each other, but before that, I want you to kiss and be loud," is all we heard from the phone.

I put the phone on the head board as Julie and I shared many long hot, sexy kisses, while sinking into a world of our own oblivious to the demands we heard from the phone. I am not sure it was the immediate emotional connection we had earlier in the day or the Patron' I had drunk that made me want to share my body with her. I did know Ronnie had helped us bridge the gap between friends and lovers. My senses told me Julie knew it too and wanted it as much as I did.

We lay in the middle of my bed staring into each others eyes, physically and emotionally touching head to toe. The softness and gentleness of her hand floating from my breast down my tummy to the inside of my thigh brought a wetness to my entire being. Our tongues danced a dance of impassioned movements empowering our minds and bodies to melt together like day melts into the night as the sun slowly sets. Her gentle lips began to explore my breast just as her hand searched out the wetness she had brought to my longing pussy. I loved the gentle warmth of her tongue and lips not unlike petals of roses tingling and caressing my body. I felt as my senses were being touched by an angel's warmth and caring. My moans of desire became louder and louder as she began to massage my swollen clit while gently licking and sucking my breast. Her lips began their travels down my tummy destine to build within me an orgasm of magnificent proportions. Julie and I had only known each other for a few short hours, but with the sharing of intimate details of our life, I felt we had become close. The beauty of her body surpassed by the beauty of the person I had become to know. My moans were growing as was the impending orgasm building inside my mind and body. Julie using her hands and tongue had instilled in me a raging orgasm that had to be released. My hands grasping at the soft cotton of the sheets, my back arching, my eyes dilating, and my moaning now out of control, she had made my orgasm erupted from my body. Coming down from the high of the released endorphins, I saw a beautiful knowing smile upon her face a smile only I could understand. Julie and I lost in a world only known to us even if Ronnie listened. Neither of us cared or acknowledge his existence at that point.

I explored Julie's body with my hands and tongue, desiring to bring her joy just as she had brought to my being. With every passing second, her moans of desire were directing my movements. My tongue tasting the sweetness and tenderness of her flowering engorged clit then slipping into her wet pussy. Her moans were becoming louder, and her movements more sustained as her orgasm was building. The aroma of her building orgasm began to elevate my senses, and desire to make her body lose control in a massive orgasm. I loved knowing I could make her tingle and explode as she had made me just moments earlier. I wanted to share her orgasm with her, my passion seeping into her body through my hands and tongue while her orgasm melted into my body through my tasting of her. Julie began moaning "I am coming I am coming I am coming." Her orgasm bellowed from her onto my tongue, lips, and into my mouth. We lay together quietly sharing our thoughts about what had just happened until almost simultaneously we realized Ronnie might be listening.

Almost yelling I asked, "Ronnie are you still there?"

"Yes, I am," he teasingly retorted.

Julie laughingly asked, "Ronnie did you make a mess?"

"Yes, I did," He said.

Julie and I smiled at each other as I told Ronnie to call me about three or so tomorrow then hung up on him. We lay talking about guys in general and Ronnie. We both felt as he had just shared us. Just before sleep came she asked if I though he would come to the car show if I invited him. When I awoke it was 35 minutes before my classes started, I jumped into the shower leaving Julie asleep on the bed. After my shower I quickly got dressed leaving her a note to lock the door when leaving and meet me for lunch at Subway just off campus at noon, if she could.

"HI, Julie I am glad you could make it" I said, then added, "I am buying if you want a sammich."

"Yummy," She said.

We sat outside at a table in the shade while eating and chatting.

I asked, "How drunk were you last night?"

"Not too drunk, I had a blast with you and Ronnie," she said.

"I had a blast too," I said and then asked, "do you want me to ask Ronnie to come to the Car Show?"

"Yes, I do," Julie said.

"You do know he will not be coming for the car show. He will be coming to fuck us both, I know he will take the invitation as an invitation to fuck both of us," I stated then asked, "how do you feel about that?"

"How would you feel about sharing him with me?" She asked.

I said quickly, "I would love it, lets go take a picture of us in the uniforms, then send it to him with an invitation to the Car Show and see how long before he calls."

"Vikki, you are evil," she blurted out.

We left most of our lunch on the table when we left to get her uniform. Standing in my living room with the uniforms on kissing did not have the effect I desired for the picture it needed something.

I asked, "Did you see that black Corvette in the parking lot, wonder if the owner would mind if we kissed while leaning up against it?"

"Vikki who is going to take the picture if we go outside?" Julie asked.

"Shanika will, lets go down to her apartment," I said.

We got Shanika away from her soap opera long enough to take several pictures. A couple of us from the side while kissing, and a couple of our butts from while we were leaning over the hood propping ourselves with our hands on the shiny hood. We sent Ronnie an email with the kissing pictures and the invitation to the car show, then got dressed. We both had afternoon classes we had to get to, while we were leaving we saw the owner of the Corvette was wiping finger prints off his car.

Julie recognized him and said, "HI, Matt." Then asked, "When did you get that car and when did you move here, do you live here?"

While hugging her, he said, "Hi Julie, I've missed you. What are you doing?" And added, "I got it last month, and yes I have lived here for almost a month now."

Julie said, "Your car is beautiful; I am here visiting a friend." Then asked, "Do you know Vikki?"

He Said, "I met her once at Starbucks."

"I apologize for my being a bitch that day, hope you will forgive me," I said.

"No problem, I understand days like that," Matt said.

While Julie and I were driving away, I asked, "When did you fuck him?"

"How did you know?" Quickly adding, "A couple times during spring break last year."

"It was written all over his face when you hugged him,"

"He was a lot of fun at spring break."

"Oh I see he must have fucked you good?"

"Very Very good, he has a yummy body."

"Is he car show worthy?"

"I thought you dissed him at Starbucks?"

"I did, I did know anything about him, and I was overly stressed that day."

"You still do not know anything about him."

"I know where he lives, that he is a good fuck, and that I maybe would do him on his Vette."

We were still laughing as we parted ways to go to our respective classes. Before I got to my class Julie, texted me to tell me to let her know if Ronnie calls, and asked about my plans for the evening. I texted her back that I was waiting for Ronnie to call before I made plans. The lecture was boring the only thing keeping me awake after about 20 minutes was my phone vibrating on my lap from Ronnie calling and texting. When the lecture ended as usual, my notes looked like hen scratching and in dire need of organizing. I went to Starbucks for coffee and to organize my notes after I reread all the messages from Ronnie. I texted Julie to tell her Ronnie was on call till 12 tonight and would be here about 3 or so in the morning. Then asked her if she wanted to go to the B Bar tonight and call me about seven.

My phone woke me up I was half asleep saying, "Hi Julie, what time is it?" "I have been asleep."

Julie laughingly said, "It is almost seven." Quickly asked, "Are we still going to B Bar tonight?"

"Yes, we are going, by the time we get home Ronnie will probably be here, then what happens happens."

"Great, What are you going to wear?"

"A black skirt, and a pink top."

"I will come by and get you at nine, bye bye."

For a Friday night, the B Bar was boring, or it might have been we knew nothing was going to happen with any of the guys that tried. Julie and I did let them buy us drinks and dance with us all evening. Last call could not come soon enough I needed Ronnie and excited to share with Julie. When we got home, I slipped out of my clothes then slipped one of Ronnie's polos on that he had left, and gave Julie another one of his to wear.

It was not long before Ronnie walked in as he owned the place. He looked at me then at Julie. He had a shit eating grin on his face that a Brillo pad could not wiped off. Not one word was spoken before his lips met mine while his hands were exploring my body; then he kissed Julie also exploring her body with his hands. I led him and her into the bedroom; I knew what was about to happen was going to be hot as hell.

Ronnie's shirt was literally torn off we were both dying to get our lips and hands onto his beautiful 6 Pac abs. Julie's polo had made its exit to the floor thanks to Ronnie's desire to fondle and suck her breast. Julie was sitting on his face when I unbuttoned his jeans, and took his boxers off him. I heard an audible sucking in of air by Julie just as his beautiful cock was exposed to her. I began stroking his cock then slipped the head of his cock into my mouth, my tongue making circles around the head as I sucked him. I looked up at Julie's smiling face then raised to kiss her deeply, my tongue sharing the taste of Ronnie's cock with her. I was stroking his cock as Julie, and I took turns sucking it in our mouths. I was so fucking wet I needed him inside me; I wrapped then mounted his cock, facing Julie while fucking Ronnie made the building orgasm and every emotion known to man build within me. Julie's and my tongue battling for dominance in a hot, sexy kiss while his cock was deep inside me building a fantastic orgasm that had to escape.

I screamed "FUCK YES FUCK YES FUCK YES" as my orgasm burst from my body.

Julie and I exchanged places Ronnie's tongue felt sizzling on my just orgasmed pussy and engorged clit. I was massaging Julie's breast while she was bouncing on a bigger cock than she had ever experienced. I could read it in her face and hear it in her winces and loud moans. She made the funniest face of relief when she came all over his cock; she collapsed to the side of the bed. I pinched the condom off him, and Julie and I began to suck his cock. Not long after the intense sucking of his cock we both had cum in our mouths and dribbling down our lips and chins. Julie and I shared a cum filled highly emotional hot kiss; then we both shared a like kiss with Ronnie.

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