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The Car Trip


Gina isn't classically beautiful. Well, she does have a world class ass and thighs (both pleasantly large for her five foot two inch, 105 pound frame), a flawless complexion, and an exotic face; but you won't see her photo as one of the world's thousand most beautiful women. However, the quality that she does have that undoubtedly puts her in the top thousand women in the world is sultriness.

What does "sultry" mean for a woman? According to the dictionary it means "characterized by or arousing passion." That isn't the half of it when it comes to Gina, however. To me Gina is the epitome of sultry because when she stares through your eyes into your soul she sends the message "I know that you want to fuck me more than anything else in the world, and you should desire that, because if I rode your cock I'd rock your world and spoil you for anyone else."


At the start of this tale Blake Rockford, that's me, my wife Cheryl Williams (see kept her maiden name), and our eleven and twelve year old daughters Amanda and Brittany, respectively, had just moved into a modest mansion on a cul-de-sac of five modest to immodest mansions, two of which (including ours) had guest houses and tennis courts and the other three of which had backyard Infinity swimming pools. While I make good money as a free-lance software developer the purchase of the modest mansion was possible only because of Cheryl's high-paying, high-stress, high-level job as COO of a Fortune 1000 company despite her relatively young age of thirty seven, a year older than I was.

I was apprehensive about moving onto Brighton Court figuring that all of the residents would either be much older, nasty, or snobby. Fortunately I was dead wrong. All four other families on Brighton Court had parents between thirty two (the aforesaid Gina) and fifty, and at least two teenage kids. Also they were warm, friendly, intelligent, and engaging. Also nine of the ten adults, and all of the teens, were in good physical condition. There was only one problem with Brighton Court - the aforementioned Gina.

It wasn't that Gina wasn't nice - she was kind, considerate, and friendly. It's just that I could barely talk or act normal around her because every time I looked at her, or she stared at my tented pants with her haunting dichromatic eyes (one iris brown, the other green), I hallucinated that she was mockingly saying to me "You'd love nothing better than to have your tongue flicking my clitoris as you massaged my ass while I sucked your cock, wouldn't you, you perverted bastard."

I don't think that Gina had the same effect on all males; the three other men on Brighton Court besides me and Gina's husband William (the oldest and only out-of-shape person on Brighton Court) didn't seem to be tongue-tied around her, nor did they tent their pants when interacting with her. Of course I never asked any of them "Does Gina seem to be the most fuckable woman in the world?" I kept my thoughts and questions to myself.

It made it especially difficult for me around Brighton Court because I had to interact with Gina all of the time. She was the stepmother to and had adopted William's two daughters, Chelsea and Courtney, who were the same age as Amanda and Brittany and who became their best friends. While Gina was their stepmother (William's first wife had died) she was really the only mother that they remembered and she wholehearted loved them and they her.

Not only did I have to regularly interact with Gina because her daughters were besties with mine, but because William and Cheryl both travelled so much on business that they were gone at least three nights a week, and usually four or five, while Gina, who is an event planner, and I could basically work from home so we were around Brighton Court more than any other parents.

After about two years I eventually learned to cope with being around Gina without making a complete (just a partial) fool of myself, including by wearing a jock strap when I knew that I would be around her so as to keep my cock from obviously saluting. Also, I learned never to approach her if I thought that she was swimming in her pool, or working outside in her garden, because seeing her dressed in a bikini or Daisy Dukes sent me reeling and darn near comatose.


When Amanda and Chelsea were thirteen, and Brittany and Courtney were fourteen, they all played on the same travel softball team, along with another fourteen year old girl on the block, Samantha. I saw almost all of their games, along with Gina and Samantha's mother Marcia; Cheryl saw exactly one, William none. Anyway, the team had a tournament a three hour drive away and predictably Cheryl and William were out-of-town on business. The girls left Friday afternoon on a bus, and Marcia had arranged for her and her husband Jack, Gina, and me to travel by car later that afternoon. We would stay over-night in a hotel in the town where the tournament was being held, the rooms there for the parents already having been reserved. I offered to drive planning on putting Jack in front with me and Gina and Marcia in the back seat so that I didn't have to look at Gina's killer thighs or have her stare into my soul and stir my lascivious thoughts.

Goddamn Jack slipped and fell on his patio and broke his leg about an hour before we were to leave, and Marcia had to take him to the emergency room. She called Gina, who relayed the message to me that only Gina and I would be travelling by car together to the tournament. I started sweating like a pig and my mind was in turmoil; I had worked hard to avoid one-on-one contact with Gina as much as I could and now I had a three hour drive with just her and me. I did have enough wherewithal to put on a jock strap in the hopes that my certain boner wouldn't be too visible and did some deep breathing exercises to control my angst the best that I could.

I wasn't sure that my jock strap or breathing exercises would help when I went to pick Gina up. She was wearing a short skirt, halter top, and flip-flops, and just enough eye shadow to enhance the dynamism of her already bewitching eyes.

And so began my car trip with the most sultry woman I had ever seen.


The first hour or so of the car ride was close to bearable, as long as I didn't stare at Gina's thighs, at least one of which was always clearly visible as she put a bare foot on the console. Then she got a call on her cellphone. She basically said "hi," "no shit," "we're about ninety minutes away," "no problem," and "we'll cope," to the person on the other end of the call, and then chuckled as she terminated it.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Carol," she replied. Carol is the assistant coach of the softball team and the person who handles all travel arrangements.

"What did she have to say?" I inquired.

"I'll tell you later," she snickered, with an evil grin on her face, and then changed the subject.

After another uncomfortable hour, during which I was sweating from nervous anxiety as Gina's thighs looked more and more delicious to me, the entire tenor of the conversation changed, and not for the better as far as my ability to cope was concerned. The best that my muddled brain can recall it went something like this:

"I've had a question that I've wanted to ask you almost since we first met, Blake. I hope you'll answer it honestly because if you don't I'll know you're lying and then beat the truth out of you (chuckle, chuckle)."

"Uh...OK...I guess..." I winced more than chuckled.

"Why does a normally intelligent, with-it, dude like yourself act like a bumbling idiot when you're around me?"

"Uh...well...uh...what makes, uh, you think that I'm not, uh, inept all of the time?"

"Because I've seen you interact with other people when you're not staring at me, because I know that you're really good at your job and interacting with your customers - I've overheard you on the phone many times when picking up Amanda or Brittany - and because both your and my daughters say that you're the funniest most engaging guy they know and eventually they want a husband just like you," she snickered.

That was news to me, but I smiled at her comment - before I realized that she was still waiting for a response to her question. After I stuttered another thirty seconds or so she snapped "Answer the damn question, and then I'll answer the question you haven't asked but are dying to."

"Uh...I...don't, uh, really have, uh a question..." I stammered.

"The hell you don't; now answer my fucking question Blake. Why do you sweat like a pig around me, like you're doing now, and stammer like a bad connection?"

I had to say something, so I blurted out "Because you're intimidating!"

Gina laughed. "So my five foot two, one hundred five pound ass intimidates your six foot two, two hundred pound wimpy self, huh?"

"I weigh only 195," I quickly responded hoping to put her off the scent. No such luck; she was like a shark that smelled blood.

She prodded some more, punched her finger into my ribs a few times, cuffed me on the back of the head once, and finally said "OK, asshole. It's clear that you're not man enough to admit it, so I'll answer my question for you. You want to stick your cock so far up my pussy that it tickles my tonsils, and that makes you tongue-tied and nervous as hell."

I was close to melt-down as I glanced at her evil smile and penetrating stare. Then she continued as she spread her legs and turned her torso toward me: "And, the answer to the question that you wanted to ask, but are too chicken-shit to, is no, I do not have panties on; see..."

I ran off the road but fortunately regained control before I crashed into something.

"You're going to kill us if you keep driving, aren't you?" she sneered.

I had no response, although "she probably is right especially if she exposed her pussy to me again" flashed through my brain.

"See that Best Western motel on the next block - pull into the parking lot," she ordered.

Like an automaton I did as told. When I parked the car she ordered "Turn off the engine," which I hesitantly did. Then she said "The call from Carol told us that the hotel at the tournament site screwed up our reservations and that there are no rooms for the parents there, and the town we are in now is the closest one that has any rooms available. I'll be right back."

With that she walked into the motel office and returned a few minutes later.

"Grab our luggage and follow me," she barked as she strode purposefully away.

I got our gear out of the trunk and hustled after her. She opened the door on the end unit and motioned me in. The room had only one bed.

"Uh...where...uh...is my room?" I stammered.

"This is OUR room, dipshit," she snapped as she dropped her skirt, tore off her top - no bra - and stood naked a few feet from me.

I dropped the luggage and I'm sure turned completely red and just gasped, like a fish out of water trying to suck air. Her naked body looked other-worldly fantastic.

Gina wiggled her world class ass as she walked to the bed, turned down the covers, and lay down with her legs spread and her cooch glistening with moisture.

Our eyes met in an unblinking stare; I seemed unable to move until she snapped "Get your tongue on my clit, now, and fulfill your fantasy."

In my defense, because of Cheryl's travel and how tired she was when she was home I hadn't had more than three fucks in the last six months, and no sex of any kind in a month; I suddenly realized that what I had hallucinated Gina was saying to me every time that she stared at into my soul was true; and my dick was so hard that it hurt and was either going to burst, or shatter my jock strap, if I didn't do something quickly. So I shed my clothes in record time.

Gina laughed when she saw that I had a jock strap on. Her laugh turned into a "gulp" when she saw how angry my cock was once the jock strap was removed. In short order I was on her like a starving tiger on a deer as I put every amount of zeal that I could into pleasuring her pussy. I tongued her clit, played with her labia with the fingers of one hand, and penetrated her and sought out her G-spot with fingers on the other hand. I was more energetic than at any other time in my life, for any occasion not just for sex, and was spurred on more and more by the sweet nectar from her gushing cunt.

While I was in such a zone that I can't be confident exactly what transpired I'm quite sure that she had four mammoth orgasms from my oral and finger ministrations before she seemed to be virtually passed out. I guessed that she was out-of-it only because she eventually stopped yelling "Oh fuck yes, yes, yes!"

Once she seemed to go limp my cock made it known that it badly needed attention. As Gina lay groaning I lined my throbbing cock up with her sparkling pussy and slowly pushed in. That got her attention. Her eyes fluttered open and she threw her arms around my neck. Her cunt was so tight that I never would have been able to penetrate her if she wasn't so wet and relaxed. After only a half dozen strokes I came with a roar and a vengeance. She whimpered as I ejaculated stream after stream of cum into her anxious pussy. I had never felt that good before in my life; it seemed like every nerve ending in my body was overloaded as pleasure chemicals sloshed through my brain.

I temporarily lost awareness. When I regained it - after an orgasmic aftershock as powerful as any pre-Gina orgasm that I had ever had ravaged my body - I was lying on my side face-to-face (as much as two people a foot different in height can be) with Gina with my dick still buried in her cooch as our combined juices slowly leaked out of her. When she opened her eyelids and I stared into her dichromatic eyes I realized that I had done what I always hallucinated she was telling me I wanted to do - fuck her with every ounce of lust in my body. I smiled and then kissed her for the first time.

The kiss lasted a long time; long enough so that my softening cock started inflating again. With a perplexed look on her face as we broke our kiss she giggled "Oh my; has your friend come back to life again?"

"He really, really likes you," I groaned as I hardened more quickly as at any other time in my life.

Without us separating, Gina's strong little arms pushed me on my back. We both groaned as she started bouncing up and down while squeezing my cock with her pc muscles. I started playing with the engorged nipples on her tiny tits and found out that they were hypersensitive. From the sounds that she made and the way that her body spasmed she seemed to orgasm from my nipple play alone. Finally several times I bucked my hips up as hard and fast as I could, causing her to have another massive orgasm as I unloaded another barrage of cum into her pussy, causing her pussy muscles to grip my cock as powerfully as a hand might.

When we both recovered from her bucking bronco ride my cock finally popped out of her pussy. As we lay there staring into each other's eyes Gina spoke first.

"Was the reality as good as the fantasy?"

I laughed. "So much better that it's impossible to comprehend or describe in words."

"I can't believe that your cock fits my pussy perfectly," she chuckled. "Plus, it looks so good that I'm definitely going to have to give you a few blow jobs, and maybe even warm up my ass for you."

"Hollow threats; hollow," I snickered.

With that she got an evil grin, shinnied down to my crotch, and took my wilted cock into her mouth. It didn't stay wilted long. I recovered much faster than at any other time in my history and as she sucked every last drop of seminal fluid out of me my circuits were fried again!

After dinner we explored each other's bodies for erogenous zones. I carefully cataloged all of hers in my mind. We were too tired and sore to fuck again, but it was absolutely delicious falling asleep with my arms around her heavenly body.

When I woke up in the middle of the night my cock was rock hard again. Once I realized where I was and who I was with I turned Gina onto her back and started nibbling on her clit and playing with her pussy and nipples. She woke up, smiled, got on her hands and knees and started fingering her clit while I licked her pussy between her legs and played with her rosebud.

"Do me doggy..." she moaned, "but not too hard since my pussy is still tender from your cave-man activities earlier today."

I obliged.

After our mutual massive orgasms as we fell asleep again in each other's arms the thought flashed through my mind "Knocking off a piece of goddess ass in the middle of the night has to be the best thing ever!"


The next day, Saturday, at the tournament, Gina and I didn't sit together. It would have been too distracting, and I might have been unable to keep myself from grabbing her right in the stands, which would NOT have gone over well with the fans, our daughters, or anyone else. After three games and dinner with our daughters, we headed back to the Best Western, forty five minutes' drive from the tournament softball diamonds.

As we drove to the motel Gina flashed her pussy at me and said "I suppose that you think that you're going to get more of this, huh stud?"

"Unless you have a gun you won't stop me," I growled back.

"Repeat after me," she chuckled: "Gina is my fantasy woman; I want to fuck her brains out; I want to stick my dick in all of her useable holes and then to fall asleep in her arms."

I dutifully repeated after her. At one time or another that night my cock did end up in each of her three useable holes. Since I knew what to expect and that it really was going to come true, impossibly it was even better than the previous night. We were two sore and wiped out caballeros when we dragged our asses to the tournament's final two games on Sunday. Everyone was happy when our daughters' team ended up second in the sixteen team tournament and I'm sure that the girls' bus ride back was joyful.

My car ride back was invigorating. I talked Gina into wearing slacks and a conservative top "So that we don't get into an accident." I almost did anyway when she started explaining to me how she saw our relationship progressing.

"Neither you nor I get enough sex from our spouses, Blake; in fact they love their jobs and seem to just keep us around for appearances sake. We can easily remedy the 'not enough sex' part since we live virtually next door to each other, have flexible hours, you have a secluded guest house bordering the woods in the back of your lot, and our spouses are always on the road. What say that you lay some pipe in me three or four times a week, stud?" Gina said with an enormous grin.

Over the next two sex-filled years, where virtually without exception we did copulate at least three times a week, I couldn't help falling in love with Gina; nor could I help telling her that. Whenever I did, usually after another over-the-top passionate sexual experience she would simply giggle and say "I know." Now thirty six year old Gina never said that she loved me until one afternoon in my guest house master bedroom about two years after our fateful car trip.

After she rode me reverse cowgirl to as explosive an orgasm as I had ever had she snuggled up to me and whispered "I'm going to test your love for me, Blake; and finally admit that I love you too."

"How so?" I inquired, staring into her enchanting dichromatic eyes and noticing a few tears forming in them.

"I do love you; so much so that I'm seven weeks pregnant with your son."

"What's your plan?" was all that I could think to respond since I was gobsmacked.

"Since I was able to actually get William's cock up about two months ago and gave him a mercy fuck he and everyone else will assume that it's his kid. Then, as soon as our youngest daughters, Courtney and Amanda, go to college we'll divorce Cheryl and William, get married, and raise our son together; and fuck each other senseless into old age," she replied.

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