tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Carnal Clubs Auction

The Carnal Clubs Auction


Just as sleep starts to take me, I feel him climb into bed, his arms circling me briefly. His hands rubbing at my wrists, pulling me, until I am lying face-down. The sharp sound of the handcuffs ratcheting, encasing my wrists, brings me fully awake. He growls, deep in his throat as he slips a blindfold over my eyes, and says, "We are going out...get up!"

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" my voice quivers as an icy shiver runs along my spine.

The sound of his hand slicing the air, just a breath before I feel the sharp sting, the sound of his hand striking my bare ass. It drives the breath from my lungs, no air left to even scream as my ass is lit on fire.

His hands grab me and pull me from bed, my feet barely under me before he pulls me across the room. I am naked, bare footed and shaking with fear. What is he doing, where could he be taking me at this late hour?

Disoriented in my own house, I am tugged along after him. The icy coolness of the summer evening makes my nipples tighten, harden, they tingle and itch. He pushes me up against the car, in the driveway, in full view of the street, of the neighbours. I open my mouth to protest, to demand that he take me back inside, but instead, find my mouth stuffed with fabric. The sharp tang of something on my tongue, soft fabric filling my mouth, I start to gag when ...

He slaps at my hard nipples, his open palm striking my heaving breasts over and over again. The sound of those smacks interrupted by the noise of tires on pavement, the slowing of an engine. The cheers of people in the car. Tears start to spill from under the blindfold, hot shameful tears, coursing over my cheeks as he bends to suck a pert nipple into his mouth, his teeth tearing at the base, my body writhing on the car, ass grinding backwards as I try to escape.

The sound of car doors slamming, then footsteps drawing closer.

"Hey, mind if we watch?" a deep male voice inquires.

His teeth drag at my nipple, pulling it up and away from my breast before it slips out, the pain ripping through me. My feet beating a tattoo in the driveway as I dance from tiptoe to tiptoe.

He sucks the drool noisily back into his mouth and answers, "You may watch, you may even touch if you wish."

I grunt against the gag in my mouth, shaking my head in denial, my hair flying from side to side.

"Are you sure it's ok, we don't want to get in any trouble. You are not kidnapping her or anything are you?" the voice sounds young, almost tinged with concern.

He answers, "Oh, you won't get in any trouble, and no I am not kidnapping her, if you doubt that she is enjoying this, just dip your fingers into her greedy pussy and feel. I bet she is sopping wet already."

I howl into the gag, leaning back onto the car, trying to melt into the cold metal. Two fingers run up and down my slit, teasing me. My traitorous pussy lips swelling, quickly parting under the pressure of those probing fingers. He plunges both into my greedy hole, and omg....yes they slide in so easily. My face turning a deep crimson, mortified that a stranger gets to see how aroused I have become, how eagerly my body responds to the torment.

His voice resonates through me as he leans in close and whispers in my ear, "This will be a special night, one you won't ever forget."

Shaking, feeling goose bumps raise on my flesh, my nipples tweaked by warm hands, pulled and twisted, fingers probing deeper into the folds of my pussy, scraping at my slick walls, strong vaginal muscles pulling at them, urging them deeper, and all I can do is moan into the gag, shudder as my body takes its pleasure.

The sound of a vehicle approaching, it too slowing and stopping and the sound of more car doors opening and closing. All I want to do is shrink into the metal at my back, become part of the car.

Whispered words that I cannot hear. Then the fingers in my pussy are pulled out and the sound of someone licking the juices from them carries on the air. I arch against the car, my ass wriggling on the metal, warmed as it sucks the heat from my flesh.

I am turned roughly and bent over the hood of the car, my nipples scraping the cold metal, shivering from head to toe, I close my legs, squeezing my thighs together, denying any entrance. The hand cuffs are released and before I can flex the stiffening muscles, both arms are gripped by strong hands. I am steered out the driveway, naked as the day I was born and the cold icy finger of fear takes hold of me.

Almost glad of the soft gag in my mouth, as I am sure that my teeth would be chattering if not for the fabric stuffed inside. I am lifted straight up and I can feel the soft sway of the vehicle. My mind casts about, trying to identify where I am, it must be the bed of a truck. I am led forward, the uneven flooring of the truck making me stumble, but those hands will not let me fall.

First my left arm is lifted, high above my head and a strap is fastened around it, then my right. I am puzzling out what I am being strapped to, when my legs are guided apart, teased apart as a hand runs the length of my pussy, my wilful body responding again.

I groan into the gag as my legs are pulled wide and I can feel straps fastened to my ankles, my body resting slightly forward, my chest on a solid surface while my breasts sway freely. All of a sudden I realize that I am trussed up in the shape of an X. Arms wide and up to either side, legs pulled and held apart, and with a feeling of panic, I start to struggle in the bonds. Fear making me forget to breathe, I thrash against the bindings, every muscle standing out as I pull and tug.

A series of spanks on my ass cheeks settling me, my struggles forced from me, my breath coming at last, great heaving gasps as I pull air in through my nose. Leaning heavily forward, the smacks on my ass continue, a series of blows covering me from upper buttock to just above my knees, no longer trying to get away, but melting into the structure that holds me upright and spread.

His voice in my ear again, "I do so love it when you struggle my pet, you make such a lovely target, and your ass glows so wonderfully." his hand runs across the weals that crisscross my ass, and I moan into the gag. He leans closer still, so that his hot, wet breath oozes into my ear with his words, "One more adornment and then I think we can be on our way. Take a deep breath, you are going to need it."

His hand glides up and down the well exposed crack of my ass, his fingers probing gently as they graze across that pulsing little brown mouth, seemingly hungering to be fed. His fingers leave my ass and as I take a deep breath, the slick feeling of oil is run along my crack, his fingers working it into my tight back door and the realization of what is about to happen turns the blood coursing quickly through my veins to run cold. Struggling once again, I pull and squirm, trying to free myself, my head shaking in denial, and then....

The plug is pressed to my bum-hole, the pressure increasing as I writhe on the cross, my breasts aching, nipples tingling as my body, my wanton and greedy body awaits the intrusion of the plug that pushes its way inside. My ass stretching to accept the thick plug, the oils making my skin slick, so that it slides almost too easily into the elastic ring. The burning pain, the stretched skin, the muscles as they convulse on the foreign object, and my lungs bursting with the need to scream.

My pussy gushing its own sweet lubricants as the plug holds my ass wide, stretched impossibly wide, and time stands still, right here in this moment. The pressure of the hand that pushes the plug into my ass, and the tension of my sphincter as it struggles to hold back the huge phallic object, until with a grunt, he pushes, wriggling the plug around in a circle, and with an audible 'plop' it finally breaks through to settle inside me. I can feel the soft tickling of the attached tail as my entire body starts to shake and shudder, my groans loud, even through the gag, as I cum, right there...cum all over my thighs, feeling it dripping, hot and wet. Shame at my reaction quickly following the orgasm, and I slump in my bonds as silent sobs wrack my body with a new batch of quivers.

His voice in my ear once more, "That's my good girl, that's the way my beautiful pet, cum like the slut you are." His voice fades, leaving me weak and wanton, until the sound of the paddle breaks through, once more lighting up the nerves in my ass, turning my flesh to crimson once more. He continues as I gasp and try to catch a breath, "I am going to take your blindfold off so that you can see where we are going." and with that he tugs it over my head.

I blink in the darkness, eyes stinging from the recently shed tears, and take a moment to look at my surroundings. I am trussed to a cross, standing in the back of a pick-up truck, naked, and there are several people staring up at me. Their eyes are bright, with excitement and I see one hand stroking the front of his pants as he leers at my body.

He jumps down from the truck and I hear the tailgate slamming shut. Within moments the truck starts to move, driving forward, through the streets of the neighbourhood where I live and I groan into the gag, my eyes darting back and forth. Saved only by the lateness of the hour, there are few people still out at this time of night, and thankfully, I don't recognize anyone.

I can hear the wolf whistles, the cat calls and the general laughter of all who bear witness to my drive of shame. It seems like forever until we turn into a side street, in an area of town that I am not familiar with, and the truck finally lurches to a stop.

I am left standing there, exposed to the night sky, shivering as the sweat and cum dries on my body. Finally I feel the movement under my feet, as they shift in the cab, I watch as the doors open and he climbs out. The driver is someone I have never seen before and he grins up at me, "Well now, did you enjoy your personal parade through the streets, I know from the amount of cars that followed us, that you were a hit."

I try to turn my head, to see who may be behind me, bearing witness to the soft swish of that tail as my sphincter muscle clenches tight on the plug. But I can't turn enough to see, the sound of honking horns turns me to a quivering shell as I see the flash of a camera, forever capturing the indignity of my position.

He jumps into the back of the truck, running his hands over my aching bottom, fingering the raised welts, then he tugs on the plug, ensuring that it is still tightly held in place. He reaches around me and pulls the gag from my mouth, "I think the crowd would like to hear you as well as see you."

I lick my parched lips, feeling the saliva building in my mouth, and stare horrified at the scrap of fabric in his hand. It is a pair of my panties, out of my laundry hamper, the ones he made me wear after making love to me last night. No wonder I thought I could taste cum on my gag. Swallowing hard, I finally trust my voice to ask, "Where are we? Why are you doing this?" and with eyes wide, "What are you going to do to me?"

His deep laugh resonates in the air, "My pet, we are at a very special club. I am doing this because I know deep down, you are thoroughly enjoying yourself, and to answer the what, you will find out soon enough."

I can feel the movement of the truck as someone else climbs into the back. Unable to see behind me, I am startled into a loud gasp as lips start to suckle at my neck. My scream rings out as teeth sink into that tender flesh at juncture of neck and shoulder, tearing into me, marking my skin.

The cross is tipped backwards so that I am suspended and I am passed to a waiting crowd that has gathered around the truck. A moment of weightlessness as the cross is held aloft, then a soft thud as I am placed upright once again. My range of vision only allowing to see what is directly in front of me, so I cannot tell where I am, or who is here with me. I quiver on the cross, my heavy breasts swinging free, pointed tips aching.

The cross has been outfitted with wheels, it glides across the parking lot and through the gate into an open courtyard. As I look around, I see that the courtyard is surrounded by balconies. And on every balcony is a couple, men and women, men and men, women and women, threesomes and moresomes, all staring down at me. There is a tightness in my chest and I am wishing for the blindfold once more. The tightness becomes a critical point, focusing my mind on the fact that I think I am going to explode. His voice in my ear reminding me, "Breathe my pet, just breathe."

The tightness slowly dissipates as I fill my lungs with the cool night air. Concentrating on breathing, closing my eyes, willing my body to relax, every muscle tightly coiled and aching from the effort. He whispers, "Open your eyes, play to your audience, they want to see you."

I am left in the centre of the courtyard. As I let my eyes wander in my limited field of vision, I see that there are other women here, all around the edges, similarly bound and on display. The sound of a whip breaking the air, the sharp crack as it kisses flesh and the howl of agony making me visibly shake. I can only imagine her pain, at least I hope that I will only have to imagine it.

There is a general murmur through the crowd and I look up to see a naked man standing alone on a balcony, microphone in hand, cock in his other hand. His cock seems to be larger than the microphone and I suck in an appreciative gasp.

Silence follows and then he starts to speak:

"Welcome to the official opening of National Nude Day. It is a day we look forward to all year, and as the clock is fast approaching midnight, we have 24 hours of revelry to look forward to. Thank you to all of our very willing and exotic slaves, there are 24 of them in the arena. One for every hour of the day. And now...let the festivities begin..."

There is a loud drum roll and the sound of applause from every area of the arena. A blast of a trumpet, then a volley of fireworks that bathes the many naked bodies with pretty colours. A general noise erupts as everyone starts talking, the sound of requests being hollered from the balconies...and then another announcement...

"Masters, start working your slaves, the auction will start at 8 am, and you must deliver your slave to the winning bidder by 10 am."

The shock of the statement is evident in my eyes. He leans in close and kisses my lips, then whispers, "You are going to fetch a high bid tonight, I can tell by the way the crowd hushed as you were wheeled in, and I have secured you the centre of the arena. I sent in a video of you as you were masturbating and they loved it...this is a closed club, we were lucky to have been invited. Make sure you give them a good show."

He slaps my ass as he walks away. I can see him as he approaches a booth along one wall. He is smiling as he comes back carrying what looks like a tool box. He runs his nails down my back, raking lines of red on my pale flesh. His hand wanders lower, tugging at my tail, making me squirm on the cross, my tits swollen with desire, my puffy pussy lips draping open as a fresh stream of cum pours out.

He moves to stand in front of me, slowly opening the tool box and I gasp as I see what is inside, It is an assortment of toys, paddles, clamps and stuff that I can not even put a name to. Time seems to stand still, I can hear the sounds of paddles and whips striking flesh all around me. The high pitched keening of the screams, the low groans of orgasm, the cheers of the crowd, and as I inhale, the heady scent of sex on the wind.

"Just keep smiling my pet, and cum as needed." he smiles at me, standing up he grabs the back of my head, a fistful of hair as he angles my mouth to his. He kisses me, such passion that for a moment it is just me and my Master. Alone, sharing a kiss.

He let's go of my hair, and lowers his lips to my right nipple, tearing into it, sucking hard, making it swell, throb in his mouth. He quickly moves to my left nipple, duplicating the process, my hips grinding forward, thrusting at the warmth of the wood. He snaps a clamp onto each nipple, my howl pealing out into the night, overshadowing the screams of the arena.

His hand moves to rub my swollen button, as his other holds the cruel clamp in front of me. I beg him quietly, "No, please don't, no, I can't stand that. You know I hate it when you do that to me." a tear tracks over my cheek as he ignores my pleas, bends down and lets the cold metal bite into my throbbing clit.

A loud whistle of appreciation as my body spasms, the pain making me shake, the entire cross quaking as I writhe and grind on the wood. He quickly threads a chain through the three clamps, tethering them together and then to add to the pain, he hangs a weight from the chain. It pulls and drags on all three of my most sensitive bits.

He stands back, smiling at me as my body adjusts to the clamps, the sharp pain dulling to an ever present ache, my hips looking like they are trying to fuck the juncture of the cross as I twist my wrists in an effort to get free. He licks his lips, then dips down into the box once more and comes up with a gleaming metal hook, the girth of the ball at the end looking like a bowling ball, my mind coming up with a recently seen picture of exactly where that hook is intending to go.

I scream, "Nooooooo!"

He walks around behind me, yanks the plug free and without a moment's hesitation starts to press that bulbous hook to my ass. He presses hard, sliding it down momentarily to lube it at my pouring pussy, then drags it back up, the slippery oils making it glide over my skin. He pushes, and as my ass opens, he holds it in place at the widest point and reaches forward to tug at the chain, the pain erupts, fresh as the clamps bite in deeper, the pinched flesh of nipples and clit on fire. He pushes the ball home, and let's go. The hook dancing obscenely as I cum...orgasming from the pain, screaming, I hear the mixed screams of the others in pain, in pleasure...and as it finally wanes I slump forward, glad of the straps holding me upright.

He sits on the tool box, watching me, smiling as I finally open my eyes, look at him, silently begging to be taken home. His grin is wide as he stands, reaches into the box and comes out with a length of rope. He starts to wind it around one heavy breast, until when I look down, it is jutting up and out, turning red as the circulation is cut off. He then runs it over my shoulder, and pulling my head back he ties it to my hair, runs it down through the loop on the hook, back to my hair and down to wrap it tightly around my other breast.

I can only look up, see a few of the balconies, every movement of my head pulling at my ass, my breasts as they swell, my nipples chained to my clit and every part of me on fire. His tongue runs along my cheek, snaking into my open mouth, he tugs at the chain again and swallows my scream. Sealing his lips to mine, breathing in as I exhale my lungs into his.

He stands back, rubs at his crotch, pressing the fabric of his pants to the bulging outline of his hard cock. My eyes devouring him, body so attuned to his that I can almost feel his hard hot length at my pussy lips. OMG! What is it that I do feel at my swollen lips, tugging at my clamped clit? I try to look down, the hook in my ass pulling up sharply, making me wince, I stare up again, breathing slowly as fingers part my folds. He stands and watches, as I am handled, inspected, by unseen hands.

The sound of the whip, too close, and then the strip of heat as it lashes at my ass. It wraps around me, kissing at the sides of my breasts, each stroke sending a warning as it whistles, a mere breath before it kisses my flesh. My head held back, my mouth wide as I scream at the agony, the whip dancing on my skin, striping me, my pale flesh like a neon beacon of lines.

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