The Carol Project


"Man, you haven't told me anything that I didn't already know. If Carol is as hot as you say, and I'm sure she is, my guess is that the project would make her love you even more. Hell, you would be giving her a present that most women couldn't even dream about."

"You're rationalizing, Darrel. Everything you just said may be true, but, there is a risk to this and you know it." His protests seemed feeble even to him. He knew yesterday that if there was ever any chance to make something like this happen, well he would just take the risk. He also knew that as hot as Carol got when she watched the video and recalling what she said, that there was a chance Darrel may be right. The only question was, how could he talk her into doing it in just a few months when he hadn't had any success in more than a year?

"So it sounds like you think the project may be a good idea, right?" Asked Darrel.

"Sure it's a good idea, I just don't know what more I can do to get her to agree. I've told you that she won't even think about fucking one white guy."

"Look, I can try to find more videos like the one all three of us like so much. We can feed her a steady diet of them." He thought for a second or two and then said, "I'll be willing to bet you that when you get home tonight she will have watched the video again."

He remembered that he left the piece of paper on the stand next to the computer with the URL and the directions that Darrel had jotted down yesterday. He too wondered if she would be tempted to take another look at the video with the insatiable woman.

Just fifteen minutes away from Brad's office, in the big old house on Trammel Lane, Carol couldn't get the fabulous night she had enjoyed with her husband out of her head. She knew that the video had added a new dimension to their love making. She saw how much it turned Brad on but was shocked when she asked him why it made him so hot and he responded, "I can't help thinking that you are the woman in the video. Sorry baby, that's the truth. I would love it if you could enjoy yourself as much as she did."

"She did have fun, no doubt about that. But, Brad, I'm not her."

"No, you're not her. You're much more beautiful than she is and much sexier."

"Oh, you . . ."

"I'm not kidding Carol and you know it."

"Well if you want to fantasize about it that's okay, just don't get your hopes up, buster." she said playfully as she poked him in the ribs. "I don't think I could ever do what she did," she added thoughtfully, seeming to open the door, just a smidgen, which surprised him, nonetheless.

Carol reminded herself, that was last night. This morning, she was restless. The big old house was empty except for her. She had no plans for the day which seemed to be more and more typical for her. She was drawn to the corner of their bedroom like a moth to a flaming candle. She seemed to be on autopilot as she sat down in the chair facing the computer. She typed in and in no time she was on the site whose address was written on the slip of paper on the stand. This time she didn't go directly to the video but experimented and found that she could also navigate to more than ten thousand other free videos. This site was so much bigger and better than any of the other free sites that she and Brad had visited in the past, or any of the DVDs that he had bought at adult book stores. Not only did the variety of clips on this new site seem endless, they came up lightning fast. As she became familiar with how the site was organized, it seemed to her as if everyday dozens of new clips were posted. Some were women with women, most were women with one or more men. There were white and black men and women. She saw that many of the clips were from Europe, some from South America, but most were from the US. She noted that each video was rated by the viewers together with the number of times it had been watched. Five red Xs was the top score possible and she was stunned to see that some of the videos had been watched more than a million times. Guess I'm not to only person who likes this stuff, she told herself.

That day Carol spent more than two hours at the computer and ended by viewing the video that she and Brad had watched the night before. She felt very guilty about wasting so much time, and even more guilty because of the feelings that watching the salacious videos had conjured in her. Brad wasn't there and it was his idea that they watch the porn together to heat up their love lives. Now, she had been watching alone for the first time in her life and getting very turned on. She had mixed feelings. A part of her hated the women in the videos and what they were doing. Another part, that she tried her very best to suppress but without much success, envied them.

She wondered about the women in the videos and especially the woman in -- what she had come to think of as -- their video. Who was she? Carol was pretty sure that she was married because of the ring on the third finger of her left hand. Did she have children? Did she work outside the home? Was she happy with her life? Carol knew that if she saw the woman on the street she would think, my what a pretty, classy lady. Never in a million years would she think, wow, that's a woman that would fuck twenty-nine guys one after the other. The question that was the most puzzling was: why did the mystery woman participate in the video which was about the wildest thing Carol could imagine? Was it the woman's idea or someone else's idea, say her husband's? If it was someone else's idea did she jump at the first opportunity, or did it take time for her to become a willing -- actually an extremely enthusiastic -- participant?

Twice during the time she watched the videos she used her fingers to bring herself off and had to clean the cushion on their computer chair. Masturbating was something she seldom did because there was no need for her to do that because Brad's fingers, his tongue, and especially his cock were always there to take care of her sexual needs. But, just maybe, her sexual needs were greater than she had realized, she thought for the first time as she rationalized her behavior.

Carol found herself thinking about sex all the time. Of course when she watched the videos she was thinking about the sex, but even before she sat down in front of the computer to watch and be inflamed with forbidden thoughts, she found herself thinking about watching and then after viewing them she thought about when she would watch again. When she was driving the car, shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, her thoughts were almost always about the things Brad was telling her that turned him on, or recalling a particular scene in a video that excited her. She had heard, or read somewhere, that the average man has sexual thoughts hundreds of times during the day. Someone else suggested that the average man thinks of sex just once each day, but for twenty four hours. She wondered if she wasn't becoming like the average man, thinking about sex almost constantly and it concerned her. Often, she found herself ashamed and disgusted with the new feelings that were stimulated by watching the videos and listening to Brad's bold and -- she thought -- very un-husbandly ideas for her.

October raced by with a high school Football game scheduled every Friday or Saturday night. The old hardwood trees on the front and back yards of the big old house on Trammel Lane had shed their brightly colored leaves and would now rest for a season or two. On Wednesday nights they met at the bowling center for the city league. Brad noticed that Darrel was much more attentive to Carol than before. The touches, hugs and jokes -- that were coarser than before -- seemed natural, but Brad knew they were all part of a devious plan, the too familiar touches and the sexy banter were a part of Darrel's contribution to the project.. "Hey what's going on with you and Darrel?" he asked one night as they were driving home from the bowling center.

"What on earth do you mean?"

"Looks to me like he's getting pretty familiar with you."

"Oh you. Darrel's like a big brother to me," she said knowing that Brad was right. She also sensed that Darrel felt he could hold her longer, invade her space and press against her side when they were standing or sitting by each other. And his touches, well his touches lingered and were in places he never would have touched just a month before. Not that his seemingly innocent contacts with his black hand were in places that were obviously out of bounds, but his hand would frequently come to rest on her thigh, and as time went on, they were higher and higher on her thigh which she knew was very un-big brotherly but, nonetheless, they were never rebuffed by her. To have rebuffed Darrel's touches would have been to acknowledge them and about that she was in denial, therefore, it wasn't really happening she told herself over and over.

Before they knew it the holidays were upon them. Thanksgiving, when all the family gathered at their home -- including Brad's parents and two of his siblings -- marked the kickoff of the very busy, festive annual season for the Taylors. Darrel and Ruthie came over after thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed dessert with them. Then it was back to college for the two oldest kids, even if just for a few weeks before the Christmas' break.

To Brad, it seemed as if the project had been placed on hold. Little did he know that Darrel had been very busy during the same period when he had been consumed with: shopping, decorating the house, buying the perfect freshly cut tree, picking kids up at the airport, addressing and mailing cards and the thousand other things that were always a part of his holiday season. Also, little did Brad know that even though Carol didn't know that she had become a project for himself and his black, best friend, she was doing her part by watching other women with many men whenever she could steal a private moment or two out of each day on their computer. Little did Carol know that she was slowly, step by step, becoming a little more vulnerable to the whisperings and prodding of her husband during and after their couplings that had increased in both frequency and intensity. Almost daily, in the aftermath of great sex, his breathy voice painted sizzling, forbidden word pictures in her mind -- that seemed to be just a bit more open to his suggestions than it had ever been.

One night just before the holiday season ended, Carol confessed her almost addiction to watching porn by herself when Brad was at work. It started with an innocent question: "Brad, honey, what's a MILF?" She didn't even try to pronounce it as a word but spelled it out letter by letter.

"Ha ha. Baby, you're a Milf."

"So then tell me."

"It's an acronym. A MILF is a mom I'd like to fuck. You're a mom that every man would like to fuck," he explained as he looked into her eyes and saw a blush cover her face. "Where in the world did you hear about Milfs?"

"Oh, I don't remember, I heard it somewhere," she lied, knowing that she had seen it many times on the website where their video was posted. What Brad had told her was pretty much what she had figured out for herself, so why did she even bring it up? She never lied to Brad, because it wasn't ever necessary. Had the conversation ended there he might never have discovered what she had been doing when he was at work and Tim was at school, but she went on, needing to unburden herself of the unbearably heavy feeling of guilt. "Okay, so what about DP and creampies?"

Brad propped himself up on his elbow looked at her with a renewed curiosity and answered, "well, I think you know that DP is double penetration which usually means a cock in the ass and the pussy at the same time. We've talked about that before. And creampies, well, I thought you understood too that it isn't a bakery product, in this context, ha ha, that it's when a guy shoots bareback in a pussy, not in a condom, and his jizz oozes out of the woman's pussy."

"Yeah, that's what I thought," she said reddening even more and obviously embarrassed, not just because of the sex talk but also because she was thinking Brad might see her as naive.

"Baby, do you want to be creampied?"

"That's what we do every time."

"I mean by somebody else."

"Of course not. It's just your cream that I want inside me."

"Carol," he said with real interest, "where did all of this come from?"

"Oh, you'll hate me," she blurted out . . . unable to keep the dark secret to herself for another moment. "Anyway, ever since you came home with the instructions on how to get to the site with our video, I find myself watching that gross stuff a lot. It's almost like I'm addicted to it. I'm sorry Brad, I know we were only supposed to watch this stuff together."

He thought she was going to cry. "Baby, nothing to be sorry about. I'm fine with you watching it."

"But Brad it makes me . . . it makes me horny. I feel terrible about it. I must be a slut, a nympho or something, maybe I need counseling, or medication."

"Carol you're healthy. Hey, I'm okay with this," he said with a smile knowing that Darrel would tell him, "I told you so," when he reported what Carol had been doing.

"But honey, I have to tell you that when I watch some of those videos I find myself wondering what it would feel like. I mean, I think we fit together perfectly but some of those guys . . . well anyway I can't help but wonder . . . "

Brad thought maybe he hadn't heard her correctly but he knew that he had. "That's natural baby. I know you've never been interested before, but what about trying a big toy?"

"I'm still not interested in that," she said shaking her head. "Let's face it, you've spoiled me for the real thing. I can't imagine a cold, lifeless piece of rubber or plastic it just wouldn't be the same thing for me. No, for me, for the total experience it would have to be alive and attached to a real man. Also," she paused looked away for a few seconds, then with some difficulty continued with her confession, "also, I can't help but think about all the stuff you've been talking about . . . I mean, you know . . . well more than more guy. I've got to stop this, it's just wrong."

"Carol honey, every adult is a sexual creature until they wither up. Think about it, if fucking wasn't fun the human race would end."

"Sure, of course, but that's to express love and to have children, that's not what I'm talking about Brad."

"I know that baby, but think about the woman in the video, she didn't love those men, she wasn't going to have their baby, she was just having a great time, a better time than she could ever have had with her husband, with any one guy no matter how much of stud he might be. I'm sure she isn't crazy, she doesn't need therapy or medication, she's just a healthy woman," he paused for emphasis, looked into her eyes and said, "she's just like you. You haven't done anything wrong, honey. There's nothing for you to feel guilty about."

"That's easy for you to say, and thanks for trying to make me feel better, but I still think watching that stuff, listening to your ideas that don't sound as crazy and as impossible now, as they once did, and feeling the way I've been feeling is wrong and I'm frightened Brad," she explained as she clung tightly to his warm, familiar body.

Chapter 4, Fertilizing

It was the first day back at work in the new year when Darrel said, "well, now that the holidays are behind us, I think the project should be our number one priority, don't you?"

"Three months have elapsed," answered Brad, "just three to go if we're going to make this happen on schedule."

"It's all up to you pal," said Darrel. "Actually, I'm much farther along than I've reported to you on my part of the deal. I thought it best to wait until we were back to work to talk about it. Anyway, I've found this place in Columbus. It's a swinger's club called Club B&W that caters to interracial couples. A pal of mine, guy named William, goes there all the time. Don't get pissed, but I told him all about the project. We've been talking for a few weeks and . . . well, he talked with the couple that own the place. He tells me that they can get thirty hung black guys on short notice and they've offered to make their place available as the scene of the crime," he said with a chuckle..

"I'm not pissed Darrel." Brad was more like incredibly curious and very interested in what his buddy had been up to, though he didn't let on. Also, he realized that when Darrel told William about the project he must have described Carol in detail to a total stranger which caused the space in the front of his pants to shrink just a bit. "So tell me about this Club B&W," he said trying to sound more casual about his interest than he really was.

"Like I said, it's in Columbus, an hour and a half drive up I-71, as if you didn't know how to get to Columbus. This couple is building a big house where they'll hold parties in the future, now the parties are held once a month in their apartment. I think they actually started in Cleveland, not that it matters. Anyway, William told me that they have a party scheduled for this Friday, I thought you should talk with Carol about going. What do you say?"

"Wow! This Friday, that's kind of short notice. I don't know if she's ready," he said even though he did know that she was much more ready than Darrel probably thought she was, because he hadn't told Darrel anything about her porn watching confession, though he intended to when the time was right.

"Nothing has to happen at the party," said Darrel. "I just thought this would be an important step, a really big step. Like I said, she wouldn't have to do anything at all. William told me that not everyone participates. But, think about it Brad, just being there and watching all the action in person would be a hell of a lot better than watching the videos to advance the project," Darrel said excitedly. "At least that's what I think."

"Darrel, there's no doubt you're right about that. Just remember though, Carol's never even seen another guy fucking in the flesh. She might freak out or, more likely, refuse to go anyway."

"Well, can't hurt to ask her, can it?"

"I will. Tonight in bed, probably when I'm between her legs, I'll tell her I would like to go."

That was exactly the way it turned out. That night they started fooling around, which seemed to be a daily occurrence, not just two or three times a week as it had been before the project had been initiated. The fooling around, the kissing touching and exploring led to what they both loved the best, Carol on her back with her long legs splayed as wide as possible with Brad between them. They were connected by his penis which penetrated her juicy pussy to the hilt. The friction of their opposing movements stimulated them more than anything else. Both had been talking more during intercourse than they had before that day when they watched their video for the first time together. Now, three months later, they had watched the video together dozens of times and never tired of it. Carol, however, had watched it more than Brad because she watched it many times when he was at work, and, then again, when he returned and they watched it together.

"Oh baby you feel so good. Like warm butter on velvet wrapped around and massaging my throbbing dick."

"Brad, honey I . . . I can't tell you how much I love you inside me . . . how much I love fucking you. How . . . how much I love to be fucked."

"Darrel told me today that a friend of his goes to this place in Columbus, I guess it's a swinger's club or something like that. They apparently . . . oh shit, baby, don't squeeze me or I'll come too soon." He caught his breath and continued, "Lay still for a second, okay? I'll just soak in your cunt while I tell you about this place."

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