tagLesbian SexThe Carpet Layer's Club Ch. 01

The Carpet Layer's Club Ch. 01


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It all started the day my family and I moved into our new house.

We had made numerous trips back and forth from house to house and I had detected no teens my age - I am 18 - until Christina caught my eye on the final trip.

While she caught my eye, my breath caught in my throat: I found her stunning, and that is when my thoughts caught up with me. Did I seriously like girls? When I was younger, I had found it repulsive that girls could get with other girls. But recently, it was a fantasy of mine to kiss another female, to have her make me scream. People can change their minds, can't they? I shook out of my private musings and looked at her again, only to find her staring at me, her eyes boring holes deep into mine.

She was giving me a seductive smirk, as if she knew that I was simply turned on by seeing her stare at me. I smiled back to her and she then approached in what appeared to be slow motion. I saw her walking, her body slowly coming into clearer focus. Her figure swaying from side to side, her dirty blonde hair flowing in the breeze. It was almost like a scene from a movie, the type of scene where a person is entranced by the sight in front of them. Time seemed to pass in decades rather than seconds and before I knew it, the young woman was standing in front of me.

"Hi, I'm Christina. Welcome to the neighborhood," she said, extending her hand to me with a smile. I grasped her palm and felt its smoothness.

"I'm Amelia, nice to meet you," I said, looking into her brown eyes. It appeared to me that her eyes were giving me a once over, although I could have been dreaming it. We exchanged some small talk: where I lived originally before moving here, our families, and school. I found out her and I would be going to the same high school, so at least I would be going in knowing someone. She was 18 likewise. We became fast friends, nearly inseparable as the summer lingered on.

When school started, Christina introduced me to her friends and they accepted me into their circle immediately. I tell you, I owed Christina a lot those first few months, helping me adjust to my new surroundings when she could have just as easily let me go about the school year adrift. Soon, I was invited into their exclusive clique, a girls-only club called "The Carpet Layers." Unbeknownst to me at the time, it would be a club which strengthened my view on girl-girl sex.

The day before my first "meeting," we were at Christina's house. She pulled me aside and wanted to know if I had any clue as to what the club was about. I obviously was clueless and told her I didn't know.

"Ames, are you bisexual at all?" she asked, point blank. "Because I've seen you look at me, kind of with longing. And our first meeting, I knew there was something, a spark that was set off in your body when we made eye contact."

I didn't know what to say. Was my secret fantasy life known to her? I started to blush furiously and my eyes were suddenly interested in the carpet. I had to lie, despite the growing excitement underneath my panties.

"What are you talking about Chrissie? That's disgusting!" I answered, but she was on to me. She saw through it.

"I don't think it's disgusting, and I know you don't think so either. I hear you when I sleepover; you think I'm asleep and I hear you masturbating, whispering my name. So let's try this again Ames. Do you like girls? Because 'The Carpet Layers' is a club for girls who are bisexual. The name is a quirky spin-off of girls who aren't shaved." She was looking right at me with her own version of bedroom eyes. Her stare was intense. I couldn't hold it any longer under her piercing glare.

"Yeah," I muttered, before raising my eyes to meet her impulsive gaze. "I like girls. In fact Chrissie, I like you. But you already knew that." My eyes were brimming with tears at my confession, but I giggled a little. She pulled me into a tight embrace, rubbing my back and then she told me it was all right. We then had a talk about our feelings, her saying that she had known that I was bi because of how I glanced at the girls in gym class, and I said that I wanted to feel her lips against mine since the first time we saw each other.

"Well, why don't we do that and see how we like it?" she suggested, and I blushed again.

"I don't know, I don't think I'm ready for that just yet," I replied, looking away yet seeing her smile at my shyness out of the corner of my eye. "Masturbating silently - or so I thought - is one thing. Openly kissing you is something else."

"I know you want to Ames, I can see it in you," she added, inching closer to me on her bed. I didn't recoil from her movements: deep inside my body I wanted to kiss her, to kiss her with such passion. But did I want the passion to grow my very first time?

I bit the left corner of my lip, my teeth gnawing on my bottom lip. It was now or never, I thought. I looked into her eyes, saw them sparkle, and I knew I was in need of this. My breathing was slightly ragged, my heart beating a mile a minute. She was whispering to me, telling me that she knows that I want this and that I should kiss her. She was almost on all fours in front of me on the bed, slightly kneeling. She was drawing closer, and I started moving in toward her. We tilted our heads to our respective rights, our lips started to pucker. When our faces were two inches away, I closed my eyes. Seconds later our lips met for the briefest of moments and I didn't want the moment to stop just yet. She didn't either it seemed, as she paused before she kissed me again.

That kiss lasted a few seconds longer. My pussy was starting to dampen and I tried to contain my excitement. My body was shivering, but she started to rub my arms, bringing the heat back into me. I could feel my nipples starting to harden and I wanted to take all of my clothes off right then and there. We kissed for a minute, and she pulled away from me smiling. My eyes were still closed and it was a moment before I opened them. They were glazed over and I was biting my lip again.

"Well, I can see you enjoyed that just as much as I did," Christina said and I couldn't help but to giggle. Nothing else happened between us at that point, but that was not the end of our sexual activity that day.

An hour later, we were playing hide-and-seek with our younger brothers - we were babysitting them at the time. It was our time to hide so we decided to hide together. My deck is about five feet above the ground, so we didn't have to duck much to get under there. As I was stooping to get under the deck, Christina slapped my ass playfully. I looked back at her and I saw her standing there looking innocent. I smiled knowingly; she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

She was standing behind me as we ducked behind my dads' riding mower. They couldn't have found us if they wanted to, as the deck is surrounded by interwoven wooden slats. We kept quiet as they walked by us, looking around. They did not look under the deck, the nitwits. But we took advantage of the situation.

Christina inched closer until I could feel her hot breath on the back of my neck. My pussy started tingling. Her hands started rubbing my arms and she kissed my body where the shoulder meets the neck. I let a slight "mmmmm" escape my lips as she kissed my neck. I turn around and I kissed her, starting slowly before the kiss intensified. Our kiss lengthened before she surprised me by slightly opening her mouth. My mouth opened in response and her tongue drifted in. I broke the kiss immediately, a little shocked. She apologized, but I told her not to. I kissed her again, but this time I slid my tongue into her mouth. Our bodies were locked in a passionate embrace and we were sliding into bliss.

I was getting very horny; I could feel the juices from my pussy drenching my black bikini panties as she touched me and kissed me. We broke our kiss; we were breathing heavily. I asked her to come upstairs into my room, and she gave me a knowing grin as I winked at her.

We left the confines of the deck and hurried to the house - the boys were further in the yard, looking in the bushes. We didn't think they would miss us much. As soon as we got into my bedroom, I closed the door just in case anyone came upstairs. My parents respected my privacy and didn't come in my room unless the door was open. I knew we would have no trouble with interference. I turned to her and I kissed her, our tongues winding between our heated smooch. Her hands were running up and down my sides; her touch was driving me wild. Then she hooked her thumbs into the belt loops of my jeans and led me to my bed. I knew exactly what she had in mind.

I leaned forward, pushing all of my weight toward her. She lost her balance and fell backward onto the bed, while I fell toward her right side. We laughed as we landed before she kissed me again. As we were kissing, she pulled my body up the bed until our heads were laying on the pillow. We switched sides so she could be on my right. Our faces were close, our breathing slow but strong, our eyes locked in their own embrace. She leaned in to kiss me softly and I willingly accepted her kiss. When she pulled away teasingly, she let her fingers trace circles on my cheek before grazing my lips. My midsection was twisting slowly, my legs clenched against my groin. My thighs were rubbing together, forcing friction against my panties. Then she straddled my waist, her legs on either side of me with her knees firmly on the bed. She winked at me as she crossed her arms together, her hands pulling at her shirt. It seemed to peel off of her.

I gazed at her upper body, which was clad without a bra. Her 34b breasts were topped with small, gum drop-like nipples, which hardened under the cool air of the window fan in my room. I could feel my pussy squirming between my legs, the juices spilling through my panties, staining my jeans. I was biting my lip as I became hornier and hornier.

Christina leaned in for another lengthy kiss, and as she was kissing me, her fingers were busy unbuttoning my shirt. My nipples were hardening quickly as I realized what her efforts would lead to. I moaned softly in her kiss as she finished her first task, then she broke the lip lock before reaching between my breasts to unclasp my bra. My firm 36c's spilled out of the restrictive garment. Then she lightly ran her hands over them, slowly pressing the nipples against the palm of her hand. I closed my eyes and arched my back at her touch. Then she traced a path with the backside of her hand along the inside of my boobs before circling the flesh with her fingertips.

She slid her body down mine until her ass was sitting on my hamstrings. Then, with my boobs cupped in her hands, she bent down and began to lick and suck on my hard nipples while keeping total eye contact with me. I shuddered.

Her tongue wound around the hardened flesh, flicking like the tongue of a serpent. While her tongue was bathing my left breast, her nimble fingers were teasing the right, rolling into between her thumb and forefinger. She took the nipple between her teeth and nibbled softly, making me coo like a baby. My hands instinctively found the back of her head, as if my hands knew my body didn't want her mouth to release its grasp on my nipple. She moved over to my right breast, kissing it all over, completely avoiding my nipple. I was anxious at that point; I wanted my nipple to be loved by her silky tongue and I hoped she wouldn't forget about it. As I was whimpering, she licked my nipple and my body shook as her tongue showed my bud respect.

After kissing and massaging my tits for what seemed like a day, she slid back up to kiss me. Then she smiled as her hands slid down my chest to my stomach. Her fingertips were dancing on my tummy as she kissed me again, then she found the button to my jeans. She quickly unbuttoned them before sliding an inch to grasp the fly. She broke lip contact and looked at me. Her dirty blonde hair was slightly disheveled, hanging over her face. It looked so sexy.

"Unzip them," I said.

She smiled as I ordered her to take my pants off, and she slipped the fly down. Then she unstraddled me, kneeling on my right side as she slid my pants and panties off my long legs. The panties were sticky as cum enveloped them. She was admiring the sight, gasping as she saw my shaved pussy. She reached out to rub my pussy with her fingers, and my body tensed as her hand made contact with my flesh. She then leaned in to kiss me before whispering into my ear.

"You're going to love this baby," she cooed, before giving me a devilish giggle.

Christina returned to her knees, but then spread my legs before stepping over them. She then got between my legs and smiled at me while leaning in. She detected my arousal, its scent rising to her nose. She moaned as she smelled me.

She saw the rivulet of juice streaming out of my pussy, the folds of the flesh appearing puffy. First she rubbed up and down my lips, running a finger between them. I was soaked. She removed her finger and then sucked on it, licking every drop from her digit. She then took a first lick of my pussy, experimenting with my pussy's sensitivity. My back arched as she licked me and my legs spread a little wider. She licked me for several minutes before she started to rub my clit with her thumb. I was moaning softly while my hands became laced in her hair. She then started to slide a finger into my cunt, feeling my tight vaginal walls close in around the pesky invader. She slid her finger in and out of my pussy and I was fully enjoying the experience.

She felt my pussy start to tighten before she added a second finger to the mix, and I tightened my body again as the finger entered me. She start to fuck me slow with the two fingers, but as soon as my body released its hold on her digits she fucked me faster, getting her fingers in to the second knuckle. I was beside myself, moaning and saying her name, telling her to fuck me deeper under my breath. She complied, but soon I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her. I wanted her to take the rest of her clothes off and she stripped her pants and green bikinis before returning to the bed.

We switched positions, but she got on her hands and knees in front of me near the foot of the bed. I got on my knees on the floor and looked into my first pussy. It was also aroused, also clean shaven. It looked so sexy, her clit sticking out right at me. I started to rub her pussy with my fingers, but I also looked at her ass. I had seen it in her jeans and I daydreamed about it. It looked so nice to grab and there it was, right before my eyes. I subconsciously began to rub it with my left hand, feeling the texture of it. It didn't feel too much different from mine. Then I did something I never thought I'd do: I licked the cheeks of her ass.

"Naughty, naughty Miss Amelia!" Christina said to me. I only giggled.

I was nervous. Kissing my best friend was a nice thing to experience; having her suck on my tits and eat my pussy was simply fantastic. Now I was about to finger her. This was too much for one day, but I needed to get this under my belt - metaphorically speaking, since I was naked. I slid two fingers into her and immediately she sighed as my fingers made contact. It felt so wet, not unlike my pussy when I masturbated. I took some time to feel inside of her and I immediately found her g-spot. She with writhing on the bed, moaning a little too loud I thought. I quickly inched my fingers away from her precious area, but her body shifted and my fingers returned to it. She was doing almost all of the work; her body was moving back and forth as my fingers kept in close contact with her g-spot. She was fucking my fingers and I was loving it!

She was moaning softly now, although her moans were muffled as her mouth was buried in my pillow. I started to rub her clit with my free hand and she gave a deep moan. Christina then took her face out of the pillow, looked back at me lustfully and told me to add another finger. I complied, sending the third digit deep into her crevice. She immediately bounced back and forth on my hand, and I tried desperately to keep up with her. She was telling herself to go faster, cheering herself on. But as she had teased me earlier with my nipples, I decided to tease her here, with her pussy dripping juice all down my hand and with her quim spasming. I removed my fingers before replacing them with my mouth. I began to suck on her clit, and her moans returned, her body shaking violently. I tried my best to keep her steady, as this was my first time eating pussy. I used my tongue to swirl around deep inside her, and her body shook uncontrollably. She groaned before telling me to suck harder. I sucked as hard as I could on the inner pelvis, before I decided to start nibbling on it the same way she did with my nipples.

This was the last straw for Christina's body: she couldn't hold her orgasm any longer. I could feel her cum build and soon I was tasting her priceless flood. It swarmed into my mouth so fast that it spilled onto my face. I took my fingers and wiped the cum off before giving it to Christina. She greedily slurped on my finger. I returned the finger to her pussy to get more cum. Then she rolled over onto her back with her legs spread wide. I dragged my finger across her cunt lips, picking up the milky white fluid. I brought it to her mouth but I told her not to open it. I smeared my finger on her lips before leaning in to taste the cum.

We started to make out, her tongue finding mine. Then Christina got verrrry dirty.

We were kissing and her hands were running up and down my stomach. Our bodies were very close, our nipples were rubbing against each other. As our nipples were stimulating each other, she slid her hand down into her pussy and started to slowly finger herself. After a minute, she moved her hand to my pussy and resumed fingering me. She was ramming her fingers into me so hard and fast that my back arched. She sucked on my neck, her teeth dragging along the skin.

"I want you to cum for me baby. I want you to squirt," she whispered, and I could only moan.

Soon my pussy twitched and my orgasm let go. I covered her hand in cum before she went down on me again, licking my pussy in an enthusiastic manner. Then I heard her sucking my cum into her mouth, the liquid coating her teeth and her tongue. My pussy was squishing against her mouth. Then, her face emerged from between my legs, her cheeks full of what I knew was my cum. She walked on her hands on knees up my body until she came face-to-face with my firm titties. She winked at me before she lowered her mouth to them, opening her mouth and allowing the cum to dribble out of her oral cavity. She moved her head back and forth until the cum coated my chest, then she took her hands and rubbed the cum into my skin. Christina then licked the remnants of the cum from my tits, making my nipples even harder.

After her tongue made my nipples tingle, she laid her head down on my body while I started to rub her back in circles.

"Amelia, thank you for doing this with me. You're the best I've ever had. We were like professionals," Christina said, and I couldn't help but giggle. "But let's see if you can do more."

I had no idea what she had in mind. She put her clothes back on - much to my chagrin - and left my room. I laid in my bed, thinking of what just happened between my best friend and I. I smiled as I thought of the lewd acts we had committed, the explicit sex acts we performed on each other's body. My hand strayed to my pussy and I had begun to lightly finger it when Christina returned to my bedroom.

"I think you are reaallllly going to like this," she said, giggling her devilish laugh. She had with her a paper grocery bag. She closed my door and quickly stripped. Then she picked up the bag and opened it, and out came her 12-inch strap on dildo, complete with a set of lifelike balls! My jaw dropped so far that I think it was going to have to be wired shut.

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