tagInterracial LoveThe Casting Couch Ch. 7

The Casting Couch Ch. 7


"Ah, Ah, Uh, Uhh, Uhhhhh, Uhhh, Yes, Uh, Uhhhhh..."

Allison bit her lip and prayed to god the person on the other end of the phone couldn't hear her moaning. She squirmed in her chair and using her free hand, tried to push Jeff's head between her thighs away. Oh god, his tongue was--"Oh god!"

She still couldn't believe his nerve! She was at work of all places! Two days ago she had been transferred from the main reception desk in the front lobby to an agent's private office. Her employers had complimented her on the great job she'd been doing and promoted her to secretary of one of the agency's newer agents. She'd been glad of the privacy the new office gave her until Jeff had walked in half an hour ago to take her out to lunch....or bed, whichever came first.

"I can't," she'd told him firmly. "My new boss is out to lunch, so I have to man the phones until he gets back. He's expecting a very important call."

Besides, she was still too unsettled after what had happened last week--making the porn movie with Kent--to want to encourage Jeff's attention in any way now. What was she saying? She'd NEVER wanted to encourage his attentions! Dammit. She'd been working overtime to avoid him since that day on the "movie set," and had actually managed to put him off completely yesterday. If she stood firm, maybe he would leave her alone altogether!

Just then, the phone rang, and turning her back firmly on Jeff, she answered, "Jerry Colton's office."

Jeff had clenched his jaw and made a decision to teach this bitch a lesson. She thought she could run hot and cold with him, did she? Turning, he shut and locked the door behind him. Allison's eyes grew wide with apprehension as she watched him approach her like a cat stalking its prey. Jeff leaned over her, rolled her chair backwards away from her desk and then slowly, casually shrugged out of his jacket until it fell to the floor behind his feet. She tried to roll her chair away as he took his time getting down on his knees in front of her. Allison looked at him sternly warningly, but Jeff simply smiled and lowered his hands to her knees. With a shove, he pushed her knees apart and slid one hand beneath the hem of her skirt, exploring her bare thighs.

Allison stammered into the phone, "Y-yes, m'am, that's correct" as she tried to push her knees back together.

As seductively as possible, Jeff lifted one of her legs and began slipping her heels off, then started kissing her ankle, shin, knee... gradually making his way up from her knee to the juncture of her thighs. Allison's voice started wavering and her free hand dropped to Jeff's head, holding him still. For long seconds, she held his head there, safely only a few inches from her moist cunt. Smiling, thinking he could have her in a matter of seconds if he wanted--did she really think she could resist him?-- Jeff turned his head and continued to lick her bare thigh, reaching as close as he could to her pussy.

"Yes, of course. I-I will take a note of th-that, Mrs. Hoffman," Allison said and after an obvious mental struggle, had no choice but to release her hold on his head to reach for a pen and paper. Jeff moved in for the kill, reaching up and grabbing her panties and ripping them off in one move even as he spread her pussy lips wide with his fingers. One long finger slid inside her love hole, discovering her slick arousal. Jeff licked his lips and lowered his head, sliding his tongue in slowly. Allison squirmed with unwanted delight and, as his tongue found her clit, she tossed her head back and let out a little scream. As his tongue explored her pussy, she began squirming in her seat, trying her best to hold the phone without embarassing herself.

"Ah, Ah, Uh, Uhh, Uhhhhh, Uhhh, Yes, Uh, Uhhhhh..." Allison struggled to remember what the woman on the other end had said, then realized the woman had to know something was going on here. "I'm soo sorry, Mrs. Hoffman. I'm coming down...with a terrible cold. Please..ah, .excuse me. Ah, god," she gasped, and lay back in her chair, thinking how desperately she needed to get the woman off the phone, or stop Jeff before he gave her away. She couldn't believe she was doing this, letting Jeff eat her out at work, knowing her new boss could walk in at any time.

She struggled to take notes, feeling his long, thick tongue snake into her pussy, and repeatedly lick against her sensitive clit. She barely managed the task before cumming, biting her lip hard as she bit back her moan of pleasure. Leaning forward, pressing the phone tight to her ear with one hand while clutching at the pen and sheets of paper with the other, she felt her hips bucking into Jeff's face as his tongue picked up the pace a little inside her juicy cunt. "Yes, m'am. Ahhhh ha. I will give him the message," she barely managed to say clearly as she struggled to get a grip on the fiery feelings racing through her loins. Reaching down one last time, she tried again to push Jeff's face away from her privates.

Her struggling was only turning Jeff on more, and out of pure meanness, he munched down harder, moving his tongue back and forth from her clit to her pussy, trying to make her scream. The look of concentration on her face was becoming more and more intense as his tongue explored the inside of her vagina. "No, m'am, I'm not sure when he'll be back in the OFFICE!" Her voice raised as she managed to get the last word out. Putting her hand over the mouthpiece, she moaned, "Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, god, Jeff, that feels so good!"

Allison realized her hips were moving in rhythm with Jeff's tongue now. She was just to the point where she didn't think she could hold back any longer; her face red with lust and strain, her teeth clenched, and her knuckles turning white gripping the phone so hard, when she felt Jeff pull his tongue out of her pussy. With a sigh of mingled relief and dismay, Allison heard the older woman rambling about contracts and a need to speak to Jerry as soon as possible.

Jeff, who had long since freed his cock from his jeans, suddenly reared up and placed his thick, black cock right at the entrance to her exposed white cunt. He gently pressed it against her pussy lips, smiling as she frantically shook her head NO. Lowering himself onto her, pressing his lips firmly against her free ear, not yet entering her with his cock, Jeff whispered, "I am going to fuck you now, baby. I am going to fuck you harder than anyone ever has before, and I'm gonna slip this thick cock in your married pussy while you're talking to a client on the phone!"

Shaking her head no, Allison felt his hands grip her hips, pull her ass to the edge of the chair, and then his cock easily slide into her drenched hole. His balls pushed against her opening a second later, and her hips, betraying her thoughts, began slowly moving back and forth against his pelvis.

"Ummm-hmmm," she murmured into the phone, then covered it with her hand long enough to pant and gasp and say, "Oh god!" before pushing it back under her mouth and lying, "I've...got to...go, Mrs. Hoffman. There's another call."

With a naughty smile, Jeff leaned close to her other ear and suggested, "Why don't you tell her someone's cumming?"

"Ahhh, yes, ah, I'll give him the, ah, message," Allison managed, then barely managed to disconnect the call. Dropping the receiver on the desk, Allison grabbed at Jeff's arms, lying back in the chair and guiltily enjoying his big, black cock inside her. Desperately hoping noone was listening, she released all her pent up screams and moans at once. "Ah, Ah, Yes, fuck me!! That feels so good!! Ah, Ah, Ahhhh, Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Oh god, Jeff!"

She wrapped her legs around his hips as he grabbed her blouse and tore it open and then practically ripped off her bra too. Leaning down, his cock pumping in and out of her juicy cunt, he almost swallowed one breast whole between his hungry lips, causing her back to arch and push up into him. Grabbing her hands, he pinned them, palms up, at her sides and began to ride her hard, feeling the chair scoot back on each thrust until it was bumping against the wall with constant thuds. "Ah, Ah, Uh, Uhh, Uhhhhh, Uhhh, YES, YES, Uh, Uhhhhh!" Her moans continued to increase as Jeff's cock pounded in and out of her pussy. He half hoped someone in the next office was listening. The thought thrilled and spurred him on, and with a few more frantic lunges, he flooded her thirsty cunt with long, deep squirts of his potent cum.

He held himself tight to her for a few minutes, letting her trembling muscles milk his cock of every last drop of cum. When he finally pulled back, his cock slid out of her cunt with a sloppy pop, and he smiled wickedly as he pushed his now-limp cock back into his pants. Allison really looked like a white slut, laying there in her chair, her legs spread out, her skirt pushed up to her hips, cum leaking out of her pussy, and her bare breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

He licked his lips, considering another fuck before he left, but she was beginning to realize what she'd done and straighten her clothes. Jeff smiled and laughed, then reached into his jacket and pulled out a small box. He tossed it on her lap and watched the horror spread across her face as she realized what it was.

"A-a home pregnancy test?"

"Shit yeah. Don't you think it's time we celebrated the fact you're nestling my black baby in this fine belly here," he taunted, leaning over to caress her bare midriff lovingly. Allison gasped and immediately pushed him away.

With a laugh, he picked up her ripped panties and bra, considered offering them to her, but on second thought stuffed them into his pocket. "Hope you enjoyed your lunch, baby," he told her, and without another word, he opened the door and left.

Allison watched him leave and felt tears prick her eyes, even as she struggled to pick herself up and redo her blouse. She stared at the pregnancy kit in horror, then quickly pushed it into her purse so no one would see it. But out of sight wasn't out of mind, and she counted the minutes until quitting time with a new apprehension now...


Allison hadn't been home from work long when the doorbell rang. She was sure it was Jeff, come to demand another quick blowjob or fuck before he rushed off to teach his latest class. Hell, maybe he just wanted to brag about the pregnancy test he'd given her, and which she'd been too afraid to use yet. Remembering the repercussions this afternoon of denying him, she didn't dare not answer the door. She was surprised to find Lisa standing there instead, looking fit and healthy and slightly tan.

"Oh my god!" Allison cried, and broke down into sobs before Lisa could say one word. The redhead simply closed the door and gathered her fragile friend in her arms, offering a hug for comfort and support.

Once Allison was calmed down, Lisa guided her to the couch, and sat down beside her. "Well, I guess that answers my first question. You've already seen the tape too, huh?"

Allison blinked in shock. The tape? It had been over a week since Jeff had shown her the tape of their gangbang. Since then, she'd starred in a porn movie and been ganged again. And Lisa was only worried about that one tape! God...

"Where have you been?" Allison demanded. "I thought you hated me!"

"You won't believe what happened," Lisa told her. "When I made it home the morning after...well you know...after the party, my boyfriend had been waiting up. He took one look at me, then realized I had another guy's cum in my pussy and went crazy. We had an awful fight and he kicked me out, and the only place I knew I could go was my cousin's in San Francisco. I called in my vacation time while I went there and figured out what I was going to do."

"You could've stayed here," Allison cried, feeling awful for her friend. "Michael wouldn't have minded."

"Yeah, and risk breaking up your marriage when he found out what had happened? I don't think so. You're my friend, Allison. I didn't want to cause any more trouble for you."

She was grateful, despite wishing she could have helped Lisa in return. "Well, how did you see the tape then?"

"Are you kidding? Jeff mailed a copy to my old place. My boyfriend forwarded it to my cousin's, and thank god she didn't open it. There was a nasty note attached from Jeff, saying that he expected me to be 'extra nice' to him so the tape wouldn't 'accidentally' get sent to my bosses. Geez, what a sleeze. I take it he did the same to you?"

Allison nodded, then decided to come clean with her friend. She told Lisa everything, from that first night when Jeff had first seduced her to every dirty experience since. She figured Lisa would get angry and accuse her of dragging her into the mess for no reason. But thankfully, Lisa only looked shocked.

"And I used to think Jeff was a good guy. I am sooooo sorry Allison. If I'd never gotten you to join his class, none of this would have happened."

"I was stupid to fall for his act. But it gets even worse," Allison added. "I think...well, I could be pregnant. I haven't had my period since that first time with Jeff. Oh, god, Lisa, what am I going to do?"

Again, Lisa looked shocked, then rallied around her, trying to look on the bright side. "Are you sure it wouldn't be Michael's?"

"That's just it. If I am pregnant, I suppose there's a slight chance it could be Michael's. I don't know. I just know I can't have an abortion. I can't take that chance."

"Well, you'll have to think of a way to tell him the truth then. After all, we were both drugged that night. There's a good argument for rape there. Surely Michael will understand that. He doesn't have to know about the other times."

"No! He would never understand. Please, Lisa, there's got to be another way. I just want to get Jeff out of my life. Then I'll handle dealing with my husband."

Lisa stared in sympathy at her friend. There was no getting around telling him the truth eventually, especially since the baby Allison was probably carrying was also probably black, but Lisa knew her friend was too emotionally unstable to handle that fact right now. Lisa felt a stab of anger everytime she thought of Jeff taking advantage of Allison's naiveté. He would have never been able to pull any of that shit with Lisa. He sure as hell better not try either.

"Well, when I was in San Francisco, I spent a lot of time reading the papers, trying to find a new apartment and maybe a new job. Anyway, I came across something interesting. Thought you might like to see it." She pulled out a folded cut-out article from the society section and handed it to Allison. "The sick bastard is getting married. Even worse, he's getting married to Tanya Hamilton. You know, the singer? Her dad is loaded too. He owns that huge recording label."

Allison read the piece on the page about Jeff's engagement and felt sick. She'd never even realized he had a girlfriend, the bastard.

"You know what this means, don't you?"

Allison shook her head. Lisa stood up and began pacing. "If he wants to fuck with us, fine. We'll fuck right back. We'll just send that tape to Tanya what's-her-name and see how long she stays engaged to a bastard like him. If that doesn't work, we'll take it to a TV station. I'm sure one of those tabloid news shows would love a piece about her perverted, blackmailing fiancé."

Allison loved the idea of getting revenge, only there was one major problem. "Yeah, but you never see Jeff's face on the tape. You just see his body, and he'll be able to argue his way out of it, I'm sure. Besides, you see OUR faces. I don't want to risk it getting in the hands of people I know."

"Are you sure it doesn't show Jeff's face?" Allison felt her cheeks flush as she nodded. She'd devoured every detail, every scene in the video and knew for certain Jeff was never seen. "Damn," Lisa murmured. "Well, there's got to be another way. What about the, um, you know...the porn flick you made. Is Jeff in it too?"

Allison shook her head, mortified to be admitting she'd had to fuck yet another man. She'd even been expressed a rough cut of the movie yesterday...it was called The Masked Fuck. She had been credited simply as the same (not her real name, thank goodness), and her costars had been listed as Rock Hard and Kent Steele. She hadn't watched it. She'd tossed it in the garbage down an alley, so afraid of what the tape would show.

"Damn!" Lisa continued to pace. She knew there had to be a way to get Jeff out of both of their lives. She was tempted to press rape charges, but Lisa had seen the video, and she knew, even though she'd been drugged, she'd enjoyed what had happened to her. So had Allison. They could hardly cry rape. Going to the police would only cause them both a lot of embarrassment. If only Jeff had been on that video....if only they had some incriminating evidence on him, just as he did on them. And then to think the sick bastard had blackmailed Allison into doing an actual porn flick? To add insult to injury he was now probably going to make a fortune off her, when she did all the work!

Lisa stopped pacing as an idea began to form in her mind. Really, how hard would it be for them to get incriminating evidence on Jeff, and maybe, just maybe, make a little money off of him? He kept tormenting poor Allison with his sexual appetite, so all they'd have to do is set up a secret camera the next time he came over. One last fuck and bam, he'd be gone for good! And maybe they could sell the video--maybe to a porn site or something--and earn a little cash for themselves.

Lisa opened her mouth to tell Allison her idea and then thought better of it. Allison was already on the edge. Asking her to willingly fuck Jeff one more time, and for a camera at that, wasn't something Lisa thought she could do.

Then the idea began to take a turn in her mind. Hell, Lisa was no longer attached, thanks to Jeff, and the truth was, she'd always been sexually attracted to the black man. Under other circumstances, she might have been eager to fuck him, so why not now? Why not in front of a camera? Hmmm, turnabout was fair play, after all, and Lisa could handle the situation much better than Allison could. And she was a much better actress than most people gave her credit for...

"What?" Allison demanded, seeing the wicked smile stretch across Lisa's face. "What are you thinking?"

Lisa smiled and sat down beside Allison. Leaning over, she patted her friend on the shoulder and reassured her, "Everything's gonna be fine. Now let me tell you what we're gonna do..."


"Looks like you were right, Jeff. The old man's screwing around on her."

Jeff stared in appreciation at the photos he held in his hand. Allison's husband wasn't as well-hung as he was, but he seemed to know all the right moves, at least this stacked brunette in the photo seemed to think so. Jeff had called in a favor from one of his students who moonlighted for a detective agency, and oh yeah, he'd gotten some dirt on Allison's dear, sweet devoted husband. Jeff had always thought it was damn strange any man would leave a piece of ass as sexy as that one at home alone too much, and he'd figured the guy was playing around. He'd been right. Jeff's friend had caught him fucking some stupid brunette in a motel down by the freeway. They hadn't even closed the blinds, they'd been so eager to rip each other's clothes off. And while the bitch was fine, she was no where as sexy as Allison. Allison's husband must have been blind.

"These will come in handy," Jeff said. "Thanks, man. I owe you one."

Jeff smiled as he filed the photos away in a safe place. He'd started thinking...if Allison was pregnant with his baby and she did get kicked out by her husband, she might as well take the creep for everything he was worth. That way Jeff wouldn't have to worry about setting her up in a love nest somewhere. The key now would be to show her the pictures and get her to divorce the hubby before it was obvious the child wasn't the creep's. Even Jeff doubted a judge would rule in her favor if it was obvious she'd been cheating too, and with a black man at that.

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