tagBDSMThe Cat Burglar of Westchester

The Cat Burglar of Westchester


(c) 2010 Andy Learner


I looked at the email notice on my Blackberry. Crap! My flight had been canceled. I was worried that the storm might affect my trip to Florida. Now I wouldn't be able to join my wife and kids at Disneyworld.

"Driver," I called to the cabbie. "Please just turn around and take me home. My flight's been canceled."

"Sorry to hear that, sir," the cabbie responded. "Well, better now than after checking in at the airport. There are probably lots of people stranded there."

The driver got off at the next exit and headed back to my home in Westchester. I decided I better break the bad news to my wife, Danielle. I debated whether to call the hotel where she and the kids were staying or her cell phone. She never answers her cell phone, but I decided to give it a shot anyway.

It rang. And rang. And rang. And then the voice mail picked up. I didn't bother to leave a voice message -- she never checks them. I looked through my paperwork for the phone number for the hotel and called. The operator connected me with my wife's room and my six year old son picked up. "Hello?" he answered unsurely.

"Hey buddy. It's daddy. How was Epcot today?"

"DADDY! Mommy! It's DADDY! Daddy, I saw a gorilla today! I also petted a snake and rid in big train and and and, oh we had lots of ice cream!"

"Really?" I asked in my best dad voice. "That sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sorry I missed it. Say, is Mom there? I need to talk to her."

"Sure. And Daddy? Mommy bought me a new t-shirt! It's got Buzz Lightyear on it!"

"Wow! That sounds great."

"And daddy, tomorrow, mommy says we can see some PIRATES tomorrow."

"That sounds like fun," I responded a little less enthusiastically

"Oh, and we saw a big parade with Mickey and Pluto and Goofus!"

"Goofy," I corrected.

"What's goofy?"

"Never mind," I tried to respond calmly. "Is Mom there?"

"Sure, but what's goofy, dad?"

"You didn't see 'Goofus', the character is 'Goofy'," I explained in that voice you get just before you start showing your annoyance.

"What's a character, daddy?"

"Buddy, can you PLEASE just get Mommy?"

"Oh, right! MOM! MOMMY! MOMMY!" he yelled while holding the phone right next to his mouth.

After a minute, Danielle came to the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey there, my flight got canceled."

"What does that mean? Are you coming tomorrow?" she asked sounding all tired and annoyed.

"I don't know. I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone at the airline."

"Do you think you will be able to come tomorrow?" she asked again.

"Danielle, I don't know. There's that big blizzard coming."

"I wish you would have come down with us Wednesday," Danielle mumbled.

"I told you, I had a big meeting that I had to go to this morning!"

"Yes. Yes. I know. Call me back when you know, I'm giving Jessie a bath." Jessie was my 4 year old daughter.

"Alright, can you turn your phone on though?" I asked in a scolding tone.

"It's on. Did you call?"

"Yes, honey. I called. I'll talk to you when I know more. Good night."

"Good night," she replied and hung up.

It actually wasn't that late. Only 8:30. But, it was early January and quite cold and dark. The cabbie kept the car warm and comfortable, but not too hot. There wasn't much traffic and he had me home before too long. I got my bag, gave the driver a nice tip and opened up the garage door to head into the house.

When I got inside, I went over to the kitchen hall to turn off the alarm. Strange, I could have sworn I set it. Maybe it's a good thing the flight got canceled. I heard there were several burglaries in the neighborhood over the last year.

I turned all the lights on and looked around. Nothing seemed out of place downstairs. I decided I better go upstairs to make sure everything was safe. Only the one light in the master bedroom was on upstairs, and I remember that I had set the timer to go on at 6pm.

I checked the kids' rooms and the bathroom first. Nothing. I cautiously peeked into the master bedroom. Everything was just the way I left it this morning. I must have just been careless.

I took off my overcoat and threw it on the exercise bike that I religiously rode every morning. Then, I went over to the walk-in closet, took a peak in, and got a hanger for my suit. I had gone to the airport straight from work, so I wanted to change out of my pinstripe navy blues.

I stripped down to my boxer shorts and got into my favorite sweat pants and t-shirt. Danielle is always trying to get me to throw them away because they were so old and torn, but I put my foot down on that one. They are just so comfortable.

I felt the call of nature and made use of the master bathroom. Just as I finished washing my hands, I heard a gun cock from behind the opaque shower curtain.

"Don't move! And don't turn around," directed a feminine voice.

I froze.

"Good. Now put your hands behind your head and move into the doorway." I did as she said, and I then I heard her move the shower curtain and come out of the shower.

I made a move to take a peek, and in a flash she had the gun in my back. "Don't turn around! The only thing keeping ya alive at this point is that ya haven't seen me. So, I'm not going to warn ya again. Ya look at me, ya don't make it to tamorrow." I closed my eyes and faced away from her.

I tried to make a mental image of what she might look like. She was probably about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her footsteps did not sound heavy and she did not have a foreign accent. Maybe a Boston accent.

"Move! Lie down on the bed. Face down," she commanded.

I walked slowly towards the bed, climbed on top of the reddish comforter and buried my head between the pillows. While lying face down, the intruder climbed on top of me and somehow managed to blindfold me with one of my neck ties while keeping the gun against my back. As the shock of what was happening started to wear off, I chanced to talk, "Just take what you want. I don't need any trouble."

"SHUT UP!" she growled as she dug the gun into my back. "Ya weren't supposed to be back for a week," she muttered. I didn't bother to ask her how she knew that.

"Don't move!" she instructed as she got off my back. I heard several drawers open. Then she opened up the door to the walk-in closet. I debated whether to take a peek, but I decided against it.

She returned after a minute and I heard the sound of scissors clipping. Then I heard the sound of duct tape being unfurled and more clipping noises. Shit, is she going to tie me up? I might be stuck here for a week!



Nothing came to mind and I became distracted by the sound of the wind whistling.

"Now grab onto the bedpost," the cat burglar instructed. I groped for the silver poles at the head of the bed, shifting myself into a more comfortable position. I felt the blindfold loosen a bit, but I was still face down so I couldn't see anything.

She climbed up on the bed and sat down on my shoulders. I felt the heat of her crotch against the base of my neck and I started to feel a little aroused. I had always fantasized about bondage sex, but Danielle just never seemed to catch on to the subtle hints that I had gave her -- like handcuffs.

The intruder fiddled with something for a moment, then, quick as lighting, she took the duct tape and wrapped it around my wrists so that they were tied together. Then, with some thin rope, she tied my wrists to the silver poles at the head of the bed, leaving me with a little bit of slack. It wasn't super tight, but it was clearly going to take a while for me to get free.

My captor stood up and marched over to the walk-in-closet. At the back of the closet there was a safe. I guess she knows it's in there. I reflected on what was inside the vault. Probably a few thousand in cash and my wife's jewelry. The only thing of real value was my wife's diamond necklace, but it was insured.

The safe had a combination lock on it, and only my wife and I knew the combination. However, it was not a high-end model, so I knew that an experienced thief would be able to open it.

I heard her turning the dial, so I knew she could not see me. Quietly, I tried to loosen the restraints on my wrists, but it turned out to be much more difficult than I thought. After a few minutes my wrists became very sore. That tape is going to hurt when I take it off. As the wind whipped through the trees outside, I found that I couldn't hear what my guest was doing, so I decided I better keep still.

After another few minutes, I heard the safe close shut and the jingle of jewelry being dropped into a bag. She walked back over to the bed and barked, "Roll over!"

As I turned over, the tie that she had used as my blindfold fell off. I shut my eyes as quickly as I could, but I managed to catch a glimpse of the burglar. She had prepared for the fact that the tie might fall off and did not appeared worried by the fact that I could see.

On her head, she was wearing my old ski mask pulled over her face, with holes cut out around her eyes. A few strands of blond hair trickled out from the ski mask. Her clothes were all black, like a ninja. They were not very thick though and I could make out the generous curves on her chest.

A sudden gust made the windows shake violently. We both looked outside and noticed that the blizzard had arrived. "Shit!" she mumbled to herself. She stared outside the window for a second, as if she were debating what to do. Then, she got more tape and wrapped it around my wrists and the bedposts some more.

After she had fastened me tightly to the bed, she climbed on top of me again and sat on my chest. She fixed the blindfold over my eyes again and rolled off next to me. She took her hand, delicately touched my chest, and said, "Looks like I'm staying with ya for the night. Ya better be neighborly if ya know what's good for ya."

She dragged the fingernails across my chest down to my cock, grabbed my balls and held them for a second. The she asked in a very sexy voice, "So, are ya gonna be a good boy?"

"Y-Yes," I responded hesitantly. Despite my situation, I couldn't help but become aroused. Soon, a bulge started growing in my pants. It had been a while since Danielle and I had had sex and I was incredibly horny.

"Well, well. Look at this. Ya enjoyed being tied up, don't ya?" she questioned while gently squeezing my manhood.

"Yes," I admitted. Pain did not appeal to me, but I certainly enjoyed watching bondage films as long as no one got hurt.

"Maybe it's a good thing ya came back after all." The intruder continued to alternate stroking my chest with her fingernails and reaching down to my cock, giving it a gentle pull. She had made me rock hard, and I found myself lifting my hips up to her touch.

I began to breathe more heavily and then she reached under my sweat pants and squeezed my cock. "If I'm nice to you, will you be nice to me?" she asked seductively.

"Yes," I replied earnestly. I had no idea what to expect. I'd never cheated before -- but it's not cheating if you are tied up by a stranger, right? Also, it's not like I could give any other answer to that question, I rationalized.

The cat burglar stopped stroking me and pulled my sweats and underwear down to my knees, exposing my seven inch, rock hard dick. I heard her place the gun on the nightstand and then pull her own pants off. She sat down on my face, and then positioned herself so that she could suck my cock. Oh, how I do love a good 69.

Since I couldn't use my hands and I could see, at first I was sticking my tongue out to try and find the proper hole. I eventually found her clit and started gently massaging it. My captor gentled swayed back and forth into my tongue as she took the tip of my cock in her mouth. She gently bit down on me and pinched my balls. Not a technique I would encourage, but it did keep me hard and aroused.

I have never been able to cum from a blowjob, and I didn't know if she was going to finish me, so I concentrated my effort on pleasing my partner. I reached my tongue deep inside her, swirled it around and flicked her clit in random patterns. This continued for about ten minutes until she stopped sucking me and began stroking me hard as she pressed her cunt firmly against my mouth. I felt her take a sharp quick breath and she let out a scream as she climaxed. I licked her juices until she pulled away and started to wonder if she was going to return the favor.

She eased up on her grip of my cock and sighed, "Too bad I'm not on the pill."

In desperate need to satisfy my lust, I did not hesitate to advise her, "I've had a vasectomy."

"Really?" she asked as she began to pull on me harder.

"Yes, very painful no matter what those idiot doctors say." She must have believed me because she took my cock deep into her mouth to lube me up. Then, she mounted me and gently took my manhood into her tight pussy.

She leaned far over as if to kiss me, but she did not. I felt her shirt rub up against mine and I longed to reach under her black shirt to fondle her breasts. We soon developed a rhythm and I felt myself beginning to peak. Before I could though, she climaxed again and began to slow down.

I needed to burst, but she changed positions. She began to ride me cowgirl style and I visualized her breasts bouncing up and down inside of her black shirt. Bound and blind, I could only focus on my own pleasure. As I quickened my pace she massaged my balls softly. That was all I could handle. I let out a low moan and exploded inside of her.

I pumped her a few more times and eventually stopped. She stayed on top of me for a minute and then asked, "Where are the paper towels?"

I thought for a moment and responded, "In the closet in the hall."

She stood up and cum dripped down onto my lower stomach. The intruder walked over to the closet. I heard her open up the wrap on the paper towels and head over to bathroom. She ran the water for a long time and then I heard the toilet flush.

I was starting to get cold and my cock had shriveled. The cat burglar strolled around to where she had left her pants. She put them back on and gave me a pat on the leg. She went back to the bathroom, ran the water quickly, and climbed back onto the bed.

I felt a warm compress on my cock as she slowly started cleaning me off. Can't leave any DNA behind I thought. She gently rubbed my cock up and down, making sure all my juices were released. She made another trip to the bathroom, got another compress and cleaned my stomach thoroughly.

Each time she returned to the bathroom, she flushed the dirty towels down the toilet. The whole process took about fifteen minutes. On the third trip back, rather than wipe me with a warm compress, I felt her blow coolly on my stomach. My entire body tingled and I heard her chuckle quietly.

"Tilt your head up," she instructed quietly. I did as she requested and I felt a glass being pressed up against my lips.

"Drink. It's just some water." I sniffed it to be sure, and I took a few small sips.

"Thank you," I said appreciatively.

She brought the cup back to the bathroom and returned to the bed to pull my pants back up. She cleared her throat and said, "Now, I don't want ya to worry, but I won't be able to sleep unless I KNOW ya're asleep."

I began to smell a strange smell and started having trouble concentrating. Chloroform! She put a towel over my mouth and...

Next thing I know it was light outside, I'm under the sheets and untied. The cat burglar was gone. Was it a dream? I felt my wrists and they were still covered with the glue from the duct tape. No... not a dream.

Time to call the cops and the insurance company.

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by ticklishsoles04/02/18

Oh yes!

This definitely appeals to my submissive side. There’s nothing more sexy than a woman who sees what she wants and takes it. I love being force fed in the 69 position too.


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