tagLoving WivesThe Cat Easton Legend

The Cat Easton Legend

byGrey Eagle 286©

Or how I met my beautiful and amazing wife,
and our adventures that made her the darling of the world.

Many of the characters in this story are from the Commander Murphy series by the same author.

I saw her across a crowded room. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was dancing with a very big and handsome man. He was a huge man with wide shoulders, and he danced with the smooth movements of an athlete. She wore a sleeveless black dress, just above the knee length, with a v-neck, dark stockings and black high heels. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail that reached nearly to her waist. She looked small next to him. I noticed that she did not seem at all happy about what the man was saying and she was cringing from his grip, so I moved steadily towards them. I was within twenty feet of them when I saw him grasp her arm, she winced in pain and I moved closer. As I neared them I heard her hiss, "Let go of me you bastard, before I scream."

I tapped him on the shoulder and said, "May I cut in, sir." I looked at her and said, "I believe you promised me a dance!"

She smiled, "Yes, I believe I did. I would love to dance with you." I quickly swung her into the crowd and over to the other side of the room. I saw her twist to look for him.

"Husband or boyfriend?" I asked.

She smiled, "Neither, ex-friend, thank you for rescuing me. I was starting to get worried."

"I noticed he seemed to be getting a little rough. I hope I was right in cutting in."

"Look out, here he comes."

I looked where she was looking, I saw him pushing his way through the dancers. I turned to her. "Do you want to get out of here?"

"Hell yes, but watch him, he likes to hurt people. Let me grab my purse."

"Right, let's go this way." I took her hand and pushed her in front of me heading for the door.

I felt him grab my arm. I twisted away and spun around, then jumped in his path. He stopped and sneered, "Get out of my way pip squeak before you get hurt." I stepped close to him and his eyes flew wide open.

I said. "That sharp pain in your belly is a razor sharp knife, if you don't want to be picking up your intestines off of the floor, you had better back off." The fear was in his eyes. "You keep away from us, I will not play with you anymore, UNDERSTAND?" I quickly yanked my hand from his belly and shoved it under my jacket. I turned and took the girl's hand and led her out the door into the cool night air. I looked at her, "Do you have a car?"

"Yes, this way." She hurried down the sidewalk. I followed behind her, watching the door behind us. She opened the door to a large sedan and said, "Here, get in." The engine was running before I was around the car and in, she pulled off before the door was completely closed. When we had gone a couple of blocks I said, "You can drop me off somewhere I can catch a cab."

She looked over at me, "What! And let my hero go un-thanked, no way! I need a drink, how about you?"

"Yeah! I think I could force something down. I am not familiar with this area. Is there somewhere nearby I can buy you a drink?"

"Yes, there is a lovely little neighborhood bar just down the road."

I saw the small sign ahead, "Cloud #9". She pulled in a parking lot and drove to the back and around behind the building. She pulled into a reserved space and I got out and hurried to open her door for her. She handed me a little black jacket. I held it for her while she slipped into it. She smiled at me, "It wasn't this cool when I got out earlier, I think I need it now." She reached back and with both hands lifted the mass of golden hair from under the jacket and let it cascade down her back.

I offered my arm and she held it tightly and steered me towards a door. There was a dim light above the door. The door had a keypad beside it and she punched in some numbers and told me to try the doorknob. I twisted it and it swung open. She grinned up at me, "Come on in. Over this way."

She led me down a hall and into a dimly lit room. Soft music surrounded us. I saw a small dance floor with several couples swaying to the rhythm. She pulled me to a booth and we slipped in. I looked down at her and realized she really was a small girl. She looked at me, "What would you like?"

"Can I have you?"

She giggled, "It's too early to tell. It might be possible though! I meant, 'What would you like to drink?'."

I smiled and said, "Lemonade."

She lifted her hand and a waitress was there almost instantly. She looked at the waitress and said, "Two of my regulars please!"

The woman smiled, "Two?"

"That's right, two." She said as she looked at me with bright blue eyes set in a beautiful face. "How did you get us away from that monster?"

"Shoved the point of a mechanical pencil into his belly and told him it was a knife and that if he didn't leave us alone I would spill his guts on the floor. Does he know about this place?"

"You bluffed Bradley Barker? No, Brad doesn't know about this place".

"Yeah, if Brad was the guy back at the Turf Club."

"Yes! Do you know who he is?"

"No, but he doesn't know who I am either. I would like to know your name."

She glanced up at the waitress who placed tall drinks in front of us. When the girl was gone she said, "My name is Catherine, Catherine Marie Easton. Yours is?"

"Scott Patrick Murphy."

"Good, I like Irish guys, I think they all kissed the Blarney Stone."

I laughed, "I plead not guilty, Ma'am, I have too much southern redneck in my blood."

She cocked her head to one side, smiled, and looked at me. "Did you know that three quarters of the soldiers who fought in the Civil War were of Irish descent?"

"I have heard that before, I believe that half of those were Murphys and I believe that held true on both sides during the 'War of Northern Aggression'."

"Northern Aggress. . . . Hmmm? I guess you do have a little 'Southern' in you."

"Yeah! My folks have been in Florida since 1822, and in the southern part of the U.S. for a couple of hundred years before that."

I picked up my drink and took a sip. It wasn't bad. I nodded as she watched me. "Not bad girl, tastes sort of like pink lemonade."

"Congratulations Mr. Murphy, you are the first to identify it correctly. Your drink is free!"

"It's my favorite. My name is Scott or Scotty, Mr. Murphy was my father." I looked at her, "Would you care to dance Miss Catherine? I think you still owe me one."

She looked to the dance floor and saw one other couple dancing. She nodded and stood. I helped her remove her little jacket and escorted her to the dance floor. She smiled and moved into my arms. It was a slow number and I held her firmly but not too close. I noticed that she moved around the floor with grace and precision. We made large sweeping turns and tight close ones, we moved together, then took steps apart only to move back together until we were almost touching. The number ended and I smiled at her. "I think you are a very, very, good dancer, way above my meager talents."

She smiled back. "I think you are very good too! AH! Are you up to this Salsa?"

"Why not? If I step on you too much, just walk away, OK?"

She laughed as my left hand gripped her waist and my right held her left hand gently but firmly. There was plenty of space between us but I was in complete control. We had the floor to ourselves and I was able to take larger steps and really swing her around the floor. I held her firmly but gently as I twisted her hips in time with the music and the steps. She grinned when I twirled her. When the number ended I lowered her in a deep dip, then effortlessly brought her up and touched my forehead to hers and looked into her eyes, "Thank you." I whispered.

Everyone in the club was standing and applauding. I made a sweeping bow, pointed to her, and then held her hand as she curtsied to the small crowd. I led her back to the table. When we were seated I leaned closer to her, "Are your beautiful little feet intact?"

"Oh! Lord Yes! Yes they are, not even a nick. You are really damned good."

"Thank you, but your smooth grace and beauty made me look better than I am."

She giggled, "Boy, now I know you kissed the heck out of the Blarney Stone. I do want to dance with you again though."

"Whenever you are ready, I am at your command, my Lady."

"Ah, are you a submissive?"

"Only when it suits my mood, Ma'am."

She smiled, "I guess that means you are Bi, Bi Bossy" she giggled. "Half bossy and half submissive, I mean."

"That is pretty close. I tend to try to please my partners, within reason of course."

"How submissive can you be?"

"I happen to believe that if you want cause me pain, humiliate me or degrade me very much, you have little or no regard for my feelings or my well being. I tend to get out of those situations as fast as I can."

"Oh! I think I feel the same way, I enjoy being gently and firmly dominated from time to time by a strong, caring, gentle man. Other times a little mild and calculated roughness is nice. I am not into any pain, giving or receiving."

"Do you enjoy sharing close non-sexual activities, outdoor things, museums, drama, art, sports, concerts, travel, hunting, fishing, walking, watching a good movie or relaxing to good music?"

"Wow! I love all of those things. Especially the fishing, and they are all better when shared with a close friend."

"Ah! Do you like fishing?"

"Yes, I love it."

"Well, I am here in Miami to fish in a Bonefish Tournament this coming weekend." I saw a smile grow on her lovely face. "I need to go out and do some practicing and to check some of my favorite shallow water flats tomorrow, would you like to go with me? We would leave at about eight in the morning and be home before the afternoon rains hit."

She squealed so loud everyone looked at us. "You are a flats fisherman? My Daddy is a part time guide. I love it. We fish every chance we get. Do you fish Fly, Spinning or Bait Casting?" She was the most adorable thing I had ever seen when he was excited.

"I do all of the above. I love to carry rods rigged for each, and with different line strengths and lures, and all ready to go. I try to stay up with the current records for each class so when I see a fish I can grab the appropriate rig."

"Oh! Daddy will love you, that's exactly what he does. Where are you from?"

"Did you say Easton was your last name? Your Dad is not Cliff Easton, a retired airline pilot, is he?"

She grinned, "You know my father, you know Daddy?" Her smile took my breath away.

"Yeah! He might know me too! We have fished against each other for a few years, he is one tough competitor. Say hello to him for me when you see him next."

She grabbed her purse and pulled out a cell phone. She looked at the time and date then punched in a number. She grinned at me while she waited. Damn, she was really very, very, lovely.

"Hi Daddy! Did I wake you up? Oh! Tying flies?. . .Are they for the tournament this weekend? . . Gee Daddy, I think I am with the enemy then. He says you might remember him. His name is Scott Murphy." She jerked the phone away from her ear and grinned at me. "I think he remembers you." She grinned, "Yes Daddy, we are having a drink or two, he saved my life earlier this evening. From Brad." She was listening and watching me. "Yeah! He stood up to him and Brad backed down.". . . "Really?" She laughed, "He wants to take me out tomorrow scouting fish for the tournament, can I show him our favorite flats?" She put her hand over the phone while she listened. "OK, I won't show him the place at the east end of the Stiltsville flat you say is so hot lately." She yanked the phone away from her ear again. She listened.

"Can I trust him?. . . . "With my life AND my virtue! Wow Daddy, that is strong coming from you. . . "Listen, I am afraid he will walk off and leave me if I don't pay some attention to him. . . "Yes! I love you too. Nighty nite!"

She folded her phone and dropped it in her purse. She stared at me for a long moment. "Daddy said he is looking forward to seeing you again this weekend. He said a lot of other the things about you I'll not repeat." I tried to say something when she pressed a finger to my lips. "Everything he said was better than I have ever heard him say about any other man. Especially the guys I date. He said something about that he was happy I had finally met a real man."

I shrugged my shoulders, "He really doesn't know me all that well."

She smiled again, damn I like the way she smiles, makes me feel all warm inside when she smiles at me. She looked straight at me, "Daddy takes his fishing seriously, he checks out his opponents extremely carefully, the word gets around very quickly about the anglers. He says you don't compete directly with him because you do not use a guide. He says I can show you anything I know, and if I bring you over to his place when we get back tomorrow he will tell you where he has been finding fish."

I smiled, then I realized something. "You're going with me in the morning!"

"Yes, if the offer still stands!"

"Yes! Yes, I would love for you to go."

"Please dance with me again."

I led her back onto the floor. This time I was ready for another Country song because a country CD was playing. I was pleasantly surprised by 'The Tennessee Waltz'. We swung around the floor, Damn, I loved watching her move. Then I thought, I just loved watching her, period. I loved her smile when I twirled her through a step then bent her in a low dip.

It looked well rehearsed, but it was all adlib. Although I did softly tell her what I was going to do. She was very good, she never faltered or missed a single step. When the number ended she slipped her hands behind my neck and pulled my head down for a long, long kiss. Her lips were slightly parted and I accepted the invitation and touched her tongue with mine. A shiver ran down my back. She must have felt it too! She pulled me back to our booth amid the clapping.

When we were seated she toasted me with her glass, I returned the gesture. We both laughed as we each moved closer to the other. I held her small hand in mine and asked for her phone number and where I could meet her in the morning. She gave me two numbers, one was her cell and the other her apartment. I asked where I could pick her up in the morning.

"Where are you staying?"

"I have my boat in the water at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club."

She raised her eyebrows, "Is it safe there? Do you know a member?"

"Yes, I sure do. Are you duly impressed?"

"You must have some Ritzy friends."

"Yep, filthy rich ones."

"I guess if we are going to go fishing in the morning we need to get some sleep. I have a spare bed room if you want to stay with me."

"Girl, I am very proud and honored by your offer, I don't know what to say except that I know that no matter what happens I will get very little sleep. Once I have you in my arms I am never going to want to let you go. If I make love to you, we won't get any sleep and probably won't go fishing tomorrow, if we talk, I will be trying to get you in bed all night long and won't go fishing tomorrow. If I take you with me, it will be the same problem. I have to confess that I am barely able to keep from dragging you off to a dark corner and having my way with you now." I stopped and looked at her. "Girl I want you SO bad. More than I know how to tell you. But somehow that isn't enough."

She was very serious, a tear ran from the corner of her eye, "Scotty, I know exactly how you feel. I want you too! I usually get what I want. But. . . But this is different, I think I want more from you than just a quick roll between the sheets." She held up her small hand. "Don't get me wrong, I would love that, but I think you are too special to take a chance like that. Let's just slow things down and get to know each other better first. This is a new feeling for me. I have always hated the even the idea of a long term commitment with anyone. Now I am very confused about what I do want."

"OK, I think we agree, it ain't gonna happen tonight, by mutual agreement. So how do we get together in the morning?"

"That's easy, Honey, I call you a cab. You tell me where to be in the morning and I'll be there at eight o'clock with a couple of rods, a cooler with drinks and a snack."

"You have a deal, meet me at the Yacht Club. Are you familiar with it at all?"

"Yes, a girlfriend's family had a boat there for years. I have been there lots of times."

"OK, Dock B. I'll be watching for you. If you want to come earlier we can get breakfast at the club, they have a great breakfast buffet."

"Oh yes! How about 7:15?"

"Perfect. Shall we go now?" I dropped a fifty dollar bill on the table. She looked at me and smiled, she picked my money up and stuffed it in the breast pocket of my blazer. "They will put it on my tab. Just a second." When we stood the waitress came over and Catherine led her off a few steps and talked with her.

She turned and smiled, my knees went weak, I hoped I hadn't screwed up and missed my chance with this beautiful girl. She took my arm and we headed for the door where we came in. She smiled and said, "We can wait for your cab out back, it'll be five or ten minutes."

We walked to her car. When we got there I held her jacket for her and when it was on I pulled her to my chest and watched her as I leaned toward her. She lifted her face and closed her eyes. I felt her hands slide up my chest and around my neck. Our lips gently touched. Her lips were open and matched mine. Our tongues met and she moaned low in her throat. It was a long sweet kiss. She pulled back and looked into my eyes. In the dim light I saw her smile. She placed a little hand on my cheek.

She whispered, "Scotty, that was the sweetest kiss I have ever had. To be honest, it wasn't the sexiest or most passionate, it wasn't the deepest or the longest, but no other kiss touched me as deeply as that one did. Are you sure you don't want to go home with me?"

I kissed her again "Cat, I want to go home with you more than I have ever wanted anything in my whole life. I think you know that, don't you?"

She giggled, "Yes I can tell you are interested, unless you have a four cell flashlight in your pocket." I saw the lights of the cab turn into where we were. I kissed her again.

I looked in her eyes, "Will you be there in the morning?"

"Hell yes, you are the first man who ever turned down an invitation into my bed. I need to find out what I'm doing wrong."

I kissed her again and said, "Not a damned thing, you are perfect. Goodnight my love." I turned and jumped in the cab. I told him where to go and as we pulled away I turned and watched her until we rounded the corner.

The next morning I had all my gear loaded in the skiff and was standing at the land end of the dock with a foldable dock cart at 7:05. About two minutes later I saw her Caddy approach, my heart jumped as I guided her into a reserved spot. I opened her door and she stood and put her arms around my neck. It was another earth shaking, sweet kiss.

She smiled and it was a great morning. She looked adorable in jeans and a pink tee shirt. She had on pink suede boat shoes and a denim jacket and a pink ball cap. She carried a huge canvas bag. She locked the car, I took her hand and we walked to the club dining room. I can't tell you what I ate that morning. I was spell bound. I knew she was beautiful last night but I was really stunned by how good she looked in her faded and well worn outfit, she wore little or no makeup.

We didn't talk much, we just smiled at each other. I guess she wasn't too disappointed in what she saw. After breakfast we loosened up a little. I helped her get the rest of her stuff out of her car and we walked down the dock toward the end, pulling my folding dock cart behind us with her gear and cooler in it. We had to go aboard a seventy-five foot trawler yacht and then through the transom door in the stern of the huge boat. My skiff was tied against the boat's swimming platform. I helped her aboard and we stowed our gear. She was intrigued by my boat. I explained that because I fished tournaments alone I did not like to use the standard poling platform on the stern of most skiffs. My boat had built-in electric thrusters that enabled me to maneuver the boat from the small raised control station above the standard center console. I showed her how I had twelve different rods available to cast from the tower.

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