tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Cat's Whiskers Ch. 01

The Cat's Whiskers Ch. 01

byadam applebiter©

Washday Blues.

Kat's hair, lush as it was, couldn't hide her breasts as they shuddered like jello. It wasn't just her bosom, but that was the first part of her that Matt's gaze took in. Predictable really.

Her belly quivered too, the deep well of her navel passed briefly under his scrutiny as he followed her body down to the patch of thatch between her spread thighs. He couldn't make out individual hairs: The washing machine she sat on had just stepped up a gear and the vibrations made her crotch a blur of burnt orange.

Kat wailed as the speed increased, inadvertently hiding her crotch as she pressed her palms onto the corner of the white enamelled machine to steady herself. The enormous energy of the heavy, spinning drum of the machine seemed to connect directly to her pelvis.

Matt watched, hand on bulging jeans as Kat, clearly in the midst of a tremendous orgasm, clung to the machine far longer than the 8 seconds a bronco rider had to manage. He could smell her too: Over the smell of soap powder there was a distinct aroma of musk that was only helping his burgeoning hard-on.

It just went on and on. Every time he thought her climax was over, another seemed to grab her by the clit and shake her 'til she screamed. By her fourth, Matt had acquired a handful of dick, which he was pumping hard while imagining licking the sweat off her thighs. There was certainly plenty of work there for him. Kat was shiny with perspiration and Matt could smell what else she was wet with even more strongly now.

As the clutch disengaged and the machine slowed, letting Kat finally relax, she opened her eyes and screamed.

Matt had been so close too. The shrill shriek, nothing like the guttural cries of her pleasure, brought him back to reality instantly. He let go of his dick like it was suddenly electrified but the rigid thing still stood out from his Levi's, proud and long and with just a hint of moisture making it gleam.

Kat's arm flung protectively across her bosom, her legs practically slammed shut on her other hand as she tried to cover herself and still she screamed at him to get out.

Stunned, Matt backed into the kitchen, struggling to tuck his too rigid penis away. He sputtered apologetic noises until he reached the back door then broke into a run, back to his pickup.

In the driver's seat, he sat, gasping for breath, mind racing. On one hand, it had been an incredible floorshow and he'd be jacking off to it for months. On the other hand, if she called the cops...

There was a knock on the window. Startled, Matt banged his head on the roof of the pickup. It was Kat, wrapped in a bright red housecoat. She said something he couldn't hear through the glass so he cranked the window a few inches.

"I said, you'd better come back inside." Kat turned and walked away, up the path. Matt couldn't fail to notice that she seemed more than a bit shaky on her legs. He got out of the truck and followed. His jeans still felt too full and the sight of that big round ass swaying a few feet ahead wasn't helping. He was a connoisseur of big booty with a collection of rapper videos on his computer because those big-assed girls in hot pants, practically sitting on the camera and shaking it would have him blowing his wad as fast as any porn flick. Kat had him hard again before he reached the kitchen.

Kat was washing her hands when he reached the kitchen door. He hesitated.

"Sit down, Matt."

"I just popped by to fix that faucet... We arranged it last week...on the phone..."


"Yes please." Coffee? Two minutes ago she was screaming at him and two minutes before that, she was ... just screaming. Matt was now more confused than panicky. He didn't feel much better about that though.

"How long were you watching me?" She asked without turning round. Cups clinked on the counter.

"A few minutes."

"So you liked the show?"

"Hell yeah!"

"But you didn't cum."

"I was about to but you started screaming at me." He was more relaxed now. She didn't sound mad at him. Of course, she could be just keeping him talking until the cops got here but that didn't occur to him.

"Cream? Sugar?"

"Black with two." He watched as she dropped two spoonfuls of sugar into one cup and, well it must have been half a dozen, into the other, added cream or something like it to that one then brought both cups to the table. Her robe was open enough at the front to afford him another view of her red curls. He stared. His hand idly stroked his bulging pants.

"Get it out then." Kat, stood just in front of him with her crotch on show and a steaming cup between her two hands, watched him with lascivious intent.


"Yes. Now...I've shown you mine. Now it's my turn to see yours. Get it out. I want to see you cum." She sipped her coffee as she watched his hands fumble with his zipper and haul out his dick. It wasn't the biggest she'd seen – her partner packed more – but it wasn't small either and it was certainly hard.

Matt didn't take any further urging to start pumping his dick with his fist, staring between Kat's legs. Kat put down her coffee and perched on the edge of the table so that she could spread her legs. As she leant back a little, she knew Matt could now see her slippery labia under her curls. She kept her pussy shaved smooth so Matt must be getting a really good eyeful. The sheer, unadulterated exhibitionism of it made her feel randy. If she hadn't already been practically dripping on the kitchen floor, the juices would definitely be flowing by now.

"Ah-ah! Look but don't touch." Kat's admonition stopped his free hand in mid air, inches from her pussy.

His busy hand was a blur on his shaft, by turns hiding and revealing the swollen purple plum of his glans as his fist rose and fell in his lap. As Kat watched in avid anticipation, he came with a groan, hips rising slightly off the seat as his tightening balls sent a thick white jet of semen up the front of his shirt. A second spurt spattered his Levi's and a third splashed across Kat's belly and thighs, soiling her robe in the process. As his pumping slowed to a stop, the final dribbles of cum drizzled out over his curled fingers and down his hand like frosting. He panted and relaxed back in his chair, still looking at her pussy.

Kat was impressed. What she'd taken for a .38 special, had turned out to be more .44 magnum when it went off. She wondered if there was anything left in the chamber? Did she feel lucky? Yes. She definitely felt lucky.

"Well! Will you look at the mess? And I thought you said you didn't take cream in your coffee." She observed that one wayward drop of Matt's ejaculation was now floating in his cup.

"Sorry." Was all he could manage by way of witty repartee.

"I'm a nurse. Cleaning up body fluids is nothing new. You'd better get those things off and let me wash them." She held up the hem of her robe and scrutinized it. "This too, I think."

Kat stood and slipped her cum spattered robe from her shoulders, noting in passing that Matt's gaze had risen with her and he was again staring at her tits. Her nipples crinkled. Kat had sensitive tits that enjoyed attention.

While Matt peeled off his shirt, Kat took her robe into the utility room and busied herself emptying the previous wash load into a basket. As she turned to put it aside, she saw Matt standing naked in the doorway, leering at her ass. She didn't hurry straightening up, figuring that the more he saw, the sooner he'd be ready to deliver on what she'd promised herself.

Matt had admired that big, round ass when it swayed up the path, earlier. Now it was presented in a much more appealing fashion and he was really enjoying the view. He wanted to slap it just to watch it wobble. He wondered what it would take to get Mrs B on her knees, spreading those butt cheeks for him.

"Sorry I screamed at you before. It was a hell of a shock. That's all. I forgot you were calling by." Kat took his bundled clothes and tossed them into the machine with her robe. She set the dial for the shortest wash cycle and started it.

"I guess I shoulda knocked but I heard the washing machine and the door was open so..."

"So you just walked in and caught me curing those washday blues."

Matt's eyes twinkled. "It the biggest damn vibrator I've ever seen."

"Ain't it just?" Kat reached for his now semi-rigid dick, kneading it gently. "And because of this messy little guy, I'm gonna get another go in a few minutes." She felt him twitch in her hand and smiled. "You can touch now, if you like."

Matt didn't need a second invitation. He moved closer, forcing her back until her butt pressed against the washing machine. His hand delved between her thighs, found its way between her lips and two fingers plunged into her, feeling just how wet she was from her bronco ride. His other hand seized one breast, squeezing it as he pushed her nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Kat gasped and opened her mouth. His mouth pressed over hers, his tongue intruding as deeply and as vigorously as his fingers. Her fingers were now in possession of an exceedingly firm dick which, it occurred to her, was a waste as there was a much better way to hold it.

"Y'know, Mrs. B, I can make that machine vibrate more for you." Matt stopped kissing her as an idea struck him.

"You can? How?" Kat liked the sound of that.

"It's easy. Just a minute." He extracted his fingers from her pussy and stuck them in his mouth, enjoying the taste of her juices as he sucked his fingers clean. "Mmm. I need a wrench." He went to his tool bag, still by the kitchen door, where he'd put it when he arrived, and returned with an adjustable wrench. Lying on the floor with his erection waving about unheeded, he adjusted the wrench around one foot of the washing machine and twisted it a few times, shortening the little screw-in leg.

"There you go!" He said, standing again. "Now, if you just hop up there and wait for the spin cycle, you'll get the ride of your life."

Kat complied, planting her ass as close to the edge as she dared, so that she could spread her legs for him. Adam was just the right height to push his dick between her pussy and the machine until his balls pressed against the control panel on the front.

They kissed some more, waiting for the spin cycle to start. The pressure and heat of her pussy along the top of his dick was keeping him rigid and ready for action. It helped that Kat was rocking her hips slowly, massaging his dick and trying to press her clit onto it as much as possible. The machine under them vibrated gently as it tumbled its load to and fro. The spin cycle started, the drum sped up and the machine began to shake violently - Much more violently than Kat was used to. It almost dislodged her – would have, but for Matt's grip on her legs, pushing her back onto the enamel top. His dick popped free but Kat didn't care: As her pussy pressed into direct contact with the machine, the vibrations coursed through her like never before.

"Lean forward." Matt urged. Kat had to rely on Matt to support her as she did what he suggested. Leaning forward pressed her clit into direct contact with the vibrating surface, making her moan with pleasure. It was wonderful. Not having to hold on as the giant vibrator drove her from one screaming orgasm to another...and another...and another...

After the fourth, she slipping off the machine into Matt's strong arms. He lowered her gently to the floor and lay on top of her, slipping his too long neglected dick into her pussy and pumping hard with his hips. Kat was too tired to do little more than lie there and let him fuck her. A few feet away, the machine shook on noisily. It drowned out the grunt as Matt quickly came inside her, hot semen filling all the nooks and crannies and oozing out past his dick. Despite her exhaustion, Kat very nearly came again.

"So what did you do to my machine?" Kat asked. They were sitting naked in the kitchen drinking coffee at last.

"The feet on those things are adjustable because the machines have to be level or they shake noisily. All I did was deliberately put yours off balance. You like it?"

"Sure do. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure. Anytime."

"It was my pleasure too." Kat thought anytime might turn out to be real soon. She'd not really been able to appreciate his dick this afternoon.

"How long will my clothes be? I have to get home."

"Your Jeans won't be dry for hours."

"I have a boiler suit in the pickup but I can't go out there dressed like this." He gestured at his nudity.

"I'll put some clothes on and go fetch it for you. Drink your coffee." Kat left. She was gone only long enough to pull on a T shirt and some jogging pants. Matt handed her the truck keys and told her where to look.

Ten minutes later, Matt was on his way home to tell his girlfriend he'd got wet fixing a burst pipe and that Mrs. B had kindly offered to wash his wet things. He'd collect them tomorrow when he went back to finish the repair.

All the way home, he thought about Kat's ginger pubes and how, tomorrow, he'd bury his face in them and tongue fuck her until she came in his mouth. The brief taste he'd already had had been good, but he wanted much more. A blowjob would be nice too, or a tittie-fuck. Those big soft titties were perfect for squeezing around a dick...

"What's wrong with that washing machine?" Kat's partner asked as its new, noisier, spin cycle intruded on the dinnertime conversation.

"I don't know. It started doing that this afternoon." Kat replied innocently.

"You should call someone to fix it."

"I'll ask Matt to look at it tomorrow, when he comes to fix the faucet."

"I thought he was supposed to do that today."

"Something came up and he was too busy." Kat said, reflecting on what was likely to come up again tomorrow.

The machine finished its third load of the day.

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