tagErotic CouplingsThe Cat's Whiskers Ch. 02

The Cat's Whiskers Ch. 02

byadam applebiter©


I haven't felt this excited since the high school prom. If I'd known how much fun adultery could be, I'd have been having more than fantasies in the afternoon all this time.

I hurried home from the mall, practically threw the groceries into the cupboards and threw myself into the shower. Matt was due in under an hour and I didn't think he'd be late: not after yesterday's fun and games.

It's easy for a girl to lose track of time in the shower. Warm suds feel so good, especially when you're thinking about why you're washing there... and there...and...

Matt found me pressed into the corner of the enclosure with the jets pressed against my crotch and two fingers pressed knuckle deep in my ass.

"Don't you ever stop playing with yourself?" He opened the enclosure door. Startled, I yanked my fingers free. "No, Baby. Don't stop on my account." He leered at my ass, gesturing with his own two fingers.

Way past being shy in front of Matt, I stuck my fingers back where they belonged and pressed the showerhead closer over my clit, gasping as the hot needles caressed it.

As fast as he could get out of his boiler suit, Matt stepped close behind me. Grabbing my tits and finding my nipples hard, he pinched both roughly, twisting them until I gasped loudly. His already hard dick pressed against the back of my hand as I probed my ass, digging as deep as I could as I came, trembling in his grasp.

Matt was the first man ever to see me ass fuck myself. My partner has never shown the slightest interest in such things -- a major gap in my sex life that has been regularly filled by my fingers but, never before for an audience. I thought Matt was kneeling to recover the showerhead that had clattered to the floor as I came. Instead, I felt his hands on my butt.

"Pull 'em out." He husked. I obliged, letting my fingers slip from my soapy sphincter, figuring he wanted to see me gape like in the movies. I was half right. He watched my anus contract back for a couple of seconds then stuck his tongue in. I yelped. Dicks, yes; fingers, yes; but a tongue in my ass was so dirty. He alternated deep probing, rapid circling and long, rough catlicks between my butt cheeks. It felt awesome. My hand went straight to my clit, strumming it like a banjo. Three of Matt's fingers pushed between my splayed thighs and into my pussy. He wasn't gentle about it, but I'd have screamed with frustration if he had been.

"Don't stop!" I almost did scream as he pulled his face away from my ass, just when I was ready to come again. His fingers left me feeling empty too as he scrambled to his feet and guided the hot head of his dick to where his tongue had been.

"Where d'you want it Mrs B?" Matt husked in my ear, pressing me hard against the tiles. "Cunt or ass?"

"Fuck my ass." I whimpered, still teetering on the threshold of orgasm. Matt pushed hard. My ass resisted painfully for a moment then capitulated, swallowing him until his balls slapped against my pussy lips. I moaned with lust as he pumped his hips. My forestalled second orgasm finally hit me, making me whimper but Matt was nowhere near coming. He drove that lovely dick into me regardless. I couldn't have made him stop, if I tried. I didn't try. I just hung, impaled on his dick as he reminded me what my ass had been missing. When he came inside me, in three huge spasms, we both sank to the floor.

"Have you come to fix the faucet?" I asked. Matt burst out laughing.

"And anything else that's leaking."

"Like my ass for instance?"

"I like your ass a lot. Got a cream pie going on down there?"

He urged me onto all fours -- not easy in a shower enclosure - and watched as I squeezed out all I could of his jism. I could feel the hot stuff oozing down over my pussy. It felt filthy. I felt filthy, but in a good way. Matt retrieved the showerhead and hosed me down.

When he'd seen enough, he helped me up and we washed each other properly. I took a long time over his dick, the upshot of which was that he was rock hard again before we got out of there.


Who knew Mrs B was such a slut? And I mean that in a good way. Every guy I know wants a woman who'll get down and dirty at the drop of a hat, but usually that means the drop of a billfold too. I wonder if there's anything this woman isn't into?

"Mrs B?" I was towelling her ass. What an ass!

"Matt. You've gotta start calling me Kat."



"D'you often fuck the hired help?"

"You're the first. Why? D'you think I should try to pluck the paperboy's cherry?"

"I just wondered."

"Matt, I'd never been unfaithful until yesterday and only then because you caught me in flagrante and... well you were there. You know how it was."

"Fuckin' awesome is how it was."

"It was fun, wasn't it?" She was tucking her towel into her cleavage. I was doing my best to keep a hand under it.

"Yeah. But it's about time we got to fuck properly, which way's the bed?" I got both hands inside the towel and drew her close to kiss her.

"Mmm. You'd best go fix that faucet first. I'll be waiting." She pushed away from me and slapped my bare ass. "Go on. Git!"

It took about five minutes to put a new washer in the faucet then I was back up the stairs two at a time, dick still swinging free, looking for Mrs B... Kat. Kat and Matt: we sounded like a double act for children's parties.

She was on her back, legs apart, running a comb through her ginger curls when I found her. I crawled between her feet to watch.

"D'you think I should shave this?" She twirled one lock of curls around a finger. I was more interested in the pink I could see a bit lower down.

"I think you should sit on my face."

"Pussy! That's all you want." She badly faked exasperation.

"Not true. I want your ass too, and your titties...and fifty bucks for the fixing the faucet." I moved to lie beside her, on my back with my dick standing proud, hoping she'd shut up and do as she was told.

Kat laughed and straddled my face, slowly lowering that big, round ass down. As her pussy pressed against my mouth, I lapped at it. Her butt was plenty big enough to eclipse all the light in the room until she leaned forward, careful not to dislodge my tongue. When I felt moist lips encircling my erection, I figured she knew what I expected. I pressed my face against her, working my tongue up her hole and getting a mouthful of pussy juice for my efforts. Her tongue wasn't idle either. My hips bucked off the bed every time she ran it over my sensitive glans. All I could think was that she'd better fuckin' swallow the lot. With a mouthful of pussy and her tongue wrapped around my dick, I came hard and without warning, squirting all over the back of her throat. She swallowed it down and ground her ass harder against my face, pinning me to the pillows so I could only move my tongue, still deep inside her pussy.

Kat tormented me with her tongue, making me writhe by teasing the hypersensitive tip of my dick, making me gasp -- something which obviously felt good against her crotch because it made her come, grinding down hard on my mouth.

"You've got something on your chin." She said, through panting breaths as she laid top to toe beside me. I smirked. I could feel that my face was slick with her juice from the bridge of my nose down. Rolling over, I found her damp towel on the floor and wiped my face clean again.

"Mrs B, that was delicious. What's for dessert?" Her legs were still apart and I was toying with her sticky curls.

"You've already had dessert." She chuckled. "Cream pie. Remember? Would you like coffee? Before you go?"

I settled for coffee in the kitchen, me dressed in my finest skin, Mrs B in her red robe again. I reached over as she sat down and drew open the sash. "I like looking at your titties."

"So I've noticed." Mrs B didn't attempt to close her robe though and her nipples perked up visibly.

"You're not really going to kick me out after coffee, are you? I was kinda lookin' forward to the hat trick."

"Hat trick?" She was genuinely puzzled.

"Scoring three times in one match. A hat trick."

"Is this just a sport then?"

"Sure. I've already got a girlfriend. You've got Mr B. This is just fun-fucking."

"I'm glad you realize that. I had worried you might want more."

"I do want more. I want to fuck you again."

"You know what I meant."

"Sure. And you know what I meant. Now finish your coffee and get back up those stairs." I drained my own mug and stood up. That is, the rest of me stood up. Part of me had been standing up the whole time I'd been ogling Mrs B's titties.

Mrs B... I don't think I'll get used to calling her Kat... Put down her coffee and led me upstairs by my handle. Turning in the bedroom, in one motion, her robe slid to the floor, her arms went around my neck and her body pressed up against me as she opened her mouth and kissed me, deeply. We shuffled to the foot of the bed without breaking for air and went from vertical to horizontal without any effort save a little help from Isaac Newton. Her legs parted under me, spread and rose until she could cross her ankles over my butt. I grabbed myself and guided my dick to the right spot, easing my hips forward and sinking slowly into her hot hole until I could go no deeper. Still we kissed, moving slowly, stirring the pot without letting it boil.


For all my kinky side, I'm a little bit submissive at heart and, vanilla it may be, but I do like the missionary position. There really is no substitute for being under a man, feeling his weight on me and his hardness in me. Slow or fast, it's all good.

Matt went really slow, putting more effort into kissing than fucking. It was just what I wanted. His hairy chest felt ticklishly good against my tits and his rough hands, caressing wherever they could reach, made me tingle all over. I let one of my own hands trail down his spine, barely touching him with the tips of my nails, making his back arch and his dick press harder into me.

I think Matt must have found every single erogenous zone I have. Sometimes I'm not too happy with my curves but Matt was certainly a cure for that. He manifestly enjoyed every inch of my body and, lets be honest, there's a lot to enjoy. This was the best I'd felt about myself in years and I wanted it to go on and on. Nothing boosts a girl's confidence like being desired.

I enjoyed Matt's body too. The first time I saw him, he was stripped to shorts and gleaming with sweat, cutting a hedge for our neighbours. That was last summer. He was less tanned now but just as conspicuously masculine. He was getting sweaty again too.

I raked his rock buns with my nails, spurring him into a higher gear and got on with getting properly fucked.

My first orgasm grabbed all my attention and seized Matt's dick, making him increase his pace yet further, keeping me climaxing steadily for the longest time. One orgasm ran seamlessly into another, building in intensity until I was screaming in ecstasy. At the very height of my pleasure, I felt Matt's own climax flood my pussy. He slowed to a stop and lay heavily on me softening inside me. I let the poor guy rest awhile, stroking his hair and feeling very mellow and sated. At some point I dozed off.


Mrs B looked terrific, asleep on her bed, legs still apart and with my cum dribbling out of her pussy. I nipped into the shower to get cleaned up, found my boiler suit where I left it and got presentable again. I would have let her sleep but I didn't dare risk Mr B finding her spread across a pool of jism. That'd be a bad thing. So I sat on the bed and gently shook her awake.

"Mrs B. I gotta get going. Where did you leave my shirt and pants from yesterday?"

"Huh? Oh. They're on top of the washer, ready for you." She sat up slowly. "Let me show you out." She made to stand up. I retrieved her robe and held it for her. In the kitchen, Mrs B. reached for her purse and rummaged through it. "For the faucet." She pressed three $20 bills into my hand.

"Thank you Mrs B." I got out my billfold to put away the money. She waved away the ten bucks change: I didn't argue. "See you soon." I picked up my toolbox and opened the back door.


"Yes Mrs B?"

"I told you to call me Kat. I think the sink might be blocked up next Tuesday. I hope you won't be too busy to rod it for me."

"I'll make sure I'm not." I closed the door, thinking that next Tuesday, I definitely wanted that tittie fuck I'd promised myself.

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