tagErotic CouplingsThe Cat's Whiskers Ch. 03

The Cat's Whiskers Ch. 03

byadam applebiter©

"More coffee?" Kat finished pouring one for herself and gestured at JJ's cup with the pot.

"Mmm...Thanks." He accepted around a mouthful of toast. He swallowed and continued. "The waste in the bathroom basin's blocked."

"I know. I'll call Matt this morning and see when he can come fix it." Of course it was blocked. She'd said, last week, that it would be.

"Better ask him to cut the grass too. They're predicting another wet weekend and I won't have time this week."

"I'll be sure to ask him. Anything else?" She gestured at his empty plate.

"No thanks Honey. I better get going. Busy day today." He stood, kissed Kat briefly en passant and picked up his briefcase as he went through the door.

Kat cleared the table, humming to herself as she contemplated her day. Dishes done, she put a load in the washing machine and started the cycle. It'd be at least half an hour before it got into its spin cycle: Time enough to call Matt.

Matt had remembered it was Tuesday and kept the whole day free. When the call came, he was parked a block away, waiting in his truck with a pretty respectable hard-on, daydreaming about that tittie-fuck he'd promised himself. Five minutes after the call he was closing the back door behind him and peeling off his shirt as he took the stairs two at a time.

Kat heard his hasty steps and called to him. "In the bathroom." Matt was struggling with his belt buckle as he strode into the bathroom and found Kat fully dressed. He paused to look her up and down, noting how her tight jeans were pulled up into her crotch to create some major camel toe. Her blouse was quite formal but sheer enough to show her bra through the fabric. There were those lovely, soft titties, pushed together to make the sort of deep cleavage you just want to press your face into.

"That's the blocked basin." She pointed to the basin, half full of clean water. The level was dropping ever so slowly. Kat studiously ignored Matt's state of undress and his blatant ogling of her tits and crotch.

Unsure what the game was to be, but willing to play along, Matt watched the last of the water seep away then got on the floor and unfastened the trap. "There's the problem." Matt held out a handful of curly ginger hairs. His eyes lingered on Kat's camel toe, now conveniently at eyeball height. "Did you leave any?"

"Not one." Kat was acutely aware of the fabric between her newly shaved labia. If she had to walk further than the bedroom in these jeans, she'd be leaking through them. "I had to get you here somehow."

"There's easier ways to get me here."

"I know. JJ asked if you'd cut the grass too."

"Seems to me, you already have." Matt looked at his hand. Kat's pubes looked like a rusty pan-scrub. He cocked his head on one side, listening. "Washday?"


"I'd better get on with the grass then, while you're doing the laundry." Matt got off the bathroom floor and walked past Kat to the door.


"Yes Mrs B?" He turned back to her and got hit by an attention seeking missile. Kat pinned him to the jamb and did her level best to suck the life out of him. One of the advantages of being a curvy girl was being quite strong. Matt could probably have pushed her off him, if he'd tried, but... why? They sank to the floor, still kissing and groping. Kat's deft fingers had his jeans open in seconds and curled possessively around his dick. She was pleased to find him hard and ready to come out and play. Kat twisted herself slightly to allow Matt to reach her zipper and sighed as her tight jeans parted. They'd been too tight really. Matt's rough fingers dug into the soft, smooth flesh of her pubis, checking for stubble and finding none. His other hand was failing to push her jeans down further, prompting Kat to let go of him and stand up to undress properly. She was in too much of a hurry for all that fumbling. In short order, she'd peeled her jeans down and kicked them off while Matt scrambled out of his own.

She stood in front of him, bare from the waist down, letting him see her denuded pussy properly. He must have been able to see the moisture forming like dewdrops on her pink bits because he leant forward, reaching for her ass and pulling her hard against his face. Kat gasped as his stubbly top lip scoured the front of her labia and his quick tongue burrowed between them. She rested her hands on his head, pushing him harder against her, grinding her pussy against his face, desperate for her long awaited first orgasm.

Matt slurped at her wet folds, nuzzling at her clitoral hood, feeling the tiny bud of her clitoris chafe against his filtrum. Sensing how close to coming she was – the gasps and moans were a clue – he let his fingers probe under her buttocks until one found and massaged her anus. As soon as he touched it, he moved back a fraction and lashed her clit with the tip of his tongue until the screaming subsided and Kat's legs buckled under her.

Kat cried out her pleasure as her orgasm boiled through her. Her hands were no longer holding Matt's face to her crotch so much as stopping her collapsing. The heat in her abdomen just built and built until she thought she'd spontaneously combust. Then she stopped thinking entirely and just howled at the ecstatic release, her pulsing vagina squirting fluid over Matt's chin that ran in trickles down his bare chest. Eventually, after a brief eternity of orgasmic delirium, she came down, sinking down to the bathroom floor, panting, with her legs still open and her bare pink pussy gaping and wet between her pale thighs. Matt dropped down between her knees, lapping at the glistening traces on her inner thighs, and pubis. He carefully avoided her pussy, cleaning her with his tongue as she caught her breath.

"Fuck me." Kat husked, touching his hair to get his attention.

Matt grinned at her from crotch level then lunged, catching his weight on outstretched arms a moment before landing on her. He kissed her violently as he poked at her crotch with his rampant erection. Kat's fingers intercepted his dick and guided it to the spot. As she relaxed her grip, Matt thrust. Their pelvises collided and his balls came to rest against her butt. He gyrated his hips slowly, stirring the pot, before starting to pump slowly but forcefully in and out.

Kat raised her knees and crossed her ankles over his back, the better to accommodate him. She moaned against his neck and whispered words of lust and encouragement in his ear while her blouse yielded to deft fingers. Her bra was more of a problem – she was lying on the clasp. Later.

Matt's stroke rate was increasing and Kat was finding it hard to think of anything right now, except the hot rod impaling her and the familiar warmth of an impending climax. With a low groan, Matt hosed her cervix, pumping her pussy urgently as his jism pumped out of him. Kat came with him, her pulsing pussy milking him and holding his dick tight inside her as she bucked under him.

With a sigh of contentment, Matt rolled off her, slick dick still stiff, pointing up at the ceiling. As Kat watched, it toppled slowly sideways like a felled tree. Slowly, it shrank and softened, weeping one more drop of cum as it died.

"Thank you, Matt. I needed that." Kat had been brought up to always remember her manners.

"My pleasure Mrs B. My pleasure." He turned his head to smirk at her. "I think I'm gonna change my name to Mellors. Beggin' your pardon m'lady." Matt mockingly pulled on the peak of a non-existent cloth cap.


"Lady Chatterley?" Matt still only got a blank look. "There's a famous book by this English guy, D H Lawrence. It was banned for years. Lady Chatterley's Lover. 'Bout this rich bitch who fucks the gamekeeper."

"And the gamekeeper was called Mellors?"


"But I'm not a rich bitch – ok, so half that's true – and you're not a gamekeeper."

"I'm game for anything though." Matt winked and reached for a lace covered breast, giving it an affectionate squeeze. "And you like to fuck the hired help."

"Only you."

"And the washing machine."

"Don't knock it. It brought us together."

"True. And it's building up speed right now. Listen."

"I hear it, but I need some rest first. You want to watch me ride it again?"

"Not today. I'm gonna get a bed under you and fuck these titties." Matt squeezed Kat's breast again.

"After you've cut the grass...maybe."

"OK." Matt got to his feet, pulled on his jeans and sneakers, leering at Kat, supine on the floor, before stepping over her and practically running down the stairs, still shirtless.

Kat got off the floor when she heard the mower start up. Looking from the bedroom window, she could see Matt pushing the noisy machine up and down the garden, his torso glistening with sweat. It was a hot day and he looked magnificently fit in the sunlight. She decided she had time for a shower before Matt came to collect his reward. Unfastening her bra – the only garment she'd still got on – she pressed her breasts together and looked down at them, imagining the shiny, broad plum of Matt's dick emerging from between them. With that pleasant image in her mind, she showered.

When she returned to her bedroom, towelling dry as she walked, Kat had a kinky idea. She tucked the towel into her cleavage to free up her hands then, taking the cord off her robe, Kat tied a slipknot on either end and threaded the ends through the headboard of the big, brass bedstead. She found JJ's robe on the back of the door and relieved it of its cord too, threading it through the footboard.

Dropping her towel, Kat bounced onto the mattress and tied her own ankles to the foot of the bed as wide as she could. Lying back, she put her hands through the slipknots and pulled against them to cinch her wrists. There! Staked out, ready for ravishing. She suspected Matt would know what to do. She shook her red hair to spread it out over the pillows and laid back to wait for Matt.

Kat must have dozed off because she didn't hear the mower go quiet. She didn't hear the hasty ascent of the stairs or the gasp that escaped Matt's lips when he walked into the bedroom and saw the place that had been prepared for him. Kat was even unaware of the bed moving as Matt clambered between her spread legs. What did wake her was a long stem of grass – One that Matt had been idly chewing on – a long stem of grass twirling against her clit. That woke her with a start!

"Had a nice catnap?" Matt asked, twirling the grass against her sensitive bud again.

"Mmm... you smell sweaty."

"I am sweaty. It's hot out there. Mrs Lufkin brought me out a glass of lemonade. Very neighbourly. D'you think she noticed that this sticky stuff-" He touched his matted chest hairs "wasn't perspiration?"

"I doubt it... Please don't tease me." Kat was squirming to get away from the tickling blade of grass.

"What would she think if she knew?" Merciless, Matt teased her clitoral hood some more, enjoying watching Kat writhe. "D'you think she needs... servicing too?" He trailed the grass down between her pouting inner lips, spinning it between finger and thumb. Kat almost levitated at that.


"You don't fancy sharing my dick?" He focused on teasing her clit again.

"Stop teasing me!" Kat wailed, writhing under the grass' caress.

"Who's teasing? Mrs. Lufkin is a fine looking woman."

"Not her! You can fuck who you want. Stop teasing my Pussy!" Kat's voice was desperate.

"What's the magic word?"

"PLEASE!" Kat relaxed as the grass instantly stopped.

"Now tell me what you want." Matt got off the bed to take his jeans off.

Kat wanted to be fucked hard but she knew what Matt wanted first. "Fuck my titties, Matt."

Beaming, Matt straddled her belly, slapping his hard-on down between her bosoms and pushing two heavy handfuls of tit together around his dick. Rocking his hips, He started to pump between Kat's tits. Looking down, she could see his glans peeking out at her, disappearing and reappearing with each stroke. Matt massaged her nipples with the balls of his thumbs as he tittie-fucked her: They responded, becoming even harder, more erect.

Kat found her untouched pussy even more frustrating than Matt's tickling had been but, looking at Matt's face, she could tell he was having a lot of fun. Well, he'd earned it. "Come on my face." She said, knowing it was what he wanted to hear. If he delivered his usual load, she was gonna have to wash her hair again but so what?

As if on command, Matt arched his back and spurted a thick rope of semen across her face. His second shot hit her open mouth. He watched Kat lick it off her lips, still pumping between her breasts, smearing the last of his orgasm the length of her cleavage and riding on the slick trail.

As he started to soften, Matt let go of her titties and surveyed his handiwork. Kat's bosom was slick with semen and her face was covered with pearls of it.

She reached as much as she could with her tongue, knowing how exciting he must find it, seeing her lap up his cum. Twisting one hand free of its bonds, she mopped more cum off her chin and into her mouth. The sight of her sucking one finger clean was enough to get a twitch out of Matt's dick. Good! She needed him hard again.

Matt leant over and untied her other hand, then her feet. By the time she was free, he was almost up for it again. "Suck it." He waved the half-hearted erection in front of her face.

Kat parted her lips and encircled his plum, working the tip of it with her tongue while she fondled his balls. When he was hard enough for her needs and starting to thrust at her mouth, Kat spat out his dick and turned, presenting her ass to him.

Matt admired her whisker-free pussy. The ginger curls had been nice too but this was better. He put his plum right at the entrance to her hole and eased it in until his balls came to rest against her knuckles. Kat was rubbing her clit. She'd been leaking love-lube and the cleft of her ass was shiny with juices. Matt massaged them around her anus with his thumb, pushing it gently but persistently into her ass. Kat's hips gyrated against his pelvis, fucking herself. He just had to stay still and enjoy the ride, but that wasn't Matt's style.

"Giddyup Mrs Lufkin." He yelled, slapping Kat's butt cheek hard. Then "Yee Hah!" as Kat bucked under him. Thumb deep in her ass, Matt hung on as Kat tried to pull away, pulling her back hard, every time she got a couple of inches from freedom. Hard as she struggled, Matt wasn't to be dislodged, which suited Kat just fine.

Being ridden hard was what she'd needed. Still, He'd pay for that name slip.

Coming, she lost the will to fight but Matt picked up where she'd left off, thrusting hard into her, forcing her face into the pillows with every stroke. Kat whimpered in ecstasy as a second orgasm followed close on the heels of the first, making her insides quiver and her vagina throb around Matt's marvellously resilient erection.

As Kat's second climax faded, Matt pulled out both his thumb and his dick, pressing the latter where the former had been. With a minimum of effort, he slid into her rectum, fucking her ass briskly for a few seconds before ejaculating deep inside her.

Matt was quite literally drained. Pulling out his dick, he flopped down on the bed. Kat rolled against him and snuggled close. She too was past banter.

Some time later, Matt noticed that Kat was sleeping. Careful not to wake her, he disentangled himself from her arms and got off the bed. Picking up her damp towel as he passed, Matt went into the bathroom to shower. He was dressed, including his shirt, when he gently shook Kat awake.

"I gotta get goin', Mrs B." He said, bending close over her. She hooked an arm around his neck and drew him closer. He kissed her gently and left. Kat rolled over, pressing one hand over her smooth pussy and practically purring to herself with contentment.

Three blocks down the road, Matt realized that he hadn't got paid for cutting the grass. He grinned at the prospect of picking up his money later in the week. Besides, he had got his tittie-fuck and – he patted the ginger pubes, wrapped in toilet tissue in his shirt pocket – he had the Kat's whiskers.

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