tagNonHumanThe Centauress

The Centauress


Out of the shadowy confines of the forest emerges a most rare and mystical creature, a lone, young centauress. She is of fine bone and light of foot and wearing nothing artificial to disguise her natural beauty. As she looks around the vacant valley her soft brown, doe-like orbs scan the surrounding vegetation, long and silky black hair cascades down her back and is tucked behind slightly elongated, elfin like ears.

Her skin is smooth and soft, merging easily into the brown hide that covers her equine half. The morning chill brings out goosebumps and perks up her nipples, a desire fills her, a strong and unwavering desire that her equine half provides as she comes into heat. Ebony tail snapping she rubs her arms to keep warm as her feminine scent fills the air around her, she jogs into the middle of the pasture wanting to keep warm.

Unbeknownst to the young centauress there is another near the pasture that has taken an active interest in her presence. A young obsidian stallion is drawn to the pasture by the promising scent of a mare in heat. The stud prances into the pasture, tail flagged and neck arched in order to impress a mare he is sure is there, a low rumbling emanates from his nares.

The centauress turns to the low nicker and smiles slightly, certainly not the dashing centaur she was hoping for but a suitable substitute. She nickers back, high and melodic, she trots towards the muscular stallion, admiring his looks and movement. The young stallion is taken aback for a moment, no more by her strange appearance, but the allure of the sexual odor drives him towards her and excites him. The centauress lifts her tail teasingly at the stallion but doesn’t allow him to get behind her to mount, instead she has her own idea of the first moves.

The centauress caresses the young stallion with her hands starting from his neck to his back and finally winds up at his flank, in the meantime the stallion is nibbling gently her from her shoulder all the way down to the dock of her tail which she lifts slightly for him to get his nostrils full of her sex scent. She bends over, her ample breasts hanging down as she finds his growing member and rubs it with one hand and gently fondles his ball sac with the other, this incites a groan of pleasure from the stallion as his member fully engorges in blood.

In return, he begins to lick and nibble at her tight, virgin pussy, she closes her eyes at the attention her pussy is receiving. She takes his hard organ and licks the head and runs her tongue up and down the shaft as she strokes it and he gets more into licking her receptive pussy, occasionally inserting his dexterous tongue into her tight opening. She kisses the head of his huge, throbbing organ before opening her mouth wide to take him into her hungry mouth, her hand pumping his shaft vigorously. The stallion meanwhile has moved his head from her pussy to her equine tits, licking and sucking eagerly on the tender and soft flesh.

The centauress moves the hand she was massaging his balls with to her human breasts and touches them herself, squeezing her sensitive tits as she sucks the massive, pulsing dick of the stallion who is groaning while licking and sucking her equine tits and breasts. Her pussy is aching for him, for his largeness to penetrate her and provide her with pleasure, she releases his hard member somewhat reluctantly and lifts her tail and moves it to the side, giving him the complete understanding of what is to happen next. He lifts his head and eagerly moves in behind her, his painfully erect member held tight against his abdomen.

He rears up slightly to settle his forelegs around her barrel, his head of his penis teasingly rubbing against her tight pussy lips before with one single powerful thrust he shoves himself inside of her. She gasps at his strength and size but rocks her hips with his thrusts, his huge dick feeling fantastic in her incredibly tight pussy. His forelegs grasp her barrel tightly and he grunts with every thrust as it takes him closer and closer to the height of ecstasy.

She moans loudly as their copulation reaches a crescendo and peaks, she yells out to the world her extreme pleasure as he neighs triumphantly before gently sliding off of her, his penis already growing soft. She turns to him breathless and kisses him on the cheek, “thank you lover.” She whispers in his ear, in return he lifts his head and lips at her human breasts, nickering softly.

She rubs his neck and remains by his side completely satisfied with their lovemaking. She closes her eyes as he plays with her nipples with his lips and tongue, her lover for years to come.

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