tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Center of Attention

The Center of Attention


I was feeling particularly horny, and none of my sometime girlfriends were available. When that's the case, I usually jot on down to the local massage emporium for a quick one. The girls are different each time, but they are always young, Vietnamese, goodlooking, cheerful and friendly. This time I got Leena, in her early twenties by the looks of it, slim, shorthaired, and (at first) businesslike and efficient. She guided me toward the bubble bath, said "get naked", and left the room for a few minutes.

I love the bubble bath because I am usually already hard when I get there, and I love sitting there with this huge hardon before sex has even been discussed. She was making saucy and approving comments while she washed me, her hand "accidentally" brushing me many times.

I got out and she dried me off. When she knelt in front of me to dry my legs, my cock was right in her face. She dipped down and gave me a quick teasing suck before we headed to the massage table.

after the massage, she flipped me over and asked what else I wanted. I made a cocksucking motion for her and she said "a hundred and I..." while making the same motion.

She then dropped the top of her skirt to show me her young, nubile tits. Oh my. I put my hand on her ass while she bent down and licked my head briefly before slipping a condom on. She then sucked it for a good while, making sexy faces at me as she sucked with enthusiasm. Having just come recently, I couldn't come in her mouth with the condom. After a while she pulled me out, pulled the condom off, and started jerking my cock, slick with baby oil.

She started putting a tissue down on my stomach for where the cum would land, but I told her to leave it off, that I liked the feeling of cum hitting me. She gave me a devilish grin and said "oh, you like that? you like me shoot cum in your mouth?"

hey, I was up for anything at this point.

I got up on my elbows and leaned my head toward my cock as she stroked it. "Open your mouth," she commanded. I looked in her eyes as she started talking dirty to me. "your cock full of cum? You want me cover your face?"

"Squirt me," was all I could manage.

She started stroking me harder as I lifted my hips off the massage table. "Shoot that cum! Shoot it all over your face!" she cried. That was enough. A gigantic wad of come shot out of my cock and splashed my right cheek. The next, right in my mouth. Three or four more blasts hosed me down as I savored the taste of cum in my mouth.

She looked down in awe at the cum covering my face. "You like that. You like suck a cock?" she said, moving her fist in front of her mouth in the familiar motion.

"Yeah." I said.

"Call me on my cel next time. She gave me a card. I bring cock for you to suck." She smiled.

I spent the next couple of weeks trying not to think about the idea. I had a lot invested in the idea of being straight. When I had dreams about it I knew I had to act. I called Leena on her cel phone.

"Oh hi Tony, I remember you. I squirt your cum all over your face. You want suck some cock now?"

"Sure, why not." I said, with a tremble in my voice.

She gave me directions to her house and told me to show up in two hours. I passed the time nervously until I was knocking on her door.

"Come in, Tony? You want drink?" She ushered me into a small but incredibly neat and well-arranged living room. This girl was not rich, but she had taste. She brought me a glass of wine and sat next to me on the couch, rubbing my thigh in a teasing fashion.

"I have surprise for you in a few minutes," she said. "But first you need get ready. Sit in that chair and take your clothes off." I looked a little dubious. "No, you will like." She smiled disarmingly. I took my clothes off.

"What you doing? Your cock not even hard!" Leena looked at me in disapproval. I looked at her, bewildered. This wasn't a nice safe massage at all. "Go on, stroke your cock! Make it hard!" She pumped her fist at me, then sat down on the couch and watched expectantly.

It took a moment for the scenario to sink in. My cock got the message first, fattening up before I could get one stroke in. I started stroking while Leena watched me, smiling. I was just starting to get into it when the door opened and three people walked in, two women and a man, in their early twenties. They looked Thai, and all of them were beautiful. They looked at me with my cock in my hand and burst out laughing. All three came in to the living room and sat down on the couch and chairs in a circle around me.

Then it hit me. This was the cock they were going to make me suck!

"Well, don't stop," said Leena. "This is Mai, and Tanya, and Chiang. They wanted to watch, so I told them they could." All three smiled and laughed in a not unfriendly fashion. They thought it was all terribly funny, but also hot. I resumed my stroking.

Chiang spoke up. "So, Tony, you want to suck my cock?" He said, making the "blowjob" signal with hand and mouth.

"Um...sure." I said tentatively.

"Well, you can't!" Chiang said.

"Nope," giggled Mai. "But you will sock cock long time! You so horny!" they all cracked up. Tanya, meanwhile, was removing her top to reveal a perfectly juicy pair of smallish but perfectly shaped breasts, followed by a skirt, revealing a cherry-red garter belt and panties. She sat on the edge of the couch, leaned back and spread her legs.

Under those panties was a bulge. A BIG bulge.

"Here's your present, Tony." Leena said as Tanya pulled off the panties.

I couldn't help myself. She was gorgeous. I stopped stroking my cock and stepped over to where Tanya was leaning back on the couch. My knees were shaking, so I solved that by dropping to them. I pushed Tanya's knees apart and leaned in. Her semihard cock was circumsized and already good and fat. She pointed it at my face and I leaned in and took the head into my mouth. It was velvety soft and felt friendly and warm in my mouth. I filled my mouth with her cock, and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. It grew harder, and I pulled my mouth off and looked at it. It was now a huge thing in my hand, standing up about seven inches and very, very hard. She slapped me in the face with it playfully. "You like suck my cock, Tony? You like me cum in your mouth?"

"Yeah, cum in his mouth," Mai chimed in helpfully.

After rubbing her cock around my face for some more, I leaned in for some good honest cocksucking. For the next twenty minutes, I worshipped her cock as the three of them - Leena, Mai, and Chiang – watched and made comments. Pretty soon their clothes were coming off and they were each stroking themselves, until Mai gently moved Chiang's hand out of the way and took his hard cock into her mouth.

There were no sounds in the room save for heavy breathing, the slicky-wet sound of hand on wet pussy, and the unmistakeable sound of two erect cocks entering a willing mouth.

Chiang started groaning more insistently.

"Make him cum on Tony's face," Leena said to Mai. Chiang's face lit up at the idea. He moved until his cock was pointed at my left cheek as I dived in on Tonya's surging pole. I took a deep breath and slid her fat cock to the back of my mouth and into the opening of my throat. Willing myself to relax, I slid it in, in, in, until my nose was in her pubic hair."

"Uhhh! God! Look at him suck that cock all the way down," Chiang said as Mai stroked his hard cock inches from my face. "I'm going to...ahh...uh..."

A huge blast of sticky hot semen splashed against my left cheek and onto my nose. This was followed by several more as Mai jerked his cock on my face and hair. Tonya groaned more as I deep-throated her, Chiang's sticky com coating her inner thigh. Mai and Leena, each fingering themselves madly, went into orgasm at the same time, their keening wails making perfect harmony. Tonya started moaning and grabbing the sides of my head as her cock swelled in my mouth.

"Ahhhhh....ahhh.AHH!" she burst out as her cock exploded in my mouth, spraying hot sperm against my tongue. After two blasts, she pulled out and squirted three more times on my nose and left cheek. My face was covered in hot stickly cum, dripping down my cheeks. A big wad of cum was sloshing around in my mouth. I savored it before gulping it down, to big applause from my audience.

"Wait, he still hasn't come yet!" Said Mai.

"I know how to handle this," said Leena. She lay me down on the floor, got between my legs, and liften them one by one to rest on her shoulders. In this position, my cock was perfectly placed for her right hand. She grasped it and began stroking.

"Look at me! I'm Tonya! I'm jerking off!" Leena said as she pumped my cock, aiming it directly down at my face. It didn't take long for a nuclear wave of heat started in my stomach and surged through my balls. My gut tightened and I started squirting like a firehose as Leena directed it at my face.

"Oh yeah, cum on that face! Make him eat cum!" Mai said as she stroked her pussy feverishly. She came a second time as I was catching my breath, now three full loads of cum dripping down my face.

"Don't clean it up", Leena said. "You look so hot that way, Tony."

"I couldn't agree with you more," I said. I sat around and drank tea with them as the cum dried on my face. I left it there all night and got some pretty funny looks at the gas station. I didn't care. I wanted to do it again.

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