tagErotic HorrorThe Cerberus Incident Ch. 01

The Cerberus Incident Ch. 01


Josey Binkle held the black-bladed sword with both hands and swung it in a flat, horizontal arc. The edge of the blade sunk into the vampyre's neck and through, and rang like a bell as it cut through the bone. The vampyre's green head rose away from its neck, tumbled in the air once, and plopped into the mud by its feet. The rest of the body stopped in mid-stride, one foot raised, tottering on the other foot.

"That was well done," a voice behind him said.

Binkle spun, holding the holy sword in both hands, the tip pointed in the direction of the voice. It was her. He lowered the blade. Behind him, the decapitated, green-skinned body dropped into the mud with a splat.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Binkle said.

Harmony jumped down off the fender of the overturned truck. She was wearing black boots that came up to the middle of her thigh, a black skirt that was barely more than a wide belt, and a short black jacket that exposed all of her midsection. That night her hair was black to match.

"We're supposed to be on the same team, remember?" she said.

She walked past him and bent over to look at the body of one of the vampyres. The material of her outfit glistened in the light from the burning truck like an oily liquid that clung to her body. Binkle looked away. She was wearing nothing under the short skirt.

"Good, clean cut. You're really getting very good at this," Harmony said.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Binkle said.

He put the sword in his duffel bag and pulled the zipper shut. Harmony turned and walked toward him.

"What? You don't like it? It's the new look. All the girls on the seventh level are wearing it."

She stood beside him, smiling, showing the pointed tips of her teeth. In the darkness there was a faint glow in her eyes, and the stripes showed through the skin on her cheeks and neck. The demon half of her was strong that night.

She raised the short skirt. He looked down at the wisps of dark hair between her legs.

"Makes it so much easier with all those horny he-demons around. Wanna try?"

Binkle blushed and turned away. Harmony laughed. She put her arm around his shoulder and sniffed.

"You smell nice. What are you wearing?"

"Diesel fuel, or something," Binkle said.

Her arm dropped from his shoulders. "I like it. Go with it."

"Why are you here?" Binkle said.

He slung the duffel bag over his shoulder. Harmony walked to the truck, which lay on its side. The front wheel was as high as her head. She spun it.

"I came to warn you."

"About what?

"The dog is loose. You know. 'The dog'?" she said, emphasizing the words, making quotation marks in the air with her fingers.

"Yeah, so?"

She shrugged. "Just wanted to let you know. It might come looking for you. It has a great sense of smell, you know."

"Yeah, fine, let it find me. I'll cut its head off. Look, where the hell am I supposed to go from here?"

Harmony's eyes turned up, studying the stars in the sky over her head.

"Try Chickasaw. I hear they're expecting company."

Behind them, one of the vampyres moaned and moved. Harmony frowned.

"Dude. That one's not dead," she said.

Binkle walked over to where it was laying on the ground. Its head was still mostly attached to its shoulders and it was drenched in stinking, black blood. If it was possible, it looked even more ugly than it did when it was standing upright.

Its hand reached for Binkle's leg and tugged at the cuff of his jeans. Binkle swung the blade and hacked off the hand at the wrist. The vampyre pulled its arm back with a gurgling groan from its throat, which had been sliced open at the neck. The fingers of its hand still clung to the leg of his jeans.

Binkle swung the sword again, down on top of the vampyre's head. It cleaved neatly through the top of its head all the way down to the bridge of its nose, like it was slicing a melon. The vampyre's eyes rolled back and it let out a final groan, like it had accepted defeat.

Binkle kicked at the hand that was still attached to his jeans.

"God damned thing got blood on my jeans. Do you have any idea how much money I spend to replace my clothes?" he said.

The hand finally came loose and skittered across the pavement into the flames, where the puddle of diesel fuel was burning. Harmony sighed.

"It makes me so horny when you kill," she said.

She grabbed the front of Binkle's shirt and kissed him, with her forked, wet tongue in his mouth. He pulled away and wiped his mouth.

"Come on, Harmony. I got a mess to clean up here," he said.

Harmony put her hands on her hips and looked around at the dead vampyres on the road between his yellow and black '69 Camaro and the burning, overturned truck.

"Them? Screw them. We're in the middle of fucking nowhere," she said.

She stuck her hand down the front of Binkle's jeans and grinned.

"Now show me again what you can do with this sword," she said.

He was panting. His cock was as hard as a rock, and her hand felt good. She had sharp nails at the ends of her fingers, like talons. She pulled down the zipper and slipped her hand into the fly. Her icy cold fingers closed around his cock. His eyes rolled back in his head. He couldn't stop her now if he wanted.

She pulled all of his cock out through the fly in his jeans. Her eyes got wide and glowed a little brighter.

"Fucking hell, Josey. I forgot how big you are," she said.

She held his cock up to her forearm. It reached from her elbow to her wrist, with a few extra inches.

"I gotta tell ya, Josey. I been fucked by a lot of guys. Most of them weren't even human. I don't think any of them had a cock near as big as yours," she said.

She stroked it slowly in her hand. The tips of her sharp nails grazed the skin of his cock, leaving faint trails of blood. Binkle leaned back against the fender of his Camaro, holding it with both hands.

"You won't mind if I suck on it for a while, will ya?" Harmony said.

She was holding his huge cock pointed at her mouth and smiled. Her jagged, pointed yellow teeth made him nervous, but he was way too turned on to stop her now. His cock throbbed in her icy cold grip. Killing made him horny, too.

She licked the head of his cock with her forked, black tongue. Binkle groaned.

"You like that, don't you?" she said.

He just nodded. He knew what was coming. He wanted it bad, but at the same time, he was a little scared. Those teeth could rip him to shreds.

"Well ... Here goes nothing," Harmony said.

She opened her mouth wide, showing her mouthful of sharp, yellow teeth. Her lips enveloped the end of his cock. Her teeth dug into his shaft and he yelped.

"Shorry," Harmony said, with her mouth full of his cock, and his blood on her lips.

"It's all right. Just try not to bite it off," Binkle said.

She was already moving her head back and forth, sliding his cock deep into her mouth. A couple of times, the points of her teeth caught on his shaft and cut through the skin. He winced, but he didn't stop her. If one of those hideous, green-skinned vampyres had his cock in their mouth, would he stop them?

Harmony jammed his cock deep into her mouth, where it made her gag. He gritted his teeth. She swallowed, and his cock pushed down her throat.

Binkle groaned. She took his cock about halfway down her throat. It felt fantastic, but it also hurt like hell. Her teeth cut into his cock, and his blood ran down her chin from the corners of her mouth.

"Oh God. I love it when you do that," he said in a choked voice.

Harmony pulled his long cock all the way out of her mouth.

"Do me a favor, Josey. Try not to invoke that name. It kinda kills it for me," she said.


Harmony grinned. "Forget about it. I will."

She licked a drop of blood from the head of his cock. His shaft was marked with cuts and scrapes and a couple of puncture holes where her teeth had gone in. Already, the cuts were healing.

She wrapped her lips around the end of his cock. She moved her head back and forth slowly, taking his cock a little deeper each time. Binkle's grip tightened on the fender of his Camaro, like he was trying to rip through the sheet metal.

Harmony did that deep throat thing again, the way he loved it so much. She pressed herself forward as hard as she could, making herself gag, until it slid down her throat.

Binkle groaned and clenched his jaws. She took his cock all the way down her throat, except for the last few inches. Then she held it there.

He pumped his hips, driving his cock deeper and harder down her throat, ignoring the pain of her teeth. His climax was building, and there was no way he could stop it now.

He pumped his hips faster. Harmony was holding his thighs, and her sharp nails dug into his flesh. Binkle groaned out loud.

"Oh Go- I mean ... fuck," he said.

His cock throbbed and he fired a gusher of cum down her throat. Harmony's eyes looked up to his face and she moaned. Each time his cock throbbed and pumped more cum, he grunted. The convulsions were so intense that his body practically doubled over and he could barely breathe.

Finally, his orgasm ended. The flashing lights in his eyes faded and he could see again. He shook his head. Harmony was still on her knees in front of him, with his cock all the way down her throat, looking up at him like she was waiting for him to give her permission.

"Are you all right?" he said.

Harmony pushed against his thighs and his cock came out of her mouth slowly, an inch at a time, with a wet sucking noise. His thick cum spilled over her lips and dripped on her chest where her big boobs were exposed. It wasn't white, but pink with his blood, which ran down the shaft of his cock from all the gouges and cuts.

Harmony wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and licked her lips.

"Mmm. Blood and cum. I love a strawberry shortcake," she said.

She stood up. With the tips of her fingers, she wiped up the blood-stained cum from her tits.

Binkle turned to see his cock in the light of the fire. The sight made him flinch. It looked like it had gone through a meat grinder. Already, though, the bite marks and the slashes in the shaft were beginning to close up.

"You really should think about doing that with other girls. You'd get a fuck load more dates," Harmony said.

"Yeah. Whatever," Binkle said.

He took her hand, turned her around and bent her at the waist over the fender of the Camaro. His long, hard cock wagged in front of him like a divining rod.

"Josey? What the fuck are you doing?" she said.

He flipped up the back of her short, black skirt. She was wearing nothing underneath. He ran his hand over the smooth, round globes of her ass.

"I'm gonna fuck you as hard as I can. Then I'm gonna find a motel room and get myself fucked up."

"Oh. Ok," Harmony said.

Binkle slipped his hand down the groove of her ass to her crotch, between her legs. Her back arched and her ass pushed up, like she was trying to give him better access. His fingers touched her wet slit, except that she was as cold as ice.

"At least I know you won't bite me down there," he said.

He put his hand on her ass and lined up the head of his cock with her pussy. Harmony purred like a cat. She was cold inside. It was like sticking his cock into a bucket of ice.

For some reason, though, it felt really good. His cock was even harder than before Harmony had it down her throat. It was going to take some hard pounding to take the edge off of his lust tonight. It was a good thing Harmony was the type of girl who could take it.

"Oh fuck yeah. Do it to me, Josey," she said with her head turned to look at him through her tangled, straggly black hair.

He squeezed her hips in both hands and pushed his own hips forward. Half of his cock plunged into her. She groaned and her back arched. Binkle groaned and squeezed his eyes shut. Three hundred and how many years old did she say she was? Even after all that time and God knows how many men or demons or werewolves or who knows what she'd fucked, she was still tight like a virgin.

He pulled back and slammed his hips forward again, driving a few more inches of his huge cock into her. Harmony yelped and groaned. Under her breath was a low, gurgling growl, as if to remind him that part of her was not human.

But she was twitching in his hands, like most young girls when he fed his cock into them. He jammed his cock into her again and she growled. All in all, she was taking it well.

"Fucking hell, Josey. I can't believe you're fucking me with that thing," she said.

When she spoke, there were two distinct voices. One was the higher-pitched voice of the young girl she was on the outside. The other was the deep, rumbling voice of the demon that controlled her from the inside.

To think about what he might actually be fucking was a little disconcerting. He chose to focus instead on the beautiful shape of her ass right in front of him, the delicate curve of her waist where her back arched in, and the feel of her tight pussy around his cock.

Binkle wiped the sweat from his forehead. The heat from the fire was intense.

"Bullshit. You love every inch of it and you know it," he said, and pushed another inch or so of it into her.

Harmony groaned, then giggled.

"You know me too well, Josey Binkle."

He rocked his hips back and forth, sliding a few inches of his cock in and out of her. She was moaning and writhing, and clawing at the fender of the Camaro. It was great, but the heat from the fire was burning his ass. That might have been all right for some of the creatures getting the hell fucked out of them, but he wasn't enjoying having the hairs on his ass singed off.

He kept pumping and looked over his shoulder at the burning truck. The flames had reached one of the vampyre bodies, and it was engulfed. Their ugly, green skin was melting, and the smell was ... His nose wrinkled ... The smell was as horrible as they looked.

He moved his hand up to the small of Harmony's back. Most of his cock was inside her. He gave another hard shove to see if she could take the last few inches, but she yelped and growled. He eased up and kept pumping.

He looked over his other shoulder at the truck. The flames were licking at the fuel tanks. He frowned. They weren't going to explode, were they? It was bad enough that Harmony's nails were scratching the paint on his Camaro. He'd hate to have his favorite ride blown to pieces because he stopped to give Harmony a reaming. He turned back to her and pumped a little faster.

"Oh Josey. Fuck me, baby. I'm cumming," Harmony said.

Binkle gritted his teeth. In her own voice, those words could make a strong man melt. Coming from the deep, rumbling voice of the demon part of her, though, might have been a bit of a turn off, if he wasn't so close to cumming already.

Harmony's pussy clamped around his cock. Binkle groaned out loud. His body convulsed and his hot cum sprayed her cold insides. Her pussy released and clamped around his cock again.

It was like he was losing his mind. He loved when she did that. He groaned again and shot more cum into her. If only more girls could have that kind of muscle control. There were some benefits to being possessed by a demon.

His orgasm went on forever. It felt like he had pumped a gallon of cum into her. That wasn't surprising when she could milk so much of it out of him.

Binkle wiped the sweat from his forehead. He was panting and feeling a little light headed. Harmony could take a lot out of a guy.

She was purring and rocking her hips side to side. Her pussy was clamped tight around his cock and wouldn't let him go. He stroked the sharp bumps on her spine. She shivered and turned to look at him. The corners of her mouth were turned up. Her eyes were glowing yellow, and the stripes were vivid on her cheeks.

"What's the matter, Josey? You done already?" she said.

Her pussy released his cock and it slipped out slowly. It dropped out of her slit and slapped his thigh. That gallon of cum he left inside her spilled out of her pussy and ran down the inside of her leg, into her black boot.

"Aw shit," she said, and picked up her foot to shake it. "Now I gotta go skin another condemned soul to make new boots."

She stuck her hand between her legs and wiped her pussy. She licked his cum off of her fingers.

"That's rough. How do you live with yourself?" Binkle said.

He pulled up his jeans and stuffed his sticky cock into the leg. Harmony laughed.

"That's a good one, Josey. I got worse problems I gotta live with."

"Yeah. We all got our problems," he said.

"You bet your ass you got problems. Don't forget about Chickasaw," she said, and looked up at the stars in the sky.

Binkle picked up the sword and looked up at the night sky. When he looked back, Harmony was gone. He looked up at the stars again. Just what was it that she could read in them?

* * * *

The petals of the begonias shredded easily in its claws. The poodle dug into the soil of the flower bed with its front paws, shoveling small scoops between its hind legs like a miniature steam shovel. The dirt stained its pink, dyed fur, but it continued to dig.

The shredded begonias lay in a pile behind it, mixed with the soil. The pile grew higher and the hole grew deeper, until the poodle's head was lower than its tail.

A hole opened in the dirt under its paws. The poodle backed out. An orange light shined from the hole.

The poodle crouched on its hind legs, raised its head, and howled as loud as it could, ending with a series of yaps. It paused. The light still glowed, growing brighter. The poodle howled again.

The back door of the house opened.

"Shut up, you God damned mutt," the man shouted.

The poodle turned, then ducked. A shoe hit the fence by the flower bed.

"And keep quiet."

The door slammed shut. The poodle waited, its ears up. The door did not open.

Something behind it snapped and the poodle yelped. It looked back. Something had its tail, dragging it backward into the hole. The light was warm, then hot. The poodle dug its claws into the dirt, whimpering, until it disappeared into the hole.

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