The Chair


From out front, the house looks dark, but you know that inside somewhere, I am waiting. The front door creaks as you push it open. Flickering candlelight dances on the walls, and as your eyes adjust to the dimness, you see a chair in the center of the room. You've never seen this chair before; it matches none in the house. It's wooden, straight backed, with a slightly low seat. You look around, looking for me, looking for some clue as to exactly what I could be up to. That's when you spy the small box in the seat of the new chair. You step towards it, feeling apprehension and excitement flutter in your stomach. You know my wicked mind, and can only imagine what you might find in the box. Opening it slowly, you see a folded sheet of paper lying over a black satin blindfold. A smile tugs at your mouth as you start to read the note.

My Dearest,

Welcome home. I know this has been a long week for you, and I hope tonight's surprise will help relax you for our weekend together. Please undress, and sit down in the chair. I want you to put this blindfold on, and wait for me. Do not call for me; I will be along shortly. Remember to trust me, and know that I will worship you...

Setting aside the box and the note, you quickly undress. Taking one last look around the room, you sit and pull the blindfold into place. The chair is cool against your skin, and you feel a shiver course down your spine. The minutes tick by slowly. Being unable to see has made your hearing sharper. You strain to hear every sound, anxiously waiting to hear me come into the room. The longer you wait, the more aroused you become. Not yet fully erect, you can feel your blood warming in anticipation. Finally, you hear a soft rustle and breathing deeply, you can faintly smell my perfume. You turn your head towards the sound, and feel my hand graze your shoulder. My fingertip slowly runs down your bare arm. I can see chills rise on your skin and note a slight change in your breathing. I can only imagine what you are thinking; I wonder if you can guess my intentions?

Though you can't see me, I have dressed for you. A black silk sheath drapes over my body, cut low so my breasts threaten to spill from the top. Underneath I am only wearing thigh high stockings, black, with black lace tops. Black patent heels finish off the outfit. I know you love these shoes on me; you say you know how sexy I feel in them, and that it shows on my face.

You reach out for me but I silently slap your hand away. Leaning down I whisper in your ear, " touching." You lower your arm like a good boy, and I reward you with a kiss at the base of your throat. I move behind you and start rubbing your shoulders, kneading away the stress of the day. I can feel it when you give yourself over to me. The tension is palpable as it flows from your body. Slowly, I move to stand in front of you, my hands trailing down your chest, across your abdomen. You inhale sharply, aching for me to touch you. I see how aroused you've become and smile. I like knowing I haven't yet begun to pleasure you, yet you already throb for me. I take your hand and your fingers curl around mine. Bringing it up to my lips, I kiss each knuckle, then lower it to my chest. Keeping your hand controlled in mine, I let you touch my skin, let you trace the edge of my dress across the swell of my breasts. I know how you love the feel of silk. You start to move your fingers, trying to feel more, but I lower your hand again. You're surprised to feel fabric at your wrists. Quickly, I bind your wrists straight down at your sides, to where the chair leg attaches to the seat. You're all mine now.

I nibble at your jaw line, loving the way your evening beard scrapes against my skin. I flick my tongue out, snakelike, tasting you. Moving to your lips, licking them like a cat at cream. Slowly drawing your bottom lip into my mouth, sucking, before I kiss you fully, letting your tongue invade my mouth. I greedily feast on you. Finally, breaking our kiss, I move down your chest. Placing kisses strategically, I drop to my knees between your legs.

I trace my hands down your legs. Thigh, to knee, to ankle, up again. You can feel my breath against you, warm and moist. You push your hips towards me, silently pleading. I smile to myself, loving that you're helpless, loving that I am making you so hard. I tease you like that, rubbing your legs, letting my hands get closer to your cock every time they make their journey upwards. I see you tremble, and know you ache for me. I push your knees a bit, spreading your legs more to my advantage. You give an involuntary jump when my fingertip slides over the head of your cock; though you ached for it, my touch still came as a surprise. You moan slightly, and my name comes out in a whisper. At the sound of your voice, I take away my hands. "No touching...and no talking."

Satisfied that you will follow my directions, I move my hands back to your body. My fingers stroking lightly down the length of your cock. Base to head, around, back down. I see a pearl of moisture gather at the tip, and bend to catch it on my tongue. Your flesh is hot against my lips. I want to taste you more, but deny myself and continue stroking you. I cup your balls in my left hand, squeezing softly as I stroke you. Faster, my hand smoothes down your cock, settling into an easy rhythm. I know you like it when I touch you this way. I push you, stroking you to the edge, then backing off. I let go of you completely and can feel your frustration. I sit back on my knees, and watch your cock twitch. I know how much you want release.

When I see that your breathing is under control again, I lower my head and take you into my mouth. One deep swallow and my nose is buried against your pelvic bone. My throat expands to accommodate your girth, and I rub my tongue against you. Drawing back slowly, I suck on you as I pull you out. My mouth is wet against your cock; I swirl an erotic pattern across the head, shivering as I taste your saltiness. Again I take you deep, and feel you move your hips, trying to fuck my mouth. Every time you start to move, I stop, until you realize that you aren't allowed to move either. You become still and I can sense how hard that is for you. I start working my mouth faster, slurping you deep, using my hands, stroking, sucking. Again, pushing you to the edge; again, stopping to let you regain control.

Pleasuring you this way has aroused me so much. My nipples are hard and tight, so sensitive that the soft silk material of my dress feels like burlap. My pussy has been flowing from the moment I stepped into the room and saw you waiting for me, gloriously nude. As I watch you struggle for composure, I stand up, and know that you are worried I will leave you like this; bound, aroused, and unfulfilled. I think of doing just that, but my lust overpowers me. I have to have you inside me.

I lift my dress to my hips, and straddle your lap. Taking your cock in my hand, I rub the head against my wet slit. Over the hard nub of my clitoris, sending shivers through me. Your breathing quickens, then stops completely as I lower myself on you. I almost cum with the shear joy of having you inside me. My tightness grips you, and I feel every inch as I slide down your length.

When I am settled, fully impaled on you, I tightly clench my pussy around you, milking your cock. I know my juices are coating your balls, making you slick and sticky. Hazily you realize why the chair seat appeared abnormally low. The legs had been cut down so that my feet would reach the floor when sitting in your lap. I brace my feet and slowly lift myself. I groan at the sensations coursing through my body. I love having you inside me, filling me so completely. I begin a slow rhythm, raising and lowering myself, rotating my hips. I push my hands between your arms and sides, gripping the chair back behind you, using it for leverage. I grind my wet pussy against you, pumping my hips.

I know how much you want to touch me. I can feel how taut your muscles are, how much discipline you are showing by holding back. I let go of the chair and bring my hands to my breasts, tugging them out of my dress. Whispering, I say, "Lean forward, love," and you comply and I push my nipple into your mouth. You latch on hungrily, licking and biting. I speed up my rhythm, riding you faster. You move your face against my breast, tugging greedily before moving your mouth to my other nipple. Desire is rippling through me, and I feel another flood of wetness between my thighs. I'm almost....there.

Wanting to see your eyes when you cum, I tug the blindfold off you. Speeding up my rhythm, riding you, fucking you hard. I take your face in my hands and look deep in your eyes. My heart swells at the passion I see in their depths. Hugging you tightly to me, giving another grind of my hips, I growl in your ear, "Let me feel you move, let me hear you. Cum with me."

Your moan comes from deep within your chest as your hips begin lifting against me. We push against each other, seeking. I feel my pussy tighten impossibly as my orgasm breaks over me. My body shudders, and I arch my back. You can see my flushed, puckered nipples, and feel the clenching of my cunt against your cock. With a final groan, I feel you jerking inside me, splashing my pussy with your cum.

Dropping my head to your shoulder, I feel the air conditioning cool against my skin. I hear our panting. We sound like animals, breathing harshly into the otherwise quiet darkness. My body is still giving quivering aftershocks. I feel sated, complete. Drawing your earlobe into my mouth, I feel you smile against my cheek and I know I've pleased you. "Happy Friday. I hope you enjoyed yourself."

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