tagNon-EroticThe Chair

The Chair


Larry must have been partly raised by Lucifer, the prince of darkness thought anyone who knew him.

He had to be the meanest kid going. Those who knew him even casually figured he would die in some state's electric chair.

Larry had this attitude he could do as he damn well pleased, he often said "If they were not smart enough to stay away from me or do as I told them, too bad."

Somehow he had gotten hold of a thirty eight revolver and that became his best friend, knowing that it had the power to eliminate someone.

Larry was not even man enough to go after another man his age but went after the elderly, knowing he could harass them and get what he wanted.

He was twenty two when he did his first first murder. An old guy in his seventies who would have lived another twenty had Larry not have murdered him. Larry needed some bucks and hung out around the bank one day when he saw a man in his upper years leave the bank, He followed the old gent to his home and demanded the mans bill fold. The old gent refused and put up a fight and gave Larry a good punch in the nose. Larry then caved in the mans skull with a piece of gas pipe.

A cloud no bigger than a man's hand cast a shadow over Larry and that was the harbinger of bad days to come. It just so happened that someone who knew Larry saw him at the crime scene. She went to see what he was running from and when she saw the old man, a good friend and neighbor she was hurt and angered more than she ever thought she could be.

Meanwhile Larry was back at his mothers place. He was so stupid as to keep the mans bill fold on his person with the mans I.D. instead of just taking the cash.

The police arrived and took Larry to the station and since Larry showed proof by his having the mans bill fold and blood on the gas pipe from not only the gent but Larry's bloody nose, the characteristics of the blood proved with out a doubt that Larry did indeed murder the old gentleman.

Larry was appointed a public defender who was a pretty good lawyer but took an immediate dislike to Larry, he felt Larry actually did murder the old gent.

The lawyer had a sense of pride in his work and kept Larry's ass out of the chair but he knew prison life could be hell and he did not care what happened after Larry was in prison.

Not one inmate at Sing Sing could figure Larry out. They heard he was mean and rot- ten they could deal with that. What they not figure out was his stupidity. It was as if he went out of his way to piss people off and not consider the consequences of doing such.

Larry was assigned to work in the kitchen and he resented that very much.

"I am not here to work." He told someone. He walked by the soup kettle and spat in it. Of course the head cook saw that and walked over to Larry.

Now Jim, the senior cook weighed in at over three hundred pounds and that was a lean three hundred, yup all muscle and no fat. He is the kind of guy truckers and bouncers are made of. Well he grabbed Larry and with no effort, dragged him to the deep fat frier and stuffed Larry's face in it. The screams could be heard over in the Bronx.

Larry shook like a screen door in a hurricane and his face looked like it met the inside of a strong microwave oven.

Larry did smarten up but just a little. A few months later he was working in laundry, he had to use the toilet but was told he had to get the last hamper of clothes folded first.

No one was going to tell Larry he had to wait to empty his bladder so he pulled out his cock and emptied his bladder all over a pile of clean,dried and folded laundry.

Tim was a pretty good boss to work for, he was about sixty and weighing in at three hundred and twenty five pounds. He was a trucker and got into a bar room brawl and severely messed up the bar tender.

Tim walked over to Larry as he saw Larry piss all over the laundry and had an antique steel iron in his hand which was just taken off the steam iron heater and it met Larry's nose very quickly, which not only broke his nose but burned it badly as well.

A week later, Larry heard Gus talking to Hank and Steve about Larry's stupidity.

Larry heard about this and started to harass Gus. Not too smart.

"Bug Off Larry."

Larry was not going to and the last he remembered as he said later,

"It was like a ten pound ham hock flying at me at ninety miles an hour."

"Well Larry, what the hell did you expect? Gussy's three hundred and fifty pounds of muscle and no fat. He won't tell you more than once, so the next time he tells you some thing, damn well better listen up."

A riot in prison makes every Warden have nightmares and Larry was the cause of this one.

The Warden had had the week-end off and as usual watched the late night news. He clicked on the t.v. in time to hear about the riot over at Sing-sing.

It was a bloody mess, three guards very seriously injured and a big fire in the laundry dept.

An investigation of the riot began as soon as Monday morning and the general attitude was that Larry was the sole cause of it.

The Warden said he was very sorry Larry would not be sentenced to die in the states chair. Prisoners and workers felt the same.

Every inmate and every prison worker knows there can be a real danger when prisoners are angered and that anger is a real threat to everyone. A mob mentality can erupt and spread like fire fed with gasoline.

Things cooled off after a while, then Larry starts bragging how he did in an old guy with a piece of gas pipe because the guy had the nerve to put up a fight to keep his money.

"So you crashed in an old mans skull for a hundred bucks?"

"Yup, I did what I had to do." Said Larry in a voice of bragging.

Gus was steaming when he heard that and told Larry,

"If I have my way, you will get the chair that."

Larry seemed to think the chair was a relic and never used, that lethal injection was the new means of ending a prisoners life. and said as much.

"Are you serious?" asked Gus in a surprised voice. He could not believe Larry to be that stupid.

"Of course the chair's still in operation."

"How much volts? two twenty like the stove circuit in a house?" "Two twenty?! My red fuzzy balls! Try twenty two hundred at fifteen amps."

That was the one thing Larry was deathly afraid of, dying by means of electrocution.

"Just keep your eyes over your shoulder at all times asshole,because if I have my way, you will fry like an egg, your blood will get to a hundred and thirty eight degrees, you will have a massive headache and your eyes will pop clean out of your skull."

Gussy was laughing as Larry turned white.

Larry did not know it but a plan was being formed to have him fry in the chair while painting and cleaning would be done in the death-house, The plan was nicely arranged as there would be just three large men and Larry with no guards at all.

Two weeks later, the warden called for Gussy, Hank and Steve to be brought to his office.

"Good afternoon gentlemen."

"Good afternoon Warden."

"Gentlemen, I have called you here because I want to talk to you about getting rid of that pain in the ass Larry. I know I have sworn to uphold the law but being a Warden I have a great many men to keep safe and I see that as long as Larry is with us, this prison is not as safe as it was before Larry was sent here."

"I feel as I speak for everyone here Warden, that getting rid of Larry is in the best interests of this prison." Spoke Gus.

"So here is my plan, the three of you if interested would be assigned to a clean up detail in the death house with Larry of course. Should you gents feel like you want to give some justice to the old gent Larry so mercilessly killed well the chair is right there. Are you interested?"

"We are interested." Spoke Hank.

"Good, now the control for the chair is a big green box, it has a voltmeter and an ammeter, a big black knob for adjusting the volts, I keep it at two thousand. The switch is a knife blade type, when up there's no juice on it till it is down in the contacts."

"Make damn sure your hands are dry."

"Shave his head and left leg or down by the ankle where a bracket with the ground wire is. If you want, wet the head with a sponge there is a bucket of seawater or brine. Hit the switch for half a minute or so then check his pulse, if he still has one and he probably will, hit him again and check his pulse again. Do this till he is not breathing. There can be NO chickening out here, you start this you damn well better finish it, Hear me?"

"He will be done Warden, golden brown most likely."

The Warden smiled and passed out three of Cubans finest cigars.

Of course there is something in this for you, Gus, what's your interest?

"Well Warden, I would like to get behind a piano again, do some real classical music."

"That sounds pretty good. We have a nice Baldwin grand in the chapel, door is never locked, that I know of. "Steve, what are you into?

"Baseball sir."

"Well its getting closer to spring, I can pick up some mitts,balls and a bat and give some extra time on Saturday."

"Thanks a lot Warden."

"Hank, what can I do for you?"

"Well if I could help the electrician with electrical work, yeah that would be good."

"Fine, I'll talk to him an get something set up."

"Guss, whats your weight? asked the warden.

"Three hundred sir."


"325 pounds warden.



"900 pounds of man, Larry won't have a chance." Said the Warden.

Larry started having bad dreams, a week before the day he did not know he would fry like an egg. But he was not going to let anyone know, what would they care anyways?

So he decided to keep on acting tough, which may have caused the plan against him to be carried out with a definite certainty.

One morning two guards come to Larry along with Gus Hank and Steve.

"Larry you are assigned to a clean up and paint detail with these men." Said a guard.

So the six of them walked down to the death-house. Part of the way you were outside and could see where the power lines entered the death-house, there was an outside area with a building for the emergency generator that also worked the chair. The bldg. was circled by a heavy wire woven fence and a sign on the fence read "Keep out, High Voltage."

Gus was in charge of the operation, he started to scrub the floor with an electric buffer.

Steve and Hank were in charge of stripping old paint. and Larry had to wash windows.

As usual Larry bitched about having to work and Gus said,

"Don't worry Larry, you won't be working long."

Larry picked up on this,

"What do you mean by THAT?" Larry asked.

Gus figured it was time to mete out justice, gave a silent signal to Steve and Hank. They walked over to Larry, Steve grabbed one side, Hank grabbed Larry's other side and Larry having his feet clear of the floor was brought over to the chair.

"Hey! What's going on here?"

Larry saw he was being taken over to old sparky and was he ever scared.

Not hurrying but knowing their job they had him strapped in the chair, Gus started to shave Larry's head.

"What are you doing?" asked Larry whose voice had some real worry in it.

"Shaving your head, for the electrode, Don't want to have a bad connection."

Gus walked away and called the other two over.

"Yeah Gus, what's up?"

"Well, I thought we would let him sit there awhile, let the emotional psychology work on him as he is strapped in a chair and knowing he's going to fry like eggs and sausage on a Sunday morning."

Steve and Hank laughed.

"It will give him time to think about his life an how he could have avoided his current situation." Said Gus.

"That's a fucking GAS! Current situation! did you hear that Larry?" hollered Hank.

Gus remembered the warden talking about the sponge and bucket of seawater or brine, that the sponge was to be wet and placed between skull and the electrode. He did not know much about electric chairs but knew enough that even regular water was a good conductor of electricity and the fact he hated Larry with a passion, he wanted to see Larry literally burn. So Gus kicked over the bucket of seawater, which flowed into a floor drain.

Hank and Steve knew a serious step in the execution would not be carried out, they looked at Gus and they knew Larry would literally burn, and Yes there is a HELL on earth not just below it.

The three men walked over to Larry and Gus placed the electrode on Larry's scalp and tightened the chin strap.

Then Gus shaved Larry's ankle and put it in the brass clamp that was wired to the ground or return side of the return side of the chair's generator. Larry sat there wired up to 2,000 volts were the switch to be closed, he could not help but think of the bad predicament he was in, and began to wonder why he was so rotten to the core. Why did he have such a bad attitude about everything? and everyone? and as much as he hated to think of it, it dawned on him that no one ever really did anything mean to him. All the rotten things he did to others, for what reason he asked himself. No one did anything to me as I did to them. I guess I felt that this day was a long ways off but look where I am now. Sure my lawyer kept me off death row and yet when they hit the switch it's not going to be good.

After a while Larry started to think the whole thing was a very bad joke and that he was not going to fry.

"O.K guys, jokes over. Get me out of this chair."

Gus says,

"What joke?

Something in Larry sank like a quarter ton mushroom anchor. He could sense there was no joking around.

"Steve, Hank its time."

The two men walked over.

"Want to flip for who throws the switch?" asked Gus. "Heads throws the switch."

"Heads Oh good, thanks Larry, I will enjoy this." Said Hank.

Larry cursed him.

"Larry, is that all you can say in this most important moment of your life, all you can come up with is 'fuck you? I mean it is such a common expression I thought you'd come up with something more original."

"Curse all you want Larry, you are the chair person!

"Lets sing a song for this event," said Steve.

"A SONG?" asked Gus.

"Yeah done by the group 'Steam" back in 69' instead of wanna see ya kiss him goodbye, I'll say,'Wanna see ya zap him and fry."

Larry was bullshit mad. "I'm gonna die an' you guys are making a joke of it?"

"Should have thought of that before you caved in the old man's skull with the gas pipe...ASSHOLE!"

He had done nothing wrong to deserve that, he had no control over the situation, just as you don't right now."

"GUARDS!" hollered Larry.

"Larry, have you noticed there have been no guards here all day and that there won't be any now. Want to say a prayer? Fuck that! you don't deserve that either."

"O.K. Hank, your hands nice an dry? better be as there 2,000 volts on the switch blades when the switch is thrown."

"Yes Gussy, hands are nice an dry and I'm standing on a wooden pallet anyways. "Where did that come from?"

"Here's a note says 'Thanks, wanted to make sure you would be safe' It's from the Warden."

"Good, You got a watch?"


"Good, hit the switch and time out thirty seconds, Larry will get a charge out of this."

It was a good idea the chair had seat belts, as soon as the juice hit him he lunged forward and would have been back in the Bronx with out them. Since there was no real good conduction at the scalp, his skin and hair burst into flames with a lot of smoke,the smell of burning flesh was disgusting. The connection at the ankle was not much better and those two thousand volts at fifteen amps started to crackle the skin and caught fire which spread to Larry's grey trousers. There was a blueish ball of fire that looked like a welders arc that traveled through Larry's body and he was still alive and screaming!

It was a macabre sight to see and the likes to cause bad dreams for a long time. The death house was dreary and the sun was not shining and a man, although a ruthless little prick was dying in an awful way.

Did it matter?

Not to three men who were in for murder, They did not let anyone suffer as did the old gent whose head was crushed by a rotten punk with a S&W thirty eight revolver and a piece of gas pipe.

The men were either scared stiff or did not know what to do but Larry's body was smoking in a dozen places and he was still screaming.

Larry's head dropped forward and he was no longer screaming, they knew he was dead. Even after the juice was off the acrid stench of burned flesh so assaulted their nostrils.

They grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the fire of burning skin and clothes.

"Now I get what I have been wanting for some time now."

"Sit behind a piano Gussy?"

"Yes that is right, back to the classics. course some of Dylan's old stuff is pretty good too. My back pages;like a rolling stone;To Ramona." Later that day as the prisoners were eating burgers and beans, someone asked,

"Where's Larry?"

"He died." Said Gus.


"He was with us cleaning up the death house, he must have touched something that was live and the floor being wet as I was using the buffer."

"I think he bumped into some electrical panel. Gosh what a shame!"

"Yeah Man absolute bummers. Well what he did to the old man with the gas pipe, guess it was bad karma."

"Rumor has it the warden made a deal but Larry's lawyer kept him off death row. What a fucking riot! he avoids the chair an accidentally juiced himself!"

"What do you think? The Wardens gonna have the case investigated?"

"I doubt it, wet floor and he touched something, sounds like a stupid thing to do."

"That was Larry huh? Spitting in the soup Kettle, boy the cook had no trouble sticking Larry's face in the deep fat fryer."

"Yeah I really kinda thought he'd a smarten up after that. Then the laundry boss slammed him in the face with a hot steel antique laundry iron."

"Well, he got his comeuppance and I am damn glad he's gone." Said Gus.



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