tagBDSMThe Chair

The Chair

byMark Adams©

She arrived at my home at the appointed time. She looked delightful in the simple black slip dress , high heeled sandals, and soft suede choker. The dress revealed her seductive shape, and hinted at more secret delights.

As always on entering, she unfastened the catch and let her dress slide to the floor.

Her underwear consisted of a strapless demi-bra, thong panties, and black hold-up stockings - all black, all silk, and all very elegant. Paula stood erect, legs together, one slightly bent, arms at her sides, shoulders back, breasts pert. She looked at me for approval - I smiled and nodded my pleasure and we moved to the living room.

I walked behind her admiring her firm, rounded buttocks accentuated by the thong - she knew this of course, and accentuated her sexy wiggle. It was in her best interests to excite me as much as possible - not only because, as my sub, it was her duty; but also because she had been without orgasm for one week, and had had no sexual stimulation for 3 days. This was discipline for her transgression the last time we had been together. She had had to play with herself almost to orgasm 3 times per day, for 4 days. For the past 3 days she had been forbidden to touch herself in a sexual manner at all. Given her usual high degree of arousal, that night I was sure she was steaming with sexual frustration.

Entering the living room she moved to the drinks cabinet and fixed me a Scotch.

She handed it to me and looked questioningly at the leather chair in the middle of the room.

I nodded, and she moved to it and sat. As expected she sat straight-backed, with her hands on her thighs, her legs spread wide apart.

I sat in the adjacent chair, and triggered the remote control video.

"I thought you could do with a reminder of why you have been doing your exercises this week" I said by way of explanation.

"Yes Sir" she replied, watching the screen curiously.

The static disappeared and an image emerged.

It showed a beautiful woman. Naked but for stockings, heels, and a suede choker . She sat in a peculiar chair - the seat was u-shaped and heavily padded. Her buttocks and thighs sat on the seat, leaving her crotch exposed and freely accessible. Her wrists were clipped to the choker behind her head, pulling her full breasts up and forward. Her heels were hooked into bars at the chair's base, and her thighs were strapped to the chair's legs wide apart. She was utterly helpless - utterly open.

She gasped, "You taped this, Sir?," obviously surprised. I smiled in reply. Her next statement pleased me. "I wish you had told me - it's a very exciting thought."

We continued to watch.

First, the woman in the chair was teased with a long, stiff feather. It was run over and around her nipples. It was dragged up and down her slit. Her clit was tickled with it. The entrance to her pussy was circled over and over again.

A vibrating egg was slowly inserted deep into her pussy and adjusted continuously as they played.

Paula watched intently, wriggling somewhat as the leather of the chair cupped her naked buttocks and thighs. Her nipples obviously hard through the bra. Her spread thighs exposing her dampening panties.

"Was it terribly difficult this last week Paula?" I asked.

She turned to look at me. "God, yes Sir. I wanted to cum every time I touched myself. I knew I couldn't, but still had to drive myself to the brink and stop. And then these last 3 days, not being able to touch has been even worse. I have been wet all week. I need to cum soooo badly Sir"

"Well, we'll see. Let's keep watching."

Oil was rubbed slowly and thoroughly into her breasts. It seemed to have a long-lasting effect on the woman - as if the oil itself was stimulating her nerve endings.

Her nipples were clamped, and the clamps attached to the front of the suede collar. This further lifted her breasts, and tugged on the nipples with every movement.

Throughout this time the woman in the video moaned, writhed and begged for orgasm.

"Is it exciting to watch yourself teased like this Paula?"

She looked at me, biting her lower lip - nodded, "Oooh yes Sir, I was sooo excited already - now I am dripping, my breasts are swollen, my nipples throb and my clit is about to explode. Please may I touch myself?"

I smiled "Not yet Paula."

Now, the man on the screen had taken a crop from his box of toys, and was slapping the woman's thighs. She was begging and moaning continuously now. Repeating "Please, please" over and over. He slapped her breasts, making them jiggle, pulling against the clamps. He progressed down onto her pussy. Her pleas became more plaintive as he began to strike her clit. Over and over she begged to "pleeeeease" be permitted to cum - and again and again he denied her.

Next, he alternated his clit-slaps with little rubs with the tip of the crop. It becomes obvious that she was very, very close to orgasm and yet still climbing higher and higher. He slowed his actions, seeming to inflame her even more. She began to promise the man her eternal submission, devotion and obedience. She called herself his "sex toy" and offered her body to him for his use.

Finally, he granted her permission to cum.

She sighed, and almost immediately her body spasmed. Her breasts quivered, the nipples tightening further under the clamps. She moaned loudly, and her muscles tightened, held, and relaxed - again and again. Whilst he rubbed and slapped her clit she came and came. After what seemed like hours she finally stopped, and limply thanked her Master.

The tape fades to static. Paula's face is flushed. Her nipples hard.

"So, tell me why I was displeased with you." I ask

"Sir, I whined 'please' too often, and was not creative enough in my begging."

"Correct - and that is why you have been made to tease yourself for this last week, and think up interesting pleadings. Now, shall we go and see if you have learned?"

Paula's eyes lit up as she sat up - her breasts almost swelling over the cups. "Yes Sir"

To be continued...

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