The Chair

bycentaur mare©

AUTHORS NOTE: This is written as an actual "cyber chat". It begins as if the two people were having a normal conversation that proceeds into the fantasy sex. Words inside *stars* are actions and emotion descriptions, and words inside (parentheses) are out of character comments between the characters.

E-mail me and tell me if this sort of story is enjoyable!

--Same characters as my other stories…different names--

Barnabas: *moves his hand away shortly after he feels you try to press against him, the rope around you tied to the back of the chair keeps you from moving too much forward, and he walks around in front of you* Raise your knees up, and put your legs over the sides of the chair.
athaya00: *shakily lifts her knees up...lightly banging one ankle against an arm before hooking it over...then lifts the other leg high and swings it over...leaning back into the chair and panting as she feels how vulnerable she has become to you*
Barnabas: *licks his lips, as he watches you, exited that you can't see him, and can only feel and sense what he does.* Very good. *takes two more soft lengths of fabric, and ties your thighs to the arms of the chair, just above your knees, and makes sure to secure them so they aren't too tight* You are excited, aren't you?
athaya00: yes Yes *whispers hoarsly as she nods her head frantically*
Barnabas: You want more, don’t you, Brandy? *seemingly absently runs fingertips to just under your knee to caress the sensitive skin behind your knees*
athaya00: mmmmm yes please? please? *the last just barely a whisper as her body quivers...the sensations from your fingers and voice going through her body like lightning*
Barnabas: *reaches and touches a fingertip to one of your hard nipples, then takes something that you can't see, and suddenly you feel a tight pinching on your nipple…it's a smooth clothespin, the springs have been weakened to make it gentler, but it still pinches firmly. You soon feel it again on your other nipple*
athaya00: ooowww mmmmmmmm
Barnabas: *gives you a moment to get used to them, his fingers caressing your breasts around them slowly*
athaya00: *begins to pant more heavily...the intense sensations from the pins causing her inner muscles to clench over and over*
Barnabas: *flicks each of the clothespins lightly with his fingers to cause your nipples to react more, and your body to go into another spasm, which turns him on* Mmmm.. *kneels slightly down in front of you, and runs a single finger briefly over the wet slit of your pussy, then slaps his hand against your inner thigh…softly, but just enough to make a firm sound against your flesh*
athaya00: *jumps and gasps* uh! hmmmmmmm
Barnabas: *slaps again, then against your other thigh*
athaya00: OH...ohhhhhhhhh
Barnabas: *slaps another time, slightly more firmly, then he gets something quickly with a free hand, and you feel something firm touching the lips of your pussy…rubbing...a gentle vibrating sensation suddenly accompanies it*

athaya00: *groaning and moaning, she thrusts her pussy towards the vibrator as much as she can*
Barnabas: *pulls it away, teasing you, and smacks your inner thigh slightly* Beg me for it! *hisses softly*
athaya00: *whimpering* Detton? ohhhh Please...please I need it…so bad…please put it on my me...ohhh!
athaya00: *a whining groan escapes her*
Barnabas: *runs it up and down your pussy lips, teases your clit with it for just an instant* I’m not convinced, you'll have to do a better job then that!
athaya00: *begins to scream and pant louder* Please!!! please fuck me with it...I’ll do whatever you want for it...please oh please just touch me...fuck me fuck fuck
athaya00: *whimpers and growls and begs with noises*
athaya00: *is in agony waiting for your touch...or your voice*
Barnabas: *grins slowly and pushes it into you deep, and turns the vibration up a notch, enjoying your reaction*
athaya00: *throws head back and howls as she feels the heat and tension increase as the vibrator works her from inside* oh oh oh Ahhhhooooo
Barnabas: like that, don’t you? *grins and you hear an unzipping sound , followed by the sound of cloth against skin, as the vibrator continues to go deeper into you, slowly…and starts moving slightly in and out quickly, with very short thrusts, knowing you can hardly squirm, 'forced' to take it.*
athaya00: *strains to hear what is going on with the zipper and cloth...but too engrossed in the hard fucking she is getting from the vibrator...felling you pound it relentlessly in and out of her*
Barnabas: *steps out of his pants and briefs, and reaches up to take your blindfold off easily, letting you view his hard cock as he strokes it in front of you slowly* Mmm, you want something more, huh? What might that be? *pushes the vibrator inside you halfway, and lets go of it, so it is buried in your hot pussy.. 'handles' of a sort at the bottom so you couldn't 'lose' it.*
athaya00: plz Please..anything..ohhhh *wiggles her pussy around as much as her bindings will allow...trying to massage the vibrator around inside her...staring at your hard cock*
Barnabas: *gently removes the clothespins on your nipples, and puts them aside, and reaches down and takes the vibrator from you…soaking wet with your excitement, and touches it against one of your sore, hard nipples…as he strokes his cock and kneels slightly, rubbing the head of it against your pussy, while his hand moves back and forth*
athaya00: Ahhhhhhh *the vibration on her blood engorged nipples sending shivers through well as the head of your cock rubbing against her slickly...aching inside, waiting to be stretched on your cock for the first time*
Barnabas: *rubs the vibrating dildo against your nipple in circles, and moves it to your other breast next, then tucks it under one of the ropes binding your breasts so it vibrates constantly against your skin…pushing the head of his cock between your wet pussy lips and inside you slowly, feeling you stretch to accept his cock, and groans slowly*
athaya00: *gasps and groans as you begin thrusting inside of her*
Barnabas: *pushes his cock slowly deeper and deeper until you take his whole length, then starts to pump in and out quickly*
athaya00: oh oh uhmmmm...*grunting softly in time with your thrusts...turned on immensely by the quick hammering of your hips*
Barnabas: *thrusts and moans as he pumps into you quicker and slightly harder* Mmmm
athaya00: * her head just rolling around on her shoulders...taking your hard fucking...she can’t even thrust back...just stay there and take it* uuuhhh uuuuhhhh uhmmm
Barnabas: *moans and thrusts quickly still, shaking as he whispers* Tell me you like it...beg me for more, Brandy…*licks his lips* I'm going to cum..
athaya00: ohh...I love having you fuck me…please harder ummm more...cum in me...fuck me till you cum
Barnabas: *fucks you harder…steadily…shaking as he pumps in and out quickly, and groans slowly as he cums hard inside you*
athaya00: uhmmmmm...thats it baby...fuck me...cum in me...I’m yours to fuck.
Barnabas: *moans at your words, cumming again, and breathes heavily, his body sheened slightly with sweat, when he catches his breath, unties your ties , one at a time*
athaya00: mmmmmm....*feels your hands at her thighs...untying them from the chair arms...she doesn’t move them...just leaves them draped there with her head flopped back onto the chair back*
Barnabas: *shivers with pleasure and gently brushes his hands all over your body slowly*
athaya00: uhmmmm baby...Thank you Detton

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