tagFirst TimeThe Challenge Ch. 01

The Challenge Ch. 01


We'd been best friends all our lives, Mindy, Kit and I, born within days of one another eighteen years and a month and a half ago. Well actually, Mindy was literally "the girl next door," the daughter of my mother's college roommate, while Kit was my cousin, living down the block. When we were about eight, we started calling ourselves "The Three Moosekateers," because that was hysterically funny to a trio of eight-year-olds.

Could we even survive apart? Well, we'd have to try, since we were all leaving for college in a few weeks, in different parts of the country.

It was a hot late afternoon in mid-July. Mindy and I were in her house, having walked home from the lake in just our bathing suits, "air-drying" under the hazy sun. Mindy took a pitcher of lemonade out of the refrigerator, placed it on the kitchen table, and looked across the table at me without speaking.

"What?" I asked.


I hadn't dated all that much, but I was familiar enough with the female of the species to know that "nothing" was seldom nothing.

"Spill it, Mins," I said, using the nickname she allowed only me to use.

"Steve," she said thoughtfully, "why do you suppose we never dated?"

"What do you mean? We hang out together all the time."

"I don't mean like that. I mean, you know..."

"But that's not what we are. We're friends."

"Of course we are," she said. "But friends date."

"I don't know... I guess we just don't think of one another, you know, in that way."

"You don't think I'm sexy?"

"I guess. I mean sure." To be honest, this was making me more than a little uncomfortable. Of course I'd noticed. Mindy was a petite girl, long dark hair past her shoulders, certainly very pretty, and she was sitting across from me wearing only a bikini. But Mindy was a pal, always had been, and I'd always been able to think of her in that way.

She leaned in toward me, and I was looking straight down at her cleavage. "Just wondering, that's all."

"Are we done with the conversation?"

Obviously not. "So what you're telling me," she said, "is you can look down my bikini top and nothing? No erection?"

I almost spit out my lemonade. We'd never discussed our sex lives before. Part of me was in denial that she even know the word "erection."

"We're done talking about this," I said sharply.

"Okay, fine," she said, "don't get angry." She got up to put away the lemonade pitcher, and made a point of glancing down at my crotch as she passed by me.

"Stop it," I told her. She shrugged, and continued over to the refrigerator. Now I couldn't not notice how nice her as looked as she bent over.

She seemed to get over the weird mood she was in, and we went outside to sit on the sun porch for a while, reading magazines and enjoying the weather. For about fifteen minutes, and then she suddenly put down her magazine and said "But I could make you hard as a rock if I wanted to, no matter what you say."

"What the fuck!" I said. "Will you stop with that already?"

She shrugged again, and picked up the magazine. "Okay, fine. Sorry. But you know I could."

And now I guess I was the one who couldn't let it go, because a minute later I said, only half out loud, "You couldn't."

She threw down her magazine. "Is that a challenge?"

"Will you stop it already? What are you looking for, validation? You're sexy. You know you're sexy. But you're like a sister to me. You know that."

"Ooh," she said. "Incest! How kinky!"

I shook my head. "Okay, now you're just being impossible on purpose."

"I'm serious, Steve. I think there's more to how you feel about me than 'sister.' You give me... five minutes to prove it. If I'm wrong, I'll never mention it again."

"And by 'prove it," you mean...?

"Massive boner."


"Sorry. Just humor me, okay? Five minutes. Let's go back inside."

I followed her into her bedroom, where of course we'd hung out hundreds of times over the years. I really was curious what she had in mind by this point, but I was convinced I could pass the test: what she didn't know was that my bathing suit was still damp, and dick in a cool, damp, baggy swimsuit tends to be too uncomfortable to get many ideas on its own.

"Take off your swimsuit," she said.

"What? How about not?"

"How will I know whether I've won, then? Besides, I've seen it before. We used to take baths together, remember?"

"When we were like four. And actually I don't remember, and neither do you: we know because we've seen photos."


"And that's why this is nuts. Because we grew up taking baths together."

"Come on..."

"Why don't you take your suit off, then?"

She smiled. "Then you are interested."

"No! I mean..." It was a bluff. I thought if I dared her to get undressed, she'd back down and this whole thing would be over.

She reached behind herself and untied her swimsuit top, quickly draping one arm over the front of it to keep it in place. She leaned over toward and said, in a low voice, "I was planning on taking this off anyway, as soon as you were naked. That's how I was going to win the bet." She loosened her grip just a bit, exposing some of each breast. "Do you want to see them now?"

"Yes," I whispered. Seriously, no 18-year-old boy would have the strength to say 'no' in these circumstances.

She nodded her head toward my trunks, and I peeled them off. No girl had ever seen my dick before, of course, and I was a little embarrassed that the cold, damp suit had left it looking rather shriveled; but then Mindy let her bathing suit top drop to the floor and I got to see my first "live" pair of breasts, and it became erect in a matter of seconds. "Wow," she said.

I was tempted to say the same thing: bare breasts, close enough to touch.

"That was easier than I thought," she said.

I was about to say that this didn't prove anything, any pair of tits would have given me this reaction, but I realized that would have sounded insulting. Especially after she said "I've never let any other boy see me this way, you know."

I smiled, and Mindy say down on the bed next to me. "Steve," she said, "when I get half naked for a guy, I expect him to at least kiss me."

Somehow, even though I was naked with my dick pointing straight out at her, and she was wearing nothing but small bikini bottoms, it seemed as if kissing her was the line, once crossed, that would change everything.

I pulled her closer to me and kissed her. Softly at first, but before too long she was mashing her bare breasts against my chest and our tongues were entwined.

Then we were lying down, our chests still pressed against each other's, my hand on her ass pulling her crotch into mine, my cock rubbing hard against her bikini bottom.

If not for that small piece of fabric, I'd be fucking her now, my dick deep inside of her. I wondered how it would feel, and I wonder whether she'd stop me if I pulled the fabric to the side to expose her pussy.

I couldn't believe it: I could be fucking Mindy.

Then suddenly we heard the door open and there was Kit, staring at us and saying "Oh... my... fucking...God!"

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