tagIncest/TabooThe Chamberlain Coven Ch. 09-13

The Chamberlain Coven Ch. 09-13


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Chapter 9

John came downstairs and into a scene of controlled chaos in the kitchen. Despite his aunt's injunction on arriving before 9 o'clock, it seemed that his cousins and sister had decided to jump the gun. They were all there and had been dragooned by his mother into creating a huge breakfast.

But what really caught the eye was how they were dressed. Or in some cases, not dressed. Hilda was wearing a pair of shorts that could only be called that because they were made of denim. Cut low over the hips and high up the thigh, the ragged edges trailed over her ass-cheeks as she bent to take a batch of biscuits out of the oven. When she straightened and turned around, he could see her top, an old short sleeve button-up that she had tied beneath her breasts so that it cupped and lifted her mounds into a mouth-watering vision that would have an entire junior high running into their bathrooms and locking the doors.

Eleanor was even more provocative. At first he thought her checked apron was a concession to her duties making pancakes at the stove. But when she turned to grab another ladle of batter, he saw she was nude from the waist up, her breasts swaying with her motions, forcing the eye to follow them. And he then noticed that the apron, tied in the back, left her rear end completely bare, and that he could see her pussy flashing its lips at him lewdly.

For a wonder, Sybil had not tried to outdo her younger relatives, though she was ravishing in her own right. While they provoked with brazen displays of flesh, Sybil, sitting with his mother at the kitchen table, did so by hiding it. Her skin-tight jeans left everything and nothing to the imagination, and her sensible t-shirt was thin enough so he could see her breasts bounce as she laughed at a remark that John's mother made.

Claire was sitting across the table from her sister. Unlike Sybil, she was still in her morning clothes. A vision of matronly sexiness, she had chosen a fog-blue pegnoir that clung to her curves in misty abandon.

He saw Agatha last and smiled. It was so like Agatha to dress in something sensible while everyone else was trying to one-up each other. She was at the kitchen counter, preparing a tray of fruit. Then she turned, and he gasped, overcome by desire.

John had thought Agatha was wearing an ordinary ivory sundress, only falling to mid-thigh, and cut low over the chest to expose her cleavage, but when she moved across the kitchen to place the tray on the table, the light struck her and he knew she would be his next mate. The light shone through her dress, making it a gauzy thing of light and shadow, outlining her braless breasts. Unaware of his attention, she turned to answer a question by his mother, mouth curving in a grin.

"I've been waiting for three years to get rid of that crap, Aunt Claire. I poured it down the sink as soon as I got home last night. What about you, Hildy?" she asked over her shoulder at her sister, who was transferring the biscuits to a cloth-covered tray. "What did you do with that stuff?"

"Dumped it into the toilet and peed on it for good measure," said Hilda with a full-throated laugh, "What about you, Eleanor?"

Eleanor flipped several pancakes, "We might need it again sometime," she said. "I've got it in the back of the car and I'm going to put it in the freezer at the store. It'll keep for a long time there. If we ever get someone there who might need it we'll be prepared."

"Someone who might need it? Who the hell is going to need a potion that tastes like ass and only serves to turn down the knob of your sexual volume?" Hilda hooted.

"Lots of people," said Eleanor, her serious demeanor completely at odds with her sex-fantasy outfit. "A woman who is scared of her husband, but has to calm him to give herself time to break away. A young girl who loves a young man, but needs time to get ready to take the next step. Even," her voice hardened, "one of us. We hold ourselves in judgement sometimes. This might serve as a fitting punishment for one who offends us or the Goddess."

"You see deep, Eleanor," said Sybil, "I think your idea is the right one. By all means, put it in the store. But please," she said with a smile, "label it clearly."

All the women laughed, and John entered the room.

Immediately, all conversation stopped. Their eyes locked onto him and his body. He was dressed in a pair of flannel sleep shorts and a much-worn University of Illinois t-shirt. But to their eyes he might have been a greek god come down from Olympus. They drank him in, and as he walked towards the table, Hilda and Eleanor both left their spots near the stove to converge upon him, eyes hot with lust.

And stopped, as he came to Agatha, put his arms around her waist, tipped her disbelieving head back, and kissed her.

Agatha shook with joy and wrapped her arms tight around his neck as they kissed, tongue darting into his sweet mouth. Her left leg came up and hooked around his knee and she sighed as his hand ran up and down her thigh.

They parted, and Agatha wept tears of joy as she lay her head against his chest. John looked at the rest of the coven.

"She's next," he said.

Hilda frowned angrily, "John, you can't just decide for all of us who is next. Why Agatha and not me or Eleanor?"

"So glad you included me," Eleanor muttered.

"Hilda, stop it," said Sybil, "I don't think it was John who chose. Was it, John?"

"No, Aunt Sybil," said John, still locked in an embrace with Agatha. "It just...seemed right."

"The power knows," said Claire resignedly, "And the Goddess. I suppose we have to trust her." She shared an amused look with Sybil. "To be honest, children, we had intended John and Agatha to be next, anyway. Agatha has spent so much time hiding from herself, and," she shot a look at Hilda and Eleanor and Susanna, who had just entered the room, spectacularly nude, "from you, that we thought it would be a good idea if we rigged the process so that Aggie was the next one chosen. Obviously the Goddess intended the same result, only working in a different way."

"Damn it," sighed Hilda, sitting at the table. "Looks like I got all dressed up for nothing." She reached for a pitcher of juice and filled her glass, then loaded her plate with pancakes and bacon, with a side of cut pineapple. Taking that as a cue, the rest of the family sat down and began serving themselves., Claire at the head of the table, Sybil at the foot, and the rest of them in between.

Agatha was deliriously happy. She was next! She didn't even mind Claire's admission that she and her mother were going to rig things so that John chose her. She had been chosen anyway! Filling a small plate for herself, she sat beside John and watched him eat his breakfast, a curling warmth, barely remembered from when she crossed three years ago, heating her pussy and moistening her lips.

I didn't have the chance to properly enjoy it last time, she thought. This time is going to be different. Agatha had crossed at Halloween during her freshman year at Drake. Although she had known what to expect from the warnings she received from her aunt and mother, the force of her craving had caught her off guard. She had spent a sex-soaked weekend with a random boy from her World History class before her mother had stormed into her dorm room, kicked the boy out, and had put her on the potion that inhibited desire. Frightened of how strong her lust had been, and how close she had come to breaking the dictate of the coven, her sexual encounters had been few and far between since that time.

Agatha started suddenly. Lost in her own thoughts, she had missed part of the conversation. Hearing her name, she paid attention.

"...agree that we should be careful about how we are perceived by the community," Aunt Claire was saying. "But we cannot deny who and what we are, either. If, and when, the girls' wombs bear fruit is time enough to worry about such things."

Through the fog of her lust, Agatha almost giggled. My womb will bear fruit? Am I a tree?

"Sister dear, there are time when you are a complete blockhead," said her mother. "Do you think that even with our assistance Agatha will be able to get through her senior year of college while she is pregnant? And what about the internship she is trying to score with Jet Propulsion Labs out in California?" Her voice dripped sarcasm. "I am sure being an unwed mother will put her at the top of the list. And what about Susanna? Will you make her and John drop out of school? Or will they be 19 years old and pregnant and four hundred miles away from home? I know that the fact that Johnny has crossed has made the power act in...strange...ways. But we cannot sacrifice our children's futures on the altar of the next generation. Susanna and Agatha simply cannot get pregnant now!"

Agatha's mind snapped back into clarity. Of course she couldn't get pregnant! She had known for years that when the time came she would bear John's child, but that had always been something in the future. When she faced the fact in front of her, she knew she was not ready to be a mother yet. She looked across the table, and saw the same horrified realization in Susanna's eyes.

"We can help them..." said Claire.

"No, Aunt Claire," said Agatha, and Susanna echoed her immediately. "You have the future of the coven to think about. But my future is my own. I will bear a child when I choose to. Not when the power decrees."

"So are you going to neuter yourself again?" Claire's voice was hard. "Start sucking down the potion, then. I will be sure to make an extra-large batch for you."

"Birth control still works," said Eleanor mildly. They all turned to look at her. She shrugged, taking a bite of bacon.

"I don't see what the big deal is. I have been on the pill for years. So has Hilda, right?" Her cousin nodded, eyes wide at the sudden conflict. "Just because I took the potion to keep my desires under control does not mean that a little bit of controlled desire was not welcome. I've been sexually active. So has Hilda and Agatha. And you, Aunt Sybil." Her eyes glinted. "Even you, Mom, until you stopped to make sure there wasn't any spill-over onto Susanna and Johnny before they crossed.

"We'll get Susanna and Aggie on a cycle of birth control pills. Unless you are already on it, cousin?" she asked.

Agatha shook her head. "I've made the boys I've been with use condoms."

"OK. So we will get Susanna and Aggie a prescription for birth control. Until it has a chance to take effect, we'll use the Plan B pill. Hilda and I will be enough to continue the coven's line for the time being. I want a baby," she said, a shudder of longing rippling through her. "A little witch to keep me company.

"Besides, Mom, don't you think that four pregnancies in the same family at the same time will be a little hard to explain? Two will be easier, especially if we manage to stagger them. My school district has a strict non-discrimination policy regarding pregnancies. I should know. I helped write it during the last union contract negotiation. And I know that Hilda will be able to sweet-talk her bosses at the gym into letting her set her own schedule once she catches pregnant."

Claire's frown eased. She slowly nodded. "How do we explain the fact that neither Hilda or you will have a father around? John can't take responsibility. Not without us all being ostracized or driven out of town."

"We don't," said Hilda. They looked at her and she shrugged. "We've all talked about this before. Either we move and start our lives over where no one knows us, or we brazen it out. It's no one's business who my baby's father is," she said fiercely. "If someone asks, I'll tell them I got a sperm donor. That'll be true, won't it, John?" she grinned as he blushed.

"So I think we've got that issue handled," said Sybil, pouring herself a cup of coffee. "Does anyone else have any other concerns?"

"Umm, I guess I do," said John.

"What is it, darling?" asked Susanna. Agatha had to stifle a pang of jealousy. Goddess, the nerve of her to sit at the table bare-ass naked, with the reek of sex hanging over her and John like a cloud!

Stop it, Aggie, she told herself. If you had the chance, you would have screwed him silly this morning. Too bad Aunt Claire was already awake and kept you off the stairs. You're going to have your chance. She took a last swallow of juice and moved over to sit in John's lap, rocking her pussy slowly against the flannel-covered muscle of his thigh, feeling the juices slowly soaking through the hem of her dress.

"Well, I've got a question about the logistics. Eventually I'll be the mate of four women who live in four different locations. And from what Mom tells me, and from what I've experienced, both her and you, Aunt Sybil, are going to want to screw me occasionally as well."

"More than occasionally," said Claire with a smile.

"So that is going to mean a lot of driving around for me. And people are going to start to ask questions if I'm showing up at Eleanor's house or Agatha's or Hilda's apartments every few days."

"That's a good point, John. What is your solution?" Agatha gripped John's hand warningly. She knew that tone in her mother's voice. It was a leading question which would lead to someone saying something spectacularly stupid, whereupon the offending party could be happily destroyed. The last time it had happened was when she had suggested putting some of the coven's spell recipes on Wikepedia when she was seventeen. Her idea was that knowledge should be free and available to all. She flushed dully as she remembered her mother's blistering response, which had touched on the lunacy of putting the ingredients for potions, some of which were dangerous, on a public website where they could be downloaded and used by any idiot with a web browser.

Not to mention the fact that the coven, and witches as a whole, tried to stay hidden.

"Well, Aunt Sybil, I think it might be a good idea if some of the girls moved in here. I mean, we've got the warded guest bedroom, which we need, and there are a couple of other rooms where Eleanor and Hilda and Agatha can stay. And it would be a lot easier for me to not have to drive around town. And..." his voice trailed off as he saw the glares directed his way.

"Some of the 'girls'?" said Hilda dangerously. "I'm four years older than you are, Johnny-me-lad. And Eleanor is six. In what way are we girls compared to a boy who hasn't even graduated high school?" Agatha hung her head as Eleanor rounded on her brother.

"Are we your harem, Johnny?" said Eleanor, her sarcasm strong enough to blister paint, "Do you plan to keep us all one to a room, and have us wait until you grace us with the pleasure of your company? Or maybe you'll lock us in the basement, and bring us up one at a time as your desire decrees. I'm a grown-ass woman, and if you think that I'm going to chain myself to this house until the power decides it is time for us to screw, and then wait for your dick to point you in my direction while I twiddle my thumbs, you can forget it!" She stood up and threw her napkin onto her plate.

"Thank you for the breakfast, Mother. I'll be back tomorrow morning to see if the power chooses for me or Aunt Sybil or Hilda to mate with this stupid boy. I'm going home. Unlike some people," she said, with an angry look at John, "I have a job. And I've got one hundred and thirty worksheets to grade and put smiley-face stickers on before Monday morning." She turned to Hilda, "Can you move your car, Hildy? I think you're blocking me in."

"No problem. If Aunt Claire will let me change here, I'm going to go on my morning run. I've got my bag in the car." Hilda looked at Susanna. "For the love of the Goddess, put some clothes on, Susie. Don't you have any pride?" The two of them stalked out, making sure the door slammed shut behind them.

John was mortified. What had seemed to him to be a logical suggestion had turned into a full-fledged reaming. He listened as Eleanor drove away. In a few seconds Hilda stormed through the kitchen with her gym bag. He kept his face down, cheeks burning in embarrassment, when she came back out dressed in a sports bra and spandex jogging shorts. He tried to think of something to say to placate her, but his mind was a blank. Soon the kitchen was empty except for himself, Claire, Sybil, and Agatha. Even Susanna had left, stung to action by Hilda's remarks. He looked at the two older women, hoping for some way to take back what he had just said.

"Mom, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to make them angry. Do you think you can call them up and tell them I didn't mean it?"

Claire dragged a last forkful of pancakes through the syrup and chewed it thoughtfully.

"Nope. I don't think I will."

"But Mom..."

"Oh, do shut up, Johnny. If you want them to see you as a man, rather than as some arrogant boy who thinks with his cock, you'll act like a man and call them up yourself. But not yet. I think your ham-handed suggestion actually did some good. Sybil?" she asked her sister.

Agatha was getting tired of all the talking. She was done with breakfast, and so was John. Why couldn't they go upstairs and fuck? Her panties, special lace ones that she had worn just for this day, were soaked through. She stripped them off and turned in the chair so she could straddle John's lap and grind her hot lips against his dick.

"Oh, definitely," Sybil nodded. "Look at Agatha there. She is smarter than anyone else in the family, possibly excepting me," she said modestly, "and she wasn't offended by what John said. Though she might be later when she has a chance to think about it. She's still pissed that Obama beat Hilary in the '08 primaries.

"But this gave Hilda and Eleanor a chance to exert their independence. Susanna too. It is a danger we all face when we cross, John," she explained. "The passion and emotions we feel are so strong that we feel that whoever we mate with has to be right. It can over-rule our brains and have us make some very dumb decisions. To see you say something as wonderfully stupid as what you just did will temper that tendency. Also," she added wickedly, "this will make sure that you and Agatha will be able to have some quality time together, and not have to be worried about the rest of us waiting down here to try to ambush you."

John's hands were cupping Agatha's buttocks as she ground against him. He tried to think through the haze of lust that was descending on his brain. "What made you be able to disagree with Dad, Mom?"

"He was terrible at math. It nearly made me flunk out of Colorado State when we were at school. He was a lovely man, a good ranger, and a prodigious lover," she smiled, "but the man could barely balance a checkbook. When the answers he insisted were right kept coming back wrong for my stats class, I was able to take a step back."

"How about you, Aunt Sybil?" he asked, not seeing Claire's look of warning. Agatha's hands dipped below his waistband, urgently trying to free his cock from his shorts. Unable to do so because of the awkward angle, she settled for circling his dick with her hand, testing his length and breadth, gently pumping the rigid flesh.

"It was when the stupid, cowardly bastard left me alone with a daughter in the cradle and the other barely old enough for pre-school," she said harshly. John groaned, not merely from the effects of what Agatha was doing.

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