The Chambermaid


"I know." I said with a smile as I slid my finger down between her pendulous breasts and hooked it around the string that so cruelly bound her aching nipples. Pulling gently on the string, the terrified beauty turned her body and then leaned against the footboard of the bed. Gripping her huge tits firmly in my hands, I squeezed them as I shook them gently. Then sliding my fingers to her aching nipples I began to play with them. It was time to release them before the restricted circulation did any real damage. As the strings were removed, Debbie's nipples looked raw.

I knew that I had to help her get the circulation restarted. Pressing her nipples between my fingers, I began to rub and massage them. Debbie's face contorted with pain and she began to weep. I bent forward and sucked her nipple into my mouth and gently teased her massive tits. She moaned softly as she felt the sensation overwhelm her terribly sensitive nubs. My hand traced down across her stomach and then dipped between her trembling thighs. Her pussy was still moist and cum oozed out of her loins. "Let's take a shower." I said as I reached behind her and released her elbows. "I'd rather shower at home." she replied as she moved to pick up her clothes.

"I don't give a shit what you'd rather do." I said firmly. "Now get your ass in there and turn on the shower." Debbie padded into the bathroom, her huge tits bouncing gently with each step and turned on the tap. I followed her in and we climbed into the shower. I soaped her body thoroughly and then made her soap mine. While she was down on her knees, I had her suck on my cock for a moment or two. She was good. Then getting out from under the hot water we dried off and I let her brush out her hair and then stepping up behind her, I once again pulled her arms behind her back. As she saw me pick up the sash in the mirror she tried to turn around.

"No more. You've done enough to me already." she complained. I held her tightly and then pulled the sash around her elbows once again. I didn't tie her too tightly.

"One last thing to enjoy." I said as I pushed her towards the bed. "Let's see, face up or face down?" I teased the bound beauty. Debbie quickly leaned against the footboard of the bed, hoping that whatever I had in mind would not involve her aching asshole.

"No more. Please." she begged.

"You'll do what you're told." I said as Debbie began to wonder what new ordeal I had in mind for her poor, young body. Actually, she felt sexually fulfilled for the first time in a long while. I stepped behind the bound beauty and placed several pillows behind her in the middle of the bed. Then moving back in front of her naked body, I once again teased her massive tits before pressing her body backwards onto the bed. As her soft shoulders touched the pillows, her head fell back to the mattress. There was a gentle arch in her back as her ass slipped over the edge of the footboard and her long legs splayed out towards the floor. Reaching down to her ankle, I lifted her leg and with a length of chord, tied her ankle to the post of the bed. Before she realized what had happened, I reached for her other ankle and pulled her leg to the other side.

"Do you have to tie me up all the time. Isn't fucking me enough?" she protested.

"Patience my dear." I teased as I tied her other ankle to the other post of the bed. The naked beauty lay on her back, her arms bound beneath her body, her head draped over the edge of the pillows and her legs bound open to the posts of the bed. She lifted her head and looked over her elevated tits to see her thighs tied wide apart. I pulled over a chair and sat down between her spread thighs. Her ass was at the very edge of the footboard and with her legs spread so wide apart, she was ripe for picking. Debbie could feel my warm breath against the soft skin of her inner thighs as I lowered my head between her legs and began to lick her abused pussy. Her body began to writhe as my tongue teased her clit and her body shook. I continued to tease her pussy as her bound body writhed on the bed below me and she began to moan and gasp until a powerful orgasm ripped through her loins. My tongue probed deep between her pussy lips as I tried to suck the sweet nectar from her beautiful, young body.

Lifting my face from her seething pussy, I stepped around the bed and sat down beside her. Her huge tits were thrust upwards by the pillows under her back and I began to fondle her massive tits once again. Her body began to tremble as I played with her huge mams. Then leaning over her bound body, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. The naked beauty gasped as she felt my mouth caress her breast. Then I slid over to her other nipple and sucked it into my mouth. As my hand rested on her breast, I reached over to the nightstand and pulled open the drawer. The bound beauty watched to see what I was doing. I took out two clothespins that I'd left there and laid them on Debbie's ample chest. She raised her head and watched as I began to pinch and pull at her tender nipple. I opened the clothespin and then placed its jaws around her taut nipple, trapping the meaty part of her nubbin in the wide notch of the pin. She gasped as she felt the spring close and the clothespin bit into her tender flesh. In a moment, the other pin was attached to her other nipple and the two wooden clothespins stood up from her aching titflesh.

Standing up, I began to collect my things and dress. Debbie scanned the room and realized that except for an briefcase all of my luggage was gone.

"You can't leave me like this." she began to protest as fear crept into her voice. "I'll scream." she said as I continued to dress.

"I can gag you if you insist." I taunted and the fight went out of the young beauty as she realized she was defeated.

I moved over to the side of the bed and as my hand played with the clothespins, I picked up the phone. "This is room 407," I said. "Would you send up the bell boy with this afternoon's paper? I'll leave the door unlocked." I said.

Debbie was terrified. She thought about just how open and available her body was and how horny the damn bellboy had been for her body over the past weeks. His shift was ending now and she knew that if he found her like this, he'd fuck her until she couldn't walk straight and there was nothing she could do about it.

I checked my calendar and realized that I'd be back in town in just 3 weeks. I didn't say anything but leaning down over her body, I kissed her clit and smiled down at her.

"I hope he enjoys you as much as I did." I taunted her as I gathered my things and left the door unlocked.

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