tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 05

The Champion's Companion Ch. 05


Vellina was surprised at the turn of events. Watching 'the Champion' leave she got up to follow. She paused to grab Caris' loose leash and tugged her along to where she saw him last.

Marcos was at the edge of the water where a flat wide rock a few inches underwater jutted out creating a pool. He wanted to be out of the way while everyone chattered in excitement. He pulled and tugged his leathers off himself and laid them out on flat rocks underwater to soak out the dirt.

The Safi is a mix between a stingray and a catfish that is common in the ocean, where they stay in deep waters. Their skin is so tough you have to kill them by stabbing the heart from the inside. Their leather is common and is used in place of chain or ring mail.

Assassins, hunters and large portions of various armies use it but it has various hang ups. While chain mail is difficult and expensive to make and can be noisy or uncomfortably heavy it is easier to maintain in an urban setting.

Safi leather is cheaper but has to be treated to stay moisturized with balms, and animal fat, and hot oils. Once dry the skins get hard and are useless. People have to clean out the oils, dirt, and skin salts occasionally but mostly it just takes a soak for expensive high quality leather. Outdoor people use it because if you are lucky enough to catch some rain you will be good for weeks.

He stepped deeper into the water proud to be the first in a long line of people to cleanse themselves here in the enclave.

Vellina and a gagged Caris watched from a corner of what seemed to be a storehouse. Both girls were familiar with the male form. In the enclaves, the men were all blind and chained to platforms, usually drugged and gagged with rings. To see one move so naturally excited her ever since the first day. Now, seeing him naked was a treat, but she was too scared to go further. Caris pushed her out of the way, she intended to offer to wash him. If the Goddess allowed it, she would drown him. However, Vellina caught her from behind and hugged her close, her hot nipples pressed into Caris' back and arms. She undulated against Caris glad to be able to get some friction.

Caris had no control and couldn't protect her self from Vellina who by now was using her bound hands on her pussy. The shorter girl almost jumped on her back to get herself what she craved. Vellina started pushing Caris forward and leaned over her broad back humping her leg like a bitch in heat. Vellina wasn't being selfish however and got her hands on Caris' gorgeous breasts rubbing them in circles the way she liked. She was watching the 'champion' walk away into the water, and in her excitement, she bit Caris to stifle her climax.

Marcos wasn't aware of everything going on but as he got himself comfortable to soak and relax in the shallow water that was flowing over the rock he figured somebody was watching him. He wasn't surprised when Vellina came. However, when Caris who was still bound and gagged with her unattended leash followed behind her blushing, his interest was raised.

Vellina it seemed didn't know what to do. She knew to strip, and she helped strip Caris. She looked for a nod from him before untying her arms too. While Caris rubbed the circulation back in her arms and shoulders, Vellina walked into the water and kneeled next to Marcos with her knees touching him. She 'bathed', but did little more then splash water on herself. She finished and looked over her shoulder at him expectantly, perhaps hoping to have done the 'come fuck me' ritual correctly.

Marcos gave her a lazy smile and reached over stoked her ass and rubbed up her broad back she leaned forward with her hands on her knees, eyes closed, as he rubbed her back down. She relaxed and was leaning forward enough for her winking pussy to come out of the water so Marcos rubbed that down too. Her pussy was just two tight outer lips in a long line and her tight asshole was puckered tight. Marcos rubbed what she was offering and focused two fingers on her clit. The sensation made her moan in appreciation and open her legs a bit.

She was easy to please and very horny already from playing with Caris. She started enthusiastically bucking her hips and his two fingers slipped in her pussy. She happily squealed and slammed down on them. He twisted his fingers over and rubbed the spongy inside of her pussy. The sensation froze her bucking. He reached over and pulled her to his cock that was stiff and ready. Of course, she just stared at it, so he pulled his fingers out of her, which elicited a sad moan and put one hand on her back and the other pointed his cock at her mouth. She rubbed her face over it a few times, and then opened her mouth for his cock.

She hesitantly licked, kissed and sucked his cock into her mouth with building enthusiasm. Her hand replaced his and after a few pushes on her back she started bobbing. His fingers went back to work for her and another quick touch got her hand moving too. They were getting along marvelously when suddenly she sat back on his fingers and screamed a highly technical exalting prayer of orgasmic good all over his cock.

She layback slowly allowing Marcos to pull out his fingers and laid back opening herself to him. Marcos quickly rolled and knelt over her. The vision of her made him pause. Her hair was flowing with the river around and over her shoulders. The sunlight sparkled off her wet skin and the ripples on the clear waters surface. Her large breasts towered out of the water the four upper abdominals were apparent on her tanned belly and water flowed in between her legs and over her pussy in a gorgeous mini waterfall.

She pulled him in closer and he guided his cock through the cool water and into her. His first thrust found her very hot, but so tight only three inches went in to her. Dropping his head and suckling her nipple he pushed in five more times and was in all the way. The contrast of the flow of water to his balls and her squeezing pussy was eroding his control. Her arm wrapped around him so her nipples pressed to his chest was also mind blowing. Marcos couldn't say if he ever had it so good. It all combined very well as they started to fuck with more in mind then just getting off. Vellina wanted to kiss him when she wasn't coming and her kissing took his mind off her magic pussy and kept his cock hard.

Twice he came making her come if she wasn't already. His balls emptied in long spurts that rattled his eyes around in his head. He kept fucking taking long kisses from her that made him rock hard. After the second climax that he put in her body, she relaxed. Her hips moved with him, and her arms held him, but she was quite done.

Caris stepped in then. In her haze, she felt her hands all over his back. She felt him sit back reach around and pull her head down for a kiss. She was shocked, she had wanted to strangle him during his rut but the magic caught her too. He eased back and his rock hard cock thumped up against his stomach. Her hand snaked around it jerking him gently.

She then straddled him lowering her opening onto him. The pain of its stretching told her that her body was sealed for his seed offering. The deep sensation that nudged her was not enough. She rode him harder and harder to make it right even through stronger and stronger climaxes. She pushed herself, and finally in the middle of the fifth or sixth, just as she was losing her mind to the pleasure, his cock struck her deep with a pinch. Her arms, one over his shoulder the other under, joined. Her knees came up so she was impaled fully and a voice not her own pleaded in his ear for the release of his seed.

"...So her daughters can lead their sisters"

With an explosion, her man lifted up, grabbed her hips, jammed her down, and shot himself into her. His pulses stayed strong and thick flowing into her and staying in until she was bloated with warmth.

Standing, she turned around and dropped to her hands and knees over Vellina who looked like a sleeping water nymph. Caris kissed her as if to say she loved her and her daughters yet unborn very deeply. Marcos watched as Caris hitched one leg over Vellina's. Their pussies against each other were looking delicious. Vellina's was chubby with its tightly pursed lips and bud that stuck out, and Caris' who's freshly fucked pussy lips were puffy and open. Her clit was visible and hanging out with two tiny flaps in either side denoting her vagina that was swollen shut.

"Hurry," Caris called.

Marco put his cock between the two women feeling the buds rub up and down his cock. Caris was driving his cock with her pelvic bone as water rushed over his helmet and the two bellies came together around his cock. He felt like he was fucking the whole stream and everything in it. He felt small and big, he recognized the feelings that were building from long time ago. Back then his body was dying, now he happily welcomed the feeling back. Caris and Vellina were chanting words to something. Marcos could feel the final dying breath of every creature, the moments of birth, and conception, mothers nursing their children. It was beautiful and too much. He couldn't hold it, and so he shot it all out, with his feelings too.

In the thousands of years Marcos lived, he never saw anything cum so much that a quick flowing stream turned white. Let alone backed up said stream all the way to the source. But Marcos saw it. Safely out of his body, he could see it all and he thanked the Goddess he didn't have to participate too directly. It might have felt phenomenal but expression on his face was enough for him to know watching was just fine.


When Marcos disappeared, Kaarthen, Kassin and Ailli checked out the buildings and found granaries, dorms, libraries, storerooms, armories, forges, and a temple. All told, the place could hold about a thousand sisters in all. They found there were two entrances both easily defended and observed. The field of flowers was walked and figured to be a crescent shaped half mile by five. One part stopped at cliff so high they could see clouds and birds as little specs in formation below them. The entrance facing the corridor had gifts for them they found.

The gifts were five short ugly mountain elves on their knees binded with a wrist thick chain.

"Welcome to the enclave, You all are doing a great thing in being here today." Kaarthen said in a light voice. She smiled at them knowing their purpose.

"Where are we." The second on the left said. He was wider and perhaps older. None of the elves looked convinced sitting among armed Huntresses while in chains was good.

"Please come this way. The Dar Mother brought you her for our first ritual." Kassin said ignoring the question.

Kaarthen led them to the temple with a few prods.

"Perhaps tall warrior we could praise the Dark Mother without these heavy shackles." The leader said as they neared the temple.

"She needs us to harvest from you." Kaarthen said lightly.

Inside the temple was furnished with more statues and an altar. In all enclaves but in few temples, there is a long cylindrical column, four feet around sitting lengthwise in the river. Sometimes, it is camouflaged as a log as the very first ones were. Most women in temples think it's a bench, and they don't understand the yelling when a priestess is nearby. If anyone saw them used properly, they would know bad things were happening.

The nervous elves were led to the edge of the water and stripped, the Huntresses got naked also. They were led into the water their bodies were cleansed thoroughly. The whole time Kaarthen was reciting prayers she thought she didn't know or barely knew. The wondering elves were thinking by now that the Dark Mother was using her aspect of the goddess of fertility and trying to convert them. They were half-hard, and happy, but confused about the chain. Kaarthen stood before them, their eyes hungrily locked on her swaying breasts weeping milk as the two virgins stroked them hard.

"Please now, come into the water it was cleansed for you." Kaarthen said opening her eyes. She smiled at them in a way they remembered as maternal.

They were laid on their stomachs over the altar. Only one tried to protest since they didn't know better. Kassin and Ailli then came in front of them with Kaarthen standing slightly behind. The men were all smiles when the women placed their hands on their head and chanted together. The chanting took a few minutes and they lowered their heads waiting. Kaarthen spun as she continued chanting and held two ornate sacrificial daggers with long sixteen-inch handles and five-inch triangular blades as they chanted. She presented each to Ailli and Kassin in turn.

"With separation of five and the unsealing of two, we shall create five anew. The waters are clear for your will and we are all connected by it. Please Dark Mother, move us they way you have shown and we will be the mothers, women, and warriors of your will." Kaarthen said loudly with her hands raised.

The last prayer chant was one of invocation. It activated the spells to release immortality, transference of mortality, blood oaths, purification, anointing the water for holy acts, and covenants of loyalty.

After all that, the last part was the act. The water turned white with the energetic sperm used as a medium to guide the five transfers, signaling it was time.

Five quick slices and the elves were bled. The first drop of blood from each elf was pure gold that diluted immediately in the water. The daggers were returned to Kaarthen. With no preamble, she deflowered the two on the handles. Immediately they had orgasms as she twisted to release the blood of innocence mixed with their essence of arousal.

Hundreds of miles away, bells rang in temples throughout cities and enclaves signifying the birth of a new enclave.


Kaarthen was the first to wake. She felt stronger as she knew she should. She stepped past the two others who were still twitching through their ascension. She dressed noticing her clothes didn't feel right and were unfamiliar. She pulled the bodies from the altar by the chain and dragged them to the cliff. She flicked the chain like a whip and the five were released flying along to where the rest of their kind would get the message.

She snapped her chain again, it became thin and whispy. It wrapped its self around her waist and five little skulls dropped down to dangle decoratively. Quite satisfied, she walked back and was struck quite randomly with how primitive and boring walking was. She walked along the stream and saw the man standing there naked with an insipid grin that bothered her jealously and made her heart light up. She stumbled slightly unsure of the feelings.

She walked over and she could see that this wasn't his real form but an illusion, the real one was no more that a silhouette of the darkest black and two eyes of burning intensity glowing slightly green. Seeing them both overlaid was weird, and the emotions of fondness and a perverted sense of maternity cascading into her. It deeply unsettled her.

She cleared her throat.

"So I don't want to call you 'Champion' forever what is your name sir?" Kaarthen asked in playful seductive voice.

"When did my voice change?" She thought.

"Well I suppose we are bound together," The man mused. Kaarthen blushed, she wanted to stab him and walk away, and kiss him for some reason.

"Marcos Panthi, Immaculate Priest of Mavvus, First Knight to the Crown, Holy High Brother to the Temple of Dar Delis, High advisor and Keeper of Rites to the Eternal throne, and Champion to the Dark Mother."

"Wow a noble rapist," Kaarthen thought flippantly, and was suddenly rocked by scathing jealousy, giddy excitement over the connection, and lust over the memory. She warbled on her feet, her mind clamping down the urge to vomit.

"Are you okay?" He questioned.

"Of course, can I ask when you would like to leave?" She asked. Kaarthen could now barley speak or look at him.

"Oh two or three days I think I can help out till then." Jumbled images of sex in the water with changing combinations two Amazons, sodomizing Kassin and Ailli while covered in oil came to her mind. Kaarthen knees went out for a second.

"I have to lie down, I have to walk away." She thought frantically.

"I need to lie down," Kassin said quietly.

"I said I need to lay down take me...sir take me to a room." Kaarthen pleaded, and grabbed for him. They walked into the compound with Kaarthen leading and leaning on him.

"Um in order to help me rest you'll need to help me in here," She said entering a dorm.

"Guiding him to a place I'd only seen once was easy," Kaarthen thought cynically.

"I'm of have a mind of what's going on." She could feel alien smugness curling around the thought. "Well half a mind now I suppose."

"Okay," Marcos said almost happily. A fantasy of fucking her while she sucked her thumb flickered by making her stutter step.

"He's so helpful," She thought randomly.

"Wait what was that?!?" Kaarthen thought, just now realizing she was really trapped in her own body.

"Take this leather off me," She said indicating the mantle. He did, acting casual as he groped her breasts, she flinched dramatically when he stopped. A glimpse of his cock up her backside crept by slowly.

"I need you too ease some of my pressure like you did earlier," She said coyly twisting her fingers into her nipples.

"Okay try this, sit down this may take a while those are pretty full." He said diplomatically. She sat on the corner straddling him and he kneeled between her legs.

He was in to it now. Visions of fingering her, fucking her while she lay back, and a titjob with their positions reversed melted into each other. The images kept going adding details including her bent over blushing and showing her holes dripping his load.

She moaned as he hefted massive tit bouncing it and sucked out her inverted nipple the sensations quickly aroused her making her climax. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders when she came down and worked a hand down her loincloth.

"We are going to get along famously," She sighed. Marcos moaned in the affirmative." Now help me take this itchy loincloth off."

"You have an itch to scratch?" Marcos said grinning, he unfortunately had to release the teat to help her, but soon enough he was back for more and reminding her of his nudity.

His fingers replaced hers and fell into her wet pussy he pulled them out to see her excessive wetness. His cock twitched at the sight of it all and he slammed himself in. Compared to earlier his cock was welcomed into her pussy and felt it squeeze and churn him. He felt himself drawn deeper into it, as it kneaded and rolled his cock.

A feeling of euphoria washed over him and he realized he had been waiting for this for a while. Perhaps since this morning when he noticed her similarities to his Host but it felt even longer.

His cock had yet to move and he felt already like he was well on the path to another mind-blowing orgasm for the day. His balls felt heavy and hot they beckoned him to thrust and allow them to deliver their sagging load as deep as possible. He was thus compelled to begin a building rhythm into her.

Faster and faster he moved and her words were picked up promising endless pleasures for him, the chance to breed all her children, promises she would never let him feel want for anything. His cock felt like it was stirring inside a roiling boiling cauldron. He opened his eyes to realize he had stopped deep within her and he could feel the mouth of her core suckling at the head of his cock. Her arms were embracing him and her legs were locked around his back.

Mindlessly he fucked her again, sucking her ear, licking her neck, and kissing anything in reach of his mouth. He was quite sure continuing meant stopping but was unable to hold back anymore.

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