tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 06

The Champion's Companion Ch. 06


Kaarthen had listened, but she nodded off somewhere in the second eon of Marcos' long history. Marcos spoke at length about former countries, plots he used to separate the rival god Minun or his Champion from power, and the deaths that usually resulted from his many exploits.

When Marcos stopped talking, she was asleep and Vellina stared at him with a hungry gleam in her eye.

Vellina slid her hands under Marcos's robe and deftly unbuttoned his manhood while rubbing her pussy. Marcos' hand reached out and massaged her breast, and pulled her long sensitive nipples while she stroked his hard shaft and leaking head with her hands.

She moved over and together they lifted off his robe. He set it aside behind them and lay back onto it. Vellina stood and took off her loincloth quickly. She looked over at Kaarthen asleep and stroked her cheek before she straddled Marcos' and leaned in so they were face to face.

She was wet, but she intentionally took him little by little relishing the feel of him. He reached up and grabbed her big round udders that swayed so close and lifted his head to suck her pointy rubbery teats.

Finally, she took him all into her tight warmth. Her pussy convulsed learning him and his rhythm. They rocked together slowly with powerful long thrusts, with Vellina easily climaxing continuously over him.

In her mindless haze, she felt him stop and move her off to the side. She still thirsted for his seed and her body's need was so painfully intense she started to whimper pitifully and wriggle her hips calling him back.

Marcos grinned knowingly and pushed her shoulders down, rolled her over by swiveling her hips up, kneeled behind, and thrust into her. Her asshole winked at him as it was relaxed and pulled open by his strokes. He tried to satisfy it by hooking a thumb into her nether hole. Vellina was shocked and hissed as he kept her from rising with his other hand. He continued pounding her for minutes as she got into the pleasure. She started to push back into him with more and more urgency until her next climax imploded her.

Marcos stopped moving and fingered her ass as she lay below him with more vigor, using his other hand to hold her bucking hips. She eased up off the ground as his fingers moved into her and straightened up onto her knees. The feeling for her was alien, but not enough to make her climax.

Vellina groaned and dropped her hands behind her to grope for his cock. She tugged him forward by it understanding his desire and intent.

Marcos wrapped an arm under her breasts guided his cock in between the cheeks that he coveted to her back hole. His cock pushed in easily gaining an initial purchase. Her hole was tight, but not the tightest, it was naturally loose enough to not always be puckered. Marcos was only slightly lubricated and yet still she only moaned as he claimed her inch by inch. She leaned her head back to rest on his shoulder as he filled her. Her arms reached up and around to massage the back of his neck and head feeling his warm hard muscles.

He started to thrust into her and after a little pushing, she took him all. He changed his rhythm of thrusts into her with a quick deep pace gradually making more and more distance between thrusts. Her large ass and sturdy hips took his thick cock and its building assault easily.

Vellina leaned forward pinching her nipples and dropped her head back to the ground submitting her body and offering her ass up to him. The pleasure she received was great but it teasingly kept her just short of her peak.

Eventually, his strokes and weight pushed her body flat, and he crawled onto her and laid over her while he continued plundering her. He embraced her from behind with one arm around her breasts, the other massaged her clit lazily as he stroked her. His climax was gentle, his cock pulsed and streamed a long oozing flow into her lazily as he rubbed her bud harder so she could peak with him.


Caris noticed the change in Kassin. She was, if possible, more serious now. She was readying Ailli to join her on a hunt by the entrance. For days, she had been gone for hours and days tracking and killing anything she could find around.

"I did it. I have found a seed truly worthy of harvest. Come Ailli, we shall make strong daughters."

Ailli was nervous as always, and only more so when Kassin wrapped her arms and legs in heavy flexible leather.

"Why wrap only my limbs for this harvest? Shall I be clinging to a rutting cactus?" Ailli asked in half jest.

"For protection." Kassin said, as though that answer didn't lead to other questions.

Kassin then wrapped a whip around her waist and did the same for Ailli.

"You won't need that spear for what were hunting." She grabbed a coil of rope from the storehouse and pulled Ailli to the entrance. "Don't worry Caris, no matter what happens we'll return. Time is on our side."

They both exited and ran out heading south for almost two hours. The sun was still up in the late afternoon when they hid in the brush above the floor of a desolate valley. In front of them, a dry creek passed to the right. An animal trail crossing in front came down and joined it. Large, mostly dead bushes and blacked brush were thick along the creek's edge a dozen yards away, and grew more sparse with distance

As Ailli waited with Kassin, an eight-foot tall ogress plodded along and came into view following the game trail. It was beady eyed with seemingly low intelligence, with a flat wide nose and wide thick lips on its face. It was the color of dirt and in a few places, a healthy pinkness came out. Its breasts were pointy looking like they had recently grown. From the waist down, her body was tree-like, bulky with hard muscles. Her ankles, knees, and thighs were all almost the same size. Above the waist, the ogress was less hulking and more slender. It was almost under developed along the arms and chest. Its stomach was skinny and flat accenting the flair of its pelvis. Its forearms were thicker then its biceps and its hands seemed swollen with three sausage like digits. A tumbled mop of black hair fell down its back and was full of twigs and dirt.

Kassin explained her plan as they kept an eye on the creature.

"I came across a large ogre rutting with the female. After it had ravished her to its climax, it propped its self up and the female continued to wriggle under it until they both came again. This continued again until the male went to sleep. I watched and other females came and went but I knew when I saw him 'that was the seed I wanted'.

Then it occurred to me to see what the females do. I picked one, and when the female plodded away, I followed. It met another male who allowed her to eat at its burrow. It seemed to ignore her. She was on her hands and knees gorging on its stash when he came behind her and mounted her with no warning. She still ate as he fucked her until they climaxed. Again, the female rocked herself back and forth until they both climaxed again." Kaarthen said removing her loincloth.

"What are you doing?"


"So anyway I knew I could take advantage of this but couldn't see how at first. I had watched the next night and day and found the female working a circuit eating and rutting with five males. I noticed that the largest male was separate and seemed unrelated to the others. She seemed to go out of her way to find him. The smallest two on her circuit were nearly the same size as the female and were relatively lanky adolescents.

One of them had to rape her, since she always tried to resist. Every time they fought for him to get his chance to show dominance. He would punch, and scratch, while they rolled around fighting and pushing and holding her down, he would mount her. When his hard cock finally penetrated her, she would freeze and let him fuck. Just like the others, she would rut him after he grew tired and sluggish after his first load.

"So today, we're going to take advantage of that and harvest the large ogre." She announced. "I know that four other females share it. We have a window for a while since females don't come along when another is around. Using that female will help us stay safe believe it or not."

The two were in the bushes and rocks above and to the side of the ogress watching it plod along slowly toward the dry creek bed.

"This is one of the youngest females and she is about to enter his territory." Kassin said.

Ailli was quite speechless and had froze in terror as Kassin told her all this.

Kassin pulled the whips from both their waists and prepared herself. She jumped out following the ogress as it dropped down the side of the bank into the dry bed. She stopped only a few yards behind it and snagged it around the neck with her whip.

While males tended to be ferocious, the younger females like this one were docile in order to survive. The females later grew more aggressive after having a brood and bulking up.

Caught along the neck, the ogress stumbled back and hit the waist high ledge of the bank behind it. Its stubby thick fingers couldn't reach under the whip as it tried to understand what was happening. Ogres have little more than animal intelligence. The choking sensation and the pressure pulling on it, instinctively made the ogress lean back instead of turning, since it didn't understand that it had been whipped. Kassin used the slack and passed the whip under one foot to pull its head down harder at an angle that was more than it could bend. The ogress slowed and finally passed out gurgling.

Like a shot, Kassin came up and used the rope. She tied the wrists behind its head, and the outside fingers tightly together. She then carefully unwound the whip. She took the extra rope, made a single loop around the ogress' neck, and tugged it down off the ledge to the ground.

The ogress landed with a groan and started to wake. It quickly got panicky and made shrill calling noises. Kassin straightened the end of the rope out a few paces then dashed back, swiping its ass with the potency potion and powder as she did so. She climbed as if death was behind her to where they both hid.

"Are you sure you needed me?" Ailli squeaked, but was shushed by Kassin.

On the other side of the gulch, they could see bushes shaking ominously. The noises from back there were blocked out by the shrill squeals of their bait.

"Here it is, we're only on the other side of the bushes from its lair," Kassin stated. If she still had pupils, her eyes would have been dilated strangely with obsession, or fervent intensity.

Ailli was feeling quite hopeless now, and seriously had doubts about what was to happen.

The intense feelings only got more severe when she saw Kassin's target.

Its head popped out of the bushes and paused. It was similar to the ogress in that it had three fingers, everything else was different and more extreme. It was bald. Its skin was lighter almost a golden tan brown. Its shoulders were four feet wide. Its neck was thicker than its head. The jaw was flared wide in back, and the boxy squared chin was narrowed and stuck out making it appear to grin maliciously. Its nose was wide but didn't stick up like the ogress, but instead was smoothed down with nostrils to the sides. It had intelligent bright golden eyes that were very large on its face and catlike. She realized now why Kassin hadn't let her have lunch as her stomach leapt to her throat.

"That's not, an ogre, Kassin." Ailli pointed out watching the sinuous creature leap down into the creek bed.

The monster had to be nearly 12 feet tall. It had a tail at both ends, the one in front was only half-hard and already a foot a half long, the other end was prehensile, tapered, six foot long, and forked. She reasoned it to be a demon of some kind. "...Is ...ah, is she going to be okay?"

Kassin shushed her again watching the female. It wriggled to face away from him and offer its social hole. Dimwitted as it might be, it rightly feared this creature. Its life urgently depended on not being seen as some defenseless thing to be eaten. "Don't worry the ogress isn't pregnant so it'll make the right smells for the male to want to rut. As for that beautiful creature, apparently it was sired by a dragon that found an ogress." Kassin whispered to her.

"Now watch carefully, when it climaxes I'm going to pull the ogress off it. This may make them upset. All you must do is wet its cock with some potion and sit on it just as we always do together. I'll be right there dusting it with powder so don't worry. Now, let's take off your loincloth. I'll get you ready." Kassin said as she pulled down Ailli's loincloth and rubbed her lover. Ailli was still frozen in shock and staring at the creatures, but her body responded to Kassin's practiced touch. Kassin poured small amount of the potency potion on her fingers for some directly injected liquid courage as she worked over her reluctant lover.

The two ogres slowly worked towards each other. The male was cautious but already hard and the female mewled and whimpered under him backing up on her knees to him. The male leaned in and licked her ass where the potion was. The female's scent and her flooded musky pussy hid most of the smell of Kassin and her ropes. It continued and moved up and over her to smell the ropes directly.

Female ogresses have vaginas that are constantly wet for just these situations. Once the male was in position, the female jammed back a few times trying to catch his cock and make the conversion into 'safe' territory as a mate. Finally, it caught his rod that had hardened into a straight two feet long pole wider than Kassin's arm.

She bucked into him a few times then stopped hoping to have convinced him she was friendly and willing. When he didn't move, she started squealing and whimpering louder, and again thrust her ass back onto him frantically. She didn't stop this time and really started moving herself with all her instinctive talent.

Ailli noticed how the male seemed to smirk down at her desperation. If this creature had the dragon's side of the brains as she was already noticing, they could be in a bad situation.

Behind her, Kassin was working almost her whole hand into her pussy trying to relax the hole. The stretching and the potion burned her with pleasant warmth and made her sweat, as she stayed locked onto what the other pair was doing.

The female ogress was sweating and grunting along his length. She had her face in the dirt and was on her knees pushing back onto him taking the whole two feet into her frothy hole. She was mewling and groaning guttural noises the whole time emphasizing her vulnerability and willingness to please. Finally, he shared his load with a content growl visibly sagging onto her back. The female continued but obviously slowed under his weight. She silently worked to make him completely satisfied like her life depended on it.

Kassin charged down hill to the couple pulling Ailli along. They made it to the ledge of the creek bed and dropped down among the two. Kassin pressed the potion into Ailli's hand and knotted it to her wrist then told her to get ready. The two rutting ogres didn't notice or concern themselves with their presence. The women were simply not considered a threat to them even in a position of relative vulnerability.

That attitude is what Kassin counted on, and allowed her to catch the female with a hard straight kick to the hip. Dislodged, Ailli saw the male's cock wagging around and jumped in grabbing the tumescence with both hands stroking him. Kassin paused from rolling away the ogress and threw a dash of fertility powder in the quizzical ogre's face. He blinked stupidly and sneezed, but that was all that needed to happen. He quickly started to hump Ailli's hand making very low rumbling noise.

"Use the potion and push him onto his back. Don't worry, I think they're not violent anymore." Kassin directed reassuringly.

So far, this was going well. But, Ailli knew if they lost control, things would get bad one bite at a time.

Ailli tried and sure enough, with one-hand stroking the underside of his cock, she was able to push the calmed benevolent monster onto its back where it propped itself up watching with amusement showing on its calm face.

She got on its hips, pulled the potion's cap off, and poured the contents down its piss hole and around the head. The effect was immediate, and the head darkened as the whole organ pulsed and grew to a huge two and a half feet and as thick as her knee. Ailli had to take deep breaths to calm herself. Her mind was rebelling at placing its body in such a vulnerable position.

She squatted over the giant spike idly wondering if they were the first to do this. The thought took over and gave her the courage to fuck her second cock ever.

She didn't get far. She actually stopped with a good four inches of the head inside as her legs locked up. Kassin had to jump in jamming her further down and helping her back up as she lolled limply like rag doll. She got a good nine inches in before she screamed enough and worked with Kassin to work with what she had.

Kassin kept dashing powder in the ogre's face and eventually it further swelled within Ailli and came again. It rumbled under her and a gushes of semen escaped down her legs and floated her off the ogre's cock.

As the male rumbled, they noticed the female making noises. She was curled up watching them, and no readable expression was on the ogress' face whatsoever.

Kassin helped Ailli off, congratulating her and dumped her potion remaining bottle on the glistening pole. Kassin then quickly replaced Ailli but had the same problem of freezing up only partially impaled. Ailli helped her and rubbed her bud as she too went limp. Apparently, it helped since the ogre came with her quickly and then fell asleep in disinterest.

Kassin was pained trying to stand up off of the monstrous organ. She was not usually penetrated as they had sex and its cock had knocked her open pretty good. Her sore 'flower' was stretched and gushing gobs. In a stupor, Kassin looked around at everything.

"I think we won't have to do this again." She said grinning conspiratorially at Ailli.

Kassin jubilantly congratulated Ailli again and they packed up to get back.


Marcos had continued his story. He spoke of wives he had, each more beautiful then the next. He spoke of adventures in every place and several on the high seas. He spoke of sadness finding out the children he sired with mortals were borne as vampires. Long ago, his anger toward the creatures started when he had returned to his apartments to find his seven-year-old fraternal twin children eating their dead mother. He talked about his shock as the boy, his beautiful blond son who looked just like his mother, attacked him. He killed boy but the girl escaped him.

He spoke of how he prosecuted a private war on vampires, attacking them onsite until a few thousand years ago. He met with the remaining hand full of surviving children or their representatives and forgave them. He told them to stay out of Menthino and to tell the others who refused to see him.

He spoke of how he gained power over the years, and eventually asked the Dark Mother herself, to allow him to have mortal children. Kaarthen knew that to be the first time the Dark Mother started to love him.

Their traveling was peaceful across the mountains. The land slowly lowered and mountains turned to hills and the trees thickened. They listened as they walked, and during sad parts, Vellina would suck him while Kaarthen would have him drink from her breasts and console him.

They came upon a 'Traveling Temple' as they exited the woods. They were in the waters of the Ort below the trio under the cliffs. They met up with them that night. The group was young and idealistic and they came from cities in western Menthino. Like most of Menthino, they looked at the Ort with reverence. There were nearly one hundred and fifty Priestesses and 20 Shield maidens and Huntresses. Most were young Priestesses borne in enclaves, a few others were young women who just finished conscription and pondered a path for their new lives. The group had come to this dangerous area to taste and bathe in the waters as they 'descended from the Dark Mother's loins'.

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