tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 07

The Champion's Companion Ch. 07


I hope people enjoy this. People who post these stories are looking for many things. I just enjoy comments, and knowing people enjoy the story.

I would like to know, if you do Jack/Jill off that the stories help. If, as you are enjoying yourself, you peal another layer of the dark onion and think to yourself "wow, if only they....".

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It may not be in every segment, but you will certainly see your fetish. I write because I haven't seen non-consent, rape, impregnation, with large/ muscular women in enough stories.

So please enjoy and comment freely.

I have worked with a great editor to bring this piece out. That person is IMcRout, A great And very helpful person in my humble opinion.


Marcos was the only man in a group of twenty-one. Kaarthen and Vellina had suddenly become the celebrated leaders of the 'band' of women. They made their pace slowly, the women needed to sleep. Marcos had more sex but the grinding urge to move faster was always nagging him since he knew that the northeastern fort had to be only a day away.

Their progress was further complicated when they came upon a purity site at a stream. A simple pole with a red rag tied around it was visible from the road. The women were ecstatically happy for the Goddess' blessing to bathe. Marcos was pretty furious since they were within a few miles of the fort.

His fury however, didn't stop him from keeping a watch over the women as they bathed. He watched Kaarthen and Vellina in particular. Despite the sun having been up for a while, mist rose off the water where the women bathed. A stunning backdrop of twenty naked women surrounded Kaarthen. They frolicked and bathed around and in front of her.

Kaarthen was glad to have his attention so directly. She had felt many pushes to make the women forget his presence and try to have fun. Vellina was before her swimming on her back, her hair floated around her. After the women had returned to the road, she casually checked within his robe and found him still quite hard.

The group went directly to the fort. The design of the structure was very simple. A high picket wall made of timbers stood over a mound of dirt as a foundation. Across the top of the foundation, logs were bound standing and leaning into each other. The mound of the foundation made a stand for archers behind the picket. Behind the fence was a large ditch used for the mounds dirt. The road smoothly wound through a gap in the fence, used as a checkpoint. The road went over the ditch and curved around the main entrenchment; a large stonewall surrounded a large slate roofed wooden keep.

The distance between the inner wall and outer was one hundred and fifty yards, the firing distance of an arrow from the top of the inner wall. The road curved between the two walls before exiting the other side.

From the fort, running southwest was a mound reinforced with sharpened logs. Marcos knew it went well into the forest and defined part of Menthino's border. Despite looking useless, the chest high mound would be extremely difficult to cross with a horse. The mound was also reinforced with considerable magic to notify the patrols and fort.

Two other permanent emplacements were to the southeast. After those two, all there is are temporary moveable towers guarding the frontier until the Ort turns south.

A range of hills run south paralleling the Ort to the west before breaking for a small river and the east capital of Lafaust. The heaviest concentrations of troops guard those hills and several large fortresses are linked by tunnels and trenches to create one large citadel.

Entering the fort was easy. Marcos was in uniform and a large amount of border guards are light infantry mainly as archers and rangers. The women were also allowed in but they demurred and sat in the sun near the road. Marcos was asked to report to a young watch officer. The officer wore a gauntlet on his left arm. It was black steel for the light infantry. The gauntlet's design was mostly a frame covering from the elbow to finger tip. At mid forearm, four eyehole slots like those for buttons were made. The holes could take different items or weapons like horse reins, shields, cross bows, courier bags, or blades.

Marcos noticed his was worn but mostly new. Like most people not expecting him, they treated him like most other rank and file.

"Soldier, make your report." The officer said from behind his desk.

"I have none."

"But you asked to see the fort commander?"

"I thought either he or yourself could help."

"What unit are you with? Who needs assistance?"

"I'm not with a unit. I believe I'll need to see the fort commander."

"You're not even showing proper respect to me. Why would I allow you to disgrace the fort commander? He'll have you in stocks if you're wasting his time."

"Just go get him. I understand as his lieutenant you want to make sure everything is in order."

"You will stay here then until I return, remember whatever training you had for talking to the commander is that understood?" The officer rose and started to leave. "Are you armed? Remove your robe."

For a second, the two stared at each other and Marcos didn't move. Marcos wondered if the officer would try something. He knew he looked suspect, he hadn't looked directly at the officer the whole time, but the officer went on his way. A few minutes later, the fort commander came in with the young officer and one guard following and another positioned outside the door. He took one look at him and kneeled to the guard's and officer's surprise. Marcos felt relief somebody remembered who gave them their gauntlet.

In a blur of administrative activity the commander, a salt and pepper hair veteran, had twenty horses brought out. They were mostly stout draft and carriage horses. However, they were all the fort could spare with the continuous operations needed on a border shared by an active enemy. The moved to the map room in the basement.

What the map room did using various types of magic, was give a real time bird's eye view from above the clouds of the sector the border fort was responsible. The display took up a section of floor and observers could walk into and over it without problem. They looked down through the clouds like gods as the young officer gave a quick recap of events over the last month in the northwestern sector. The map was not able to play back all events, but it could look closer at places where things took place. It could replay to show intruders as they crossed the mound or any large groups approaching such as his band.

Marcos exited the keep to find the women talking amongst each other and to pairs of guards. He wanted to have the noisy group go ahead perhaps with Vellina if need be. He needed to head south and slightly west to eastern edge of the mountains. The city-state of Grippe was a repository for his gauntlet when he went west, and a city connected by magic to Mavvus. Once there he could dress as the Immortal of Menthino and check on the running of things. He found and told Kaarthen the plan and asked her what she thought.

Inside she was happy to have Marcos to herself. She again noted she had no familiarity with horses. She didn't mention the goddess' internal library with a long understanding of the millions of ways one can die on, near, or because of horses. Further, she noted they would only be able to take one horse to be fair so they would be better off walking. She said all this while reading Marcos' own surface thoughts, and watched as he smiled behind the leather covering his face.

The women were sad to see him go. They were told that Vellina was immortal and could protect them. They relaxed once they knew they would have an extra horse and, that the way forward was clear. Vellina was happy that four light armored cavalrymen would escort them while she got familiar with the horse.

The fort's guards were sad to see the women go after only a few hours. However, the women were determined now to press on and get to Cardin while the route was known to be safe and secure.

Cardin is the city that is on the southern edge of the flood plain. It functioned as the gateway to the interior and a waypoint for those waiting for the flooding to be over. The sprawling city rivaled Mavvus in the late winter when it took in its flood refugees. Cardin was also a huge economic hub storing the grain and produce of the northern flood plain as it prepared to be distributed. In its own right it was a leather producer, they used the many empty houses used for the flood refugees as drying houses and freezers during the late spring through early winter. A canal also connected Cardin to the sea through Mavvus.

Marcos and Kaarthen were then alone and able to share a dinner offered by the fort commander. They wound up staying the night.

"I am happy to be able to sleep in a real bed. It's been so long." Kaarthen said jumping on the narrow bed along the wall.

"The room I have in Mavvus would be much more splendid." Marcos pointed out.

"Really? Tell me about that place as we go to bed."

"The tower is built into the inner wall in the capital's citadel. It is larger in diameter than the inner wall of this border fort. Inside the tower, I have my own armory, library, dungeon, and practice rooms, and my own personal temple. The roof has rain collectors, and even a garden. I also have one-way transports to Grippe to the west, Cardin to the north, Leethon to the southwest, Lafaust to the east, and Pessilberg on the coast to the south."

"Why one way? We could be back by now."

"The Citadel of Mavvus is impregnable. I didn't want a back door leading into my home. Besides we're immortal now, time is a convenience. When you start counting time by decades and centuries, you'll understand."

Kaarthen knew, though he didn't say, that he almost never stayed in the tower. In fact, despite that entire tower was his, he was usually lonely and spent time in the royal Dark Mother's temple acting like statues and breeding a collection of women for exotic beauty.

"I got a robe for you. I cut it so your breasts could breathe a little." He said staring. Her bosoms were exposed along the undersides without her chest wrap. She at first wanted to put her mantle under it or over, but a remark about being choked with it made her leave it.

"You look sexier that way." Marcos said grinning lecherously.

The sides of the breasts were uncovered by the side gaps and always threatening to expose her as she moved.

"What's in this thing? It weighs a ton."

"Oh, right, it conceals the armor on the inside."

Marcos opened a worn edge on his to show her a quarter inch thick chainmail slab that protected the chest and attached to a dense wool fabric backing with similar sized back piece. The outer shell was thin as silk and oversized to conceal the armor.

"So with that you get excellent protection from arrows and such. The outer fabric twists around arrows that do go in and helps in the removal of the missiles and protects from poisons."

Marcos showed how the fabric was very strong and hard to pierce but wouldn't stop a wound.

"It also on the inside has many subtle cleverly placed pockets. For knives, throwing darts, some have places for swords, mine has a water bag, and I also carry a map."

"Marcos, why does an immortal wear armor?"

"In this day and age there aren't lots of Champions running around. People aren't familiar with our limitations, unlike vampires or elves. I can be killed, but it would take another Champion to pull it off." Marcos said. "The main reason I wear armor is to fit in. I want people to think I'm as fragile as they are. It makes them less likely to seek some creative solution. I don't want someone bringing up a volcano for me to fall in or dropping mountains to bury me." Marcos mused. "I want them to come try and stab me. I want them to come close and die like the rest with surprise on their face."

After considering all this Kaarthen took off the robe, stood topless with her proud breasts swaying, and asked, "Marcos please relive my pressure. It has been to long."

She stopped him as he stepped forward.

"First, could you remove the robe and leather? Now that I know what all that stuff is I don't want to go to bed with it." Kaarthen said. She gestured to his Safi armor, noting a sink for it to stay wet.

Marcos happily obliged and they got on the narrow bed together. Marcos lay between her legs suckling contently.

"Since I'm naked, I want you to be fair and remove the loincloth protecting your nether. That would help us both get comfortable, on our way to sleep." Marcos said to her, he was already untying her loincloth anyway.

Kaarthen giggled and cupped her breasts for him and raised her hips. Marcos enjoyed the warmth of her body. She always seemed warm especially in the breasts. Looking up from her stomach they looked like the onion domed buildings of Dar Delis. From above they were perfectly round. Kaarthen's breasts were like a young girl who barely started growing and had cones. Only Kaarthen's were bigger than her head and their base extended off her chest to the sides and front. They were also slightly rounded all around from their own mass. Pale puffy nipples capping the tops were gloriously exotic. The rare inverted nipples were a pleasure to play with. Marcos noted how she always had an orgasm when he sucked out the nipples to stand free. The thick teats were the size of fingertips and rubbery, they both enjoyed his light chewing. In fact, Marcos noted she had an orgasm with almost anything he did.

He scooted down her body to stare at her pussy.

Marcos hadn't gone down on a woman in years he suddenly noticed. Marcos had a harem in Mavvus of beautiful exotic women he bred. He'd known for a while they weren't quite normal, they were in effect loyal dolls constantly striving for attention. Some were quite clever, and even his rejects were some of the most expensive and skilled courtesans in the world. He had bred out major strains of jealousy and drama inducing social climbing at great expense. He had trained a majority of them in death arts, primarily for their feelings of closeness, secondarily for protection.

The training allowed them out of the tower. Usually they went to the Dark Mother's temple, learned further skills, and heard current palace rumors and intrigue from the many assassins and thieves who loitered in the side chambers. They were also required to play music or dance for the celebrations at the temple. They all had a hero worship mentality for him. Most people are not extremely aware of the person who keeps them, provided for, and arranged for their birth. The fact that they are, means a mixed bag of calming religious and erotic harem atmospheres is usual when he is present.

Some other noble women and rich matrons seduce him for novelty or apparent power building. Therefore, the women he had were usually very aroused just being in his presence, and wanted him in them. They could lick themselves if he was gone and usually they did enjoy playing amongst each other.

Kaarthen's pussy was wet and very pale. As Marcos started to lick and spread it he noticed how the flesh inside was a grayish purple like the rings of her nipples. Oddly, Kaarthen stopped him.

"I can play with girls whenever I want. I spent a whole lifetime with them, and the last few days to boot. I want you inside of me. I want your seed." Kaarthen said, after she pulled him up to kiss her.

She reached between them and tugged his cock to her body.

"You always make me happy this way." She said kissing him.

She brought her knees up to her sides. Her very open body seemed to suck him in. He always marveled at how her whole body seemed so receptive to him. Her pussy was so wet and yet it felt so tight. Her pussy once it had him, squeezed, and sucked him in further. Lying, atop her was a dream. Marcos was allowed to alternate between her breasts and kissing her. He could, especially when her mammoth pointed breasts were being sucked, see her beautiful body. The contrasting colors of her body always mesmerized him. When she spoke of it, she was always proud her mother harvested a drow. She also told stories of how sneaky it helped her become at night as she grew up. He noticed in any direct light the pale surface of her skin shone, but in the shadows and times of low light, she might as well be a drow herself.

Marcos also gauged how full her breasts were to how dark they were.

"I think the Dark Mother made a good choice in sending you along. I think I could use a companion, especially since you bring fresh milk."

That's good, but you should keep fucking your companion. I'd like to get out on the road early, and see these tinkerers."

"Hhmm...no problem."

Marcos picked up the pace and her pussy did the rest. Before too long he came deep inside her. They lay with each other as they went to sleep. Marcos was satisfied. His cock was inside an amazing pussy that suckled him to sleep.

The morning came quickly. The fort was always in round the clock operations. Marcos and Kaarthen left before the sun came up and walked a little slower eating warm breads. They picked up the pace by the time the sun came up and were well along.

"I figure if we went midday to sunrise it would be a quick journey of three days. I figured it would take two days to get back to Mavvus using the roads. We'll be traveling pretty fast since we're in effect traveling twice as long as regular. The only way our speed could get better is if we could find horses that didn't need rest or that didn't sleep." He noted as they walked.

Two days into the trip, he felt some thing moving towards them from up ahead. The lands of chaos that border Menthino were hemmed in by a river. Every once and a while, creatures from those harsh lands come across the water searching for, or becoming food. Usually they're lost and on their way to meet questing adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves.

"Kaarthen, arm yourself. There is some thing up ahead coming towards us." Marcos said.

"Do you know what they are?"

"Not friendly and not human either."

They continued forward. Marcos kept his hands in his robe, and Kaarthen had her Lourndai out. The sun was low enough for the for the mountain air to get cool again. They came over a rise to spot a family of wolvers. Bipedal and animal-like, usually wolvers are attacked by farmers who think them werewolves. They are omnivorous, but only eat grasses for digestion and rarely attack humans except in famine. Short stubby six inch tails protrude from the hindquarters. Thin long dark hair covers their bodies.

This family had an alpha with a thick black mane, three shorter haired females, a scruffy adolescent male, and a nursing cub. They sat in the long grasses off the road near the forest they lived in. Marcos thought that this close to the mountains they might have been displaced by the hunting creature that came out of the mountains in the summer.

As they continued even further they heard yelps from behind. To the right, charging the wolvers was a group of trolls. There were only ten of the jabbering creatures. Trolls are average man size. They were sickly yellow, with thick toadlike skin, long floppy ears, and a long hooked beak-like nose. They wore animal pelt loincloths and skirts. Most had spears or axes, and sparse long black hair trailing to their mid back. The trolls changed course for the humans as they drew near.

"Well that explains it!" Marcos shouted as the trolls closed in, glad to not look like a fool. The wolvers ran in the opposite direction along the road. The alpha obviously had a more defensive outlook. Marcos and Kaarthen stood to the side of the road. He didn't need to explain the obvious advantages of keeping the enemy off solid ground.

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