tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 13

The Champion's Companion Ch. 13


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Marcos figured that after slightly more than two weeks of travel out of Pyressel they would arrive in Sellis. For several days, they were able to find conveniently placed inns. The land around them slowly opened up as the forest gave way to the lowlands of grassy clearings and meadows. Marcos was pleased with their efficient travels.

The money they used attracted attention. People at inns and stables would furtively look around after taking it and secreting it away. Marcos rapidly noticed how they coveted the gold or silver coins. He thought of how if the guild controlled the markets then this money would be quickly turned over to them and disappear. It seemed that the people were stockpiling what they could on their own. A common trait in centralized systems, they lose track of the small transactions. No system is good enough to work against the collective.

Marcos was not sure if this meant they wanted to leave the area and needed the money, or if the individuals meant to keep all the outside money for themselves, or if they had a black market that used it. He couldn't seem to ask anyone what they valued the money for until the fifth night traveling. The group went up stairs after dinner and Marcos hung around to get answers.

He had tipped a waitress for a drink and flipped a coin at her from across the table. Men from across the serving area pounced on her and he watched while deep in thought as the barkeeper and other waitresses defended the woman from being robbed. After things calmed down, he was able to walk up to the front of the inn and have a word with the innkeeper.

"What's the problem with money around here?" He asked furtively.

"Excuse me sir?" The skinny innkeeper asked. Marcos noted later that he was uncharacteristically thin for his profession.

"The money. Why did everyone get so excited over it just now?" Marcos turned and looked at him full on.

"It can be used in more places then a guild voucher, and it's real. Most shop owners and merchants have left and only traveling traders come in rarely. When they do come into town, they only work or sell stuff for real money." The innkeeper shrugged. "That money buys a lot of stuff the guild doesn't sell."

"Thank you." Marcos said slipping out several coins and stepping back. He watched the innkeeper quickly snatch away the money like all the others. He moved up to his room with the same thoughtful expression he'd been wearing a lot lately.

"Well, hello." Kaarthen said from the tub as Marcos entered his room. Her white hair was unbraided and flowed behind her. Mara was attending her long pale legs and was naked to keep her other clothes dry.

"This town is starved like all the others. Did you know caravans come into town to sell them basic services?" Marcos said walking past them to a sofa they moved away from the fireplace for the tub. He pulled out his swords and laid them against the couch.

"Like what?" Kaarthen asked.

"Tailors, shopkeepers, and shoe makers I suppose. They almost had a riot down stairs when I tipped the waitress." Marcos said suddenly getting an idea.

"A riot huh?" Kaarthen mused. "An outbreak of chaos for money?"

"Yes Kaarthen, that would be perfect." His mind envisioned riots breaking out all over the countryside once they got to Sellis.

Marcos bent to kiss her. "Wh...What?" Kaarthen said looking at him confused and turned in the tub to watch him closer. "Hmm, you seem happy. Have you come to a solution about the complex economic debacle looming ahead of us?"

"Perhaps." Marcos said and retreated to the sofa.

Moments later, Kaarthen stood and the water glistened off her body as she towered over the room. Her statuesque for was heavily muscled and only slightly padded. Her heavy pendulous breasts swung and swayed flicking drops back into the tub. Standing in the small tub, she seemed to dwarf everything around her. Mara looked like a pixie hopping on her toes trying to dry her Mistress.

"I think you've grown taller Kaarthen. Tell me, how do you think we could get into the inner circle of the nobles and rub shoulders with royalty?" Marcos mused. He started to distract her by undressing as she thought about it.

"Umm money? They like money right?" Kaarthen said not understanding what he wanted her to know. Mara was slowly and softly rubbing her dry with the towel. Mara's large breasts also pressed against her as she slid around her.

"Right, but that would be handled by clerks and pursers. How would we get close?" He said watching Kaarthen bend over for her hair to be wrapped.

"Sneak into a party or hold one of our own?" Kaarthen said unsure if Menthino held enough sway to have the upper class of Sellis attend.

"Perhaps the first one would be best. Menthino has a small embassy in Sellis, we still treat them like a city." Marcos noted sitting naked on the couch idly stroking his hardening cock.

Everything was interrupted by a knock at the door. Marcos and the two women paused staring at the door surprised.

"It's Ein and the Prince." Kaarthen said quietly. Marcos quietly got up and went to unlock the door.

"Enter." Marcos said opening it.

He was still naked, and Kaarthen and Mara were also in states of undress.

"I uh..." Started the prince, as he looked around the room shocked. Ein simply looked on bemused at the affairs of the room. Mara and Kaarthen defiantly remained uncovered. The two women rubbed oils on Kaarthen's body as she sat in the couch Marcos left. Kaarthen spread her legs carelessly as Mara attended her inner thighs and abdomen.

"Well?" Marcos said testily with a hand on his hip. "Do you need a bedtime? What do you want?"

"I...I wanted to know...What I was to do in Sellis." The prince answered swiveling his head about the room. Mara and Kaarthen continued to ignore him as they continued with the massage.

"We'll be crossing the border in a few more days. You'll likely stay in the Embassy. If I find out it's possible, or if they request it, you'll go back to your family. I don't think they can be visible trying to kill you, and they certainly can't let it look like some outside group was responsible. You'll have to find out what's going on once you're back in town all by yourself." Marcos said holding the door. "I will be out on my own, and finding information about the guild and how it relates to your family. Menthino has very little contact in Sellis, but that is going to change. In fact, we'll have a party for you when we get there."

"Oh uh that sounds wonderful. I...Um that was bothering me for a while. I was just a little worried... please excuse me." The prince said spinning away out the door.

Marcos closed the door behind him and turned to Kaarthen and Mara who were both shiny with oil. "Let's get to bed."

They moved over and got onto the bed. Marcos lay beneath Kaarthen and Mara. Kaarthen straddled him and leaned forward pushing her breasts to his face.

Mara gobbled his cock behind her making throaty wet noises and slurps.

"You can't make me." Marcos said childishly turning his head to refuse her.

"No, no, no, baby's gotta drink." Kaarthen said playing along and smearing herself along his face. She could feel Mara behind her sucking him in full strokes as Marcos came to complete hardness.

"Baby likes mommy milk," Kaarthen said leaning in further and pushing a breast to him while holding his head still. Finally, he took her right nipple in his mouth and popped her nipple out with a strong suck. "There we go, suckle it slowly." The intense acute pleasure seemed to shoot up her breast down her arm and across her chest. He took her other nipple and squeezed it in to his mouth also. The pleasures made her lean in and threaten to smother him before she settled back almost sitting on Mara's head. Mara sensed her Mistress' need and moved away and teased her with Marcos' throbbing cock. She wagged it around while Kaarthen tried to sit back upon him.

Mara finally lined him up for her as she sucked on his balls one at a time. Kaarthen sank back onto him and came instantly as he penetrated her. She felt her orgasm was intensified and extended by Marcos' sucking. For a brief eternity, she was completely lost in the pleasure of Marcos on her and in her.

Like breaking the surface after a deep dive they both exploded with a exhale as Marcos paused for a breath and Kaarthen was released from the blizzard of pleasure. "Wow I always enjoy that so much." Kaarthen said as she petted Marcos. He looked so much like a baby with both eye's closed sucking contently.

She moved her hips slowly building intensity to bring him off again. Behind her, Mara licked her asshole and fondled Marcos' balls. The cool softness of her breasts on her ass comforted Kaarthen as she continued to rock steadily. After only a few moments Marcos came. Kaarthen was quite pleased as she felt his body tense and his cock pulse within her.

She slept that night in the same position straddling Marcos after Mara had finished and curled next to them.

By morning, her pussy was slightly sore but very ready for another quick fuck. With more energy, she rode Marcos, as he lay awake under her. His hard cock pushed deep into her slick wetness, and small orgasms popped through her as she marched into the warm embrace of a mind-numbing climax.

Spent, she sagged over him mindlessly kissing and licking his face in her afterglow. Marcos rolled her over as she gazed up stupidly at him as he pounded down into her with deep long strokes. Her legs were brought up over her head as he took her savagely plunging his full ten inches as deep as he wanted into her.

In her swirling haze of pleasure she could feel Mara's mind in hers reveling and sharing the pleasure she felt along with the sight of them in full lust craze. Marcos shifted into deeper short stokes as his cock swelled within her. Finally, he came gasping as he felt his balls truly empty into her, and then dropped as his tiredness crept up on him.

After a quick moment of rest, they left the bed and dressed for the continued trip to Sellis.

Four days later, the group found itself on the open grass fields of the valley surrounding Sellis. The field was more than a hundred square miles of an oval shaped clearing. Mountains ringed the valley on three sides in a C-shape. On the west side, in the gap of the mountains, Sellis stood on a hill that many thousands of years ago was an island. Behind it, and further west, was a canal leading to a harbor.

Kaarthen remembered her visit to the map room in Marcos' tower in Mavvus. From above the fields look like an emerald with wandering facet lines of yellow. She remembered how the many roads crisscrossed the valley like animal paths near a water hole.

As they rode up the dirt road, they came upon tall narrow towns. Usually, they were only a block or two wide and half a dozen long. The buildings were tall five to eight story stone structures. They seemed to keep a majority of their residents off the streets. In between buildings, there were arching stone and rope bridges, people looked down at them as they crossed and went about their business. Below them on the streets, the ground was littered with dropped items, food, and what Kaarthen hoped wasn't human waste. Men in work gangs toiled nearby in short wide alleys loading items onto pallets that were pulled up into buildings by rope pulleys.

The towns seemed like towers that dotted the landscape. She realized they had few, if any ground entrances into the buildings. The buildings must have doubled as excellent protection for the women and children inside the event of a raid of bandits.

In the fields, surrounding them, scattered herds of horses were grazing and running free. Sheep and cattle herds were tended by shepherds on horse back wearing wide sunhats.

The trip had grown quiet as the group made its way through the destination they traveled so far for. Finally the closed in on the city in the distance.

Sellis sat on a remote hill. Surrounded by flat grasslands, the hill spiked up like a triangular tooth. If Kaarthen hadn't known the city was built on an island she would have considered it one of Marcos' crown jewels of security. Running roughly around the bottom of the hill was a high thick sea wall. Towers studded the wall at points, and had blue tiled cone roofs. Behind the wall, several tall narrow buildings stood in a chaotic jumble. Kaarthen realized a great many people forced themselves to live in the small spaces. Others had worked hard so that as many as possible fit in to the compact spaces. At the top of the urbanized hill, a rectangular palace stood. Kaarthen couldn't see much if any security structures and she was instantly perplexed by the seeming aloofness of the elegant spires of the structure.

Despite being made of stone, the structure seemed fragile. Bell towers with large bronze bells dangling from semicircle holes stood around the edges of the building and a tall glass structure stood in the center. Below the towers and other slender spires, the bulk of the building sat under a blue and purple tiled roof. It had semi circle cuts in the walls for balconies and sunrooms.

"There it is, the great city of Sellis!" The prince exclaimed proudly. He seemed happy for the first time Kaarthen saw him.

"The whole city could fit within the Citadel's walls." Ein noted. She wasn't exaggerating by much.

"The city is a feat of engineering. Mavvus doesn't have as many tall buildings as the city with its fabled apartments." The prince snapped.

"Leethon was still much larger." Ein shot back.

"Anyway," Marcos said trying to end the conversation. "We need to go through and stop on the eastside to find the apartments owned by Menthino."

"Yes, I know exactly where that quarter is. All the ambassadors stay there. It's a common place for royalty to meet with visitors and heads of state. It is also quite close to the Palace." The prince said moving closer to talk to Marcos. "Menthino has a building on a block with Osmuun and Dar Delis I believe."

"Lead the way prince. Will we have any trouble getting you into the city?" Marcos asked not really concerned if anything actually happened to him now.

"No. The nobles know me on sight, but not too many of the commoners have seen me before. None but my maids or servants could recognize me. I also don't think anyone brought word ahead of us of my arrival since few saw, or spoke to us along the way." Prince Carthin assessed.

"Plenty of people saw us, but they usually passed over us to look at them." Marcos mused and gestured to the women.

They finally closed in on the city as the sun started to set. Marcos was glad since the towns they passed didn't seem to be open to travelers or even have obvious stables. Sellis was big on free ranging their animals but the group hadn't branded their horses.

As they approached the gate, they inched forward in dense traffic with carts of wool, chickens, furniture, straw, and building sand. The guards let them through quickly after checking Marcos' letter of diplomacy. Marcos was pleased the men couldn't read since he gave them the wrong paper. Obviously, they were simply impressed by the elegant script and the embossed seal.

Within the city, the streets were narrow dark valleys untouched by the setting sun. Overhead the buildings loomed and seemed to close in. The street remained packed in almost any direction. The prince led them up further into the city and despite the widening of the streets slightly, the traffic didn't slow or cease. People walking and carts all around them inched slowly up and down the streets.

Finally, the prince guided the weary group off the street and under an overhang into a dark room at the base of a building.

"This should be it." He said and swung down off the horse. Marcos dismounted and removed his swords while the others followed suit looking around in the vacant room. Straw and stacked barrels and crates covered the floor. The prince found a door and a pull cord for service.

After a moment, movement was heard and a servant opened the door to see them.

"Please come in." The servant quietly requested and stepped back to allow the six through the door and up a short flight of stairs. At the top Kaarthen was shocked to find herself in yet another street for the block of buildings. The elegant elevated common area had people casually strolling among fountains and potted plants. Elegant columns held up a high roof of the building they stood under. The floor was polished marble, with short steps down onto uncovered walkways that went in an orderly fashion to the other buildings across and in front of them.

"Please, take us to the Ambassador of Menthino." Marcos beckoned the servant.

"Of course sir, and who shall I announce?" The servant asked.

Marcos paused for a moment before responding. "Prince Carthin of Sellis, The King's First Knight, and a high priestess of our Goddess." Marcos said slowly. He presented the papers he had made up for them. In the prince's case, it was a delicate forgery. Later, when presented at the court or the floor of the senate he would have to make sure the papers pass scrutiny.

The servant looked at them each in turn and led them to the walkways and upstairs to the ambassador's quarters.

After a furtive knock, the servant slipped in leaving them outside. After a few moments, the Ambassador came in with laughter in his eyes.

He was a balding round man. He wore expensive silk robe of a tan or a peach color. Not exactly fat his robes showed an obvious bulge of a belly and his cheeks were ruddy from drink.

"Greetings Sir and Welcome! I am the diplomatic officer in Sellis, Mallio Pennion." He said with a flourished bow. "I received word on you imminent arrival. The Queen sends her compliments and an officer from Pessilberg."

He motioned them into the building. The interior had an elegant residential feel that was for putting diplomats and citizens at ease. Brown leather and wood furniture complemented the paneled walls and grey stone floor. In the lounge, the Ambassador remained standing and picked up a short stemmed glass of whisky from a waiting end table.

"My servants were curious if that was a real seal. Whomever did it could make good money in this town selling seals." He said handing back the documents.

"Thank you, one of my women did it free hand using molded clay for the wax seal. The rest as I understand is just lots of calligraphy and an orange, blue, and brown ribbon." Marcos said unable to hide his pride. It was good information to know he wouldn't have problems. "Nobody can tell?"

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