The Champion's Companion Ch. 15


Various problems developed dealing with the women and helping them heal. Kaarthen had to refer to Mara to understand. The women were very deferential to men as a result of their long captivity. They quietly submitted and offered themselves if a man even looked at them with desire. Mara explained a vast shift in priorities from their ordeal that led the women to associate sex, cocks, and cum with security, warmth, and food.

As a result, the women had to be cared for and directed by a firm hand that would protect them from the unwitting, or outright manipulative people in the palace. Marcos was more than accepting of the idea of bringing them to Mavvus. He knew a house that could take them, give them a job, and keep them protected.

Kaarthen knew he would send them to a brothel where they could be as free as they wanted. She also knew he was going to use them for more of his plots once there. Nevertheless, she was glad that his women would be able to protect them in Mavvus at the very least. One redeeming quality about Marcos is his approach to security. Despite being a complete and unapologetic misogynist, the exotic women he bred were trained and educated to be some of the smartest and deadliest creatures to walk under the sun.

Kaarthen was happy using a ship to get back to Menthino. She understood traveling with the large group would be too difficult. Every stop would become a nightmare of head counts, and sleepless nights wondering if one of the more active women had snuck out to feed an urge.

After another week, Marcos and his group finally left. Arrangements for Partez Rocert were made through the Senate in a series of unanimous votes orchestrated by the newly empowered Queen. The Senate and the Queen needed a political target and scapegoat and he was it. After the death count from 'the guild house purge' and the 'palace massacre' various heads of noble families and several nobles of high standing were missing. In order for Sellis to keep the satellite cities placated, his punishments had to be known in every corner of the realm, and leave know doubt of where all the troubles came from.

Reports came in on his movements as he made his way to the city. He fully expected to have the nobles in his hand, the guild at his back, and the Queen entangled in an awkward position. He was going to enter the city as the prodigal son of a failed embarrassment. Marcos laughed at the surprise he would get. The Queen had already picked the horse to drag him.


I don't know if this should be the end, or just the end of this episode.

I hope people enjoy this. People who post these stories are looking for many things. I just enjoy comments, and knowing people enjoy the story.

I would like to know, if you do Jack/Jill off that the stories help. If, as you are enjoying yourself, you peal another layer of the dark onion of desire in the back of your mind, and think to yourself "Wow, if only they....".

Leave a comment. You're likely not alone. Honestly, know you're not alone even if you are one percent, there are millions of us. So just know even the comments are free. If you want to, just PM ideas, questions, or random non related stuff.

The idea may not be in every segment, but you will certainly be more likely see your fetish if you request it. I write because I haven't seen enough stories the way I like.

I hope we can share.

So please enjoy and comment freely, and be well wherever you are.

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